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Produced by: William Augusto All I do is for The Glory of Jesus Christ!! Feel free to download the songs if you want. You want to share a testimony?! Please send it to [email protected] we love to know what God is doing!!! Social Media Facebook: />Instagram: />Feel Free to Contact: [email protected] Donate and participate in what God is doing Send us to BSSM (Bethel School Of Supernatural Ministry) Tuition: - />- /> For life and housing while in BSSM Paypal account [email protected] (All the donations will be used to send me and my wife to BSSM in CA.) Do you want to receive a circular news letter and knowing what God is doing in our lives and to know how to pray? Send a e-mail to: [email protected] Bio William Augusto is a Brazilian producer, living ins Sao Paulo Brazil. He is a professional producer since 2000 He only produced Christian singers and bands around the world, is full time dedicated to the ministry. William wishes to attract the presence of God through his music.

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Tawany Camargo
SOAKING IN HIS PRESENCE Instrumental Worship
I'm so happy for all God has done and the testimonies I've recived!!! Glory to God!!! Some of you have asked if I have my work on Itunes our any streaming platform, I don't have any of my work for streaming yet but fell free to download any song that you want from my channel, And If you feel in your heart to donate,, all donations will be used for sending me and my wife to BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) CA this year and we thank you because it hasn't been easy, any amount will be a blessing. For Tuition: https://my.bssm.net/donations/transactions/new?student_binder=24402 https://my.bssm.net/donations/transactions/new?student_binder=24362 For life and housing while in BSSM - (My PayPal account is [email protected]). Also feel free to contacting me [email protected] God Bless You All
Юрий Радочин
Chayil C
Fred McKinnon Music
This is beautiful, soothing, restful. God bless!
so anointed! the Spirit just gave me a new song while meditating on His word and listening to this. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT WITH THE WORLD.
Bitto Benny
Lost for words how beautiful this is... ❤
Jack D
Hi William, do you have any of your tracks for sale? I would love to buy them and support you as well as listen to them offline!!
Wanderson Luis
bom p estudar
Yvonne Britt
An absolute favorite ❤️💜
Desiree Logg
For some reason my autistic son LOVES your music. I stumbled upon it and he saw the circle (he likes round things) and it really calms him down! Is there any way I can buy this music because it takes a lot to stay connected for at least 12 hours a day..THANK YOU AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO CREATE MASTERPIECES!
nosponge rapuano
Thank you so much!!! I was so blessed by this!
Facundo Góngora
Amazing, just wonder is the presence of our loved and sweet Father.
Christina Murrell
So beautiful
Sander Sulev
Guadalupe Sanchez
How Marvelous are your works in a People, thank you!!!
Kate Wasawas
perfect for studying !
Kaylee Elizabeth
Hi William! Is there any way I can buy some of these tracks?? They are amazing!
H .Ninsia
I was tired and went to have a nap, came across this for the first time whilst i looked for something to sleep with, and my heart is just.... such an anointing in this, i can't sleep. Something is happening in my heart that's beyond my mind's understanding right now. Please, could i also have a copy to this? I'm happy to purchase if possible or donate. God bless you and add 100 fold to your gifting, in Jesus' Name I ask. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Nou Nou
Wonderful soaking music!
Maribel Aaron
Guadalupe Sanchez
Beautiful, thank you Lord!!!
Sau Tafao
Snow Girl
Perfect for prayer and beautiful. I love it thank you so much. And thank our amazing loving and forgiving heavenly father. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ
Jeferson Portela
Som perfeito. Céu na terra!
Lily Chvzz
W😍😍w es hermoso!! Gracias.
Jesse Lerch
Perfect! thank you.
Grace Harris
This takes me right into His glorious presence! Thank you!
Byron Garcia
To God be the Glory
Renee Dun
This is beautiful music!! It fits perfect with the word of God. I played it while meditating on God's word and His presence was overwhelming!🙆‍♀️🙌🙏💖Praise God!! I love the fact that is long playing. With the way things are we need God's presence more than ever. Thank you for your obedience to Holy Spirit!
Hi, love this music for waiting on God, is there a place to get this music? Is it on Spotify? Its so awesome, thankyou, really enjoyed waiting on the Lord listening to this this morning.
Secret Place
Praise God for this music, thank you .... a great whirlwind came into my room and lifted me up into God’s presence... our God is so good!
Cai Lane
These are words from The Lord to me in my time of worship with this track playing. "I made you, I called you, and I love you. I went through a lot to make sure you had life more abundantly. Never allow your flesh and the enemy to trick you into thinking that you aren't valuable. You are valuable to me, you are worth more than you can ever know. I made you vulnerable, I made you forgetful, I made you lowly, I made you brittle, I made you simple at times, I made you sensitive, I made you this way so that you can trust me at my word! God spoke this to me while I was in prayer, I needed it and I thank God for this track for helping me have the instruments minister to me as He ministered to me! Blessings! If anyone ever needs prayer or a word of encouragement feels free to contact me! [email protected]
John Clyde Gallo
Anointed! Powerful! Spirit filled worship instrumental! Praise the LORD JESUS!
