Steve Morse About Ritchie Blackmore, 2015

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BUY THE DVD OR BLUE RAY NOW!!! © 2015 Blackmore Productions Ltd. --- International Fan Club: Youtube Channel: />--- Richard Hugh "Ritchie" Blackmore (born 14 April 1945) is a British guitarist and songwriter, known as one of the first guitarists to fuse classical music elements with blues rock. He began his professional career as a studio session musician and was subsequently a member of Deep Purple, after which Blackmore established a successful career fronting his own band Rainbow, and later progressed to the traditional folk rock project Blackmore's Night with his wife.

Mark G
I've been a Blackmore fan almost since i came out the womb but people need to stop this Ritchie Blackmore vs Steve Morse thing and just accept the fact that they're both brilliant. Even Ritchie himself has always spoken very highly about Steve and his playing abilities. You really wouldnt get many guitarists praising the guy thats replaced them. Just chill out people and accept that both guys are brilliant players. Brilliant but diffrent.
adrian brausch
It seems almost all of you criticizing Steves "hard picking and using his forearm instead of his wrist " is because he has not always been that way,..he has had to relearn how to approach his picking because of acute Arthritis in his right hand...he used to play fluidly with far more ease....he is one of the masters but has had to adapt his playing to keep going. Before criticizing anyone get your facts straight instead of running your mouth with factless opinions...
Andre Sihotang
I said this in other thread. Steve Morse is just too kind of a guy. With his incredible technique and knowledge on guitar, he could stole the spotlight in Deep Purple just like he did in Dixie and SMB, by 100% arranging and changing the old songs styles to his favor, and dominate the concerts with his fingers. But he retain most of important Blackmore notes as tributes to him and not to make fans confused, while still injecting his styles here and there. He's more of a team player with Purple guys, thus sometimes I feel he was too minimalist and not crossing the border with his guitar playing, something Blackmore did really well with Purple Mk2 in seventies period that came like thunder and lightning to all of us Purple fans. Nevertheless, Steve guitar playing on Mk7 an Mk8 songs are astonishing, esp Purpendicular and Infinite. Check Cascades, Contact Lost, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Time for Bedlam, Birds of Prey, the heavy Watching the Sky, Rapture, and All I Got is You
Apologies in advance, to all theBlackmore devotees but if you wish to castigate Mr. Morse, then clearly have a bias. Steve Morse is far superior a musician and guitar player. And whilst tastes vary, wishing to debate the demonstrably obvious would be rather silly a thing to do
John Monroe
I don't like anyone bashing Steve "The GREAT One" Morse! He is the greatest guitarist in world history! I grew up with him in our hometown of Augusta, GA, and we played the same clubs, dives & joints in rival bands. It was intimidating, but we always were proud of his genius, and was very happy when he left to show the WORLD what he could do, and fulfill his destiny.
Evan Davidson
Just an observation,...but it seems most people who espouse Ritchie's technical skill over steve's don't seem to have very good grammar or spelling or...I'm just going to say it...brains in their't get me wrong,...I love Ritchie as much as the next guy....guitar legend....but, say that he's way higher level than steve morse?'s a little bit the case of apples and oranges,...but,...when you get down to brass tacks technically??...notes per second? string skips per second? Clarity of notes?......Steve will blow him out of the water every time....if you want to pit legendary licks vs legendary licks,...then you have an argument that Ritchie wins that battle..and for recognizable riffs, Ritchie wins all day.....but if you know anything about guitar's painfully obvious...steve wins the technique game....
Steve, you are a fantastic guitarist and a great guy! Your songs with Purple like Ted The Mechanic, Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Vincent Price or Time For Bedlam are really amazing! Thank you Steve for everything!
Thomas Morrison
Both guitarists are amazing. Neither one can replace the other one. Steve Morse is truly a very nice and humble guy. I have met him twice and gotten autographs. He is very friendly and down to earth. A wonderful and talented person.
I have seen Deep Purple 3 times with Steve and it just does not sound the same.
Michael Pietzsch
this dude has a very hard picking hand
I like Steve Morse and he is a great guitarist (and seems like a very nice guy). His work with the dregs alone shows that he is a top notch player. However, Ritchie is on another level altogether. He is a musical genius, and doesn't just play fast, but plays with incredible feeling. I believe Ritchie is even better than Hendrix. So while Morse is a top player, Blackmore is the ultimate top player.
