CAD-1 Presents - AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks

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| AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks - A dynamic block definition contains elements that add dynamic behavior to a block, adding flexibility and intelligence to the geometry. Dynamic blocks eliminate the need for the same block multiple times at different scales or angles; instead, when you insert a block with dynamic behavior in a drawing, you can manipulate the geometry through custom grips or custom properties. Join Michael Calkins, AIA, as he clears up a cloudy topic, explaining how to define dynamic blocks and make them work for you.

danicka perez
all talking....nonsense....waste of time....
Efrain Lemus
I am a proficient AutoCAD user and I wanted to know how and where can I get a job. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
Jason Mcquaid
Thank you very much for that, very in-depth and informative. Looking forward to many more.
Thank you for the tutorial, I found it quite helpful.
Robert Cooper
Heighth ?
Mark Sharpe
Where did you get that circle command "center between two points"?
Tomas Sedlak
What about creating dynamic blocks instead of showing them?
Anthony Heller
you're supposed to edit crap out of these...