The Animals Save the Planet - Leopards Hate Litter

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"Don't you just hate it when someone else's rubbish ruins your lunch break." Help the animals save their planet and ours, use recycle bins! /> NEW - Become a fan of Animal Planet on Facebook!

Care for Chikmagalur
Hello! Can I use this video to share it on a facebbok page to bring awareness of how littering impacts natural habitants of the forests in Chikmagalur (India). There has been a surge in tourists in my native and they are littering and harming the bio diversity hotspots. Please reply soon. Facebook page: Care for Chikmagalur
lol cool anyone else here?
Babu Prajapati
and they are because of us - humans :S
Ronnie Perrie
propaganda bullshit
That well destory leopards!!!!!
person:oh don't you just hate when someone else's rubbish ruins ur lunch break leopard:*sticks middle finger up*
Patricija Brvar
Throw bins in nature, save Gazela!
Go to my animal page! PLEASE !
funny and so ture who dosent hate litter?
Runch Randa
poor little guy :( stupid people :(
@SmoneUdntKno that too.
Dan Iacob
@thomastransformer Especially the humans.
Manikandan Mani
Save the nacture
Reliable Wizard
animal planet?
HAIKU I hatch! Crawl! And swim! Oh how I love my sweet life, Don't litter my home. —A Green Sea Turtle
rwanda Casbur
thumbs up if you think people should recycle!!!
These are so cute and a great way to encourage recycling!
@Britfiftyfive Nah don't litter for animals, fuck them. Do it for humanity, cause sooner or later you'll end up in shit you threw away, and it already is in many places.
People say its the planet that needs saving. I say its not the planet that needs saving, its the animals. The planet is fine. the animals are screwed.
Good one. To find green products go to, "for a green living (dot) com".
Chris Hack
Me too xD
Carrey Freed
funny walking...thing, i think its a giselle?
@Britfiftyfive i bought a box of band aids, and dumped it in a forest, will that help? jks jks jsk.
Brian Smith
@7b Me too.
i can't help but think: wouldn't the leopard be looking out for ANYTHING that would blow it's cover? don't litter, just don't do it for this bs reason
Sunem Arreola
@Britfiftyfive amen
and knowing is half the battle
cute! yes, I do hate when someone else's rubbish ruins my lunch, well if that was true. =^-^=
The gazelle says thank you for littering.
Cyan Wolf
Global Warming is a lie they even admited it
Айгуль Вязовикова
i will show this to my pupils
Nick Ortiz
0.03% is alot of CO2, please, everyone, recycle
Uederson Ferreira Ramos de Oliveira
Hehehe... Very fun! As a thriller.. haushauhsa Muito criativo! parabens... congratulation!
katerina rose
gazelle is so cute ! :3
Leo Rhys Peters
i love the gazelle
Boogster Su
PLZ Phoenix, EVERYBODY recycle!! No CO2 emissions, please!! Our world has, like, 0.03% of CO2 in the atmosphere, and that may be growing :(
My dad, whenever he came to my soccer games, would always walk about picking up litter from around the field. I really don't like litter... Another cute video!
save the planet spay and neuter the humans they breed toomuch
George Georgiades
1)copy&paste 2)post on 2 diff vids 3)Hold your breath 4)look at your hands
It's a gazelle....but nvm
Elmark Garcia Batarina
Márk Németh
poor leopard. {ß÷\|@!+ litter... maybe next time it will catch the gazelle... recycle!
very funny and reflects the truth!
I first read this title as "Leopards Hate Hitler"... which would be a pretty cool video as well, I suppose.
Leopard hate liter but gazelle loves it...
Dayo Hernández
lucky for the gerenuk, but poor leopard. :( i hate trash!!
Poor little leopard!! couldn't sink his teeth into the juicy little gazelle!! :-P
lol gutted
hah ;o so fuc.king true ;o