Bente Frederiksen
Steve rules the world on a guitar
Fredrik Jelkefors
I think Steve is better guitarist in Deep Purple now. Richie was best in 70s
I agree no one can replace Blackmore, their all good guitarists but far from Blackmores feel of music 🎵
I agree with Steve Morse, when he is trying to explain how difficult it is to play the keyboard parts from "Child In Time". I used to play it with band long time ago. I thought it was me who was struggling, but now I see that even genius like Steve Morse had a bit of a trouble :) Later I found live performance of that classic played by Deep Purple with Ritchie and found out that he himself had difficulty of getting it right ;)
owen chapman
An incredibly humble and reticent man. The hallmark of a true artist. Any questions about his abilities are easily answered by a listen to the Steve Morse band album "the introduction". I first heard it 30 years ago and I've never forgotten it.
Dale Fusco
He is so humble and respectful. Also an immense talent. DP lucky to have him.
Mahatma Cote
Had to smile when he mentioned jazz playing and basically played the theme from 'The Woody Woodpecker Song'! Loved his talent for decades now, SM is a wonderful player
Shoog Don
Blackmore talks very well of Steve. There is a big mutual respect.
Mike Williamson
Steve writes and plays a lot better than he speaks in public. His articles and performances are amazing.
Paul Simmons
I saw Steve Morse with the Dixie Dregs in the early 80's, monster player!
V Ghost
They are both great guitar players.. but you can tell Blackmore in an instant.. just like you can tell Eddie Van Halen, the Edge, Brian May, Tony Iommi, etc.. instantly recognizable in just a few notes. There are not many like that.
yves perrin
Ritchie the best guitar player from all Time 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Shel Parks
Steve Morse is totally amazing
galiano vieira
In my humble opinion, Blackmore is the best guitarist ever.
James Rockford
Morse is better than Blackmore in all musical aspects
Andrew Dixon
Morse is wonderful.
steve stonker
Morse is just a real nice guy. He certainly took Purple to a different level, but people don't like change and want to live in the past regarding he'll never replace Blackmore. Me, give me Morse's Purple any day !
steve morse is good but blackmore is way out there , nobody comes close
muggy water
I think steve is a gifted player and seems like a down to earth guy. I think he done a great job in keeping purple going. on the other hand I think richie is very arrogant and a bit looney. but I have to say that the music richie put down on record is timeless pure magic. although I never liked richie live with purple cause he never played the classic solos live he played whatever crap he felt like that didn't even fit the songs. I think morses live playings are closer to the studio versions. if only he played a stratt. I think his guitar is to melodic compared with richies stratt. like if u are joining acdc instead of Angus u wouldn't use a les paul would you.
Steve Worse
Connor Evans
lol then he plays box patterns
Osel Somar
The dude DEFINITELY lacks Blackmore's precision.
William Gregory
To be honest I think he kinda plays like an iron maiden tribute, especially when he solos in 'bloodsucker' in the '90s
why is this guy famous guitarist? dont get me wrong, Ritchie is several classes up
Kevin Raabe
Amazing and informative
jim sea
steve was great on Perfect Strangers,of wait that was ritchie
Maurus Krispie
Morse is a good guitarist and seems a really good guy to boot. But he isn't a patch on Blackmore in Purple.
John Oberle
Steve would do himself a big favor if he picked up a Stratocaster. His guitar tone sounds like crap. His playing is good. The Musicman or whatever his guitar brand , is a pitchy squeelling mess. Maybe I`m wrong? His playing great his sound is bad.
Lazaro Millares
Steve you hve to Born 8 times and Learn ALLOT to be at Ritchie Level. To me and millions of the Real Deep Purple, you are like 3000000 Light years from Blackie. Uhmmm maybe a little more.
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
There are worlds apart between master Ritchie Blackmore and Steve Morse.
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Not only is Blackmore THE guitarist but a highly talented composer as well.
Idi i gaji te krave americke
Ritchie's edge over other guitarists was the way he thought out of the box with conventional scales, modes, and techniques. The other guy to do that was Jeff Beck. And he trumps everyone save for Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi when it comes to writing unique Hard Rock/Metal riffs on such a prolific level. Saw DP live on their Bananas tour with Steve Morse. Never liked his guitar tone, but he plays great.
Swift Mastering
Steve Morse can easily cover any stuff Blackmore did with DP, but Blackmore wouldn't know where to start if he had to cover some dixies stuff. BUT that doesn't mean that Steve is the better guitarist for DP. I've seen DP with Steve and it doesn't sound the same. I prefer RB in DP as I feel his style suits the music better. People IMHO get sidetracked in thinking just because Steve morse is far superior player it makes him a better replacement. Following that logic, Steve Vai in Nirvana should have been amazing... 😂😂
shadow panther
I remember seeing steve Morse when he was playing in Kansas and that was a great concert there
Man I must be the only person that doesn't love that middle riff of Perfect Strangers. It's too constricted and small. It needs to be more open and ringing like a thrash riff.
