Black Uhuru - Black Uhuru - 1980 (Full)

Roger Z
Hands down, One of the best albums ever, period! … for me and the Hitman a.k.a the mighty Red One, Billy Wizz( RIP my friend)
Brian Jenklins
Bob marley favorite tune from black uhuru was general penitentiary.
Marco Buijsen
I am from the year 1970. I am from Holland. So i was lucky that the country where i come from had the politic system that we have a difference between harddrugs and softdrugs. So coffeeshops was the place where i listining reggae music for the verry first time. Well i mean reggae music that not many people ever hear from. And still not if i ask somebody one of this reggae bands. Bob Marley, peter Tosh, Jimmy Clif, Ub 40 was more or last the reggae bands that people hear from. And they are verry good. And Bob Marley is absolute the king of reggea. No discusion about it. But for me not the best reggae. But thats personly, right? But what i called, the not commercial reggea. And than i mean reggae bands like Black uhuru, Burning Spear, Eek a mouse, Alpha blondy, Inikamoze, Prince far i, Dennis Brown, Franky Paul, Aswad, Sugar Minott, And Junior Reid. That became after Micheal Rose Black uhuru's second vocals. Don Carlos. That became after Junior Reid the third frond singer of Black uhuru. And many more & more. And still ano 2018 for me Black uhuru is one of the best reggea bands ever !! But ofcourse with Michael Rose, puma Jones and Ducky simpson. And Sly and Robbie with drum & bass. Greetings from Holland.
Phemelo Khetho
The Mighty Black Uhuru - one of the most underrated albums but a pure evergreen!! Fire burn!!
Doum Kalou
Come back To zion I bound To go home ya
4mer thxt
"my culture is growing stronger, and I *hope* I never surrender."
Leo di Brito
very nice album. My favorite! Shine eye Gal... Formação: Derek "Duckie" Simpson, Michael Rose, Sandra "Puma" Jones
Desmond Alleyne
My favourite band
Mamadou Ouattara
hard album,it's my favorite
Itzel Dub
💚💛❤booom love!!!
These are all my favorite BLACK UHURU ALBUMS (1) RED 1981 -  (2) BLACK UHURU 1980 (3) SINSEMILLA 1980 (4) CHILL OUT 1982 (5) LIBERATION (6) ANTHEM 1983.....I stand corrected, but I think all these ALBUMS were done by the RIDDIM "Rhythm" TWINS - LOWELL "Sly" DUNBAR (Drums) and ROBERT "Robbie " SHAKESPEARS (Bassist) and THE TAXI GANG.
carlos porras
Excelente momento de uhuru. rose puma duckie y por supuesto robbie y sly *los reevolucionarios .* banda killer y potente voz grande rose.
Craig Ross
Bought this vinyl used when I was 17. I´m 47 now. One of my favorite possessions.
mat thieu
Just checked the lyrics of abortion. I won't listen to them anymore. Too bad such good music is doomed in such dark bigotry.
Sean P
Thanks for this vibe 😙😍🎛️🎼👙🍻🍺🍷🍹☕
Legends! Puma I miss you. Mikal it's simply awesome. Don, a beast, Duckie, Junior and Garth as well.
Kilroy Gonzalez
Beautiful Ital music and no sellout fi commercials. Big Up Idren👍
Walter Jones
The Dub factor is one of the best of its kind ever
Omar Rubaa
Generaaahal!.. General general penitentiary!.. Yes I
Brian Jenklins
Back in 1980
Pat Kelly
Black Freedom
Stanisław Kubiak
One of the best reggae albums ever! 1 love
Steven Fisher
Big up Zimbabwe.
Marcos Rocha
Black Uhuru swou pra corte mesmo esa cansao que tem ritimo fechou tamu junto eiso aimeismo galera do Reggaye
Pat Kelly
Classic! Caught them live in DC and it was a memorable show. Sly & Robbie are awesome.
Joelito Rego Ferreira
Uma excelente Banda
Doumbia Adama
Tres cool
Micky Dub
still their best lp
Fabiano Novoletti
So peeee dra da
Osariemen efosa
Shine eye girl 😎🇯🇲
Aracely Aguirre
Ay, Black Uhuru la segunda banda reggae que llegó a mi existencia después del lord of the lord. <3
Ricardo Ribeiro Fabri
Classe A
Thierry Viéban
Hello la base du regae
Magnesium- Lite
why is natural reggae beat so good !?
Ronald Mora
sin duda eran los sucesores de marley esta banda la rompio dignifico de nuevo el reggae letras con contenido y ese sonido inedito y unico de sly and roobie no suenan a marley suenan a black uhuru