Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun | Sai Tamhankar | Episode 7

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Marathi Casting Couch! Yes, a undercover marathi web series with celebs... Check out our seventh episode feat. Sai Tamhankar. Amey Wagh, Nipun Dharmadhikari Writer/Director - Sarang Sathaye Producer: Paula McGlynn, Anusha Nandakumar, Ashish Mehta Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Aniket Gaikwad Editor: Kunal Tiwari Sound Recordist: Mayank Asthana Music: Saket Kanetkar Assistant Director: Henny Gurnasighani Production Manager: Yashwant Spot: Jyoti Shirts for Amey & Nipun: Queen Of Hearts by Deepa Mehta Location: Sitara Studio Digital Partners: Vizual Junkies Follow us on : /> />

तू कपडे का घातलेस😂😂😂 येड्या गांडीचा अमेय😂😂
Snehal Wagh
I bet this is going Viral.. ;-)
Death by FEAR
feels really good to see a Marathi YouTube channel.. nice and unique concept.. good to see all the dignitaries of the Marathi film industry in your videos.. after all those english & hindi youtube channels finally we have a marathi channel who will soon have million subscribers.. and will reign youtube. chaan aahe vichaarsarni tumchi. Marathi paaul padhte pudhe.. god bless you all.
Soham Rikame
Ti gori mulgi Nipunchi bahin aahe kaa??
Mitesh Mhapankar
Alka Kubal cha wegla hotness ahe😂😂😂
vishal patil
वड्याची गाडी टाकतो मी हाहाहाहाहा .... :)
Siddhesh Bobhate
ameya has ritesh deshmukh smile
Prasad Sadaye
आधीचे एपिसोड्स चांगले होते, पण आता खूप क्रूत्रिमपणा जाणवत आहे!
Amit Parab
8:35 heartiest Congress 😂😂😂
Lauukik Mhatre
im still laughing at 2:27 " Nipun said about Alka kubal lolz......... many jokes were amazing...................................both are amazing. waiting for next episode
Digambar Killedar
Level sodun kelela interview ahet hya series made.. marathi madla AIB vatayla laglaya he.. slowly you are loosing on good content and moving from tvf to AIB kind off comedy.
Parag Kulkarni
Sai hates who consider women as commodity. Khup sahan kele tine doghana
netra bhole
please invite genelia deshmukh ... it vl be fun to see two super cute ppl together - amey & genelia
Ashish Rankhambe
Sai tu khup sundar aahes pan? Tu marathi film madhe bold seen madhe khup chhan distes I really like ur performance yaar please don't mind it's all boy's like u on that taip roll and u are mind-blowing but my wife is wonderful and beautiful
Prasad Landge
tya Amey la kapde dya changle ghalayla.
Nikhilesh Kshirsagar
Mula mutha naditun bikini ghatleli mulgi yete ani Shaniwar pethechya dishene chalat jate...most dope line...keep up the good work guys
hahahahahahahaha..... Sai bhari Padali re tumha doghana....
pranav Keskar
+Bharatiya Digital Party ravas! tappa! patra! Dassa episode..the broth was cooked just perfect! Laugh a second riot!
Bunty Sonawane
The punch on 'Love u Sonia' was hilariously funny. I did not expect Sai to be a little awkward talking about her intimate & bikini scenes on-screen (if she does them openly on-screen)
Swapnil Bane
Mastach...waa! Amey, Nipun & Sai well done... love sonia :D ani ase barach kahi hote aajchya episode mitrano
Rahul Nalawade
Amay champu ka banlela aaj
all your videos are just so clever man😂😂😂 Love you guys ❤️
Shobhit Kukreti
From Uttarakhand but I have been binge watching it with the help of subtitles 😂😂. Mast aahe
Sachin Satav
Guys, this is really interesting. Don't you think you guys should try your hands at Marathi Web series?? You could be the next big thing like TVF in Marathi...Go on...!!! :)
You guys are doing such a great job. Quite on par with the likes of Between two ferns. The only Marathi thing I watch, that too religiously!
अमेय लव्ह सोनिया चा ट्रेलर आलाय बघ.....त्यात "Basic instinct" वाल्या "Demi moore" आहेत बघ...😘 @sai.. trailer is very intriguing..
