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A college professor takes in a dog he finds abandoned, and both find their lives changed forever as they form an unbreakable bond. Based on the true story of Hachiko, an Akita dog in 1920s Japan remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his master.

Rahul Raghavendra
you can never understand the real meaning of love and loyalty if you haven't had any dogs
Davis Schulz
beautiful movie
Иван Янков
this movie made me cry like a little girl, i had to swim across the atlantic while wrestling sharks to regain 1/4 of my manliness
si putih
damn me also feel want to cry reading y'all comments!! is this movie good?
I cried watching the trailer
Andrew R
You're not human if you don't cry at this film!
Kim Kimmy
i'm already crying while watching the trailer... what's wrong with me?
Samantha Rinker
I almost did it, my eyes were teary, I was even taking shaky breaths, but I did not cry....until my dad asked "are you okay?" I began blubbering like a whale.
droubi 111
I watched the movie a few days ago. Then I had to drink 5 glasses of water to replace all the water that was wasted through my tears. T-T
Sabrina Ashley
This movie is so sad and for anyone who didn't cry during this movie has no heart!
April Chu
I saw the whole movie WHO THE HELL CUT THE ONIONS
maiamitchell isperf
Barbara Hardzina
Better than Titanic! <3
Robtimus Prime
I'm a 43 year old man and Hachi: A Dog's Tale turned me into a blubbering baby.  About 2 thirds of the way in,  the tears started flowing and they didn't stop even as the credits were rolling.
I lost all my manliness watching this movie. I was crying like a little girl.
Hâm Hấp Hằng
This's the kind of movie that's too depressing for you to bear a second time. I almost drowned in my own tears the first time
ok i'm crying watching the trailer. I'm almost scared to get a dog because I know I'll get so attached and be devastated when something happens to it.
I saw my dad watching this movie so i joined in... I saw his eyes getting red but tried to hide it... I cried too, and I tried to hide it too.. I showed it my cousins and they both cried so hard.. Then they showed it to their parents and their mom cried..
Sultan Geno
I'm the kind of guy who rarely cries but this made me cry for hours ;_;
i still haven't met someone who didn't cry while watching this movie. if i do, i will keep away from them because that means they have no soul. but seriously, the movie is incredibly touching.
Hans Moleman
I saw the hachiko statue in Tokyo dedicated to the real dog. People bring their pets to it to keep him company *cries*
Based on a true story... In Japan... Not in the UK
Marea Mailand
OMG! I Cry so Hard watching this movie and when I saw the end to I really cry hard! and I also cry to at the end when the music played to the music gets me going to  I couldn't stop this movie is to sad :( I swear this movie is like the saddest movie I ever saw I never cry this hard and this bad at a sad movie what makes it really sad to because It's Based on a true Story but this movie is a great movie and I do love it
I cried the last 30 minutes
Wow I don't think I could watch this film. It would shatter my heart into a million pieces.
Haters are gonna say it's fake
It just made me Cry and told me that i was a not Loyal person that even a Dog beat me, good movie though! (i watched the whole film)
Vi Sonavane
I never cried while watching movie but after this i cried a 15 times in a day
Honestly, who the hell is cutting onions?
was watching this on train got myself teared like shiet...
I watched this movie when it was new, we all cried like babies! Today I watched the Japanese version and I cried like a baby again! Both versions are great, but they both breaks my heart
my mom and I were watching this, and as the movie continued we cried harder, so hard I started sobbing and so was my mom so she came back from the kitchen with a roll of towels and threw it at me
The trailer even makes me sob...
Miranda Raban
Just watched this movie last night, and I cried like a baby. I didn't even know it was based on a true story until I saw the text at the end where they explain everything and show a picture of the real Hachi. Such a beautiful story! There's a reason dogs are known as man's best friend :')
Denis Ivasca
Cool, I saw the entire movie from the trailer
I'm still weeping like a baby! This film has broken my heart so badly!
Eman Egnarts
One of the best films i have ever seen :D
Lanka Fortunata
Its heart breaking to me. I can not stop crying every time I watch. It's so sad to know it was based on true story.
