TRAP Hayate Ayasaki - Hayate no Gotoku! [60FPS]

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U Want Sum Legal Lolis? />Anime: Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler) ハヤテのごとく! Episodes 8,39,S2-11 and S2-12

old but gold
Gilberto Tabares
does this count? most traps are traps by choice. homeboys being forced into trapdom.
Izaya Orihara
Chase Fromm
0:32 - Claus looks like an utter dipstick jumping on Hayate like that 🤣🤣
Listen here. It ain't gay if he cute.
I think Nagi's shenanigans is what is putting Hayate in a trap😂
Ferrum et Rosa
He cut out the part where the tiger chased him outside and raped him
Nooo!! The Cruel Angel's Thesis part :(
Why do they always molest the trap
deja vu
60% trap 40% male will you take the risk
Patrick Butler
Who knew hayate was such a convincing trap
meo trung
Kill me please ●△●
Minoya Michiyo
0:43 what season? And episode?
Polish Filipino
This is my favorite old series
Help! 0:41 is permanently stuck in my brain now! The scene endlessly loops in my mind and it won't stop!!
Lyn An
Trap but cute!!!! Kyaaa~~~♡
Gaanbaruru _Aroma
This is a Officially Beautiful 😂😂😂
Mary Grace Andaya
What episodes?😍😍
F Kusdina
Beautifull But -,- this is trap
G1 Morningstar
You people are all mistakes
bts suki
Hayate kawaiiii
Weird Cat
Why my worm is wiggling
Every Japanese man named Hayate: Facepalm
Meo Sakura TV
hayate kawaii
Ex - Cham
Yeah, now i know what to search at Exhentai tonight.
I think I should stop coming in hear cuz it makes me feel awkward like a girl geez
Blaire Queen
He love being a girl
my yukkiii
Eugene Flores
0:23 that white tiger knows whats good....
The Name
What if someone ever finds out I liked and commented on this video
Kirasaji Nokamura
I forgot how dangerous this boy is. I roll for evade trap. (Rolls D20)
Titanium Romance
what the bloody heck is wrong with japan
ZenZei Boi
im watching this anime rn
Jesús Blanco Flores
*Empieza a convulsionar*
Nightcore Warframe Anime Neko
What episode is this? And what season
CristonPayneVEVO F.K
From episode what this anime?
very old anime but hes not a trap...
Riku Tora
Well he looks like a girl anyway so go with it
Minecaraft Bảo Trân
Tập mấy v
G1 Morningstar
I drink to forget but i always remember
You should see his brother.
Cup Cup
Trap level god ?!
Danis Rizal
i love trap
april june deligero
why did never knew about this?
april june deligero
i hate to admit this but....... HAYATE'S SO CUTE WHEN HIS DRESS LIKE THAT!