Akash kadam
sasar chi bikini 😂😂😂......mad totally mad Guysssss and Alka kubal ani Hot...! kahi kay very funny episode yarr😂😂
mandar Patil
luv the alka kubal wala sentence... 1 number mitrano
Gandhar Bhalerao
It's like Marathi version of 'Between two ferns'
Sanket Sanket
love sonia....manmohannnnn!!!! bc lai khassss....heartiest congresss
Siddharth Shelar
best part was "mula mutha naditun mulgi yete bikini ver" .... it was best joke I hv heard :D :)
Gaurav Pangarkar
who told? go😂😂
Prakash Sharma
hahaha ... marathi film industry has come of cleavage..!!.. mast
Mangesh Sangale
amey seems like a cheap pervert. I know he is acting but guys he looks like a desperate man.
Vikas Sharma
Nice episodes guys.... being non Maharashtrian, have became fan of yours... great competition for TVF... (y)
Pratiksha Palkar
This was seriously awesome Guys!! After this one , its unfair not to subscribe. Nice work @Sarang and team. Amey- the orange Shirt with icecream was even funnier. But Amey I love your work. Me Berlin madhe asun tu mala Punechi athvan karun deto. I miss Pune each time after I see your episodes. My German friends learnt *Bocha*..hahahahahha.
Garaj nahi publicity chi. Ek no show honar mitrano
Mayur Dhondsekar
"Tu kapde ka ghatle" was hilarious, Arre kai maanus aahe ha xD
mugdha rangnath
Parna pethe pls
Akash Patil
views vadhale ki porani couch pan badalla
Sonam Patil
toilet la chalali ka ???,...😀😀😀😀😀😉😉😉
Amit Parab
6:10 karun takayacha 😂😂
Dr Sudhir Dole Ozone
heartiess congresssss.....some jokes i just rofl!!!😭😭😭
pratap kumbhar
Vadyachi gadi takto...Haaa...haaa
Ganesh Karewad
guys doing great, just go on
ARK Music
Kay hot ha? Faltupana 😕
Pratik Varma
Amazing Job guys! Marathi actors are so talented, glad to see them in flow on youtube.
Sharman Joshi
saw this episode ..but still strugller sala episodes are hard feelings.. 😅
Gtox Gaming
Paula Maal Ahe.
James Bond
yachyat joke kuthe aahe?
Abhi Gamare
Casting Couch Gheun yaa Parat .... Plzz
advait shukla
Big Big fan of your group... You have taken Marathi shows to a different level... Do not care about the critics and keep up the good work...
Priyanka Tandlekar
verry bad
Limbo The _dark
heartiest congress😂
Sachin Chaudhari
Once again its very hilarious, Nipun, ameya, interesting and very different and comedy act. But Unfortunately Sai Tamhankar appear very crap or childish, when she speaks English she sounds like country girl (gavandhal).Actually She is far away to be said as glamorous or sexy, even in movies she might have tried to copy Hindi movie actress to look so called glamorous or sexy, but she doesn't seems to fit in it, rather she appear messed up or in marathi we say "ongal". So if she stick to originality would be good for her.
Kunal kedare
OK, tumi movie krtay ,pn ,YouTube channel ksha la ... ,???????
Rahul Dandwate
wtf guys its tooo much boring
Amit Parab
2:24 alka kubal 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌
Kiran Raut
मी 9:00 मिनिट नंतर खुपच हसत होतो.
aaurveda researcher
Nipun 100% forenerchi aulad aahe
dhananjay kamekar
Amey tu ekankika kartana khuo bhari vatauchas! Aani ata he ka kartos?
Babbar Sher
हा एपिसोड खूपच आवडला. सई, निपुण, अमेय ने धमाल आलो. असेच छान छान एपिसोड बनवत रहा आणि तुम्हालाही खूप यश मिळूदेत. kudos
Susheel Sonar
धिंगाणा आहेत तुम्ही, वाघोबांचे एक्सप्रेशन्स संग्रहणीय. :D
Pranjal Wagh
अरे त्या सईला सोडा Paulaला घ्या...तुमच्या फिल्म मध्ये पब्लिक येडे होतील
Utkarsha Kotwal
Vadya chi gadi nahi vedya chi gadi
Chaitanya Dhande
First of all Casting Couch is my one of the most favorite web-series! After last episode (Chhilegi na kyun nahi chhilegi :D ), expectations were really really high. I loved all the episodes, except this one. I really love these two boys, their acting is amazing. Superb. I feel, with Sai this episode could have done a really really great job but It went very flat, very limited punches, Sai did not open up till the end, etc. Asa watla Script writer damlay :P :D Basic Instinct was the only peak point I felt. Nevertheless I am eagerly waiting for the next episode, asa hagu naka re mitranno, Laiiii expectations astat rao tumchyakadun! + My family is a big fan of this "Stoned Big Eyed Guy" :D
Paula = tappa dassa rawas patra... कधी होणार तू *Paula* माझ्या लेकराची आई...