Paul Jones
Nice to see a guitarist talking articulately about his craft. I've been looking all my life for that phrase 'box patterns' to describe the predictable riffs of average guitar players. I wish this interview could have been longer.
Great to see Steve Morse show homage to Richie's playing in a respectful way, like all us who love it.
John Oakley
I say this as a big fan of both the Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple. Just as the Dixie Dregs would not be the Dixie Dregs without Steve Morse, Deep Purple is not Deep Purple without Richie Blackmore. It is too bad Ian and Blackmore don't get along. That combination was really musically special.
Tibor Malinsky
What kind of guitar pick is he using?! It sounds like if he played with brick...
Daniel Thomas
Blackmore was totally original, Morse sounds like a million other players a good player for sure and better than me but not even in the same class as Richie ...purple could of done better when choosing a replacement...just saying
Mark Cummins
Steve Morse is way to good to be playing with Deep Purple. He has wasted way to many years playing with this band. He is so much better with Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band and Flying Colors!
Glad to hear PS getting some love - excellent album
Earls Pearl
Steve is a GIANT . period , nuff said .
Is impossible to be better than Morse or Blackmore, they are Equal!
kenny graham
somebody, turn his amp on!!
Ben Dover
So basically Steve morse plays the riffs that blackmore invented
Tivoy Drax
to me DP was always a british band .. why they not choosed also another british guitarist one day ? US & GB is still different ......
galiano vieira
Two fantastic guitar players. I've never compared their styles and never will. Both are outstanding and that's what really counts.
European Zorro
I thnk that Steve Morse is a cool guy, but I prefer Blackmore as a guitarist all the way!!
Gilbert Yslas
Check out Steve Morse in Flying Colors. Great band. Saw Steve once, blew me completely away. Amazing technique! He is superlative!
Nick Katiforis
When Ritchie Blackmore left the band, they should have renamed the band just Purple! They truly did lose their Deep Purple mojo, end of story!
Benny Lam
He's a good and a very nice man, that's make him the best than ritchie backmore..
Dennis Rambo
Damn Steve sounds like he's wearing a boxing glove on his picking hand. Clumsy and inarticulate
terry o'keefe
He can play at 1.30 the Woody woodpecker also the guitar sounds like it needs to be set up those strings are hitting the fretboard although I have seen guitars played like that with a lot of gain and rock on regardless.
Peter Miller
nice break down of blackmore's playing style.
Bill Smith
Morse's Dregs and solos stuff is awesome. But, still can't get accustomed to him in DP. He's missing hitting the low E in that Perfect Strangers riff.
Pedro Vinícius
Chris Parnham
I think if you asked the world best guitarists who the greatest guitar player was they'd say Ritchie Blackmore - Steve Morse is also really good btw all the detractors...
Michael Seymour
Retchie Bleekmere was durp purpals ...sory my englash not so hotter ...but he beter than inspektor Moors (new Durp purpals geetar playing)
Brian Cullen
"...weird, offset, unnatural..." Ah, that's called syncopation Steve.
C'mon steve. That's an easy song to play especially for you jeez. I don't see Ritchie being able to play tumeni notes even at 1/2 speed so quit everyone.
Weird picking technique...but it sure works for him. One of my favorite guitarists ever.
Rolla Coasta Ride
Steve Morse solo on "Three Pretenders" track on "Power" album from Kansas, just perfection, the dude is a grand master.
what is that glove?
Jon Foertsch
Steve class!
Andy Reasoner
Why do Steve uses glove on right hand? Who knows?
Kelvin Smith
Notice the athritus glove ?
its interesting how unbelievably intelligent,precise articulate and fluid player morse is but he cant talk clearly its probably because he dosent practice talking 8 hours a day
Paul Provost
I never realized Steve picked this hard! Wow!
Joel Bouchard
My goodness he picks hard.
“Clean an perfect” not like the way you play it then.. Lol
I wonder if those strings are ok.
Chris Wilkes
Mandi Ferrer
the dynamics at 0:46
Stefano Black
That damn triplets on the last part of Child in Time though xP I will NEVER... EVER... figure that shit out T_T It's so cool, I wanna play it but it's so difficult :C
Bruno VallésMuñoz
Steve....The brain behind Dixie dreads......Jump out from Blackmore's shadow man.....
siriwattano amarin
For those of you who know about guitar, Ritchie note is like a proud man ride on horseback
Joe Nocella
He sounds much better through an amp...
Beaverdam Man
He didn't even play the riff right. After saying it needs to be played cleanly and perfectly he proceeds to play it sloppy as hell.  It is an alternate bar of 4/4 , 5/4, 4/4, 7/4. Maybe he should lose the gloves when he plays.
hard picker, steve is
Miyuki Shijisha
Who is this guy?