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Punch the Sub Button in it's perfect face!➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ /> Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 59: The Hard Cell Blink and you'll miss the action as Goku and Cell turn up the heat! But Goku's got a surprise... for everyone! TeamFourStar is a group of voice actors, sound designers, musicians entertainers and Anime lovers based out of Texas. Most noted for the series Dragon Ball Z Abridged, TFS loves to make comedy and specifically parody. Cast: MasakoX – Goku, Gohan Hnilmik - Chichi Antfish - Mister Satan Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, Mr. Popo Takahata101 – Cell Remix – Android 16 Ganxingba - Tenshinhan Faulerro - Yamcha Kirbopher - Ox-King GrantBTW - Guy In Crowd Featuring: Sarah Anne Williams as Videl Xander Mobus as Jimmy Firecracker KaiShiden as Larry the Camerman Additional Art By: Christopher Niosi />Zach Manley />Malik Torihane /> Follow us on Twitter ➤ />Like us on Facebook ➤ /> And if you want to support us you can find us on Patreon at:

"I DIDN'T ASK TO BE BORN, DADS!" Holy crap! One of the funniest lines I've heard from you guys so far!! LMFAO!!
Ant- on- Tree
Who else is just waiting for the last episode.
I can't wait to watch the Buu saga with my grandchildren
Dawud Khan
Saw a comment about watching buu saga with grandchildren... But since this started, I have literally gone from being a broke university student to having 2 kids and becoming financially stable. You're actually not too far off dude ^^
It is a year later, and I just noticed at 10:08 when cell is really pissed at Goku he calls him Kakarot, where as in every other moment he calls him Goku. I like the idea that when Cell gets really mad his Vegeta DNA starts to show and he subconsciously starts saying Kakarot instead of Goku.
Cornal Baker
Who else is rewatching getting ready for the new episode
"What did you do to him?" "What didn't I do to him" Chichi getting freaky
Third Shift Millionaire
" I'm more confuse more than a homeless man under house arrest" Man what a great line
I feel like the way Gohan is going to unlock SSJ2 is by Goku telling him this. “Gohan, remember Icarus? *HE* did it.”
Fake tendo
Well I watched the series again.... Still no new episodes. Well back to the beginning. Edit: Well I guess my cycle is over. The next episode is coming soon
Ultimate Gohan
Goku: The fighter that Will finally put your terror to an end is... Mr. Satan! Get out here you! Mr. Satan: DIARRHEA!!! Goku: Oh shoot original plan then. Gohan!
I don't know why everyone is complaining, the cell saga has only lasted like 4 years.
D'Jon Unchained
I can't wait until the Buu saga.............. Coming out 2043?!
TheMlg Pickachu
Journal entry 302 It's been 1 year 1 month 25 days since episode 59 came out many are out searching for the Dragon balls many have died I have very little rations left the world is in chaos
Who else thinks they should start on DBS:A during Buu saga? I legit had a son between the duration of 59 and 60.
C Vox
gohan getting punched : " oh god what did dad tell me to do in those situation" goku : "byyyyy sonnnnnn" gohan : "i really do need a therapy"
"Ok I'm like...90% sure i can't do that" 😂
Hard Roxas
Man, I love how Cell still mad at Tien for the Kikoho scene.
Michael Song
Cell is way crazier in TFS than in canon. What's with "looking forward to death with your beloved enemy" thing? Also, "I'm more confused than a homeless man under house arrest." That deserves way more love than it got.
Cyber Scourge
I'm sorry but i just have to say this. When Cell says "OH, THAT'S THAT GOOD SHIT." i died.
“I spent a whole year training him *last week* “ That destroyed me
RexTnova lel
Like a grill without a burger. *YES YOU GET IT GOKU!*
E-Man Martr_187
9:45 Just realized Vegeta and Cell are speaking at the same time
4:00… yea… f*%$ goku
will benton
I realize it’s a little late, but if piccolo can regenerate a hole in his chest why couldn’t his father
Sung Ra
Holy shit, it's been almost a year. Not that I'm saying they haven't been busy with everything else and putting out other content. I'm just.. Saiyan.
Batwolf 24
The end with Videl was so cute
N.N.D. S.
Chichi "I'll gag you with a goddamn Daikon Radish!!!!", what a fitting death for a glutton xD
Gucci Gamer
Videl: Sweet Hair 😂😂😂
12:10 "I spent a whole year training him last week." Truer words have never been spoken.
Mr. Mark
Goku: Cell, you knew what this was. Just. A. Fight. Nothing more. Cell: *crying* HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!
Machine Master
Dragon Ball Super started and ended within like 5 episodes of abridged. It took them less time to make a series than it did for tfs to finish an arc....
When his came out I was 21 y/o. I’m 80 now, there’s still isn’t continuation to this episode
Royce Insanity
That harry potter thing might come in handy for the buu saga when gohan gets glasses lol
Little Green
I just watched this for the 100th time and cried a little knowing this is the second to last episode.
Believe in Steve
Who else is rewatching getting ready to rewatch Ep. 60 ?
Trying to be serious, but if Goku had a dumb counter, it would literally be over 9000. From Dragon Ball to the end of the Cell Saga.
Omar's Life
Ox King: What have you done to him? Chi Chi: WHAT HAVEN'T I DONE TO HIM!?
*waits patiently
Liberty City El
"Oooh that's that good shit!" 💊🔋
Gano Mwamukonda
Like if you’re here for the recap
H. Art
All we need is Father Son Kamehameha with Piccolo instead of Goku in the forward episodes.
@15:03-15:12 And years later, Videl ended up marrying that guy with sweet hair.