Fookat TV
9:35 <<< evdhyasathi purna episode banavun takla....
Amol Sawant
Chutya show aahe Nipun too much over acting
Abhijeet Patil
12:46.......amey......owsm expression
vaibhav tambade
This was amazing!!!! These guys are so freaking talented
Sandeep Kamble
talented actors but faaltu script
Nishant More
Episode ekdum dassa, patra, tappa ahe ha!!!
Harshal Argade
chaddi baniyan dili ka tuji ....sai la.......keep it up.......amya....amya...amya...amya....
Ankita Musale
Yogesh Prabhu
ek no... bhadipa.... hahahahahahah
shrikant maknikar
time pass katta
Amey Bhai Nipun Bhai kharach khup majjaa yete tumchaa show paahoon aanii ho keep eat up
Shirish Bidarkar
Sorry pan barach boare zala ................fakta Sai aahe means bikini + Kiss baddal bolna kahi jamun nahi aala. .... ya peksha aadhiiche episodes changle hote.......& Nipun bolala te correct aahe... actress ne sodun jane he khup jast common zalay.... I wish he bhangar category madhye jayla nako
Nitin Kamble
Great work both of you Amey n Nipun...Loved the way Sai handled all this...I have been a great Fan of this Casting Couch Series...I laughed like a Kid on your One Liners and Rib tickling punches..Can't wait for next webisode..
Priti J
Muskadat Haan Tyachya....
Vipin Rane Vlogs
4:37 😁😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jadya radya
mildly homophobic. reinforcing stereotypes? "Kiss kar." "Bandi aahe aplyakade" Really?
don cube
Aaayla. ....kaay chutiyagiri ey ...amya baaykola vichartoy ka Rey tee kaapdey ka ghaltey tey ...🤗
Dr Sudhir Dole Ozone
awessssoommm guysm.....all actors,director,producer n each n everyone....too good...u changed the track of marathi cinema n drama existence. wowwwww....i enjoyed it so much and i saw all episodes in one go becuz today only i first tym came to know!! .......amey i m ur fan already and now i m of all others too.cheers guys...all the best mr.sathe. 😃😃
sandip bhagwat
Great work 👌👍👍but dole ka lal 3 ghanche 😉😉😉😉🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Aniruddha Joshi
hahahaha.. best n cutest episode so far... loved the script n reactions of all on each punch.. the only thing disliked, Amayz shirt! keep going guys.. best wishes.
Gajanan Gopatwad
kadakk bhau
Tanaya Paithankar
chandalin sarkhi haste sai
Abhijeet Phadtare
You guys are awsome. The way, in which this episode scripted and ofcourse excuted, shows elevated standards in marathi industry. Nice to see BHADIPA amongst the first one's to introduce such kind of matured contents through the web series. Really we pepole need to take every aspects ,including so called adultery contents, the way they are without exploiting them too much. It has been my best episode in all the series. All the best.👍
Vijay Marathe
love u sai...u r just awsome g....amey n nipun salute he boss...vedi lokk aahat yaar...hasun hasun thakloy....asch chalu of luck....
Suchita More
awesome guys u .....keep it up ....scripts and all casting cauch ...awesome...
farach tukar episode....
Manu Patekar
Khup bhankas kartat ha doghe 😠😖
Akshay Gandhe
Purushottam Karandak, Vada Pav were TOD of 16.46 :D, Bharich, ani amey, nipun you both are TOD yaar, great work, congo Sathaye & Team :D :)
Seriously ...this was funny??? aaj kal cha comedy mhanje nirlajjapana ani apamaan. Im not sai's fan... but cmon. I think ull have crossed all limits. maryadet rahun comedy houch shakat nahi ka????
ajinkya swami
Amey....😂😂😂😂 ...vada paav gadi.....😂...that was nice
Prathmesh Palshetkar
Attapryanta chyaa tumchya guest list madhli sarwaat free, open minded guest SAI TAMHANKAR <3 LOVED IT !! MASTA JHALA AAJCHA EPISODE :P FUN TO WATCH!!!
Aditya Shirkar
hya veles khup majja aliii raoo!!!! pot hasun hasun dukhyala lagla!!!!!!!!!!