Lil' Masters
Warning... This movie gives you major feels! It's the saddest movie I have ever watched and probably will be the saddest movie in my life. No matter how many times I watch it, I cry.... every, single, time! Don't say I didn't warn you
L. Murray
Wow the trailer for this movie made my eye tear up. not sure if u want to watch the full movie now.
Preet Pandher
Such a beautiful movie, I like watching Richard Gere but the way the whole movie evolve around hachi it was heart wrenching to see the loyalty of a friend. Five big golden stars
Such sad Very cry wow
Mimi kissoon
My boyfriend and I cried while watching this. It's amazing that this is based on a true story. To have a dog that was so loyal- I would to visit that spot by the train station one day.
abhishek ruhal
only movie which makes me cry every time i watched one of best movies i have ever watched
Femke Prent
I was crying the whole movie, just because i knew that man was going to die.. D:
nash rudin
made me cry.. :-(
Danny dela Paz
Just to read the story, i cried . how about watching the movie? I will try to watch the movie later when i'm alone., so nobody see me cry!! I love dog and i have 8 dogs.
Alycia Dimas
I totaly recomend this movie 10/10 so touching and heart warming uhhh so goood :'( my nephew even cried on this and hes only 8 i caught him watching it crying and i couldnt stop but to watch with him and cry :'c
Sir Vergil
This is the first movie that made me cry like... alot.
Foxymutt 123
Omg...😩 Plus it's a Shiba?? P.s how do you get your dog into modeling? Lol my dog would be great 😂
AlanRoot YEET
The movie made me cry on netflix 😢😭
Alycia Dimas
Who ever doesnt cry on this movie or feel sad doesnt have a heart cuz this movie is so sad i cried so baddly my head was hurting
silvermoon wolf
I already seen the movie it is really sad I couldn't stop crying :,(
Mahmoud Ahmad
This story is just too good to be true! So touching. I definitely cried
91 who watched this are going to hell when they die
I will never watxch this move, as beautiful as it is. I will not watch it, cause even the trailer makes me cry.
Phương Thảo le
The first time i watch this on HBO I think it boring but I don't know why I still watch this and end up with tears. My heart is breaking and think about Hachi for a week. Everytime i think this life is suck i watch this trailer and cry so hard then I feel better. I believe this life's so meaningful I can find the truth love somewhere and all my life.
Ilija Zupanoski
wow such doge much feel wow
Teymur Fatullayev
Much movie.  Very watch.  So sad. Wow. 
Just watched the film twice on TV; a beautiful and touching film.  I think I need to go and buy some more tissues!  In many ways, other animals are more intelligent, perceptive and sensitive than we humans.  It makes me think twice when you see the mess we are making of the world.
Still a better love story than Twilight
Love this movie I watched it when I was on,y in grade 1 I I don't think that was a good idea cause I was crying so bad cause I love dogs😭
Petrus 99
Its amazing,i watched this movie 5 times and i always cry..Dog the best friend u can have.
Marisol Infante
Cutest most heartwarming and tearjerking movie ever
jorden Damnn
This is the meaning of friendship and Fidelity
The Retard
I've watched this movie at least around 14 times, and I still cry...
Laura Berkeley
this movie made me cry
Julio Nikulas
The trailer alone . . . . . . . . . :'(
Miljana V.
The best movie I have ever seen !
Love Animals
This movie is beautiful but like most everyone on here is saying, very sad. I not only cried watching it, but, seriously, I was in a state for up to a few days afterwards, I couldn't stop thinking about it (this has rarely happened to me with movies -- and I've seen a lot of "sad" movies). So, a pretty powerful movie if it has the effect that it's had on most people who have seen it. (I own the DVD and have been wanting to watch it again lately, but haven't been able to bring myself to for fear of getting in a state of depression again, ha, ha.) By the way, the trailer doesn't even begin to do justice to how good the movie actually is -- it's so much better.
lol spoiler alert
Antonis Chatzikostas
Impossible challenge:watch this movie crying
ashley !!
im wondering why this didnt make me ball my eyes out... WHY ISNT IT MAKING ME BALL MY EYES OUT, I BALL MY EYES OUT AT MARLY AND ME BUT NOT THIS!?!? WUT DA HECK
Antone Limgenco
2018 anyone?
