DATA - One in a Million (official video)

Buy on iTunes - /> Directed by Arthur King. Produced by Naïve and Partizan. Taken from Data's first album 'Skywriter'. (p) & (c) EOS Records.

Julien Véteau
No one in the world has ever been able to stop a party THAT fast
Роман Шалабода
Это просто охуенная песня. Когда же они выстрелят
Variety D
A car commercial has got me here
Mr. Prescott
C'mon dude, there is around 7000 other people like that in the world xD
Abir Stolov
why only 12k views?
Now and Because
Another Amazing Data Song. Great Band.
Soulo Dowlo
that was such a dope part at 2:37 the big wu tang lmao love it
I fucking LOVE this band. So good, Words can't describe how much I love this band.
aisan jheir
Some random car advert
Wesley C
Nightclub City one in a million (club mix) brought me here.
Radin Batis
Ur song is not perfect but ur MV always is good!its better than justin,katty,brithney and more...
Santiago Restrepo
Is that Albert Hammond Jr at 2:54?
Khalëesi Lol
so cool!
it was all good until.... fucking superman.. that guy is a dick. poor waldo. Loved this song since it was first released. still do. <3 NEEED MORE DATA AND DANGER!!!!
Alexander Chase
It's a shame good music is so hard to find and bullshit is everywhere.
never knew this had a video. it's great!