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"Stranger Things" stars Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery, and Dacre Montgomery review some of the most popular fads from the 80s. The cast takes a look at Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, Walkmen, the Atari 2600 and more! "Stranger Things" season 2 hits Netflix on Oct. 27. Still haven’t subscribed to Teen Vogue on YouTube? ►► ABOUT TEEN VOGUE Fashion, beauty tips, celebrity style, pop culture, videos, and more—everything you need to be ahead of the trends. Fashion starts here. Stranger Things Cast Reviews 80s Fads | Teen Vogue

Anusha Madhusudanan
Marie's Wonderland
My 11 year old brother uses that hair gel XD
1:00 lmaoo I laughed so loud my mom yelled at me 😭😂😂
Amy Orrick
Someone please make a joe keery saying diaper for 10 hourssdsss
Juicy Panpan
*"yasss queen"* *"OH NO QUEEN."* 2:35
1:30 Clay tryna figure out how to listen to Hannah’s tapes
1% of the comments: I love them lol 99% of the comments: *quoting the part where they review leg warmers and gloves*
Sarah Dowlah
Queens Of Randomness
"Where does this go?" "And where does this go?" "OH!!!" That gets me everytime 😂
Twisted Truths
The whole cast of stranger things are honestly all so good looking but also so amazing like Netflix, ur doing amazing sweety
Dacre is looking fiiiiine 😏😏😏
Fluffy Avocado
2:02 oml i am dying. The way Joe said diaper. 😂😂😂
Ebony Sharie
Just stared at Dacre the whole time 😍🤤
amarissa salama
I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING J: Where does this go? *Natalia casually telling him about the glove thing* D: and where does this go? J: OHHH 😂😂
Luna Viper
Is no one going to talk about Dacre moaning in the beginning of the video like he was getting spanked?
“ oh Jeffery”
Tai’s Land
50% of the comments: "and where does THIS go" Other 50%: Omg Dacre😍
0:08 with the english subtitles on Joe: I'm Joe Curie Dacre: Hi i'm Debbie Marie Natalia: And i'm retired iron XD
Zapar's Art
“For the cabbage” ~ Dacre Montgomery
OMG, Dacre is sooooooo handsome
2:14 Is no one going to talk about how Natalia said "that's dad" in reference to how dads usually have that type of hair gel??
sara eden
1:05 joe: “where.. does this go??” dacre: “and where does thIS GO??” joe: “oH” *i’m sorry but i laughed so hard at that*
Disa Hightopp
*toy starts walking* Dacre: "YASSS QUEEN" *toy falls* Dacre: "OH NOO QUEEN"
Pehr-August Rahikainen
Natalia Dyer *_DYED_* her hair
Tamar Munroe
Joe: Where does this go??👀 Dacre: And where does this go?!! Joe: *OHH!!* Nataila: *dying of laughter*
I laughed so hard at 1:04 😂😂😂
“Where does this go?” “And where does this go?!” *“oHhHHhH”*
i had this playing while doing homework and i had no idea dacre was australian but when he said 'mate' @ 2:18 my aussie senses tingled so badly i almost gave myself whiplash looking up at the screen
darble meh
I rarely say this about celebs but holy shit dacre is extremely sexy
envi z
I thought she was already wearing perms
Baylee Avery
“I look like that guy from Star Trek who did Reading Rainbow” honestly, I began cracking up 😂😂
Steve Harrington literally became the coolest character ever. Fucking love him now
Lilly Kriyu
where does this go? and where does tHis go? OHHH
Purple Blueberry
1:01 his face how it just lit up omg I’m dead 😭😭😂😆 YAS QUEEN OH NO QUEEN
When they said cabage patch kids I thought it was garbage patch kids lol xd
*"Where does this go?"* *"And where does this go?"* *"OH!"*
Roxanna Morales
0:59 Iconic moment
G I S E L L E ' S J O U R N E Y
1:00 Mom's face 😂😂😂😂
Jayden Taylor
1:06 his laugh!!!!
Ender Pigs
joe: *holds up arm sock* where does this go dare: *holds up bigger arm sock*and where does this go joe: OH!