Modhumpally Meenu
I never saw this movie n never will..i dont have any guts to watch this..
Global Entertainment
Is it just me? I am Crying while watching the trailer.😢 I love my Patchie Dog 💗
Angelique Bornet
Het is een waar gebeurd verhaal en dát maakt het zo ontroerend en verdrietig. De eerlijke, onvoorwaardelijke trouw van een hond aan zijn baas. Wat is het jammer dat er nog steeds mensen zijn die deze onvoorwaardelijke trouwe liefde van een (hun) viervoeter niet zien. Soms zelfs helemaal niet willen zien. Jammer voor deze mensen, dieren maken het leven vele malen rijker en gelukkiger.
mariah :U
much sad very cry wow
I don't know, I mean the real owner of the original story was a Japanese professor.. Disappointed to find out they used someone else instead, since it could've given more respect and depth to the movie as to the original, but nevertheless this movie did not fail to make me tear up.
Omg we had to watch this movie in school and everyone cried by the end when hatchi died. I cried too. It was too sad
Mariette Joost
I almost cried to death. The movie is soo touching and sad. :(  but i loved it ;)
Laco Santos
Umihana Ušćuplić
This movie is beautiful because it shows us a friendship abouth dog and human and shows us dogs are beautiful creatures. One of the saddest and heartbreaking movies in the world. It's so sad. :') but beautiful.
Honey Badger
I prefer cats though.. 0:36 best moment.
An Drei
Beautiful movie. Although i think the original Japanese movie was way better. I cried like a baby and couldn't bare to watch it a second time.
Amanda Soares Paiva Azambuja
Such a great 👍🏻 movie 🎥 beautiful dog 🐶 story
Kristie ._.
I watched the film. I cried. I'll see you in heaven, Hachiko ❤❤❤
Anshul Sharma
I'm not crying it's allergy
Having rescued three Akita's, I really related to this movie. The Akita's loyalty is unmatched.
I cried so much watching this movie. What a beautiful story. Love it. You have to watch this story.
Hachi is on Netflix :P i cried :(
Games and Nostalgia (And Music)
Dogs do not understand what death is, he kept waiting for his owner to comeback because he was attached to him. Dogs create a very strong attachment to the person who feed and take care of them. They love routine, that is why he kept following the same routine by himself. If a new owner would have taken the dog with him and make the dog to follow the same routine everyday, the dog would have forgotten his previous owner easily. I felt very sorry about the wife, she seemed so sad and lost.
Sourish Saha
Robert Gere never fail to amuse me
I've seen "lassie," "Old Yeller," "Turner and Hooch," and "Where the Red Fern Grows." "Hachi" was the only one that broke me down because it struck too close to home. I was a human Hachi. My mother needlessly put a dog I had down when it chased a would be vandal over a fence. The dog never touched the kid, but the parents threatened to sue. While my brother and I were at school and Dad was at work, Mom "settled out of court" with these people. She took the dog to the vet and had him destroyed. My grandparents would have kept him until the whole thing blew over. I was told he ran away, and my brother was told he was given to a chicken farmer. I was lied to and was going up and down the street looking for the dog and waiting on the porch because he'd occasionally get out but come back home. I was on the porch one time crying, and the mail came. The letter carrier was at a loss for words. Then years later I was told the chicken farmer story and cried again because I felt like I lost that dog twice because I was lied to. Mom died three years ago, and Dad FINALLY told me the truth earlier this year because he felt guilty seeing me lied to as much as I was. It was one of many lies Mom told me, especially when she lied to cover up other lies. It's one thing to lose a dog. I lost that one THREE TIMES! In the next year, I'm going to be in the state where my dog was taken from me, and I'm going to stop at my old house and wait for the mail one last time, so I can tell the letter carrier, "I don't have to wait any more. I know he's not coming back."
Aayush pandey
24 august 2018??
It was such a surreal experience watching this movie for me, because never have I ever even teared up, let alone, cried watching any sad movies or tv show but this had me literally sobbing towards the end.
I cried my first man tears because of this movie
felix’s freckles
If you want to cry like you have never cried before,watch this movie