20 Toys From The 80s No Kid Would Want To Receive Today

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20 presents for children no parent should buy. Subscribe: />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We all remember the toys that we used to play with when we were kids. But if you were born in the 80s, you might not want to give one of these toys to your children as a gift for their birthday. That’s because many of these dolls, games, video games, stuffed animals, and gadgets should be left in the past. This is why, whether you feel nostalgic or want to see what toys were like in the past, you’ll like to watch 20 Toys From the 80s No Kid Would Want to Receive Today. Stay tuned if you want to hear about the worst toys from the 80s including creepy stuffed animals that can talk, technologies that are useless nowadays, dolls that should have never been so popular, video games that would be boring in the 21st century, and more. If you could receive any of the toys on this list, which one would you like to have? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Noah Hood
Etch a Sketch is still great wtff
Chrystal Perritt
My Son doesn't have a phone. He won't until he's much older. If by chance for safety he ever gets one so I can contact him or him me, it will be a plain one with no internet. I don't want a kid that keeps his nose buried in his phone. We have family time, we play board and card games, he loves being outside. He loves books and fishing. He's not ignoring us on car rides, we play music and car ride games. He doesn't ignore us at the dinner table. It's actually a rule for me and my Husband to not use our phones at the table either. He's living a very happy life full of love and family. He knows how to use smart phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles, but his life isn't ruled by technology. My husband and I have cut back on our own phone time, social media, etc. Because of our Son. I mean no offence to anyone who's child is allowed a cell phone. This is just our preference and it's what works for our family.
Got news for ya. Smartphones don't replace everything. Total bullshit list.
truthful Chic
How old is the person narrating this? She so doesn't sound old enough be reminiscing on some 80's toys! Half the reason she is bashing the toys is she had never played with them!
Comparing light bright to T.V is illogical as T.V is just zoning out entertainment while light bright, as you stated, allows one to be creative and use their own imagination and artistic talent. Far more healthy.
The viewmaster was already over 40 years old in 1980.
Charles Hunter II
And kids now a days have no imagination, no get up and go, believe they're entitled to everything without working for it and are rude little bags of infected kid flesh. I can say this...I'm a teacher.
Josh River
This is just horrible! Half the things on the list are still sold today. Ridiculous that today's smart phones are used as comparison to everything. That pogo ball thing was a complete exaggeration. They didn't work worth a damn but they certainly wern't dangerous. Maybe "TheThings" should let someone who wasn't born in the late 90s work on the story.
Dan Vaughn
Annoying countdown. Was the author even alive in the ‘80’s? I wonder... Btw...Light Brite rules!!
Rayna Perdue Heiss
wow they picked the wrong person narater
Charles Hunter II
Uh no troll dolls were a 90s thing. My gf in high school always wanted me to take her to the store to buy them...
Ok you’re kidding right? The NES and SNES is a huge part of the console history that many still buy be it for nostalgia or as a collectors item. After all the Nintendo Entertainment system and R.O.B saved the gaming industry in the USA. They’re literally making and selling min versions in stores as a homage to them. Ive never even played one and I know their importance. Besides if you wanna talk about mobil gaming, I present to you the switch, the psp, ps vita, gaming laptops, the ds, dsi, 3ds, 3ds xl ,2ds, 2ds xl, gamboy, the pokéwalker, gameboy color, gameboy advanced sp, and the game and watch family just to name a few that I can remember off the top of my head. My point is that while the phone is pretty revolutionary it’s not the only thing to exist for mobil entertainment.
Dave B
I saw a mom and two kids 4 and 6 all glued to their phones at a restaurant. When the food came one hand had a fork the other a phone. Not one word was spoken the whole time. That to me is hindering social development and not learning patience. Children don't need cell phones or smart phones. you are going to spend $60 a month plus apps plus the family plan so over 125$ plus a few hundred dollars on the phone so they can break it and scream until they want a new one? None of the kids in my family are allowed to have phones until they can demonstrate they can pay the bill. If they are board they can do their home work or play outside. If they are lonely they can make real friends instead of becoming socially awkward from using facebook over friends. I'm glad we didn't have smart phones when I was a kid.
