Casting Couch In Bollywood

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Bollywood celebrities suffered casting couch moments, which includes. Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana, Tisca Chopra, Shakti Kapoor, Payal Rohatgi, Surveen Chawla and many more. Checkout the video to know More!! SUBSCRIBE To zoom:- Click Here ► /> zoom, Your one stop destination for all the latest happenings, hot rumours and exclusive B-Town news... For Latest Television News And Gossips: Subscribe To TellyTalk India ► /> Stay Connected With Us On : Facebook - />Twitter - />Google+ - Instagram - />Pinterest - />Tumblr: - />Dailymotion - />Website -

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Bollywood actresses are high paid prostitutes.
M King
shakti kapoor toh shakal se gunda lugta hai.
Renu Sri
They complain when they are not offered what was promised. They are fine with it as long as they get the role.
Ask Priyanka,Aishwariya,Katrina,Anushka,Deepika,Kangana,Bipasha,Rani,Sunny Leone,Karisma..etc etc etc, actors too, outsiders like: Srk,Akshay,John,Ayus,Pulkit,Sidharth, etc
Zeenath Anwar
Why so much time for some one to be brave and bold NOW to come out publicly. Everyone knows this is happening. Anywayz, losers are there everywhere who take advantage. It is up to an individual to accept or not accept. We all have choices in life right? You walk in a club, the most ugliest person will be the most gutsy character to come and approach a female because they know they have nothing to lose. Similarly, the Casting Couch Co. ONE SHOULD KNOW WHEN TO GIVE IN AND WHEN TO WALK AWAY FROM A SITUATION. Sorry people, sleaziness is every where. MORE IN INDIA I FOUND BECAUSE OF REPRESSION. Out of my own experiences.
Pritam Agalawe
kangana sleep with aditya pancholi for long time.whats the reason kangna.
Kritika Meghrajani
Casting couch is only in modeling world and in entertainment industry not in the coporate world as the supply of jobs is infinite whereas the supply of labours is just handful where coporate sector is been concerned and you need real education and not casting couch when entering to coporate sector and these people are actually respected without being celebrities and also not being as rich as these celebrities is because of their education intelligence and smartness...... why entertainment industry need casting couch is because they lac intellegence, smartness and most importantly education thats why they aren't given respect these entertainers are only told to remain focus on their looks and physique thats it........ watch your tounge guys when you talk about casting couch in coporate sector as this is not true at all I am wondering where is deepika padukone as I am sure she still does all this and herself becomes the victim to it..... why they haven't told her name..... only because she has paid a certian sum in order to keep herself away from this..... without this it is impossible for her to reach at this top as she doesn't deserve this what she is at the moment.....😡😡😡
Abi Shah
all of them have suffered casting couch unless 1 of their relatives are in the industry
Surya Pratap Singh
Anuraj kashyap is the biggest THARKI
Vikas Maverick K
kangana is the dumbest actress beside alia who is comparing professional actors with red light prostitutes, that's what she's capable of, and the fact that she has been yelling on her own that she's not a victim of casting couch without even many asking her while the whole world says she slept her way with bhatts, pancholi, hashmi, even heard with drivers of PAs & assistant directors to get movies...she's complete dumb ass who would be written off after couple of years for being outspoken dumbass..suck my arose kangna..u bitchh..
So Kangana got herself sugar daddy instead at start of career, Aditya Pancholi. Casting couch, sugar daddy, not much difference, Kangana was dumb.
Cursed Panties
When they say that directors or producers tried to fuck them for the movie role, i believe in that, but when they say they turned down the offer, i don't believe in that.
sagar magar
everyone says they ignored. ... lol I don't believe
A Goerdin
M. O. B M.O.B
kangana slept with aditya pancholi for fame and ruined his family. I know it takes 2 ppl but she was da 1 revealing it 2 public. After dat she went on 2 hrithik roshan n fantasticized about her relationship with him n made a scene in public unloading her dirty laundry 4 every1 2 c she only has 2 good films 2 her credit n now she is demanding more money n screen space on her new film RANGOON. A lot of da bollywood stars have said she's very difficult 2 work with makes A list celebrities wait 4 her 2 start shooting films. If it goes like dis she won't be on top 4 to long
Faiza Ahmed
disgusting director. ... shameful,
Sanchari Basu
Shame on this Industry,Acting is a Tough skill,it's not so easy,It's gift Of Maa Saraswati,everybody cannnot be a good actor,only looks and physhiq isn't main things,actual thing is love for acting,passion for acting,dedication for acting not for sex,these guyz ruine the actual rules of acting.stupid society.Many Decent,Cultured Girls,Boys can nice Drama,that's a talent but these flim industry cannot give them respect,so we get some vulger flims which ruine this society,ruin many peoples' dreams of being Actor/Actress.
Shailesh Ranjan
This is the reality of India
Shailesh Ranjan
Tisca is so much beautiful.. But she cdnt become actress due to this
Agniva Burman
Casting couch actually exist...I had myself experienced it with an award winning director who selected me for a tv series...however after selection, he directly proposed me to sleep with him and other person on unit...before even shooting can start...I refused...he called me funny as I said I would prefer dignity when it comes to selfrespect rather than role..he laughter it out...
Susan Begg
The fact is - why do you meet outside the office, why not in the office and, in office hours when other staff are there. Looking at most of the directors, they are older people and maybe, hoping to have a one off fling with young man or woman (disgusting). The actors should just decline and leave. Their choice of course. If the actors are happy to meet at hotels then, I suppose, they should always have someone accompany them as support. Just to be on the safe side. Boils down to how desperate a person is to get a job (role) and how much are you willing to do for them. Disgusting on the part of directors of course, actors should get roles because they are capable.
sujay nayak
Kya kaminey log h yaar .....male actors ko v nahi chhod rahe
paila chawang
Chutya sathi kapoor
Mansoor Ismail
I suspect that the economics here is strong about demand and demand is ruled by the consumer hunger and taste. Madness and psychopathy also has deep hunger at the centre, it comes out of the mind in a condition of heat and excessive energy. I have also seen many Hindi Bollywood movies that showed this dark and hidden culture of the industry. The old and ugly bosses and directors were tempted to seek energy of the young and beautiful.
What a shame that it's not completely in English.
Jyoti Mondal
whats wrong in it?????!!
Rahul Chawla
so sad ...
nia z
bollywood people even fuck their mother n sisters
Like us now
Aryan Alingham
motherchod shakti kapoor ek typical rapist dekhta ha...sala ki beti ka saath koi char khani karaga to esko malum chalaga exploit karna kya hota ha..
Take and touch ranveer. Take it.
Pareeshay Noor
Ugliest Side 0f B0llyW00d.....!
Taha Ejaz
Actually reality ye b adi h hr koi guzar k ata h unfortunately
kalyan chakravarthy muvvala
What about Preity Jain who has been raped by Madhur n Tisca's bloody statements ,will any one believe their statements from such actors like kang--- n daughter of Shanthi Kapoor....Jaise baap waise Beti Bhi hi...
Khateja Kadir
They can just secretly record all their conversations with directors/casting agents
Parag Gandu
Kangana on casting couch! what a joke!
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