Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (3/10) Movie CLIP - Picking a Fight (1993) HD

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Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story movie clips: />BUY THE MOVIE: />Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: /> CLIP DESCRIPTION: An argument in the gym over a weight machine turns racist, leading to a showdown between Bruce (Jason Scott Lee) and some jocks. FILM DESCRIPTION: The brief but eventful life of actor and martial arts trailblazer Bruce Lee is portrayed in this drama, based on a biography written by his widow Linda Lee Caldwell. Lee is introduced to the study of martial arts as a child living in Hong Kong by his father (Ric Young); the father dreamed that a demonic armored dragon would take his son from him, and wanted young Bruce to be able to protect himself. Bruce continues his training as he grows to adulthood, and after the cocky teenaged Lee (Jason Scott Lee, no relation to Bruce) seriously injures a prominent British citizen while fighting a gang of troublemakers at a dance, he's sent to San Francisco. While working as a dishwasher, Bruce begins to study philosophy, and in time develops a personal martial arts discipline, Jeet Kune-Do, which blends Kung Fu fighting techniques with lessons gained from his philosophical research. Bruce decides to open a martial arts academy on the advice of his fiancée Linda (Lauren Holly); Linda and Bruce encounter resistance as a mixed-race couple, especially from Linda's mother Vivian (Michael Learned), and Bruce earns the enmity of traditional Chinese martial arts experts for his new style. But after a strong showing in several public tournaments, Bruce's fighting skill and charisma attracts the attention of TV producer Bill Krieger (Robert Wagner). Bruce is cast as Kato, the karate-trained sidekick on the series The Green Hornet, and while the show is short-lived in America, it's a huge success in Asia, leading to a series of films based around Bruce's remarkable fighting skills. Sadly, shortly before the release of the film that would make him a major screen star in the United States, Enter The Dragon, a mysterious brain disorder sends Lee into a coma that soon kills him. In a tragedy with eerie timing, Bruce Lee's real-life son Brandon Lee died shortly before this film was released, the result of an accidental shooting while completing the picture The Crow. CREDITS: TM & © Universal (1993) Cast: Eric Bruskotter, Jason Scott Lee Director: Rob Cohen Producers: John Badham, Kelly Breidenbach, Raffaella De Laurentiis, Hester Hargett, Rick Nathanson, Dan York, Charles Wang Screenwriters: Robert Clouse, Rob Cohen, Linda Lee Cadwell, Edward Khmara, John Raffo WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: />ComingSoon: />Indie & Film Festivals: />Hero Central: />Extras: />Classic Trailers: />Pop-Up Trailers: />Movie News: />Movie Games: />Fandango: />Fandango FrontRunners: /> HIT US UP: Facebook: />Twitter: />Pinterest: />Tumblr:

this is a planet fitness ad
David Lea
What i don't get about these scenes is that there's always the one black guy oblivious to same kind of racism that could easily afflict him...strange
"touch me... i'll touch you back" with an evil smile... so simple yet threatening hehe
"See that's the problem, your kind doesn't understand English!" "What language are we speaking right now???" Kind of a silly line in retrospect.
There is just something inspiring seeing Bruce Lee going to college man. In Beginning Scene that is.
"Or I'll touch you back." Woah, okay buddy.
Viper Hareous
This is one of my favorite movies of ALL times!
What kind of college gym has basketball, fencing, cheer, wrestling and weight training in the same room?
Arfian Lagisha
Is that Michael Cudlitz (Abraham from The Walking Dead) in the back of the boys??? omg, he's so young 😂😂😂😂
Tom Liberman
My problem with scenes like this are the ultra-jocks are almost universally portrayed as bullies and jerks. I played a lot of sports but was a pretty small guy, bench warmer, etc. My experience was the guys with game had nothing to prove. Nicest bunch of all; friendly, polite, helpful, encouraging. The problems I had were always with the wannabe jocks, the guys not all that great, the ones with chips on their shoulders. Just my experience.
He just wants to be touched..
Asians should of never taught the white man how to fight. White ppl have no honor and respect nothing. They shouldn't of shown them gun powder also
Collin Scott
Funny thing is the bully in this scene is Abraham from the Walking Dead. RIP
Bob Johnson
the fuq, black dude lol...You are next you know
ghengis john
Trump Supporter
I wanted to see a fight scene! all I got was some gay dialogue...
It's not good behind the neck like that
Mario Xavier Morales Betancourt
Abraham!!!! Eugene is in trouble!!!! Sasha is single!!!! And Rosita is pregnant!!!!! Ooooooh!!!!
Matthew Hung
So racist
Kevin Vang
Don't touch me
Those guys are going to regret messing with Bruce
Geno Felino
That white dude sounds like the peanut m&m
Muse Russell23
That white guy is not even big
Are you coming might as well just finished my workout on you gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😂😂😂
Bo Jackson
Such a good story and movie
First of all why is the black guy standing in the back like “Ha racial slurs are funny when I’m not the recipient of it”
rowdy yeats
These are not the droids you are looking for.
Abraham from The Walking Dead!!!
faceleef youtube
*RIP Bruce lee*
What is that basketball skill
Dj Bright
Bs where us the fight
Did this really happened in his life or is it just some typical Hollyweird, left wing, anti-racial majority propaganda?
Nice half reppin
Racism in the U.S.? Hard to believe......
