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Rancid - Maxwell Murder Live Punkspring

rancid maxwell murder live punkspring

Feel Lord
Who the fuck cares if he uses a pick or not? He has the skill, and that's something no one can deny. Besides, for those who put Flea in this, you have to know that Freeman and Flea play different genres, so you can't compare. Both are great bassists in their own style. Period.
OK, I'm going to explain how it is short and simple since many people are having a hard time grasping it:) Pick playing vs finger style is a choice of technique and/or sound that has nothing to do with easy or difficult per se. Bass players in certain genres (e.g. punk and thrash/groove metal) gravitate towards using a pick because of tradition, sound and playing techniques. There are of course finger styles, like advanced slapping techniques, that require a lot more training than playing fast down-strokes with a pick, but how would that sound in a punk rock song for example? Not very good. Also, there are figures and sequences which are actually much harder to do with a pick than with your fingers (e.g. playing a melody on the higher notes while maintaining an ostinato - accompanying - bass tone) and vice versa. Sure, it's true that unskilled bassists tend to use a pick, since the finger style has a somewhat higher threshold for achieving an intermediate level of skill, but that doesn't mean that the pick style as such is easier if you consider more complex musical structures and techniques above the most basic level of playing. The finger style is also historically more widespread and explored in more musical genres, which generally means there are more skilled finger players than there are skilled pick players. Just statistics. Ok, not so short, but I got carried away.  
From seeing how many people are getting their panties in a twist over pick vs. finger style it'd be interesting to see someone make a cover of this song using there fingers.
Matt is the reason I'm saving up to get a bass
Timothy Rakes
Using a pick doesn't make him a bad bass player. He plays is a punk band, using a pick gives a tone that's more suitable for punk rock music.
Chris Dawson
If you're a real bassist you won't give a shit whether someone uses a pick or not. You'll also know that certain songs might sound better if you use a pick or your fingers. Picks give a harder sound and if that's the sound you like, play with a pick and tell anyone who gives you any guff to shut the fuck up.
Came to see one of the best bass players in the world and caught a bunch of people fighting over the guy sucking for using a pick or how much better he is for not using his fingers. Different techniques, people. Jesus Christ, it's like blaming someone for using a red shirt over a blue one...
Everyone is criticizing Matt for using a pick when Tim (as great as he is) really isn't even playing guitar and doesn't put any effort into playing and no one says a thing about it. People gotta stop whining about things that don't matter.
Nicolò Bottoni
The 31 that they doesn't like this video they understand nothing about music ;)
Lol i just realized that, everytime they play this song, when Matt starts playing solo Tim dissappears and comes back at the end of the solo. Lol where the fuck does he go?
What the hell is wrong with bassists who use picks? Some of my favorite bassists use picks. Tom Araya, Jason Newsted, DeeDee Ramone... And they aren't exactly terrible.
Hunter Havok
Besides this awesome bass solo on this video, I think Matt Freeman pwns Wooten and Flea in all categories. Just as musicians period. Freeman knows how to pick, slap, Play an Upright bass (Double bass), A Guitar, and a Mandolin. And expresses all of these in his music.
Ben *
Matt's probably better than the rest of the band combined
I would say say Matt Freeman is up there with Karl Alvarez and Scott Shiflet in the bass punk scene
Jon B
My jaw literally dropped
T Scott
It's like if john entwhistle was in a punk band...
Jackson Page
Where does Tim go during Matt's solo?
I dont give a shit how the bass is played  by the bass player. If the music sounds good then i'm going to listen too it. I play the bass with my fingers and pick, and i dont really care.
April Clavero
He is a good bass player! But definitely NOT the best in the world.
Mojestic Rhino
What is the bass he is using?
Wow didn't know he rocked that much at bass...
How about all the people that are talking shit about Matt actually try playing that solo, don’t worry, I’ll wait.
Matthew Warren
It wasn't very good. He play too many notes. It was bad. I have teach bass for 3 years.
Jair Pereda
No me importa te toque con plumilla o con dedo... PERO SU SOLO NO FUE NADA MAS NI NADA MENOS QUE UN "SOLO ENGAÑAMUCHACHO"
I love punk rock yet lean right pollitically but I used to be a liberal but then I realized liberalism is full of shit.
William Burnett
This is what happens when you give a lead guitarist a bass
I like the way that guitarist is a huge fan of Freeman and give him all the place in stage, Matt Freeman is a god.
bad solo. eugh. also the tone is fuckin horribleeee. ewww
Patrick Murtaugh
Does anyone else realize how incredible Brandon did on this song? He nailed it
Dan Quality
that drummer was kickin' ass too
Niccolò Pietro Donati
56 people don't like picks
Slayer Did it Better
What kind of bass is he using? Looks like some weird kind of Rickenbacker.
Alex Warren
never thought "punk" and "epic bass solo" could be in the same sentence, but here we are.
jim belfiore
Arthur Oliveira
Matt Freeman is an god
Erich Vallim Vicente
OMG!?! Matt Freemann is Master!!!
88 fingers Matt Freeman
Anyone else notice Tim is nowhere to be seen during all the greatness that is the bass solo? Must have known he'd have a couple mins to go take a leak or something lol
_ _
None of the string players, especially the basset, know how to pick. They are all using their arm instead of their wrist.
