Final Appeal (1993) Brian Dennehy

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rare hard to find movie

David Rose
Excellent movie with an excellent actor Brian Dennehy... thanks for the upload!! 😁
Brian Dennehy is mostly known for t.v. movies but as an actor he makes the majority of so-called Hollywood A Listers look like rank amateurs.
Faith Joy
How unfortunate to be consumed by the thirst for alcohol - I used alcohol years ago to numb my pain - to try to forget my terrible childhood - thought I was cool in my numbed out state - ha that's a good one - but then God came into my life and healed me inside and out. Now, you wouldn't even recognize me or my new life. I went from being homeless to owning 2 homes - from nothing but bitter disappointment and pain to life abundance - start to get to know Jesus, you won't be disappointed - I can assure you of that - I was pleasantly surprised and then blessed and healed
Emma Mcbride
thanks for a great movie... I love Brian Dennehey his movies are always good.
The Mrs Howell
Excellent movie I would highly recommend...Brian Dennehy never disappoints in these type roles!
Αthena A.
Brian Dennehy is such an awesome actor. He brings so much value to every movie he stars !!!
Daniel Keerer
Miss the 90s
Paul Wilson
Brian dennehy should have had a shelf full of oscars for the great movies and superb acting he is way ahead of most a list actors x debbie
Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
You cannot have a relationship with people you can't trust.
Pamela Bastin
Another good movie of the great actor Brian Dennehy,
Julie Vigeant
Excellent movie, Brian and JoBeth performed admirably. Love fact-based movies.
Jojo Black
I had the honor of meeting Brian Dennehy while he was filming FX2 on an estate I worked at...Awesome guys he and Brian Brown were! :)
I absolutely love Brian Dennehy. He is a GREAT ACTOR!! So far, this is interesting!! Brian always play good roles.
Valentena Upton
Watch anything with Brian Dennehy
Luis Mántaras
Brian Dennehy has many followers, and I'm one of them. He is great playing any type of character, has a wide range of acting. Thanks for this interesting upload.
Phyllis Arringtion
oh the pain of alcoholism.
i have never seen a bad movie from him , hes awsome ans amazing , thanks
Brian is one of the best ever actors. Every single movie of his I've watch has been brilliant. 95% of other actors don't even come close to him.
rowena blazado
both good actors brother and sister
Rob Pollock
Really , based on a true story...well all I can say is that drunk and his sister are darn lucky there was an honest cop around...great movie and great acting by all especially the lil boy! Oh and the movie is not hard to find at all, I found it when I simply googled the movie to check out the true facts of the movie...
Judy Telles
thanks,anything with brian dennehy great.when he played serial killer,i was scared.
Ruth Martin
Great movie!
vern wallen
If anyone out there thinks that the wheels of justice(just-us)will not run over you and crush you,you had better go back too school.The wheels of justice will sell you out too the highest bidder.
Rita Rowe
I was an extra in this good movie...
Christina Bernat
Superb dramatization. I LOVE good trial movies. So glad to read in the many wonderful comments here the same feelings I have for Brian D. I have found him phenomenal, handsome, and sexy to the 10th power (I say that respectfully). And does the camera ever adore him! It is like he enters the screen and magic happens. He has animal MAGNETISM AND incredible depth of spirit. You have to be born with such a combination. The child actors were wonderful. All the cast was. The story was told from a riveting angle where it feels like a movie rather than a dramatization. The scenes are beautifully written, and I especially love the scenes with the kids. In the bedroom scene where the nephew is in bed and he is lying all covered up except for his head, motionless, I LOVE the play on the "I see dead people" scene from that famous movie with Bruce Willis. Excellent portrayal of how the wheels of justice can get flat tires that explode and can cause the car to veer dangerously unless a skillful driver knows how to steer through the fearful force correctly to bring the car to a safe stop at a repair shop. Thanks for uploading this!
Michael o'hair
not a good ac tor. A GREAT actor. This tends to be hidden by his large and powerful frame, but he's deep, smart, and sensitive.
Gypsy Brennan
Thanks for this great movie! Brian Dennehy is my favorite actor. What a story!
Rita Eichler
That honest detective Aris was the HERO who broke the case wide open. He was supposed to be on prosecution side, but did his job risking to loose his pension! he was the great actor here..he even got the brother to sober up enough to defend his sister !
Helen Day
Great film and briliant piece of evidence at the end, thanks.
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You can lie in a court of law and get away with it. Why can't people who lie to maliciously hurt others be punished?