Look up etch a sketch artists, you’ll find some amazing talent !! And a lot of time but the most detailed drawings done on etch a sketch
In 1980 I was an adult. I saw the Alien doll by Ideal at Toys R Us. It was about 8" to 10" tall and was $20 which was very expensive back then. That's comparable to almost $70 now. I didn't buy it. I still regret that. Smart Phones and iPads aren't toys, they're expensive devices that can lead to unexpected and dangerous situations.
hotel hideway weirdos
Nick Sullivan
I was Born on January 12th, 1993🤡🎉🎁🎈 But, I Totally Love the 80’s and the 90’s!😍❤️ I even have 80’s and 90’s Toys, like Star Wars,Transformers, Pac-Man, ALF, Garfield, Kirby, South Park, Sonic, Pokémon, Disney, Nickelodeon, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Care Bears, and More!
haha, someone who grew up in the '00s telling us how the 80s were
maggPi Prime
My youngest sister had a pogoball. I was SO jealous. She only let me try it ONCE. For 40 seconds. Part of my jealousy was that anyone who was adult size and weight was likely to pop the damn thing. At 16 or 17, I already outweighed the manufacturer's recommendation. That's okay. A couple years later, I was working a night job and found that she habitually left her Gameboy on the sofa. I would come home from work at midnight and play Tetris til the batteries ran low. Good thing she had rechargeable batteries. I'm pretty sure she never figured out why she had such a poor battery life on those things, cos I'd still be getting flak for it if she had.
Connie Elliott
Don't forget about the Tonka toys, they're the best around i have the Tonka ambulance which is my favorite and i also had the Tonka space shuttle which was my favorite too! Like if you had a Tonka toy when you were a kid 🚒🚑🚓👍
"Toys from history, that no kids wants today..." UMMMM, ANYTHING THAT'S NOT COMPUTERIZED... Really observant list ppl...
Radhika Chatterjee
Children no longer play with games anymore! They all are addicted to the cell phone or tablet!
Fire Brand
Jesus Christ this video is hilarious, every 30 years old toy on its list is compared to a smartphone or a tablet. Remember that stupid action figure? Now we have smartphones! Remember that stupid doll? Now we have tablets! Remember that stupid board game? Now we have smartphones! Remember that stupid toy car? Now we have tablets! Remember that stupid dollhouse? Now we have smartphones! Remember that stupid gadget? Now we have tablets! Remember how stupid were kids 30 years ago when they couldn't play with smartphones and tablets? Nowadays kids CAN play with smartphones and tablets! Subscribe if you like!
Arianni For ever
awwwwww i miss my childhood, 90s kid hear. :(
the last episode of alf was traumatizing......and VERY 80s. it made us all happy aliens wont come to earth. in the last episode, the feds track him down and the secret service gets their hands on him, the capture him, detain him, and heavily interrogate him, even torture him for info and kill him. but we didnt get to see that part. but we all know it occurred. I couldn't watch through my tears so I had to leave the room. it was an effed up end to an otherwise cute and funny series. poor ALF. we never knew what became of him. but we have a good guess. a very 80s demise for an alien.
I AM a child of the 80’s, born ‘74. All these toys were AWESOME. I had most of them. Besides Speak and Spell, there was Speak and Math and Speak and Read.....had them all. My fav was 2-XL, he had a sense of humor even, look it up. Had the Pogoball, Garbage Pail kids and so many others and they ALL rocked. The tween narrating this video can go screw herself. We had fun and lives outside......literally outside, where trees and dirt reside. I feel sorry for this generation, they will never know the thrill of climbing a really tall tree faster than their friends, or playing in the mud for the fun of it. Or riding your bike outside your friends house in the early morning until their mom said they could come play because they (finally) finished their chores.
