Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun | Sai Tamhankar | Episode 7

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Marathi Casting Couch! Yes, a undercover marathi web series with celebs... Check out our seventh episode feat. Sai Tamhankar. Amey Wagh, Nipun Dharmadhikari Writer/Director - Sarang Sathaye Producer: Paula McGlynn, Anusha Nandakumar, Ashish Mehta Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Aniket Gaikwad Editor: Kunal Tiwari Sound Recordist: Mayank Asthana Music: Saket Kanetkar Assistant Director: Henny Gurnasighani Production Manager: Yashwant Spot: Jyoti Shirts for Amey & Nipun: Queen Of Hearts by Deepa Mehta Location: Sitara Studio Digital Partners: Vizual Junkies Follow us on : /> />

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feels really good to see a Marathi YouTube channel.. nice and unique concept.. good to see all the dignitaries of the Marathi film industry in your videos.. after all those english & hindi youtube channels finally we have a marathi channel who will soon have million subscribers.. and will reign youtube. chaan aahe vichaarsarni tumchi. Marathi paaul padhte pudhe.. god bless you all.
Mitesh Mhapankar
Alka Kubal cha wegla hotness ahe😂😂😂
Soham Rikame
Ti gori mulgi Nipunchi bahin aahe kaa??
Gaurav Pangarkar
who told? go😂😂
James Bond
yachyat joke kuthe aahe?
You guys are doing such a great job. Quite on par with the likes of Between two ferns. The only Marathi thing I watch, that too religiously!
all your videos are just so clever man😂😂😂 Love you guys ❤️
Canis Majoris
the best episode was with shriya pilgaonkar. Dumbfuck like her is perfect guest for this type of troll show.
mandar Patil
luv the alka kubal wala sentence... 1 number mitrano
Pratiksha Palkar
This was seriously awesome Guys!! After this one , its unfair not to subscribe. Nice work @Sarang and team. Amey- the orange Shirt with icecream was even funnier. But Amey I love your work. Me Berlin madhe asun tu mala Punechi athvan karun deto. I miss Pune each time after I see your episodes. My German friends learnt *Bocha*..hahahahahha.
Sanket Sanket
love sonia....manmohannnnn!!!! bc lai khassss....heartiest congresss
Sachin Chaudhari
Once again its very hilarious, Nipun, ameya, interesting and very different and comedy act. But Unfortunately Sai Tamhankar appear very crap or childish, when she speaks English she sounds like country girl (gavandhal).Actually She is far away to be said as glamorous or sexy, even in movies she might have tried to copy Hindi movie actress to look so called glamorous or sexy, but she doesn't seems to fit in it, rather she appear messed up or in marathi we say "ongal". So if she stick to originality would be good for her.
Sachin Satav
Guys, this is really interesting. Don't you think you guys should try your hands at Marathi Web series?? You could be the next big thing like TVF in Marathi...Go on...!!! :)
Sudhir Dole
heartiess congresssss.....some jokes i just rofl!!!😭😭😭
Prasad Sadaye
आधीचे एपिसोड्स चांगले होते, पण आता खूप क्रूत्रिमपणा जाणवत आहे!
Garaj nahi publicity chi. Ek no show honar mitrano
Msquare Gaming
Paula Maal Ahe.
Akash kadam
sasar chi bikini 😂😂😂......mad totally mad Guysssss and Alka kubal ani Hot...! kahi kay very funny episode yarr😂😂
Vikas Sharma
Nice episodes guys.... being non Maharashtrian, have became fan of yours... great competition for TVF... (y)
Samil Somkuwar
Between two fuck (ferns) I never knew Marathi YouTube had this potential.
Pratik Varma
Amazing Job guys! Marathi actors are so talented, glad to see them in flow on youtube.
Ganesh Karewad
guys doing great, just go on
Prakash Sharma
hahaha ... marathi film industry has come of cleavage..!!.. mast
Dhanu M
amey u r amazing as usual : )
ARK Music
Kay hot ha? Faltupana 😕
advait shukla
Big Big fan of your group... You have taken Marathi shows to a different level... Do not care about the critics and keep up the good work...
Limbo The _dark
heartiest congress😂
shantanu ingle
You guys really need to work on content, it's too much vague. Since it's scripted work on punch lines. Sai got offended? you guys reacting like shit. Marathi language is vibrant and not puneri. Please make it more humorous, it's on Youtube and not Zee Marathi. Please work on your script we expect much from you folks.
Rahul Dandwate
wtf guys its tooo much boring
netra bhole
please invite genelia deshmukh ... it vl be fun to see two super cute ppl together - amey & genelia
Mayuresh Mandge
they should die after doing this,pakkav
Abhi Gamare
Casting Couch Gheun yaa Parat .... Plzz
Krushnaal Pai
top notch writing.. many have tried 'between 2 ferns' format but this kind of writing gives it the edge.. brilliant
chinmayee tongaonkar
The way they are talking to people it's disgusting
amol jadhav
It's so good to see you guys interacting with celebrity's u invite a different fresh show nice concept.... keep up the good work
Avinash Nagdive
You guys are awesome... N I love sai...😘😘😘😁😁😁
Swaroop Chirke
Aga aga aga... Kay ahet he pora???