Kenneth Ledford
A very good movie and a great actor Brian Dennehy.Good to see that the justice system works sometimes.There are a lot of people in prisons around the world that are innocent.Thank God for good honest people like this detective and DNA technology that are used to set those free that the justice system failed.
Brian Dennehy ,one of the nicest actors I`ve ever seen interviewed ,and such an all rounder! he can be funny/dramatic ,and ,down right scary!I don`t think anybody has shaken me up as much as he did in "To Catch a Killer".Thanks for sharing this ,I`ve not found it anywhere until now.Much appreciated!
K Trigs
1:25:01 The look on her face. She KNOWS she's lost this case. lol
Edward Lulofs
The realistic part is no one believes the woman. The unrealistic part is he puts down the the bottle and is immediately is fully functional.
lucky la
Love Brian Dennehy!
Some of the most "SO CALLED" stand-up people, are indeed, low, as lowest scum. Just because some one has good standing, in the community, doesn't mean a THING. Oh, the politics of INJUSTICE!!
Jack Dowd
Check out Dennehy's guest role in law and order svu.....Outstanding playing a terminally ill hit man.....Hargitay said it was one of the best performances in the series run.
Karin Jay
superb !
jiji 2
another of those unsung gems that somehow stay in the shadows cast by all the Hollywood hype… first-class acting, sound plot, and works at various levels… many thanx for the upload...
marty mart
Mr. Denehy is such an excellent actor..... selfly speaking, I wish he would come out of retirement
Free speech for all
Just love Brian Dennehy movies, fantastic Actor.
Charles Drigues
Great acting , whatever has been said before, professional and charismatic Brian Dennehy
Philip Dawes
An excellent film based upon real life events. The actual conclusion of the real life tragedy, according to the information at the end of the film, did not end in justice. The mother should never have been found guilty of manslaughter, simply because her own life was threatened by her deranged husband. The nurse who committed perjury in open court should have been prosecuted for perjury, with the only conclusion of a custodial sentence of three years. The prosecuting Assistant Attorney should have been charged with perverting the course of justice, stripped of her legal position and summoned to appear in open court with the charges against her. For her, the only and appropriate verdict should have been five years imprisonment. That aside, thanks for the upload.
The last 15-20 minutes of the story, where Perry finally got a break that appeared hopeful was great, also suspenseful still but it helped a lot with the nerve wracking first one hour and 10 minutes.It ended well...wouldn't it be nice to have more happy endings in real life?
Florian Wolf
Brian Dehenny is marvellous; the way he laid bare the self-destructive habits of an alcoholic is exemplary for his great acting. World-class movie, thank you !
Tom Swinburn
A much better movie than I was expecting. Thanks.
Dragos Panescu
To JOJO BLACK : Mate...You are a lucky fellow! Good for you...I live far away from US in Romania ...still I feel mr.Brian very close...very honest guy in every parts he played...I presume tthe same in his private life....
Ed Sta. Maria
superb story , well done acting of all partakers, movies like this is hard to come by nowadays,
Tracy Brooks
Very good movie! But then of course it's Brain Dennehy! I've had a crush on him for many, many years. Thanks for putting it on here!!!
Get real!! Cops interviewing the doctor, in front of a kid and his adult mother. UNBELIEVABLE!! That was unprofessional!! Love Brian Dennehy. But that one scene was rediculous. At least Brian, wasn't in that scene. The rest of the movie was very good, and most interesting.
Deborah Gallo
Thank you so much for this. I have always loved Brian Dennehy, every role he has been in is superb. He is better than the so called A list film stars. American was lucky to get him, due to the fact he has an Irish Blood line, would have been grand if Australia had him...Cheers Stevo and thank you so much for this...Plus I love Jobeth Williams, I love her acting....
Exlent movie thanks lots for uploading it
Jay Ocean
yes it was a great movie and Brian was also great, very different role than the one he portrayed in bad cop
Len Gasparini
The higher up, the more corrupt.
really great movie
love Brian dennhy, movies are always worth watching he reminds me of John wayne
warren wilson
This is about as good as TV movies get.
I agree with David Rose my feelings on this Movie is the same, Brian Dennehy was excellent in this etc.
Helen Day
Brian Dennehy is one of those american actors that seem to have a very american face. One that I like. I'm not sure what this quality is! (I am an English person, so am seeing him from an English viewer's point of view I suppose)
Danielle Hamilton
I love this movie! Now if I could only find Shadow of a Doubt with Brian Dennehy!!