Noah Hood
Speak and Spell allowed E.T. to get back home.  Back off!!
Jay Silva
Alf was an awesome so it would be awesome if we had a modern show.
Im still young and i can say i've played with an etch a sketch when i was a little girl. Now i aspire to be an artist in my spare time when im older. Im not even halfway through this video and i can tell this is just stupid. There will probably be quite a few edits on this comment as i go through the video lol. Edit: There are pogo balls in my school. Dangerous?!?! The kids who get "hurt" from them must be wimps or made of sugar or something, smh. I love trying to bounce from one end of the gym to the other in a race against my friends. Best piece of equipment in the school for entertainment. Edit: i also have a Wii, a Nintendo Ds (both not 80's things but not new either) and Oh My Goodness! I also love reading books! I dont think this is really an 80's thing either but i love collecting beanie boos. I dont buy them as often anymore but sometimes ill receive one on my birthday or christmas.
foxy plush Productions
Mad balls
If I can have any 1 toy it was the Blonde at 10:35
Patricia Foltz
I have an Etch-a-Sketch and Simon I've also played with a light bright
This is the most biased list I have ever seen.
Carm’s Creations
OMG I used to have a troll dol and a rag doll
Brian Greg
So apparently almost every toy can be replaced by the cell phone aye?? Heres a idea DONT GIVE YOUR DAMN KIDS CELL PHONES ..none of my kids have cell phones/tablets/notes..they have toys lots of toys they play with ALL of them..oh and read..books real books..oh and are extremely smart,and well mannered..but naa keep jammin the phones in their hands to keep them occupied..its workin great for society so far.. not like their eating tide pods or nothin!!!
EquestrianGirl Y
*How many times* does this narrator have to repeat "Iphones and Ipads" ?? She sounds like a shill for Apple products. Why does she talk about "our toys" when she sounds 15? She probably doesn't even remember the 00's. And what a *totally random and arbitrary list* of toys. Some of these were popular others were huge flops back then too! Nobody ever bought a power glove, it had a very short stint and was obscure within a year. At least to my knowledge.
Elijah Vasquez
What the heck some things were cool!!!!
Dakotah Rickard
I'm going to be all cynnical and social commentary, but I'll try to keep it nice. I have four kids myself, and they do actually have smart devices (each has a tablet). But we also taught them to enjoy specialized toys (like action figures, lightsabers, laser tag, etc.) Yeah, some of these toys would be a little lame to receive these days, but mostly the excuse seems to be "They already can do this on a smartphone, so they'd be all bleh." Yeah. In the beginning, without guidance, they probably would be. What with the media flooding us with "don't go outside" messages and "someone's kid got stolen" bias, it's little wonder that kids are confused, at first, when people talk about going outside. I was confused when I heard that my grandpa went out with tools, built himself a cart, and raced it down a crazy steep road hill with his friends. "How did your mom not freak out!" Then I realized the truth: she probably did, just like I would if my kids wanted to build a cart... but I still wouldn't stop them. There's just too much life lesson in something like that. Also, there's another argument for a lot of these toys: physicality. I'm not talking about exercise, though that is a natural side effect. I'm talking about the ability to hold, touch, turn, move, even break (for the less well-behaved). Consider the effect of giving a kid an expensive tablet and letting them have at it. Broken tablet. There goes ... what, $50 at the very very leas? Up to $500 or maybe more! Give a kid some chalk, they can temporarily decorate (vandalize?) a part of their neighborhood, and if they choose to do something stupid, like break it to bits in a fit of boredom, you're out, maybe, $5. And they understand why breaking things is crappy. No fun for them, they get in trouble, etc. The few genuinely outdated kids toys on this list: I'm looking at you Power Glove... Are to be expected. But the real truth isn't that these toys are outdated or too weird; it's that kids are not being taught to play. I read a commenter who gave their kid a lightbright and the kid was super happy! I bet they stoked up the kid's imagination, praised their successes, maybe guided their failures to become triumphs. Yeah, if you gave