Motherlover (feat. Justin Timberlake)

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Buy at iTunes: New album on sale now! /> Happy Mother's Day! Originally aired May 9, 2009 Footage courtesy of NBC Universal for promotional use only.

lonely island andy samberg justin timberlake dick in box mother lover

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"Pushing that lady where you came out as a baby" 😂😂
Happy Mother’s Day yall ;)
Vanoss Lokos
GIVE TO YOUR MOM DI , DI , DI , DI , DI , DI , DOGGYSTYLE ..... loooool
better than 90% of pop songs today
Lalala Nanana
Wait... that's Susan Sarandon :0
steve harvey
The super bowl halftime show we deserve
Connie Washington
Lol when they said " We are soo cool and thoughtful."
Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
I love how they say "This is the second best idea that we ever had"
Lucas Lakey
"Hold up, you thinking what im thinking." "I thinking i think it too." "Slow up, what time is it dawg" "It's Time for a switch-a-roo." That's the best part to me. Lol
Mati R.
I now fully understand House Of Cards.
Cha Wei Ng
Justin Timberlake looks like Barney Stinson here.
I like when she puts the pic of JT down and he flips it right back up lol
Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
This is the best song i have ever heard in my entire life
They should have added this song in the Superbowl
I don't know how they kept a straight face during this
i Want Music
Slow up.. What time is it dog... it's time for a switcheroo :)
2018 anyone? 😂
Young Meat
It’s catchy af... better than most songs today to be honest.
"we are so cool and thoughtful"
yung cailou
Andy Samberg looks very attractive with a beard, and that hairstyle. I won't lie.
Dylan Burgess
I always thought it was funny that they were upset they forgot to get a gift considering they were in prison for 5 months lol
The beat of this song and their voices is really great. This song definitely could have been a real hit if the topic of it was different.
Jarosław Purchawka
100mln :))
Mark Hazleton
Andy Samberg isn't always funny, but he was obviously born to be a comedian. The guy is so likeable that he never annoys me. Plus I've grown to really respect Justin Timberlake for having a lot of humor. These two made something special here.
Skeleton Clique
I use this video to start the day...
It's like 2 Tony Starks lol
Omer Majid
Mothers day 2018
This is so messed up but hilarious
Lucas Carvalho
Just here for the yearly tradition
Caitlin Louise
I never realised how dirty the song actually is... I'm so slow
internet addiction
Am I the only one who yelled at just to be careful with his sandwich 😂😂😂😂
And to think JT was this year's Super Bowl Halftime show entertainment.
Yonatan Nir
It would be my honor to be YOUR new step father
Happy mother's day!
Is it bad that I visit this every mother's day?
This is wrong on so many levels LOL But the blonde actress is a MILF I guess.
That moment when u watch it in 2018
Robin Robinson
Omg.. this song is hilarious
Andy samberg is fucking legendary
Jade Remix14
Andy samberg is a legend
Roshaun Page
I play this every Mother’s Day!! It’s tradition now! 🤣
Stephanie Nicole
what was their first best idea?
Willem Maas
These really made Justin Timberlake at least 10x cooler
Kaylee Morris
Rs tho I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see “Dr Ava Paige” the same again. The Maze Runner has officially become a comedy for me.
Howard Wilcox
I got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Lol amazingly funny
Whose watching Mothers Day 2018
Alan Vincent S. Fontanosa II
Happy Mother's Day you sick bastards 😂
I feel like "My dad can't satisfy my mom ever since he passed away" is really under appreciated.
Melanie Edge
Happy Mothers day lol
Spencer Ladd
2:38-2:42 Best part by far.
Had to check back for a mothersday idea
ak nature
this song is so fucked up..........but amazing at the same time.
Happy Mothersday everybody!
Teah McCafferty
Aww shit catch me singing this under my breathe at school or something😭
Dominic Lober
Wer ist von Rezo hier 😂😂
I have to watch this every Mother’s Day
"What is it dog." That's the funniest part. Everytime I watch this video I have to watch that part 5 times. 
Alex War
Спроси у своей мамы
Mother's Day 2018!!!
did Snyder direct this?
I've been waiting all week for this!
Cheyenne Friesen
Happy mother's day 2018
Ganesh Kendre
mothers day 2018?!
Mariam Abdullah
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 dammmn this is the funniest song ever 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Oyun Teftiş
Today Happy Mother’s day
Andrew Jenkins
I know Susan Surandon is a good actor and all, but I'm pretty sure she would totally bang JT. That wasn't all acting lol.
100 million views and I still talk to people who have never heard this before. Happy Mother's Day! Should be 100 billion views, it's gold!
Diego Vera
This song is my biggest fear, coz I fear one day I will sing it unconsciouslly in class
Mothers day 2018? ;)
Walter White
Happy Mother's Day!
John Magus
The CC's are pretty off, nice.
Warren Valion
What do their mothers think about this?
Bastiaan Wiltjer
Brooklyn PD huh? Oh, the foreshadowing...
Ali A’s Cringe Intros
100 mil 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
this is the strangest thing this group has ever sang about and that is quite a feat
Happy Mother's Day 2018
Happy Mother’s Day...
Jake Jayingee
I listen to this every mother's day
What meanst the 5 mouths later ?
Russians must really love their mothers, so much cyrillic script here...
BaNeR10232/ /can you see it
44 sec to 45 secs fav spot
Stefan Puzic
Tara Annisa
andy in glasses and the whole beard and stache is just love <3
Leslie Reyes
The beat is sick ... lyrics is nasty lol
Brenda Margareth
batman and superman should do this.
Busy B
The shirts they wear are so fresh
sent this to my mom
Rei Duraj
Those pastrami subs are really overlooked here
Schotty Out
Screwed up you tube demonitizing people while celebs do whatever they want..sad state of america
ϯím íѕ вαє
I DIED at "Give it to my mom d-d-d-d-d-d-d-doggystyle"
What's up with all the Russian commnets in here? I mean, I speak the language but they don't explain why they are all here. Something to do with some clip. Anyone knows? Who are Chovansky and Malikov?
Lady Marmulade
izucah 3 shoturi
God, I thought Susan and Patricia aren't that nasty 😂😂
Winter Wolf of SoCal
Did anyone else not even notice that this was a song?!
watch this every damn year
Minh Nhật Hùng Phạm
Happy Mother's Day guysss, treat ya mom well :)
This is more like a rap
best part is "It woudl be my honor..."
Fight-Cruzer98 A Family Company
2018 anyone?