WELCOME TO MY WORLD/small but BEAUTIFUL university room !! omg r u new here? HELLO, my name is Eve and I make very inconsistent BUT GOLD STANDARD videos (lol). I am currently at the University of Bristol in the UK and should probably be studying rather than making videos...SUBSCRIBE NOW to join the weirdness. Where can u find me? FOLLOW me on INSTAGRAM: />FOLLOW me on TWITTER: />ADD me on SNAPCHAT: evecornwell

Jack Edwards
This is the best uni room tour video I've watched (and I have watched A LOT OF UNI ROOM TOUR VIDEOS) and I'm now obsessed with your channel HEY
Love the Michelle Obama Calender. Definitely an essential.
something i learned moving into my house for second year is that fairy lights make everything better.
The Sharif Family
You've made a burglars job 150% easier by placing your jewellery in a box labelled 'important stuff'.
Rhys Sadler-Price
Bristol is a cracking city, great for seeing bands live. Also I like the fact that you edit text onto the screen to correspond with words you're saying. I think you should do it in every video, for every 6th word you say BAM there it is on screen. BAM BAM BAM. Words.
Phoebe Cave
This is the first video of yours I've watched and I actually love your personality haha
Silvana Apryl
The fact you started outside, amazing 👏🏼
Who isn't a third wheel with michelle and barrack obama?
Amy Wright
I'm going into my third year at uni and the fairy light collection has never been so abundant ⭐️
You’re editing is astonishing Eve!! So impressed 😊 edit: also OMG we're camera mug buddies 👍🏾
Jasmine Earnest
My mum works as an administrator at your uni. 😂... #Bristolians
Alfie Giles
You could say you eat "corn" "well"... wow my amazing attempt at a youtube comment pickup/bully line... shows I'm living life to the full. yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!
D. Quade Diaz
I'm a fan of your room's general aesthetic. Definitely love the wine. It's a basic survival necessity. One of the big ones. Water, food, shelter, wine... other things, probably.
sophia 1234
Omg I know you’ll never see this but can I ask where that brown leather rucksack is from!! I’ve always wanted one just like that! Love you and your videos eve. I’m in law at Leicester and can relate to all these lol
Guilherme Moreira
great video! would love to see more like it!!
Lucy Smart
I live in Bristol!!
Sophia I
The traffic warden edit with bad girls playing 😂🙌🏻
Emily George
Haha I'm came from Gabbie and I saw you watching Gabbie. Glad I found your channel! You're adorable
you seem like such a lovely person, i'm sure you will end up with a few million subs soon
Amy Phillips
I'm going into my 1st year of Southampton and went on a night out and ended up in a Gunge Tank😂😂 How's yours going?x
Tasha Rodrigues
How do you fix your fairy lights to the wall? Is it blue tac? X
Vicky West
You are a legend. 😁
Rushikesh Sable
howz the experience of law stdy ? coz i am planing for llm in there?
Oliver Ormond
Absolutely phenomenal stuff
Rose Tallulah
I'm loving your videos I'm so happy you're back lol <3
Cerys Forsdike
Please can you do a video of where you get your clothes from as i really love your style of clothing
you’re so pretty 😍😍😍😍 and funny and smart and basically amazing
Why is Ireland connected to Britain on your map?
Tess C-B
That's quite a big room
Euro Indians
can u pls tell which camera are you using?
Liv Azzo
starting uni for the first time in three weeks and beyond excited!! Love your vlogs and your hyping me for move in !!
Alisya Syafiq
I just found ur channel & omg ur so pretty! so sad i didnt found ur channel earlier but yah just subbed you! ✨❤️ mind u could the same to me too! keep doing great videos 👍🏽
Francina Mustaine
OMG I'm like IN LOVE with your channel,pls keep doing more vids!
I know it may seem stupid to many people, but I feel so weirdly proud when I see that foreign people have visited Slovenia (which is where I am from) because it is such a small and to many people unknown country :D Greetings from fellow law student
I'm so excited to go back to university.
The Girl and Pink Ukulele
the only thing I didnt like in your room is your sheepskin rug :(
I love your videos so much! Your editing is NICE!
Caitlin Straw
I love your room, it's so cute!
Love your video style, started watching yesterday. Subscribed! Good luck with graduate life!
Katie Laughland
I LOVE THIS omg can you please talk about law and the LNAT etc i'd love to do law but i'm scared it's so difficult!! you're great!! x
aylin Addison
Can u put to bed in one room
Ikram A
Literally 9 seconds in and I love you.
rock star
@ 0:05 nice 35mm camera
Love your videos and room decorations! I'm not a student at Bristol but it's a fab city, hope you have a great time :)
Anushka Mehta
Your vids are the highlight of my week!! Wooo party pipe <3
Katie Greatorex
Great video! Big fan!!
Christina Fjæren
omg I still can't believe you're back I'm just so bloody happy haha <3
Tonia Yang
Where do you get that fairy lights?
Fireworks and thunder
I like the editing:) Glad you're back
Sofia Giding
Such a casual video but still so nicely put together :)
Lydia Green
omg i’m obsessed with your account, ur so bubbly and trendy. gonna binge watch your videos now haha x
Gabriel Marengo
I'm in wills halls sharing a room temporarily
Yonis Hashi
i'm thinking of going to this university next year and if you can make a video about your opinion of the university and what is like to study their, that would great. btw great video
Adam Hunter
I love your room!
Megan Law
Just got an offer from Bristol so this video has made me super excited!! Are most of the rooms like this?? xxx
anna clegg
your editing is so good !!
Temi Coker
hey! where'd you get your laptop stand?
never knew you were a youtuber too <3 hahaha what a coincidence that I stumbled upon your channel! keep it up, this was super funny x
Vibhav Khandelwal
Ellese Pegler
Love this! xx
Amanda Frizzell
Charlotte Turner
Love your videos can you sub to my channel please and can we do a calab sometime please X
Charlotte Turner
Love your videos can you sub to my channel please X
Any other small youtubers who wanna support each other?❤