a bid a Lightbright but then said "our living room tv has way more pixels," or gave a kid an etch-a-sketch but said "You know, you could just draw on an app," they'd probably be disappointed and confused. But the etch-a-sketch thing was redeemed a little by the addition of "Or you could just use a pen and paper." Still, part of the fun of the etch-a-sketch and many other of these toys was the difficulty of the thing and the thrill of success. I'm imagining an original game concept released today: let's say Mario had never been released but someone nowadays made the exact game. It would probably not sell well. Not because of graphics. Not because of music or sound design. But because it's freaking hard to play. People shy away from difficulty, but when they only have a few options for entertainment, they suck it up and try again. I ought to know. I don't see well, but I REALLY wanted to play video games. I spent hours and hours memorizing the levels of Sonic, just so I could have something to do, because it was cool! Now, we're all spoiled for choice because of a hundred thousand meh-kind-of-easy apps with a few good and challenging ones sprinkled in. I'm going to end here, because I could literally write all day, but I think that this list could easily excluded ten of these toys or chosen other genuinely now culturally irrelevant ones (ala troll dolls) which would genuinely not make sense to receive today.
Emiel333 Official
Nostalgia and a lot memorable items when I see this video. The 80s were great to grew up in. Remember when the NES launched and I've played it at a local store. A couple years later I got a Game Boy from my dad. Great!
Nobody would be interested in the NES nowadays? NES Classic would like a word with you.
I'm sorry but I recently was talking with my friends, we're teenagers, about the viewmasters we had as children. I loved trying to make houses and stuff with etch a sketches. I would have loved that cassette player toy as a kid. I still have a Lite Brite in my basement somewhere and I'm always finding the little coloured pieces still. Simon is still fun as hell. I always wanted a play tent as a kid but I never got to. I used the have those roller skates and those were the bomb. I still want an old Nintendo. The pogo ball was the greatest thing since sliced bread back in elementary school. And thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
Emilyn Coffin
I got a Lite Brite for Christmas.......
Lauren T
I loved the pogo ball, I never ended up in hospital, it was never confiscated, and was actually a lot easier than it looked! Oh and remember when the ball went down? Your Dad didn't get you a new one, he would just pump it back up again!!!
Hey im a teen and loved toys from the 80's and 90's and 00's
trucker V
The girl talking acts as if she was around for these toys. She was probably not even born yet and if she was she was too young to have most of these in sure
Jamie Skaggs
As a child of the 70s I played with just about everything on this list and I’m still alive to talk about it. The Pogo Ball was AWESOME!!!
Charish Hamilton
I loved light bright! Itbwas my favorite thing to play with. I had a poggle doll loved it also, Never had a Teddy Ruskpin I always wanted one. Nintendo loved it, my brother had one played it alot
Tolis Vascos
NOTHING compares to the original ViewMaster and its true 3D, no matter how many electronic virtual. augmented. stoned drunk etc realities you try. And it was way before the 80s.
angel wings
I was a kid of the 80's and I had a big wheels and record player and books can you believe we actually read paper books and I had the view finder and etch a sketch I had garbage pail kids cards plastic color bracelets i had a popples and a Nintendo we rode our bicycle without a helmet and knee and elbow pads and we survived I loved Alf I had tapes and I had a lite brite and i had a gizmo doll I had the best toys growing up kids today don't know what they missed out on kids today live in a social media dependant bubble and don't have a clue what life is really about
terri hooks
not all are from the 80s.lightbrite 70s,etch a scetch 60s, speak n spell 70s.
Kitty Mittens
This lady talks about this stuff as if she experienced it.. like she’s not like 20 years old
Apple Jack
Lite brite
Wis Dom
7:31 She already looks narcissistic and self-centered.
I had all these toys... my house was the hangout spot... 😏 Still have a few....
CJT Life
Her: However, we don’t recommend... Screen reads: Htchenobuffaloowever, we don’t recommend... Me: ...
