20 Toys From The 80s No Kid Would Want To Receive Today

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20 presents for children no parent should buy. Subscribe: />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We all remember the toys that we used to play with when we were kids. But if you were born in the 80s, you might not want to give one of these toys to your children as a gift for their birthday. That’s because many of these dolls, games, video games, stuffed animals, and gadgets should be left in the past. This is why, whether you feel nostalgic or want to see what toys were like in the past, you’ll like to watch 20 Toys From the 80s No Kid Would Want to Receive Today. Stay tuned if you want to hear about the worst toys from the 80s including creepy stuffed animals that can talk, technologies that are useless nowadays, dolls that should have never been so popular, video games that would be boring in the 21st century, and more. If you could receive any of the toys on this list, which one would you like to have? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Noah Hood
Etch a Sketch is still great wtff
Meebles Sporella
hotel hideaway weirdos
The viewmaster was already over 40 years old in 1980.
Kitty Mittens
This lady talks about this stuff as if she experienced it.. like she’s not like 20 years old
I AM a child of the 80’s, born ‘74. All these toys were AWESOME. I had most of them. Besides Speak and Spell, there was Speak and Math and Speak and Read.....had them all. My fav was 2-XL, he had a sense of humor even, look it up. Had the Pogoball, Garbage Pail kids and so many others and they ALL rocked. The tween narrating this video can go screw herself. We had fun and lives outside......literally outside, where trees and dirt reside. I feel sorry for this generation, they will never know the thrill of climbing a really tall tree faster than their friends, or playing in the mud for the fun of it. Or riding your bike outside your friends house in the early morning until their mom said they could come play because they (finally) finished their chores.
Dave B
I saw a mom and two kids 4 and 6 all glued to their phones at a restaurant. When the food came one hand had a fork the other a phone. Not one word was spoken the whole time. That to me is hindering social development and not learning patience. Children don't need cell phones or smart phones. you are going to spend $60 a month plus apps plus the family plan so over 125$ plus a few hundred dollars on the phone so they can break it and scream until they want a new one? None of the kids in my family are allowed to have phones until they can demonstrate they can pay the bill. If they are board they can do their home work or play outside. If they are lonely they can make real friends instead of becoming socially awkward from using facebook over friends. I'm glad we didn't have smart phones when I was a kid.
EquestrianGirl Y
*How many times* does this narrator have to repeat "Iphones and Ipads" ?? She sounds like a shill for Apple products. Why does she talk about "our toys" when she sounds 15? She probably doesn't even remember the 00's. And what a *totally random and arbitrary list* of toys. Some of these were popular others were huge flops back then too! Nobody ever bought a power glove, it had a very short stint and was obscure within a year. At least to my knowledge.
Tim Begg
At least kids back then were encouraged to use their imaginations, instead of having everything handed to them on a plate.
Comparing light bright to T.V is illogical as T.V is just zoning out entertainment while light bright, as you stated, allows one to be creative and use their own imagination and artistic talent. Far more healthy.
Connie Elliott
Don't forget about the Tonka toys, they're the best around i have the Tonka ambulance which is my favorite and i also had the Tonka space shuttle which was my favorite too! Like if you had a Tonka toy when you were a kid 🚒🚑🚓👍
Ok you’re kidding right? The NES and SNES is a huge part of the console history that many still buy be it for nostalgia or as a collectors item. After all the Nintendo Entertainment system and R.O.B saved the gaming industry in the USA. They’re literally making and selling min versions in stores as a homage to them. Ive never even played one and I know their importance. Besides if you wanna talk about mobil gaming, I present to you the switch, the psp, ps vita, gaming laptops, the ds, dsi, 3ds, 3ds xl ,2ds, 2ds xl, gamboy, the pokéwalker, gameboy color, gameboy advanced sp, and the game and watch family just to name a few that I can remember off the top of my head. My point is that while the phone is pretty revolutionary it’s not the only thing to exist for mobil entertainment.
Tango Mango
I was born in 2007 and I still have my moms old view master 😂
Elijah Vasquez
What the heck some things were cool!!!!
Shane Burdick
this is dumb. if you don't give your 4 or 5 year old cell phones, they will love these toys. give them a phone and it destroys imagination. I loved creating games and missions and different scenarios with my toys. no one else understood what I was doing, but in my mind, I was in space, or at war, or I was a police officer keeping all my toys safe from bad guys!!!
Lauren T
I loved the pogo ball, I never ended up in hospital, it was never confiscated, and was actually a lot easier than it looked! Oh and remember when the ball went down? Your Dad didn't get you a new one, he would just pump it back up again!!!
