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Song is available on iTunes - /> Get the CD at /> Directed by Casey Chan Music produced by Duke Westlake - Follow @dukewestlake Cast: Jackie, Pandy, Anne Asland, Nadia, Atheer Alghamdi, Francis Kim, Esther Mo, Sophia Wang, Amia Miley, Anthony Matzy, Bobbi Dean, Lexi Diamond, Lux Luxiboo, Hedy Wong, Annie Nguyen, Stephanie Fone, Brianna J. Garcia, and Bianca Rhoades. Make-Up: Lola Son & Rebecca Janian A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO Bobabear, TZ Enterntainment, and KTown Boxing Club! | | | ____ Dumbfoundead, dfd, take the stares, los angeles, koreatown, korean jesus, growing young, casey chan, grady shon, breezy lovejoy, dj zo, zomanno, duke westlake, rap, los angeles, korean jesus, bubba kush, are we there yet, Amia Miley, Amia Moretti, Bobbi Dean, Lux Luxiboo, Hedy Wong, Annie Nguyen, Stephanie Fone, Brianna J. Garcia, Bianca Rhoades

the lyrics were so real its scary 
The Nguyeners
Dude Casey from jkfilms directed this!!!
That hippy black chick was so gorgeous! 
DaJon Ellis
The best way to tell your current that she's fired
one of few music vids that i can watch over and over again
I just discovered Dumbfoundead. Love this song. My favorite so far.
This is better than Panda Express.
Centauri Adams
this song i dedicate to that failed mistake that lasted 18 months
that phife dawg ref tho. R.I.P
zawadi grayson
I just love that he has black girls in this too! Makes it ten times better 😍😍😍
JayDee SV
My last chick didn't even know who Phife Dawg was..I was like oh what!?How we gon get along when you don't know any songs on Midnight Marauders
Yori B
How on earth is this not played on radio? An absolute tune.
Khulile Myeza
Starting tribes like Q-tip
0:43 that yeezy tho
RIP Phife.
Mr La
The nerd chick looks really yummy
Chang Vue
Moral of the song don't change yourself for others.
Dumb should be getting way more love
The girls that have me all crazy is the one with the popsicle♥, the one on the bike, and the dominatrix♥
Dumb putting Korea Town on his back, bringing that sound. One of the few to break through the battle rap stigma and go far. P.S: you and Soul Khan should collab.
Yung Zoink
I used to play this song so much during 9th grade. This song makes me miss those days.
I knew that was Amia Miley in there
Chris Thompson
This song dope as hell
Alley McBeal
Thank you Pandora ❤  
Ray Lee
Korea town stand up
jonathan em
midnight marauders!
I instantly fell in love when he made those Quester references.
Such a chill beat and flow
every girl you will date in college..
Jake Brubaker
Whats the sample? I recognize it from a video game but can't think which one.. Pokemon Snap?
Henry Cee
One of my favs of all time, very chill
Andrew Charmes
just found this guys and i thought mm not my style, but the more numbers i click on the more he is my style. DFD keep up the work man! p.s. i like this stuff more than your trap stuff...., but still its all NICE, ANIKI!
error sans get dunked on
DFD is fire and this sound describes my ex exactly except the sex part
Santos Awogbemi
instrumental anyone?
Dumbfoundead please never go back to battle rap again your so much more than that your talented i love all your songs and the chemistry with you and duke westlake is so unreal you guys make good music together...Big Big Fan
Lazer Crimson
Great Fan All the way from South Africa
WITW What In The World News Channel
Hey dumbfoundead... I remember you preformed this song years ago at the t.l.a in Philly and we spoke you gave me your CD too... We spoke in the crowd and you was smoking man you gave me a cool as conversation and I been a fan every since bro... I know I'm not buzzing but if you could ever contact me sometimes man and bang with me I would appreciate it... You even told me how to rent out the t.l.a you was there with some other guys and you was freestyling too you was the hottest one but I liked all you guys that came from Cali on ya tour back then... If you have time please contact me bro and keep doing what you're doing I'm proud of you bro...
No black chicks? I thought asian men went buckwild for a reece's piece.
Frank Ogee
dayum was all hurtin bout a seven (7)(t)ear relationship i just got out of n this omg made me hella happyz
realest music video out.
J-Bone B.A.R.
dope !!!!!
Dillan Chau
bet he freestyled this, then made a good beat to put behind it. Cx
so many hunnies
whos the chick with the popsicle ? so fine
daammmn sick song
Bruh iremember when ifirst found this song and this song explained my entire relationship with this lightskin chick iwas dating this was like the first song iheard from DFD lol
Britt Oh
i'm as equally in love with his songs as i am with his videos, they're just both so dope.