Spyrograph, Shrinky Dinks and Colorforms.
Corey Griffin
Is this an apple ad?
Robd collector
Gobots were cool as a kid and cheaper to have than Transformers
Pokémon was not in the 80s and it's not a toy
H Hel
I want a view master! And Lite Brites are so fun!
Mya Artis
I want Simon
They keep saying: now kids play on the phone, online, a whole new world, bla, bla, bla. Everybody knows that kids get easily bored of everything. An online game can easily get boring after the first few levels- because all levels use the same pattern, no matter what type of game it is: cooking, running, shooting, castle building, strategy, sim. etc. I do believe that in the not very distant future, we will see a decline in the kids' interest in these games. Of course, new gadgets will be invented but they will always have a short life. On the other hand, toys that focus on playing outside, developing imagination, etc will never decrease in popularity. I mean, come on! Who does ever get tired of playing football?
Carlos Chulito
I still love light bright
j p
You could make a reverse of these lists as well. 20 2018 toys 80s kids wouldn't want.
Robo PlushVideos
The nes classic is better than nes before
Alisha Rodriguez
U forgot to add the two balls on strings that we used to break our wrists on as kids
chris hammond
I was born in 1985 and I would have the 80’s toys instead of the toys now most of the toys now are a crappy made
Autumn Akins
Pogo ball!
Magic Transistor Radio
I am 40, and would love to have the Speak n Spell again!
Samantha Booth
I remember all these toys and I was not born in the 80's and I still enjoy them and I am a kid
Isabelle Drennan
Stuff now is so much better... except todays kids crave what we had in the 80s and pay extreme amounts of money to get their hands on these items. I could have paid off my mortgage with the 80s toys that i left in the attic of my old house we moved out of when i was a kid. Easily £50,000+ worth of stuff that probably ended up in a skip. Everything from Transformers to Barbie stuff. Original star wars gear. Obscene amounts of lego and mechano, an original batman car that used to be my dads (ok, it was 60s but i was playing with it in the 80s) that i have seen the exact one, albeit in better condition go for £20,000+. Full sets of Collectors cards that we had that reach thousands of pounds for individual cards. Original rubix cubes, some still in unopened packaging because we all got one each but only opened about 3 of them. Original E.T. toys that are worth so much money. Even my original giant back to the future poster that was about 8ft tall. A metroplex transformer still boxed unopened, that i have seen go for something stupid like $25,000. I could easily be living mortgage free if when we moved we took the contents of the attic instead of my dad thinking it was a load of old shit, let the new owners get rid of it... yeah, shrewd thinking pop. Thanks a bunch! As a side note, my hubby bought an 80s teddy ruxpin and added a bluetooth module in to it. So now we can stream music to it, and even talk through it. A mix of 80s toys with modern technology that totally works and keeps our younger kids happy. Hes going to do the same to a fisher price cassette player too.
so basically a video on how iphones and ipads are better than 80s toys.. i bet the chick narrating was born in the 2000s.
CrystalCatXBL Xblol
I love Alf and I’m a kid I would die to have that Alf doll
Love pll
I'm 14 and we had pogo balls on the playground at my primary school
Connie Elliott
U forgot about the easy bake oven! Like if you had an easy bake oven when you were a kid.🙂🚑
Brian Spellburgio
I remember I got the view master projector for Christmas in 1985 you would think it was a trip to Disney for me !!! I loved view master we would turn the bathroom into a movie theatre and have fun all day we had imagination back than kids now suck!!! Greetings from the best city in the world Buffalo ny
Kentucky Wildcat
This girl needs to shut up. She was probably born in 2000, and has just heard about these toys and has never played with them. 80's and 90's kids had real childhoods and weren't caught up in their phones all day. 80's 90's kids actually talked and played together with their friends, and weren't glued to social media crap. The kids in the 80/90's era had it far better than the kids today.
Simon is dank, Simon says game.