Laura Williams
im black but this guy was my first crush
Blake Young
How do four people use one machine
BRUCE LEE : Are you coming I have to Finish my Work out I might as well Finish on you LOL hahahaha
Vegeta Solo
Michael Worth was a martial arts student of fight choreographer Jerry Poteet at the time of filming, and helped design the Long Beach brawl
Jason did so well at Bruce.
Convention Expedition
1:10 The guy hasn’t even laid a finger on Bruce Lee. However this fight scene is an incredible one.😄
straight white male
Never understood those people who attack some country first and then whine how people fought back and killed someone. US killed almost 1/3 population of what is now known as North Korea. That anger and racism for all Asians was another problem for itself.
A N G E L_ b
1:13 *n o ~ h o m o*
Baldi Basics
Dont touch me So what ill touch u back Sooo gay
Barry Wheels
If Bruce Lee was so educated on training then this film did him a disservice by having him do lat pulldowns behind the neck.
I thought Jason Scott Lee did a superb job of making us think we were watching Bruce - the voice, the moves, the mannerisms, the soft gentle side with Linda and Brandon and of course the side you didnt wanna mess with 😠
Largest Classifieds
This guy would be perfect for the next Superman Movie.
The Joker
Back then bullies where multi racial because they were bullies not racist.
Marshall-YT Gaming
Is this how Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix met? Lmao
Unrealistic that some many different activities like sword fencing would be going on at the same time. And crimping space for basketball, which has so many more people doing it. Room enough to fence outside.
If you want Eric these days go down to Commerce Casino you’ll find him playing $5/$5 Poker ! I think his acting is pretty much done and over ! He Gambol Gambol Now !!!!! Re Ray with a Stradle ! Cut 🎬 I mean raise !!!!! Dealer I mean Floor !!!
Maxi Immortality
Hi 😻 nice to see you 💋
That’s one weird shaped bar tho
Wrestlers. At a gym. In their singlets? Riiiiight
ItYo Boi69
Why does his mate in the jumper look like a 45 year old dad
GameWith Tony
They workout everyday at 3? Lmao they don’t look fit at all lmao. Funny
Joe Smith
You forgot to show the fight.
Steve Edwards
what happened next?There needs a part 2 upload.
Javo Trujillo
Los follo.
Hunter Wood
Never noticed the the guy who plays Abraham in The Walking Dead was in this lol
So let me get this straight.  The evil WHITE man just walks up to Bruce Lee and starts calling him racial slurs even though he has a black guy in his group?  Yeah, I bet this scene is real historically accurate.  Not to mention bully's don't go after guys that are as built as Bruce.  I love Bruce Lee but I dislike this movie.  SMH
Abraham ford
Anyone know how this guy got that physique? Routine/diet etc?
CreepyPastaPunch Fan
This isn't the real Bruce Lee...
Joseph Allen
the bully was hot asf he should have won 😍😍 his voice tho
Most tough guys like that travel in packs because in reality, most of them can't fight. 
Ορθόδοξη Πίστη
he is wearing mr.bean's costume
Bruce. Don’t touch me Him: or else what? Bruce: or I’ll touch you back LAW AND ORDER
mudita bajpai
Cool fighters
Joe Smith
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james wilcox
Im sure the blonde dude is related to chris jericho gotta be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kurt Barlow
Terrible form on those lat pull downs!!!
Trippy Dalton
Did you guys know that the bruce lee is the flash from justice league
Naveed Ladha
Who the heck uploaded this
WarParty! At the Outpost
This is why I workout at home.
Ivan Ivan
Jason Jones
Are you coming, i have to finish workout - might as well finish on you
What is up with the one guy's hair? They're supposed to be in college but dude has a toupee? He looks like Trump's younger brother lol
Andrew Canese
Don’t touch me or I’ll touch you back... ...homos.
Emma Fabersani
a una persona que es mejor que bruce lee y esa persona es it-man su maestro
amylou and maci too pet and vlog channel
Idk what other 5year old other then me watch this movie over n over wanting to be him I was him I am him I'm small I'm different people awlays wanted to mess with me and he made me proud to be different and not affried to stick up to assess love this
Chris Mage
Dont Touch me *Or Ill touch you back*
Prakash v k e Sport Club
Sara Martinez
Does Anyone Know Bruce Lee From DRAGONBALL
That one Spy main
Ip man is his teacher
Wisdomseeker06 arongaw
Lol their conversation isnt gay at all lmao
Willie Hughes
Love that line I still have to finish my workout guess I'll finish on you
dapper man
Or ill touch you back
Charles Anderson
don't touch me or I 'll touch you back 😎
juiceboxLOL _
Or I’ll touch you back
Peter J. Parker
Bruce Lee: "Don't touch me." Him: "Or what?" Bruce Lee: "Or I'll touch you." Found that kinda gay but idunno.
Fahad Naushad
see thats where you become too white 😂
Kimaree Knight
That sounded very sus bruce
Is it just me or is there a lot of sexual tension there?~
His not brus lee
Super film
Antonio Ridah
Bruce Lee was one special person touch many souls of all races taught anyone who want to learn how to Express themselves freely Rip Dragon
1:37 Daniel San? He existed at that time?
The Martial legend from East to West...and it’s the dragon 🐉 in life, it doesn’t have to define you, it’s what you do. Can one go out and face that dragon (Enter the 🐉) and slay it? So was Bruce...
Dimitri Mavromatis
Thank God they don't do pull down behind there back anymore