Im still young and i can say i've played with an etch a sketch when i was a little girl. Now i aspire to be an artist in my spare time when im older. Im not even halfway through this video and i can tell this is just stupid. There will probably be quite a few edits on this comment as i go through the video lol. Edit: There are pogo balls in my school. Dangerous?!?! The kids who get "hurt" from them must be wimps or made of sugar or something, smh. I love trying to bounce from one end of the gym to the other in a race against my friends. Best piece of equipment in the school for entertainment. Edit: i also have a Wii, a Nintendo Ds (both not 80's things but not new either) and Oh My Goodness! I also love reading books! I dont think this is really an 80's thing either but i love collecting beanie boos. I dont buy them as often anymore but sometimes ill receive one on my birthday or christmas.
Spyrograph, Shrinky Dinks and Colorforms.
trucker V
The girl talking acts as if she was around for these toys. She was probably not even born yet and if she was she was too young to have most of these in sure
maggPi Prime
My youngest sister had a pogoball. I was SO jealous. She only let me try it ONCE. For 40 seconds. Part of my jealousy was that anyone who was adult size and weight was likely to pop the damn thing. At 16 or 17, I already outweighed the manufacturer's recommendation. That's okay. A couple years later, I was working a night job and found that she habitually left her Gameboy on the sofa. I would come home from work at midnight and play Tetris til the batteries ran low. Good thing she had rechargeable batteries. I'm pretty sure she never figured out why she had such a poor battery life on those things, cos I'd still be getting flak for it if she had.
If I can have any 1 toy it was the Blonde at 10:35
Nicholas Silverio
I would love a Nintendo Entertainment console!
Tolis Vascos
NOTHING compares to the original ViewMaster and its true 3D, no matter how many electronic virtual. augmented. stoned drunk etc realities you try. And it was way before the 80s.
haha, someone who grew up in the '00s telling us how the 80s were
Emiel333 Official
Nostalgia and a lot memorable items when I see this video. The 80s were great to grew up in. Remember when the NES launched and I've played it at a local store. A couple years later I got a Game Boy from my dad. Great!
Dogblue Gaming
Says you can’t take the Nintendo anywhere THEN WHY DO PEOPLE BUY X BOXES AND PS4S?
Johnny Fountains
the power glove isn't a toy
Jason Harshman
Shocked she didn't say nobody now would want a Madball but instead would want to throw their phone around. Also a dollar store ball with a drawn on face over Madballs? Madballs are back btw. Also isn't the Popples image shown in the video mostly the newer versions? Also Nintendo...really? Retro gaming is hugely popular now. Now the Pogo Ball was a lame toy. I had it, grew tired of it but you also again showed an image of the new Pogo Ball meaning kids are still getting them now
Brian Greg
So apparently almost every toy can be replaced by the cell phone aye?? Heres a idea DONT GIVE YOUR DAMN KIDS CELL PHONES ..none of my kids have cell phones/tablets/notes..they have toys lots of toys they play with ALL of them..oh and read..books real books..oh and are extremely smart,and well mannered..but naa keep jammin the phones in their hands to keep them occupied..its workin great for society so far.. not like their eating tide pods or nothin!!!
why are we listening to this woman who probably wasn’t even an 80s kids?
Johnny Fountains
simon is a game not a toy
Hannah B
Couldn't finish watching this. Their views are just of ungrateful, unimaginative kids. I think some of these things would still be great. Also, I had most of these and I'm NOT from the 80s, I'm 16! -.-
Akehap Kap
Z Kids are not allowed to play anymore. If a scratched knee is "dangerous" might as well keep them inside, packed in cotton so they never face any "danger". Oh come on. Even simple games are still fun. For once, thumb down. What a negative talk about common games that "no kid" would want today this is BS..
truthful Chic
How old is the person narrating this? She so doesn't sound old enough be reminiscing on some 80's toys! Half the reason she is bashing the toys is she had never played with them!
Peyton Webb
I'm 9 and i want most of the toys i think they are cool
Robd collector
Gobots were cool as a kid and cheaper to have than Transformers
BakedPotatoes 11
Etch a scetch is still poppin
foxy plush Productions
Mad balls
Wis Dom
7:31 She already looks narcissistic and self-centered.
Apple Jack
Lite brite
Where was Atari 2600?
