Alannah Myles - Who Loves You

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Wolf in London
Oh haven't heard this one for so long - I forgot how much I like it. She is so good at this.
who loves you who you gonna run to, who loves you, what you gonna do about it... who loves you who you gonna run to, who loves you, what you gonna do about it now...
Passion Creativity
david copper field
R Gray
So tired I can't fall asleep
My mind just melts into this song, lova Alannah too!
Geoff Edwards
This is a good song.  A favorite from her self titled album. Love Alannah and own 3 of her albums.
Dany Ramírez
that jazz deep power conbinatión.
Fabio Tito Montefinale
:)  :)  <3
Jill van der Werff
Her entire album is amazing!!
Jenny Pedersen
I <3 you
Stanimir Ivanov
Great song
Sasha KenZ
Oh, how I love it! Best song!
I Love it!
Radek Ventruba
Alannah... ❤
eleni ff
i like it very much
this album gets better everytime i hear it..its still fresh and was a landmark record for so many reasons...super quality ..i think it was ahead of its time .hopefully a new generation starts appreciating it because its a lost art in a way ...and we need more of it
R Gray
I    Love You
R Gray
Do You belong to me ?........,/
Andrzej KLUK
I love this one. Alannah forever
Ante Antic
Rendra Wijaya
Love 💗, Rock On
Jenny Pedersen
I LOOOVVVEEE this song.
Lynsey Marie Crozier
My favourite song of hers. I love it.
Marcos A. Mendes
Best Song!!
Helge Steffen
language of love, should be learned in school :)
R Gray
Who Loves You ?