Kronos 1215
L J iii
little green smoking a little green....... amazing
Joshua Sepeda
If cell ever met cooler in the afterlife they would swap stories about how they humiliated vegeta. Cooler would then own the debate by revealing how he crushed vegeta's...... pride I suppose. We all know what i'm talking about😂😂😂
Adam Ethridge
Goku: "Hey Krillin, can I get a ten count!?" Krillin: "You got it, Goku!" "ONE!!" *Cell"s body jumps up* "Twoo.." *Upper body of Cell pops up* Cell: "Three.."😈
Stephen Castro
I have busted roughly 528 nuts since this episode if I make 1000 before the next I will nut on TFS’s mailbox
Mike Hab
So, in the original series, why did Goku give Cell a sensu bean? Seems like a very dumb thing to do!
"All right Gohan, he's all yours. Have fun!" Dad, I'm going to have to politely ask you to back the HIFL up." Oh my god, I just got that...
JaxX Massey
"Thinking of you, Goku!" My favorite line from Cell!
What did you do to him?!? What DIDN'T I do to him? You're just like your mother!!!!
I spent a whole year last week waiting for the next episode.
Blackhole Eclipse
TeamFourStar please upload the 60th episode
6:50 CRACKS ME THE HELL UP! Piccolo's reaction kills me lmfao xD
We're never realistically getting a Buu Saga are we.
1 guy
Dbza eps 60 is going to be so long that it’s taking more than a year to make
Schrodinger's Cat
Cell is so passionate. lol
C Vox
good work guys by doing the math if you keep up with this pace you can finish the buu saga before 2027 instade of 2030 i can't get more erect
Jonathan Dahlquist
So it's been over a year since the last episode. Hmm. You used to be on top of these things, but you just stretched it out to a month, then months, and now over a year. The disappointment is real.
stephanie weigandt
Its been 1 year, 2 month's, 20 hour's, and 58 minutes since this episode came out
Joey Johnson
funfact goku couldnt beat cell 😎
I'm digging the longer episode.
Markus Knaak
Just...a...few....more .........HOURS
Jesse Lindsey
So I like how the Canadian captions have completely devolved into fucking Mystery Science Theater reactions to whatever's going on on-screen. It's like of instead of something actually funny, I've tapped into live chat on a Twitch livestream.
Shayan Ahmed
10:07 just realized he says kakarot cuz his vegeta mode was on
It's been a year and two months
Boy is Dende going to be disappointed about Gohan next season.
Ed gamer
Mr Satan should be quiet as this point before cell Yamcha him
One C.
Who's recapping for later today?
9:50 When Vegeta says his line, you can just barely hear Cell saying the same about Vegeta.
Sonny Destefino
4:00' When I Tell You 4:00 Gets Me EveryTime? I Sincerely Mean EVERYTIME 4:00 #SoUnexpected #SoRandomlyFunny #Yeah #F*** #Goku 💬😳😁😬
Their characterization of future Trunks is amazing, if you watch the future Trunks saga in Dragon Ball Super you would definitely know that future Trunks is all about using any advantage he can (Senzu Beans) to defeat his enemies.
Why would TFS ever finish this series? They're too busy making easy money by creating the laziest content imaginable, streaming video games. Maybe if people stopped throwing money at them until they produced something worthwhile again we could get an end to the Cell saga. I have no hope for the Buu saga.
one departed
"I spent an entire year training him last week" *seems legit*
xSatanx Karma
Goku gave cell the senzu... GOKU WTF
Trunks: "Gettin' dad flashbacks here!" Could they be... Final Flashbacks?
its been a year since i saw this where is episode 60?
Andrew Clastic
The wait has been over a year long. This is just another reason why LittleKuribo is a better abridger (or bridge builder, haha) than TFS. He's made more content, been more consistent, and the BEST season of DBZA he helped with and STARRED in. If only more people donated to his Patreon. :-\
Not gonna lie, I'm starting to get some Hisoka vibes from Cell.
Cell #saltyex
Captain Ireland4
I'm gonna binge watch this shit when it hits 60 episodes.
Shep Georgeler
It's funny that the buu saga won't start for seven years
Waffle Turtle
Can we get 2 years???
For those who wrote the Canadian dub technically Gohan's in Super Saiyan form literally a million times stronger than Goku was at that age
I have literally went from preteen to adult waiting for this series to reach its end.
The production time between episodes for DBZ Abridged is reaching Rick & Morty levels
man team 4 star has REALLY slowed down production … D:
I know it's been said before, but it's bullshit Cell survived the surprise attack. And it's one of the only clever things Goku has ever done.
11:53 to 12:00 Wow. And to think Piccolo was once a villain....
Alex Santebla
"This was just a fight, nothing more" D-Did Cell just get fightzoned?
Cole Knowles
Gohan's whole childhood is an analogy of an over pushy parents pushing their kid into sports and science fairs, when all he wants to do is be a kid.
Daniel Russell
Man it is like a hate boner triangle!
Tyler Diablo
Welp, just finished 59 up again I’ll come back to you in a bit. Watched it in subs finally and missed some witty jokes I didn’t notice when I watched with no subs lol but I can’t wait for the final episode to end the series.
Dude i forget how long these take to make. Like time flies sometimes i forget about teamfourstar till i see something blow up and start rewatching everything.
Strong Warrior14
Gohan turns ss2 - starts to fight Piccolo: *breaks down crying* Tien: what's wrong? Piccolo: he learned to dodge!
Delta 09
whats dende gonna do when videl gets preggos
Jesse Lindsey
I feel like I don't even have to watch the real show so long as I have this series.