Johnny Fountains
I prefer gpks to pokemon I don't collect pokemon but I love Magic cards
Fire Brand
Jesus Christ this video is hilarious, every 30 years old toy on its list is compared to a smartphone or a tablet. Remember that stupid action figure? Now we have smartphones! Remember that stupid doll? Now we have tablets! Remember that stupid board game? Now we have smartphones! Remember that stupid toy car? Now we have tablets! Remember that stupid dollhouse? Now we have smartphones! Remember that stupid gadget? Now we have tablets! Remember how stupid were kids 30 years ago when they couldn't play with smartphones and tablets? Nowadays kids CAN play with smartphones and tablets! Subscribe if you like!
Johnny Fountains
I'd like to have the mad balls again from the 2000s Along with touchdown terror. I prefer Go Lion, Transformers, Macross, DND and the 2011 Thundercats.
Johnny Fountains
I never had a play ten or roller skates. I had a skate board.
Big Bubba
It’s not like kids were staring at Viewmaster pictures for hours on end back then.
Carlos Chulito
I still love light bright
Hey I just got my 6 year old son a lite brite and he loved it
Johnny Fountains
why teddy ruxpin ? Teddy ruxpin sucks
Johnny Fountains
the etch sketch sucks
Johnny Fountains
the poggle ball is okay.
Johnny Fountains
Neo Geo pwns nintendo.
Noah Hood
Stu Bullivant
Nintendo hands down
Jose Hernandez
Teddy Ruxpin is Satanic!
Modert Lexann
I like this toy it is sad to see the old toy to be gone
ryan peñalosa
Seriously? Why the one speaking keep saying most can replace by cellphone this, cellphone that 😂😂 Iam a 90s kid.. And i see some of this toy is still good for kidz, Especially if your not teaching a kid to get addicted to a phone as early as possible..
angel wings
I was a kid of the 80's and I had a big wheels and record player and books can you believe we actually read paper books and I had the view finder and etch a sketch I had garbage pail kids cards plastic color bracelets i had a popples and a Nintendo we rode our bicycle without a helmet and knee and elbow pads and we survived I loved Alf I had tapes and I had a lite brite and i had a gizmo doll I had the best toys growing up kids today don't know what they missed out on kids today live in a social media dependant bubble and don't have a clue what life is really about
Happiest Place
Seriously, I am a child of the 80's and I had: View Master, Etch A Sketch, Garbage Pail Kids cards, ALF plush, Boglins (in fact Dwork as seen in your pic), Speak and Spell, Go-Bots (and of course Transformers), Super Nintendo, AND Pogo Ball. That's almost everything on your list. AND, as a former manager of the now defunct Toys R Us stores, I can tell you that almost ALL of these items are still available today on the retail market, and parents and kids are STILL buying them. The "retro" Super Nintendo that came out last year sold out in minutes the day they were released at my store and across the country. Kids are kids, and play time is play time no matter what decade it is. Toys will always have a place as long as there is imagination in the world and in the hearts of children.
Alisha Rodriguez
U forgot to add the two balls on strings that we used to break our wrists on as kids
Valerie S
Wish they made pogoballs now. Different sizes for different ages and weights. I would play on it. Pretty sure that my kids are not mindless phone zombies, so I think they would like it too.
Charles Hunter II
And kids now a days have no imagination, no get up and go, believe they're entitled to everything without working for it and are rude little bags of infected kid flesh. I can say this...I'm a teacher.
I enjoyed seeing all those old toys! Very nostalgic. The narration and logic in the video...not very good. The Transformers were always more popular than the GoBots. They had their own movie in 1986 and were part of Marvel Comics for a while. GoBots never had such success in the 80's. Dolls and action figures can always have their popularity revived with a movie. Case in point, the 2016 movie "Trolls".
Lifetime Hero
In the 80's, we had sticks, turned them into bow and arrow. Built tipis from our mothers blanket and everyone of us was Sitting Bull. 😂 When the weather was bad, we used to play with LEGO or Playmobil. Also with Matchbox or playing cards with our parents. Later on, there were StarWars and MastersOfTheUniverse. I got my first 📺 very late and bought my first VHS, when the first DVD player came out 😂. My parents bought me a Commodore 64 II, which just kept on collecting dust. Staying indoor was never really an option for us kids. Soccer, horse riding, getting dirty, BMX, Skateboarding, all that kind of stuff. Maybe at 18.30h a kids tv show, but that was all. But these days were different...a kid could walk home alone in the dark without...you know what I mean. Oh, I forgot about the wooden railway/train playsets 😂. And of course the "Kasperletheater". Cheers from Germany 🇩🇪.
amanda miller
me and my buds want this all its the best bright lights sound so cool my mom said they were
Yoced Decoy
Product But smart phones Product But smartphones Product But sm- Pause Pointless comment Leave
Speak and Spell allowed E.T. to get back home.  Back off!!
