Motherlover (feat. Justin Timberlake)

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Buy at iTunes: New album on sale now! /> Happy Mother's Day! Originally aired May 9, 2009 Footage courtesy of NBC Universal for promotional use only.

lonely island andy samberg justin timberlake dick in box mother lover

Mark Hazleton
Andy Samberg isn't always funny, but he was obviously born to be a comedian. The guy is so likeable that he never annoys me. Plus I've grown to really respect Justin Timberlake for having a lot of humor. These two made something special here.
Nanny Lane
Who is still listening to this in 2018?
Surprised Justin Timberlake hasn't made a cameo in Brooklyn 99 yet. Holy shit Justin's mom is Tammy One (Parks and Rec)
I feel like "My dad can't satisfy my mom ever since he passed away" is really under appreciated.
steve harvey
The super bowl halftime show we deserve
Dylan Burgess
I always thought it was funny that they were upset they forgot to get a gift considering they were in prison for 5 months lol
That boi you knowww
The sad part is that this is actually better than 99% of music these days
Happy Mother’s Day yall ;)
Diego Vera
This song is my biggest fear, coz I fear one day I will sing it unconsciouslly in class
juls 27
the funny part is the song is actually good
yung cailou
Andy Samberg looks very attractive with a beard, and that hairstyle. I won't lie.
They should have added this song in the Superbowl
2018 anyone? 😂
Toasted Fan Art
By far the best of the trilogy
Yonatan Nir
It would be my honor to be YOUR new step father
It's like 2 Tony Starks lol
Brad Wesley
How do they get through this without uncontrollable laughter😂
Oh dang What is it, dawg? I forgot it’s Mother’s Day Didn't get a gift for her Other plans got in the way She’ll be so disappointed Damn I forgot it, too This could have been avoided What the hell are we gonna do? My mom’s been so alone Ever since my daddy left COLD No one to hold her tight Life has put her to the test I know just what you mean My mom’s been so sad and gray Word My dad can’t satisfy her in the bedroom ever since he passed away Hold up You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? I’m thinkin’ I’m thinkin’ too Slow up What time is it, dawg? It’s time for a switcharoo We both love our moms, women with grown women needs I say we break ‘em off Show ‘em how much they really mean ‘Cause I’m a Motherlover You’re a Motherlover We should fuck each others mothers Fuck each others moms I’m pushing that way where you came out as a baby Ain’t no doubt that shit is crazy Fucking each others moms ‘Cause every Mother’s Day needs a Mother’s Night If doing it is wrong, I don’t wanna be right I’m callin’ on you ’cause I can’t do it myself To me you’re like a brother, so be my mother lover I’m layin’ in the cut waitin’ for your mom Clutchin’ on this lube and roses I got my digital camera, I'mma make your momma do a million poses They will be so surprised We are so cool and thoughtful Can’t wait to pork your mom I'mma be the syrup, she can be my waffle Sho' Nuff My momma loves bubble bath with Chamomile Straight up Give it to my mom d-d-d-d-d-d-doggy style, yeahh This the perfect plan For a perfect Mother’s Day They'll have to rename this one All up under the covers day ‘Cause I’m a Motherlover You’re a Motherlover We should fuck each others mothers Fuck each others moms I’m pushing that way where you came out as a baby Ain’t no doubt that shit is crazy Fucking each others moms Break it down It would be my honor to be your new step-father It would be my honor to be your new step-father And while you’re in my mother Make me another brother Jam And while I’m in your mother I’ll never use a rubber OH ‘Cause every Mother’s Day needs a Mother’s Night If doing it is wrong, I don’t wanna be right I’m callin’ on you ’cause I can’t do it myself To me you’re like a brother, so be my mother lover They blessed us both with the gift of life She brought you in this world so I'mma sex her right This is the second best idea that we’ve ever had The choice can be no other Be my mother lover Happy Mother’s Day!!!
"What is it dog." That's the funniest part. Everytime I watch this video I have to watch that part 5 times. 
Andrew Jenkins
I know Susan Surandon is a good actor and all, but I'm pretty sure she would totally bang JT. That wasn't all acting lol.
i Want Music
Slow up.. What time is it dog... it's time for a switcheroo :)
Bastiaan Wiltjer
Brooklyn PD huh? Oh, the foreshadowing...
This is so messed up but hilarious
Willem Maas
These really made Justin Timberlake at least 10x cooler
Skeleton Clique
I use this video to start the day...
Magnets & magic
0:06 Kid: why is that hole in the box? Me: you'll learn when you're older...
Calaisha Postell
bring me back to middle school, used to listen to the lonely island 24/7. one of my favorite parts is “we are so cool and thoughtful😭😭😂💘🔥