Jerold Weaver
Why would the things think that EVERY kid in the world would not like these toys! I want all of them! I love Alf😎😄 whenever I go to the Wal-Mart all I see is simon
MANIPULATIVE video sayiing everything is trash and clearly skipping male toys like the creepy ones. even the damn tend. DONT' BELIEVE THIS VIDEO, IT S A LIE!
I would STILL use these toys. Not everyone is so into doing stuff online. I can play boggle online but prefer the real one I have at home.
Sweet & 5our
My mom had garbage pail kids cards! I’m really jealous of my moms childhood in the 80s! I watch my 80s shows everyday and movies. I played with my moms old 80s toys when I was a kid and I enjoyed my childhood! I read a lot and listen to 80s music😂
Bonnie McCormack
LOL not sure why I came here. I mean, these are from 30 yrs ago. Think back to then, would you have wanted toys from 30 yrs ago, 30 yrs ago? :0)
Cooper Christenson
I have a super Nintendo it was my stepdad's
They picked the wrong person to narrate. She was probably born in the late 90's at best.
Ethan Hero1
Jennifer Renee
I loved my light bright. I had light bright in the 70s. I loved seeing the picture when it was finished and even coming up with my own designs.
Cc Cc
StarLord (Guardians of the Galaxy) knows
I'm old enough to speak to Cortana.
Rhone Archer
In a teenager and I would die to own a original NES Oh and the games on the phones are pay to win and stupid Parents much prefer that there children play on a console or pc Because they have better and more enjoyable games Few pay to win games so less money problems due to kids buying stuff on pay to win games And consoles are more straightforward and lessen the chances that someone can make your child do something potentially harming them or even causing their death in the future So what you were saying was that consoles and PCs are outdated because you can play pay to win games on a phone And this sounded much like an ad for apple because every time you mentioned a mobile device you always referenced apple product specifically iPhone and iPad
Noah Hood
Don't come for Simon like thaaat
They still have the View Master, and I know plenty of younger children who love them. Not every parent allows their young child to obsessively play on a phone. Troll dolls, my 5 year old loves them and wants a few. Definitely not a bad gift. Etchasketch they still sell plenty of. Litebrite my son LOVES, they are always sold out. Simon is still around and they have multiple versions of them now. I hate the touch sensitivity cause it does not always read your touch. Never knew or heard of anyone getting hurt on the Fisherprice skates. I used them as a child and they where not bad. Popples are brought back, not the toys but there is a Tv show. My son would love a Nintendo classic, a Sega, or really any of the older generation video game systems. The pogo ball is definitely not as dangerous as a pogo jump toy thing my son had. It is called a “My First Flybar Foam pogo.” And it is a broken bone waiting to happen.
Kyle Patton
I had to sign in just to say that this is a stupid list. My family has things such as the NES or the Nintendo 64. Im technically not even a full adult and I enjoyed half the things on this list. I even have a 9 year-old younger brother that's into lite brites. My point is, you need to recreate a better list.
Beth Di Bartolomeo
I loved the View Master as a kid! The 3D pictures were especially fascinating. I had a Pogo Ball too, I had great fun. I had great fun with the tape recorder as well. I'd love to listen to the tape of ramblings I put together sometime, hear my eight-year-old voice again. I LOVED Lite Brite too, I kept making pictures of butterflies over and over again, in different colors (who needs the patterns?).
Lindsey Summers
"I love the PowerGlove. It's so bad." Who remembers THAT little gem from "The Wizard?"
K.J. Smith
I still have my Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Playstation 1 & 2, X-box 360 and now x-box one. They didn't mention Atari or Intellivision 1 & 2, Heck those even had square balls and just a stick as a racket for tennis either alone or against the computer!! LMAO! See if we wanted to really go play we went to the arcade or Circus Playhouse (*a cool teen hangout back in the day!!) Oh, & ALL the games I have for each system still work great, especially my Nintendo ones!! FUN times I tell ya!