Bruce Lee: A life. By Mathew Polly

Bruce Lee: Icon, innovator, pioneer, legend.  I discovered martial arts the year Bruce Lee died. His spirit and persona inspired me to go after my dreams. And in many ways, he had the most impactful influence on my journey even though I never had the honor of meeting him in person.  I have an extensive Lee collection and have read ever biography printed so I was thrilled to see this new book released and written by an experienced author and researcher.  I contacted Mr. Polly and he agreed to this interview. I met Mathew Polly for the first time during my interview with him.  We connected immediately as we were both Bruce fans from way back. What Mathew didn't know was that I actually knew Brandon Lee for many years. We were friends, trained together, I did a film with him in Hong Kong and more. As a result, this conversation went deeper and was more personal than a stereotypical 'book launch' interview.    "Forty-five years after his sudden death at age thirty-two, bestselling author Matthew Polly has written the first authoritative biography of Bruce Lee’s life. This is an honest, revealing look at an impressive man whose personal story was even more entertaining than any fictional role he played onscreen." Learn more about Mathew here: 

Bald Berlitzboy
Nothing new in this "Book" that hasn't been repeated 1,000 times before, except for the Albert Goldman style BS about Jewish background, heatstroke, etc. Basically this guy scoured the internet, went through books already done about Bruce and rewrote it to make it sound new. I'm sure Linda, Shannon and the Bruce Lee Estate aren't too impressed as well. Into the dollar bin with this one.
vucklin badafok
1)You were NOT the first american to train at the shaolin temple, Mr Jeffery Kelly was. You say you stand corrected if that is true but you have already made your false claim to millions of people through your interviews, your book and on your website. Why don't you call him yourself? I think the reason is obvious. 2)The Shaolin Temple itself has released a formal statement saying you were never a disciple there and infact you allowed yourself to be conned by the many commercial fake Kung Fu schools in the surrounding area that are falsely claiming to have a connection to the temple. That's probably an explanation for point 3 below. 3)You say that after The Shaolin monks received a challenge from some other martial artists, even though you had only been training at the temple a few months that they allowed YOU to fight in the challenge match representing The Shaolin Temple!!! And you won. Jesus who was the challenger? Peewee Herman? You have articulate answers for all of these things but the bottom line is this:THE WAY THAT YOU PRESENT INFORMATION IS DIFFERENT FROM HOW THINGS REALLY ARE and OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE NOT THE THOROUGH RESEARCHER YOU CLAIM TO BE.
eric kaufmann
just to let you know Mathew polly,david  carradine  quit the kung fu series,thats  why it  went of the air,it was  not what you claimed in your trashy book,get your stories straight,it seems like your   trying your damnest  to be another  albert  goldman,you should write for the enquierer,thats where you belong.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was an awesome interview, Tony! I also believe Bruce deserves a much better portrayal of his life story than what we've gotten from Hollywood. I've always wondered what made Bruce project so much confidence at such a young age.
Enjoyed the interview, Mr. Blauer, particularly your recollections of Brandon Lee. As fans, of course, people like myself never had the opportunity to get to know Brandon much either as an entertainer or a real person. I did enjoy Mr. Polly's book, the other Bruce Lee bios by comparison seem like 8 by 10 black & white publicity shots, while Polly's book seems more like many candid snapshots from across a generation (not just Bruce's lifetime), & from various perspectives. I did want to ask about a rumored letter from Chuck Norris to Bruce Lee in which Chuck reputedly starts out by saying something to the effect of "I never said I was better than you". Do you know if such a letter really exists or is it just a fanboy fantasy? I recall 1st hearing of it from magazine editor John Steven Soet in the early (if memory serves correctly) 90s, now someone has said Mr. Polly had access to the letter.
Travis Kraft
Thanks for the interview.
Yawn, the interview finally starts 20 minutes into the broadcast. The book is adequate and has a few tidbits here and there. It was a good effort.
Kevin Thongkham
Great interview!
Norman Berry
I have the review copy of this book, and i couldn't put it down. It took me three months to get through it because i took notes, highlighted stuff and broke it down more. This book did what previous so called biographies did not do; it "humanized" bruce rather than mythologized him. Great work.
Kevin Thongkham
His mom said he started wingchun at 13.... how’d you get 16? I think I’ll have to order his book.
Charles Cobb
I. read. your. book. on. Bruce. I. enjoyed. it. good. fights. in. it.