Michaell Araujo
Não consigo ler, não tenho paciência pra ler, eu odeio ler, mas preciso ler rs, pois tenho que estudar, esse fundo musical me mudou totalmente, me colocou em vários momentos da minha vida, momentos que vivi na presença de Deus, fez ascender uma chama novamente dentro do meu coração, consigo ficar concentrado, calmo sinto paz! Deus abençoe grandemente.
Jeanne Coty
This track is so similar to Hammock' style. As little as I know about that band, one of the artists is also a Christian.
Mel CP
Spotify please 🙏
Isabella Baldez
Mano, que instrumental maravilhoso! Coloco e começo a sentir a presença do nosso Deus! Deus abençoe sua vida e seu canal 🙌🙌
John Laing
Thank you so much for this! Exactly what I’ve been looking for! God Bless 🙌🏻🙏🏻✝️
R3X1 ChaneL
Rebeca Palma Abad
Con esta melodía, hoy en la madrugada, El maravilloso Espíritu Santo me bautizo.
Yasmin Sarai Gomes Firmino
Timothy Riordan
woah. this music hit me hard as I was reading scripture. Thank you. Jesus is beautiful.
Christy Tanusaputra
This is such a fabulous soaking combination. Thank you!
Diana Sokolov
Beautiful! Is this copyright free? Can I use it in a video if I give you credit?
david leslie
This worship is heavy, anointed and God is in it
Eduardo Feldberg
Fala, Willian. Amigo, não entendi a origem dessas músicas. São de algum álbum instrumental do Bethel, ou você mesmo as compôs digitalmente? São excelentes!!!
Jaynifer Souz
Ohh lindo!! / Beautiful!!😭🔥
andreza fonseca
Heaven worship
Lizi Ribeiro
Perfeito, entrou para minha playlist de oração e me inscrevi no canal, Deus te abençoe!!!
Kessia Music
Maos de anjo *-*
Kendrick KONG
it's nourishing, thanks Bethel music... I love you Jesus
Jovanna surillo
Prophet Travis miller
Prophetic oil all over this one. An anointed sound 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alexander Souza
@jaynifersouz olhaa!!!😭😭
Jesus loves you
Sander Sulev
Hollyheart 101
Great music to fall asleep with,on a rough day. Thx🎶💪🌊
Jebina Dennis
wonderful! very anointed! Thank you! God Bless!
Neil Hickey
Im really "hearing " this music like the instruments are" talking" about God I juess I mean the synthisizer-whenever other people rave about soaking music Ive always felt like whats all the hype about but i really heard this today!
is this christian music, because if it is, this is the best study, relaxing and worship music
Edswin Franco
My God, Beatitull
Poetic Prayers
Madison Simpson
I love these videos!!! Please keep creating them, God speaks through them ❤️❤️❤️
ignite worship
Does anyone know the chord progression used, would love to play this and have a spontaneous time of worship at a worship conference?
shayla wigand
Anointed 🙌 Praise Jesus. He is close.
Antonio Dall'alba
Marvellous instrumental music, when I pray in my room I listen to this music which helps y to worship God and feel His presence. I embrance you fraternally in Christ Jesus from Italy!
Rose Mancera
Kathendy Zaccagnini
So glorious!! Thank you for sharing!!!
quezia rayane
Glórias a Deus!! Ele é real! Eu o sinto!! ALELUIA
Luiz rebouças
Lindo cara!! Glória a Deus.
You are sorry blessed by our God. Hi from Holland
Peterson Ribeiro
Kenny Rogers Toledo de Freitas
Lillie Losh
Beautiful !!!
Carolina Alfonso
Am I the only one to hear shoutings and clapings at 1h40? Anyway, awsome music tu pray and study !!
Jim Scott
Monotonous droning.
Yatniel Vega
Can this be bought on ITunes?
Stanley Mathew
Thank-you William, These Tracks have been an Integral part of my life.
Kinu Grove
Thank you for posting this. May God bless you in all that you do.
Raymond Monchi
This bring the anoiting presence of the holyspirit every time i play it.❤🔥☁
Absolutely wonderful. Possibly the best music on YouTube right now
Marie Chmielewski
Maureen Banza
Oh My saviour, my deliverer, my Hero! Jesus....Thank you!
stephanie mcnutt
hallelugehr I am livin' fo ta lort I
Kimber Justice
Please pray for me. MJ
Aaron Dray
Kati Aldana
😭😭what a presence !! I can’t stop worshipping and hearing the voice of the living God
Good evening from Singapore! Wish you'd have a blessed evening =)