Every 90's Commercial Ever

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Liquid Slam's ad campaign for their "Big Game" line of snacks and sugary beverages was pulled almost immediately. Check out the UNCENSORED version here: /> Follow us! /> /> /> Directed by - Dez Dolly (@dezdolly) Executive Producers for RocketJump - Matt Arnold; Dez Dolly; Ben Waller; Freddie Wong Writers - Matt Arnold; Will Campos; Dez Dolly Producer - Ashim Ahuja Director of Photography - Jon Salmon Editor - Joey Scoma Original Music - Maxton Waller Cast- Mom -- Anais Fairweather Darius Jackson -- Anthony Alabai Jax -- Dylan Williams Jess -- Mikayla Williams Slade -- Hayden Luedde Brad -- D'Arragnan Sloan Kelly -- Anastasia Sloan Cody -- Robert Sloan Cronenberg Creature -- Clinton Jones CREW 1st AD -- Jeremy Cohen 1st AC -- John Helms 2nd AC -- Thomas Jacobeson DIT -- Daniel Hollister Gaffer -- Tony Jou BB Electrician -- Dominic D'astice Key Grip -- Frank Garbutt BB Grip -- Anthony Barrese Prop Master -- Zachary Smith Art Assistant -- Christian Ramirez Makeup Assistant -- Lisa Carr Costume Designer -- Layne McGovern Costume Assistant -- Millicent Thompson Seamstress -- Regina Amato Sound Mixer -- Chris Howland Boom Op -- Kelly Ambrow Sound Design -- Kevin Senzaki Makeup Artist -- Erika Frank Behind The Scenes -- Nathan Koepp and Lauren Haroutunian Photography & Social Media -- Benji Dolly Production Accountant -- Jamie Lukaszewski Make-up effects By: Vincent Guastini Prods Effects & Design Studio Key Artist and Sculptors -- Jeff Farley & Chris Marchwinski Silicone Animatronics & Painter -- Vincent Guastini Fabrication -- Joshua Ballze Onset Puppeteers -- Vincent Guastini and Joshua Ballze Visual Effects -- Playfight Additional Post Production Services -- Alex Reeves; Point of Blue Studios Big Game Products logos and branding by Dangerbrain -- Alfonso Surroca & Sebastian Surroca For more awesome videos visit />AND /> For licensing and usage inquiries please email [email protected]

It was so lighthearted at the start... u can't lie to me on the internet, that's illegal omfg
Yatharth Rai
really looks good on 240p
Soft Lava
Adult swim : You're hired
Only 90s kids would remember
Encrypted Aqua
This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen, I will never sleep again
managed to capture the essence of 90s kids commercials perfectly. Especially the tentacles bursting out of the stomach. amazing.
Directed by John Carpenter and David Cronenberg
BMO 5678
1:10 The Thing (2018) - Football Player Uses Flamethrower Scene
How the hell did you add this to look exactly like a VHS tape?!?!?!!
BlackStar StormChaser
I was getting the nostalgia of being 3 years old again. Back to a time when Saturday morning cartoons where actually good, and you went and ruined it!
haha yeah I remember this! The kids turning into liquid! oh man the nostal-WTF is that?
stanley Martineau
When you realize that the monster and the flamethrower line up perfectly with John carpenters “the thing”
lowkey expected them to fuse into a monstrosity
The engine they used to call Grim matchstick
Also, That damn mom is to blame she turned those steroid loving kids into a monster
Zafo Zafologo
Better than resident evil and the walking death
Ok this commercial went from 0 to 100 REAL FAST.
Jaden Dwyer
I told u not to add cocaine to your rip off Capri Sun
Stranger Things Season 3 leaked footage
In the 90s they turn kids into demented monsters that resembles jake and logan paul
Balto Compilations
Are you sure this is not DONT HUG ME IM SCARED?
JulieG Vlogs
what tf did i watch and why wasn't this illegal with the liquid slam....like the flame thrower
Dude i was eating
This went from bill and ted’s excellent adventure to terminator 2 to Rick and morty very quickly...
This- completely makes me want to eat cheese!
τιm я
CAC Woomera
0:24 oh god I remember watching this before...
sue naing
Actally did not expect that
DDK Arellano
Well that’s nice 😐
Dane Boe
This is so freaking incredible. SO GOOD. 