Ginger's gatchatube
And most of these are still in stores
Evan Lauer
I have another safer version of the pogo ball. But its IMPOSSIBLE to play with it.
Buckley Harty
im a modern kid i don't know why most kids don't like these ?
Total BS. My Grandchildren still play with and enjoy many of these.
80s girl here... never ever wanted a troll
Buckley Harty
WHAT LIGHTBRIGHT I LOVE LIGHTBRIGHT !!! ... ok what ... but i still love it :) .
Jamie Skaggs
As a child of the 70s I played with just about everything on this list and I’m still alive to talk about it. The Pogo Ball was AWESOME!!!
Star Keeper
Htenbuffaloowever????? Did anyone else see that? At the end of the popples section? Like wut? (Can't find a accurate confused emoji)
I would STILL use these toys. Not everyone is so into doing stuff online. I can play boggle online but prefer the real one I have at home.
Ivy Perez
I have the old Nintendo I play it with my dad
I had all these toys... my house was the hangout spot... 😏 Still have a few....
Lashell Maivia Lee
The best toys ever💗💗💗💗💗🐰
I’ll take that NES tho
chris hammond
I was born in 1985 and I would have the 80’s toys instead of the toys now most of the toys now are a crappy made
Speck Carteret
Tf is Nintendo doing on this list 🤔
Lps Twix Baby
The tent or the etch a sketch
Josie Smith
Okay Am I the only eleven year old who doesn't have a phone
I'm sorry but I recently was talking with my friends, we're teenagers, about the viewmasters we had as children. I loved trying to make houses and stuff with etch a sketches. I would have loved that cassette player toy as a kid. I still have a Lite Brite in my basement somewhere and I'm always finding the little coloured pieces still. Simon is still fun as hell. I always wanted a play tent as a kid but I never got to. I used the have those roller skates and those were the bomb. I still want an old Nintendo. The pogo ball was the greatest thing since sliced bread back in elementary school. And thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
Charish Hamilton
I loved light bright! Itbwas my favorite thing to play with. I had a poggle doll loved it also, Never had a Teddy Ruskpin I always wanted one. Nintendo loved it, my brother had one played it alot
Kristianna Stanley
I want a light brite
bud bundy
Amazing growing up with these toys back then taken over today by smartphones, smart applicances, smartcars, smart tv's but we still have really stupid people
Ken Henderson
yes everything is just a phone now...sad....pathetic
Mya Artis
I want Simon
Kristianna Stanley
I love Alf
Erik The red
This video is sponsored by Apple.
Isabelle Drennan
Stuff now is so much better... except todays kids crave what we had in the 80s and pay extreme amounts of money to get their hands on these items. I could have paid off my mortgage with the 80s toys that i left in the attic of my old house we moved out of when i was a kid. Easily £50,000+ worth of stuff that probably ended up in a skip. Everything from Transformers to Barbie stuff. Original star wars gear. Obscene amounts of lego and mechano, an original batman car that used to be my dads (ok, it was 60s but i was playing with it in the 80s) that i have seen the exact one, albeit in better condition go for £20,000+. Full sets of Collectors cards that we had that reach thousands of pounds for individual cards. Original rubix cubes, some still in unopened packaging because we all got one each but only opened about 3 of them. Original E.T. toys that are worth so much money. Even my original giant back to the future poster that was about 8ft tall. A metroplex transformer still boxed unopened, that i have seen go for something stupid like $25,000. I could easily be living mortgage free if when we moved we took the contents of the attic instead of my dad thinking it was a load of old shit, let the new owners get rid of it... yeah, shrewd thinking pop. Thanks a bunch! As a side note, my hubby bought an 80s teddy ruxpin and added a bluetooth module in to it. So now we can stream music to it, and even talk through it. A mix of 80s toys with modern technology that totally works and keeps our younger kids happy. Hes going to do the same to a fisher price cassette player too.
Corey Griffin
Is this an apple ad?
So glad I was a 80s kid.
Hey, 80's kids. The reason why things were better for you in the 80's is because you had NO JOBS and lived with your parents. Kids today are way smarter than you ever were and that's a good thing. It's called evolution. I was born in 1958, btw.
70s Wacky Packages 80s Garbage Pale Kids 90s Pokemon Cards 00s yugio cards
Laurel Higginbotham
I'm 14 and we had pogo balls on the playground at my primary school
so basically a video on how iphones and ipads are better than 80s toys.. i bet the chick narrating was born in the 2000s.