Nino Cando
I used to blast this track daily with my girl in the car lol
RIP PHIFE DAWG! My last chick didn't even know who Phife Dawg was I was like OH WHAT!?
Kyi Harewood
Found a new fan.
This is the shit 🔥🔥
jonathan lomely
This sing is tite
Roland Agooon
My ex broke up with me today... And i'll listen to this song until i'll find a new chick.
I feel like this about a month into every relationship. I must have a problem
That last part sound like something from G-Dragon
Who's the bondage chick? Don't judge me...
Mixtape Mania
Charlotta Atlas
you funny..lol
What Is Alex Jones?
great song, would love the instrumental if anyone has it
0:48 Lexi Diamond - Thank me later
Vicki Rodriguez
It Gets No Better.. Dope Music, Beat and Lyrics!!!
jamal artis
Show dumbfoundead some love
Nancy Le
Such a good song O_O
Chris Singh
Blue Spirit
Last chick ain't even know who Phife Dawg was... RIP
Suzy Dauscher
You look good gagged, fyi
The chinese Big Sean
amazing song :D
Casey Chan from JustKiddingFilms? 2:45
Vegan Cannibal
Girl I need to drop you Because on the real, you're too high school. Yelling on my voicemail Why you gotta be so asco? I'm looking for a love life You addicted to ‘em club lights Why you always in my face though? Man, it's almost like you love fights By the way, I hate your guy friends Did you have to invite them? Actually, your girls too Chickenheads, never like them. Why the hell you always broke, boo? But always got a pair of dope shoes. Oh, you need to borrow money right? Girl you're turning into old news I need a new chick I need a new chick I need a new chick I need a new chick Why we never have sex, yo Can I get some head though? You know a man has needs Bullshittin' about strep throat Got me feeling mad stressed Always bringing up the past tense Now I understand your last ex And why he bounced like a bad check Feeling frustrated, looking for an upgrade Current situation got me boiling in my blood veins, Out to find a new chick Down to earth, cool chick Have a future with her, start a tribe like Q-Tip. I could be your Phife Dawg love My last chick ain't even know who Phife Dawg was I was like "Oh, what?" How we gon' get along If you don't know any songs on Midnight Marauders. But your ipod's looking so straight Going down your playlist, think I found my soul mate It's been only four dates and you're so much cooler Why the hell did I wait, should've broken up sooner. Damn. I never knew a love like this, My last girl never showed me love like this. She ain't never go to my shows or bump my shit. But you, you love my shit. I need a new chick I need a new chick I need a new chick I need a new chick On and on this shit goes The homies tell me go on and leave her alone I'll be god damned, she got the best dome Best dome. Back and forth in my ear Always on the verge of bursting in tears Even got the nerve to flirt with my peers. But you got the best dome.
I still loove this song tho
Joe Chin
Man I remember being 14 when this came out and bumping it for YEARS after. Reminds me what it was like to have zero responsibility and never have to worry about anything beyond highschool nonsense. Good ol days hahaha
Stella Zouridakis
I feel sorry for the dudes saying “wow so relatable “ like who is y’all dating lmaoooOOOO
Vincent Mendoza
Dana Murray
I wish my son rapped like this. He needs a lyrics coach. And he still talking about his Ex-girl Gabby. His name is Ace Deuce Moon.
Tim Schapöhler
edgar wasser ?
still love this
love this song so much
One of the chillest songs I’ve heard in a long time always gotta love me some dumbfoundead
Robin Ado
DFD... you're voice bro !! pure natural rap voice.  I hope you're gonna make a lot of music and tour in Europe. Big up from Belgium !!!
asian watsky
just discovered this song <3
TD Baker
where is the love for this man. people just don't know what real talent is (smh)
Aram Jesajan
Chiński Chuj Pozdro z Polszy
suck my agust d
still can’t believe casey directed this tho
mike g bro
I love this rapper but I'm going crazy trying to figure this out: is this a sample of the beat from Ahmad's homeboys first? Or are they both just simple beats so they sound similar?
Respek, lexi d.
Fresh Savy
Where's the instrumental version???
Priyal Seebadri
Is that .Paak in the background I hear?
Marshall Lee
1:24 love when people switch up the flow like this
B_ onez
I remember before people even knew who dumb was, glad you're finally getting the recognition you deserve Jon
Maybe Rabies
Love your music! Bought two of your albums :3
Who's the light skin chick with the popsicle?
chest piece is fckin awsome got a graphic design taste to it! xD
Katherine Rim
This song reminds me of Common's Come Close song. I mean both are really different but the way the lyrics flow is the same. Well, the first verse only. Haha.
Luis Castillo
sooo dope
Big Ron
Unlike the video I watched before, this video has pretty chicks.