Nicole H
“Where? Does this go??” “And where does thIS GO” “WOAAAH”
Ana Reyna
2:02 i can't sotp laff
Tiffany Taylor
Joe:Diaper! I died😂
Your Local Trash Can
Joe : *WhErE DoEs ThIs gO???* Dacre : _pulls out leg warmers_ *WHERE DOES THIS GO??* Joe: *WOAHHH*
I was watching this then my dad came over and looked at my screen and said I recognize that guy from the left he worked at the pizza shop near us . (Sorry for weak English) (but my dad had touched a pizza box that joe Keery touched so cut me some slack)
kimberlyyy v
Natalia is giving me Hayley Williams vibes and it’s amazing.
Infinite Awesomeness
2:24. I take your advice Joe.... (Keep replaying 2:24)
Billie Forge
Layla Vanstone
* w h a t s u n d e r t h e b u c k e t h a t *
Kihyun's Nipple
1:03 my godness he is so cute
haleigh nino
Dacre 😍🔥🔥
Who the heck is jeffery
Lucrezia Cabianca
Has anyone noticed how Drace chest shoes trough his neckline...? it's one of the hottest thing I've seen in a wile<3
Allayna Lex
Ugh, millennials those days
Marcelo Reis
Teen vogue doing "It" and "ST" stuff is absolutely addicting.
Lsksjwjsjejs Shjsjsjsjjs
1:02-1:05 you know they were thinking negative 🙄
Zauda Mohamed
0:02 oh god. Oh Jeffrey.
Bella Salakas
I want a like 20 hour compilation of Joe saying Diaper 😂😂
I like Natalia's new hairstyle.
todorokibish 2024
Anyone else scrolling through the comments tryna find funnier parts than Yas queen.. oH nO QuEen and WHERE does this go..? And where does this go? ooOhH!
Tyler's Stolen Car Radio
1:02 well i guess we all know what they were thinking of
Bwoder Vlogs
"Where does this go?" "And where does THIS go?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Queen games
2:19 "mate"
lmaoo joes reaction to the glove
Mr.Orange plays
1:00 -1:09 where does this go and where does go oh funny parts
Hanna Thach
Joe: Where does this go? (THATS A P_____) Debbie: AND WHERE DOES THIS GO Joe: OH
jammi jackson
We can all admit that Dacre is a hotter clone of Zac Efron
Alexa Medina
2:36 yassss girl
Ruby Raven
why must they all be so attractive?
Joe-Where does this go Dacre-Then Where does this go Joe- OH
Maria Reynolds Valenzuela
*tHaTs dAd*
potato trash
Joe saying "OHH!" Was adorable
Martha McLaughlin
The best parts Oh oh Jeffrey Where does this go?? OH YAS QUEEN NO QUEEN
Nat's hair and leather jacket gives off 80's vibezz😍
cheshire croocked cat
0:59 my fave part just the OHHH!?!? XD
How’s the guy in the middle ?
Cynthia Figueroa
How do you pronounce Dacres name?
delaney elizabeth
the pigeon king
J , holding up fishnet?: "where does this go?" D, holding up leg warmer: "then where does THIS go?" J, horrified : "OHH!!" i replayed that part so many times 😂😂😂
Christina Was Here
“And where does *this* go?” Joe: *SHOOK* OH!1!!1!!
Potterhead Moonwalker
Dacre 🔥😍
brodisman Funko pop channel
Zødiäc AJ
“where does this go?” “where does THIS go?” “oH!” 😂😭
Shaggy McShag
Frosted Cookie
1:02 Like if you have a dirty mind 😂
Stacey And Company
1:07 his laugh
Sara James
Dacor is so cute I can't even
Gem Star Animations
Put on the captions and read the beginning... and I'm a retired iron... 😂
The leg warmers and fishnet gloves segment had me laughing out loud uncontrollably. 😂😂
Sizzlin’ Teapot
*“yAs Queen- oH nO qUeEn”*
shister cloie
mebelin g
Favorite part 1:00 😂
sir flapjack
1:51 Joe: It's wearing a diaper
🍒 amber knowles 🍒
Natalia looks gorgeous omggg
biLliE eYelAsH
0:41 Billie Eilish entered the chat
Drakeaa Games
1:01 there legwarmers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
be nice to humans please
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