Gaurav Jadhav
Te sagle pictures apan lahan panich baghun takleyt (striptease)😱😂😂
Saurabh Awale
Bring Back Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun!
sumit karnik
First time saw a marathi show which of the league or Jimmy Faloon, Jay Leno, SNL... Absolute top class show guys.... thanks for making it 😃
sanket rane
mastach.. you guys definitely came up with fantastic concept. too late for me to know. anyway, keep up re...
This is out of the world , saw Sai's casting couch and spent the weekend watching all of the casting couch series and bapachi series . #BhaDiPa🤘🏼
Viranchi Deshpande
काय वात्रटपणा आहे!!! टुकार!!!
Chetan Yeole
hilariousssss... i can watch these over again and again...
àD theroyalty
Sasar chi Bikini Haan Shanivar pethmadhe bikini😂😂😙
àD theroyalty
😂😂😂😂kdkk bhavanno
Life is Great
One of the best marathi comedy of all time. I loved Sai and her reactions.
Piyush Shende
lai bharri
Abhishek Krishnkant
really awesome this is better than aib and viral fever .actually i mean only the casting couch .
sayed israr
My laptop fell down along with myself...on this 0:26 .
me deto Na pappya tula 10 that was epic😂😂😂😂.....well done guys.
Gaurav Jadhav
Kunal Mahadeokar
are you compliant box?
Kunal Mahadeokar
I just love her adore her ask them how many elder woman they slept
Kunal Mahadeokar
she is bearing them
Kunal Mahadeokar
im sure she feels like slapping
Anant Suryaji
faltu ...5.51 bandh
Who's that girl @ 2:38
satyajeet patil
Lai bore karta aahe hai..!! Bhenchot nit karna na aaiche bahman saale mc..!!!
Gavali Snehal
what nonsense .
Pratik cool
zabardast khup enjoy kela
Gandhi Shwets
wat nonsense 🙄
Jogiya Yagijo
If this is the fact....... it's JUST DISGUSTING......... JUST DISGUSTING!!!!!!
Satvika Deshpande
"amey film nako karayla apan! purushottam karandak kru!" Love u nipun dada!! "who told?go!" Love u amey dada!! I'm a big fan!♥
Jay Dusane
Paula u looking soo gorgeous and guys u doing very good really it was awesome
Sandeep Kamble
talented actors but faaltu script
Nikhil Kulkarni
"purushottam karu, july alay na" best hota
Pravin Rane
mootali kai 😄😄😄😄😄😄
Awesome guys ,,, born in mumbai , non maharashtrian now live in london ,, your comic timing is top class
Yashvant Singh Ginnare
I dont know marathi.but I like this show. AND you two guys are awesome!!
Would've been better without the homophobia.
Capt.Kshiteej S
Marathi cinema has come of clev'age' 😆 pun intended! Lol
Alka Kubal cha wegla hotness ahe!!!... HARALO Aikun!! Ek number!! :D
kshitij palsole
u guys r awsomeeeee
this guys (Gays) are Crazy...
Magadh Taxashil
Awesome something different yar mastach Casting Counch ,who thought of this magnificent idea to make this show ,really amazing.
between two ferns marathi version
nikhil patil
you guys are really amazing ! love u!
Nilesh Pol
3:03 tula mi sangat hoto make wagere.....hahaha.....
Nilesh Pol
0:25 tu kapde ka ghatles?? He navta expect kela rao.... i was like... WHAT???
Rohan Mutha
You guys nailed it man Mula Mutha naditun shanivar peth Awesome
Sangram Kakade
Totally Scripted
Rakesh Mourya
I just like your episodes & unique idea of show.... Keep it up.
Atul Mahalim
Alka Kubal?🤣🤣🤣
Jidnyasa Computer
kupach chan,all the best friends.
everything is scripted....everything...
deepak singh kandari
english speaking indian artists.
Arun R
i just kinda hope that this image of both you guys is just for the show, and in reality your guys are more progressive, if that is the case then khup bhari aahe show! .
Kartik Vashi
Basic instinct 😂🤣😂🤣🤣
making good sense gys keep it upp 😘
Ankita u gys keep goin 😂😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
xosunny s
kahi pan faltugiri ahe ... chutyagiri...
Hector Trejo
Why am i here How do i go from pranks to this We will never know, Wtf is this tho
Sasarchi bikini lmao
raj parab
this is best episode
Darshan Sreenivasamurthy
8:13 :D
Deepak Nagargoje
awsme work guys
Spiritual Scientist
Aniket bhavsar
kadak episode !!!
mast aahe show