Raphael Johnson
How does this shit hold up so well in 2018... NEED MORE STUFF LIKE THIS!!!!!!! LOL
Bill Mckellar
Plot twist: they were switched at birth.
Endless Hax
When he puts the picture frame back up
Troy Amos
I’ll push in that lady, where you came out as a baby. That line is so twisted in dirty that it forces you to smile
Roshaun Page
I play this every Mother’s Day!! It’s tradition now! 🤣
Ben Smith
Just sent this to my bestie after joking about dancing his mom :)
ak nature
this song is so fucked up..........but amazing at the same time.
Sylvester Simons
"It would be my honor to be your new stepfather" . . . bwaaaahhh!!!!!
I need to stop singing this in public
internet addiction
Am I the only one who yelled at just to be careful with his sandwich 😂😂😂😂
Nerds in Shining Armour
my sexuality is the way justin timberlake says camomile
Nintendofiery1-up 1
Plot Twist they were switched at birth
Is it bad that I visit this every mother's day?
was going to show this to my mother because of the start not anymore
Nathan C
Love the sloppy ham rolls with meat flaps hanging down!!
And to think JT was this year's Super Bowl Halftime show entertainment.
Alistair Drennan
"My dad can't satisfy her in the bedroom ever since he passed away"
I am blind
im gonna be dessert she can be my waffle
Spencer Ladd
2:38-2:42 Best part by far.
tony nakol
"It would be my honor to be your new step father" 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂
Ellen ms
Lol 🤣🤣😂—- Funny who wrote that song Andy?.
J. Michael
We need Justin Timberlake at Brooklyn Nine Nine!
pretty money
While ur in my mother make me another brother While I'm in ur mother I'll NEVER USE A RUBBER 😂😂😂omg no 😂
Jade Remix14
Andy samberg is a legend
Young Meat
It’s catchy af... better than most songs today to be honest.
Jarosław Purchawka
100mln :))
Raezon Thomas
Best part of this video, was when JT's mother turned his picture down, and he was like, Nahhhh. Let him watch xD
God's Community
Blessing full of blessings. ⭐
Natasa Femic
Just discovered this song. Can't stop listening. 😁
Weeple Loves Sheep
justin timberlake changed my entire opinion of him in one video. huh.
Joanna Isenhart
Hahaha my gosh I’ve listened twice and I think it’s a pretty decent song hahaha oh man
I love how they had time to workout, get sandwhiches, hang out at the bridge, and buy lube and roses but didn't have time to buy their moms a normal gift.
Jake Jayingee
I listen to this every mother's day
why the fuck my peepee hard
Bump this at my funeral
In 2018, Still best Lylic Ever.
good nigga
Please stand up for the national anthem of Xbox Live
Teah McCafferty
Aww shit catch me singing this under my breathe at school or something😭
Mothers day 2018? ;)
Stephanie Nicole
what was their first best idea?
Robin Robinson
Omg.. this song is hilarious
Kitty Blakeadonna
The theme song of every 12 year old on Xbox
*That is sooo barny stinson*
The Android Guy
2019 anyone?
I mean....I would think this has happened at least once, where 2 people end up being each other's step fathers
Joseph Gaudet
SNL used to be so much better
jake anderson
best video ever made
pretty money
Wtf 😱😮whaaaat 😂😂😮
Strawberry Laces
Is that Susan Sarandon?
Omer Majid
Mothers day 2018
Things I like
Just here for the yearly tradition
Doesnt have to be mothers day to listen to this
Crush Communism
454k motherlovers liked !
did Snyder direct this?
Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest episode of SNL ever
Brenda Margareth
batman and superman should do this.
What meanst the 5 mouths later ?
Zoella Zolendz
Holy shit that was Susan Sarandon. I never realized.
Amy Hartis
Every Mothets Day needs a Mothers Night..omfg im dead 😂😂😂😂😂
Susan Sarandon was SO, well, lovable in this!
Raquel Robles
"Sure, I'll be in this video," said the two award-winning actresses. ... o.O
AKeelah smith
She brought you in this world so imma sex her rite 😂😂😂
Robins Pharaoh
WTF is this video
Tom Haughian
Great song to play in doom (2016).
Ben Fordrin
Saw this on 2018 for my first time. Heading back to "The Internet is for porn". (and cat movies, of course.)
Capn Evan
Best moment is when the mother puts down the picture of her son, and he's like "nuh uh" and puts it back up.
Tony Johnson
The funniest video ever a Timeless classic if you can't laugh at this every time you watch it you're just dead inside.
Warren Valion
What do their mothers think about this?
Stefan Puzic
Sean Kernighan
It would be my honor to be your new step father
Lee C.
I just realized the symbolism of the roast beef sandwiches.
Seeing Patricia Clarkson in this after watching Sharp Objects is just a whole next level of hilarious.
Kaylee Morris
Rs tho I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see “Dr Ava Paige” the same again. The Maze Runner has officially become a comedy for me.
Rahma Hagoog
this song is so catchy i cant get it out of my head