Danielle Solomon
Such a good movie. I didn't know what to believe until her son told what he saw.
Michele Marshall
Brian Dennehy is the most under rated actor. He is the most superb actor and mostly unrecognized as such. His performances guarantee a superior movie. He deserves 10 Oscars
Milagros Cotto
great great movie loved it☺😊😀😍😉
Very good role for Brian Dennehy.
brenda taylor
Very good movie that I enjoyed watching , so thanks for taking the time to share this with others. :):)
Love Brian Dennehy films but at 25mins if your husband had just threatened you with a machette type implement - you would hardly undress and slide into a sweet night shirt to sleep in... Come on Director!!!
Clyde Banks
To Elizabeth Johnson, just in case you don't read your Bible Hate will Destroy you just a Thought you might take heed too.
E.L. Mrachek
BE SURE NOT TO MISS Brian Dennehy 's The Last of the Finest it is even better than this one which is a good drama.
Emy Hernandez
I love Brian Denahey , and the actress portraying his sister, she's very beautiful and they both compliment each other as phenomenal actors, the older dective always portrays a great poloceman, detective, investigator, but he's awesome as well.
Tony Boggs
Oliver James
More people should watch this movie. It was done very well with great acting. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of watching this fine movie!!! I must say as a former cop. You got both stories presented to you from each person's point of view. However, I knew from the beginning if the wife's story was the correct one. There HAD to be powder burns on the nurse's clothes and even perhaps on her body where she was shot! That told everyone where the nurse had to be standing. If she was 20 feet away, no powder burns. If she was 2 feet or closer there WOULD have been the burns, no question.
Quite good
alpha shanahan
that woman lawyer is such a low life. ha,ha,ha!
Ramona sicobin
Excellent Movie! Great Actor
Cassandra Berry
Love This Movie...
Lala Shelala
I read that this movie is based on a true story. Does anyone out there in cyberland know who the real people are? I would like to find out more. Thank you all so very much.
Marcia Kelon Driggers Gray
well well well. Goes to show you that the corruption is it only in the police department but the District Attorney's office as well. and that assistant district attorney needed to lose her pension like he threatened the police officer with
sandy harris
Great movie,,thank you.
Watching for the second time. Great movie! For those that have problems with alcohol, please, pray and ask for help from Jesus. You will not be sorry. With love from Canada.
Fantastic film with a terrific actor, almost ignored by bloody Hollywood. Brian Dennehy can wipe the floor with most of the so-called actors of nowadays.
Joseph Agnello
A smart a##, short detective trying to make his big splash !
Cenation 1117
any links to brian dennehy tv movie : UNDUE INFLUENCE!!
E.L. Mrachek
I am watching this AGAIN! Of course any movie Brian Dennehy is in is always great. He is such a super actor. This movie has *Interesting complicated characters. *Wonderful acting * Good storyline..... domestic violence and murder because of assault. *And a look at some police corruption. spearheaded by an evil lawyer to add another twist. *Worth watching even more than once because it is that good!
Jacquelyn Schwegel
Great movie
Roderick Sloan
A fine movie and a fine cast thank you uploader.
Judy Macqueen
steve makarov thank you for sharing this movie with us it was great i loved it.
Charles Mitchell
The movie is only half over and I'm asking about powder burns on the girlfriend's clothes. Testing her hair and the husband's hair would also determine who was using drugs.
bharadwaj pappu
what an actor he is... he single handedly took the audience into his fold ....absolutely splendid n spectacular
Pat Rarus
Bravo! Well worth watching this excellent movie, which is based on true events.
Lindell Waters
Great movie better-than-expected yeah I know because I'm watching it for the second time and you said you don't do that
ODB Gonz
Awesome movie, Brian Dennehy was fenomenal in this role 🎥
karen lyson
Great movie I love Brian Dennehy.
Christopher Billionaire
The acting was timeless, touching, simply to the point, brave, caring and teaches life lessons. I would love to be a part of such production. Thank you so much for uploading this.
Andrew Nichols
Christine Haigh
I love Brian Dennehy movies...
Skye Evans
another good movie by Brian Dennehy and all the other actors and actress in this movie...thank you for the upload..
Another example of Jekyll/Hyde type of a guy...
lisa thomas
Great movie.thanks for posting 🙋
the world is run by psychopaths and liars. that world of course includes the just ice system (let alone the entertainment industry, religion, public education, nasa, the military, media, big business, etc.).
Carol Thomas
Wonderful movie, just love Brian Dennehy. Seen a lot of his movies. Great actor, in my opinion.