Alannah Myles - Trouble

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i dig it. playing my harmonica to it. cheers.
minecraft Player
I like this song. Should be my ringtone or something :D
Casandra Cabral
One of my most favorite songs!
stephanne pelletier
Excellent and brillant song!Always on top.
Right on. Great video!
@Phil our lil girl grew up and experienced the blues along the way. See amy hart on congratulations
Valeria S
Jason B
Great song....
Rickey Engle
Run,,Run,,while you can
gil sticka
really a few moments when your humble,lol
Milorad Cukavac
This song has some Creedence Clearwater Revival vibe here...
Harry Ray
Look out Janis,Alannah is in the building.Good ole' foot stompin dirty swamp
Memphis Sommers
What an incredibly talented, tough and tenacious woman. Talk about being dealt a shitty hand. But she adjusted, she didn't compromise. And that's what you do when life sucker punches you. You get up and punch right back. This is a great song and her delivery is raw, emotional and absolutely flawless. She still has the most easily-recognized voice in the industry and she still brings chills to those who appreciate talent, dedication and passion. I'm the founder, songwriter and drummer for two bands here in Las Vegas, so I know what I'm talking about. Alannah Myles' vocal talents and her warrior-type approach to life are something that other singers should emulate. Got that, Brittney? Beyonce? Gaga?
Frickin awesome song wow
Dany Ramírez
coño el mundo anglo siente ese ritmo. sinceramente.
Nick Cranny
Musicians evolve you dunderfuck it's an excellent song! FFS!
Alannah Reid
alannah myles I'm named after her
gloiven andersson
nostalia isn't what it used to be. she should tour with the queens of the stone age. as primimitive. so sad.
Kimberly Hubbard
this is true dirty blues super sexy...I'm a blues singer I appreciate this sounds .... like my home state of Mississippi blues I can hear Janis joplins praise
Kentershaw pcm
If this was more of her on stage, in the state she was in... the song or video would be better...and make sense.... just a continuous pan of her and the band on stage. instead of the little weird, and singing sex isn't sexy... oh wow ladies kissing so bad...
Thomas Parks
Still the great Alannah Myles
anyone in the mood for some fried chicken? :P
her voice isn't even as sultry as I remember this song is awful
Aivars Klavins
Great like always. Don't listen to haters.
I feel like I fell into the movie Deliverance with the addition of scroungy alley cats howling around the garbage ~
she's not aging well at all. the few frames they spliced in of her looks like she went to glamour shots to have it still has a decent voice though....a Lil too much screaming and whining though. Next time just sing the song and stop screamin. if I were her I'd just she did in 89 on black velvet. this shit here sux....