Suck Dauce
What bass does matt use here ?
Purple Turtle
I can't see this anti-pick arguments, but thought I'd post my own views. If you want to play bass and be serious about being good at it, you need to be able to play bass as well as finger style. And those anti-picks really need to get over yourselves. Purism is never a good thing!
easy bass
Daniel Acero
Rancid en chile conchetumare !!!!!
franco blink
Eric Wilt
Good lord, I love Matt Freeman!
Norm Kobylka
1:37 Lars... you ain't lyin'!
Hey, that's Bullitt on the screen behind them, sweet!
Evil Nick
Matt Freeman is the shit
I've been playing years with a pick, who fucking cares. Finger Elitists should neck themselves thinking they're better because they don't use a pick. Where's the logic at?
Russell Todd
Wow...astonishingly good. I love the way the solo here lasts about as long, if not longer, than the entire original version of the song on the album does!
Pick or not the bass solo for this song is totally wicked. As I little more than a bass novice myself game recognizes game.
Born to Noob
1:00 to 2:19 What a bass!!
Sergio Camino
Que asco Lars con la Cruz de Hierro colgada!
Rory Joe
If you can't understand the importance in the tone variation between pick or fingers and you can't appreciate the skills of both types of bassist, or you write off either technique as being inferior, then you are a shit-tier bassist. Please hang up the instrument for good.
Meatwood Flac
its whatever you feel comfortable with... 
Super Buu
Flea < Matt Freeman
I've listen to this like 20 times tonight, can't get enough of Matt Freeman's bass solo.
Ror Maco
Fuckin so bitchin man, love this tune. That bass solo blew my mind when I was a kid, legit what got me playing bass
ryan mccarthy
pick or no pick, he is incredible. freeman and flea are both heavy influences on me playing bass. im in a punk band, i use a pick because of the tone and then i am able to move around more. but when im jamming out at my house i play funk or ska. its not important how he plays it, its important what he plays.
Fuckin' awesome!
Huno B W.
I love how the band goes off the spotlight to give the stage to him, great band. Ok on the pick and the finger playing, it's a technique. It's like painting with a brush or using your hands. It's a technique that uses an instrument in this case, the pick. And don't compare bassists, comparison is good for studying but only under manifesto and style or era. These guys are not style related, so don't compare. 
Matt Freeman is off the Hizzy !
I love Freeman to death and he is one of my all time favorite bassists. People should NOT hate that he uses a pick. But at the same time, I understand why they prefer non-pick users. Using a pick makes it a lot easier. Even Flea can be seen using a pick sometimes. Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, whether you like them or not (I hate Billy Sheehan. He's good but super boring in my not so humble opinion), they do not need picks to play this fast. I've seen numerous videos here on youtube. Using a pick makes playing so much easier than using your fingers. Wouldn't someone be more impressive if he can lift 100 lbs with one arm than someone who can lift it with two? If a drummer used a single pedal to play beats a double bass player does, wouldn't that more impressive? Maybe it's just me.
Monk Doob
mat freeman rules!
Probably because he used a pick instead of his fingers like he should have...
Well, judging by his off-the-hizzle skills, I'd say he's done it more than once.
Archybald Pierrot Gorila
Nando Vieira
He has his own Bass signature, so, I think, it makes sense.
As good as this solo is and as talented as Matt Freeman is, is it me or is it just a little lame that he has his own name engrained on his guitar fretboard?
Left hand..
David RF
yeah too bad he uses the pick... ;)
Always that same lame fucking joke
Drew Allworth
Normally, when someone says of their band member "He's the greatest in the entire world", It's not without bias and therefore incorrectness. But you know, when he says that, I don't see how you can look at Matt and actually have the balls to disagree with what he's saying.
hes the best in this style with le pick
Jamerson? Claypool? Flea? Geddy Lee?
Luis Esquivel
They're coming to Houston on Sept 4th! I'm fucking there!
Sick Bass player, I might have to start listening to more Rancid :D
Well, true, but Motorhead is like Punk in many ways.
Seth Swimmer
What kind of bass is matt using it is really unique
Jesus Gonzalez
eargasm xD
I've got to clean up this pool of melt skin in front of me that used to be my face...
Feelin' The Aster.
Him and Flea from RHCP should have a jam session.
Neven Stosic
...les claypool?...
Neil Schultz
trick question! Lemmy IS God!!!
He is one of the best in his style others have their own but I truly love this band and that bass though is just amazing
Michelle Freeman
"greatest bass player in the world" ..... there's a stretch... Wooten? Meyer? ...Bueller?
it's awesome!!!!
Yeah but... Nevermind... :(
Brady Newsome
His other hand?
He keeps on killing every girl that wants him though. When he fingers them...
Matt does sing on some songs and no, Lemmy actually has had sex with over 1000 women. That's actually a fact, not a joke.
He uses a pick though. :(
Keith Morris
Doubt it, he's a married man.
ballabolla billabella
Matt Freeman fingered a girl once. She died.
Brady Newsome
The only problem is that he sings too. Matt here doesn't and still gets more.
HardRock Exxtreme
In fact, the bassists rules!!!