De Straattijgers
*E X C E L L E N T*
*e x c e l l e n t*
LuN4R_ L0rD-H6
I really remember and miss this shit!
Franco Pantoja
Welcome Everebody, to the Amazing world of YouTube!
Echo Unity
That was the best "JESUS CHRIST" I've heard in a while.
Кто от сыендука???
_•{FuLanSuki}•_ _LoveIsLife_
0:15 **White Pearl Intensifies.**
Can we get 1,000 subs with out vids? :D
Wow look at CG on this year XD
Justin C.
I seriously thought the thumbnail was Idubbz
That happened to me once....... once.
Quad Squad QS
The thing + 90’s commercials = masterpiece
You don’t give kids supernatural drugs
0:50 I A M L O O K I N G F O R J O H N C O N N E R
This could be on Adult Swim
123 isme
0:54 was the scene Cry was?
Cuteluckcoolgirl Hi
I was expecting it one being normal
Jarek [Zapzap]
Better than the ads now
Max Pesky
Capri sun = Liquid Slam Pizza Bagels = Pizza Pigskins
Does anyone know of a way to unsee this?
I’m am now scared of Capri sun
Man, the nostalgia. I remember walking to school and walking past Clinton re-election posters, and amalgamations of death and suffering.
Winston Churchill
Only use a flame thrower with adult super vision
The Guest Nimator
moral lesson?: dont fusion while liquid
Ora nge
This looked so fucking 90s I thought it was real.
Don't look James
Poor 3 headed monster, he only wanted the last pizza pigskin...... :^( And anyone wathing in 2019?
KingJet Playz
Lol eww
123 isme
1:41 All Screaming
The Deception Bruticus
What about every commercial from the 1980’s
Wolf Man Lyken
QUESTIONS 1)why does that mom have 2 homes? 2) why take the previous kids hat to other kids house? 3) Did the mom give them liquid slam so she could secretly murder her other kids
PutridFoe 65
I was planning on sleeping this year.
Balto Compilations
Life and Gaming
That escalated quickly
Max Hatfield
'Only use a flamethrower with adult supervision'
Marcel Huchwajda
Wait, this was real?
Captain Satwon
Just as I remember them...
this went from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds and I don't like it
Sam The Meme Man
Not sleeping tonight thats for sure
Didn't know that they had 4K HD video back in the 90s....
bush's beans
aaah, brings back old childhood memories......those were the days...
Oh Jesus.
man what a ripoff.... I thought you were gonna compile very commercial that ever aired in the 90s. But you just gave me a true nightmare. :-(
It took me a while to realize that rocket jump made this
Mr Sark
**slow clap**
Hate Monger
This was epic
Pichu 250 FUN pichu250fun
WHAT FOR A COMERICAL IS THAT??!! I was 2003 born and if i see this i cant sleep then this time!!!😂😱😰
Cardboardguy 14
Wait a minute....... THE MOM IS THE VILLAIN!
inferno dragon gaming
See kids this befor the put the dramatization is used in the commercials so don't worry XD
Hau Tak Leighton Tam
Every 90's Commercial Ever... presented by John Carpenter and David Cronenberg!
BMO 5678
There should be a warning about gross-ness (just saying but that creature is Special Effects Art)
Clorox Bleach
That got dark quick.
I think i have autism now....
Great advertisement for sports clothing
Epic Meal Time
I came here for some nostalgia. I got some. But what the hell rocket jump! BIG WTF!
lol my dinning room in the '90s had the exact same chairs.
Spoons Are Occasionally Made Of Metal
*Only 20s kids remember this*
Paul Shaffer
The IT sequal looks pretty good.
Me Auntie Nora
This is art.
Dr. MJ Teoxon
_ Klondank_Bar_
Haters will say it's fake.
This is actually terrifying.
Bubba Fetz
The mom is a witch
Mr. Eighty
I was on a nostalgia trip until all the murdering happened its like getting Rickrolled!
William Anthony
I'm running back on the 90's If you know what i mean
DeMarco Scheel
Small twist
Cardboardguy 14
Holy shit..... ಠ_ಠ
The engine they used to call Grim matchstick
It’s a “wait for it” one
Just a Youtuber
The way they zoom into that empty chair haha omg!
Epic Zomby