Holy Wars (Flametal Cover by Ben Woods) - ft. 55FCE Negra Ltd.

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Alright friends, here's another electrifying flametal cover from the amazing Ben Woods. This time enjoy Megadeth's Holy Wars on the 55FCE Negra Thinbody. If you want to try to flamenco-ify your favorite metal songs, check out these tutorials: - />- /> Thanks Ben! Check out some of Ben's other videos by subscribing to the Cordoba Youtube Channel: /> ------ CREDITS ------ Player: Ben Woods Guitar: Cordoba Espana 55FCE Negra Mic: Pair of Neumann KM84's ------ MORE ------ Cordoba: />Ben Woods: />Cordoba Contact: />Facebook: />Twitter: or @cordobaguitars Pinterest: />Instagram: @cordobaguitars

Metal Maestro
more like Holy Shit...
Fim L'Viaquez
Holy Shit... The Flamenco Dude
Sr. Ciervo Crispador
Left hand of a metal player, right hand of a flamenco player... The perfect guitarrist is here...
Take pride in knowing Dave Mustaine has watched this and he thinks it's "mind-blowing". If you don't believe me, check out his twitter. Great job.
Nacho Rodríguez
"Yes!!! I've finally learned how to play Holy Wars!!!" *goes to YouTube and watches this video* "Oh shit..."
Sukma Darmawan
His wife's so lucky
Joseph Niyamosoth
How can Lil Wayne have more views than this guy?
this looks like it's so satisfying to play
Richard Gredwulf-Cronley
If I could play this with the same skill I would consider my life complete.
Atrocious 667
am I seeing ok? how is this even possible?
Faris Nazir
rust in peace, Nick Menza.
Will Shaw
This is absolutely amazing
I literally started laughing at 1:00.  Unbelievable.
this guy looks like Hugh Mungus loool
Jorge Rivas
Stop whining and get to practicing people
Agustin Vilo
Cierro los ojos y me imagino a Paco de Lucia tocando Holy Wars jaja
Sayantan Mandal
omg!! drums, bass, electric guitar all in just one nylon stringed Spanish guitar!!👍👌
Jace Carsonne
They say he fingered a girl once... She is now dead.
João Santos
description says Megadeath=face palm....great work tho :)
Wow, I thought this was gonna suck. I was immediately proven wrong
Owen MacIntosh
Best part 0:00-2:40
Angel Noose
How do I go back to regular music now?
Wisdom King
On a scale from 1 to 10 I wonder how difficult he thinks this is to play .
This cured my cancer
Munteanu Mihai
classical music is so hard ..
Dakota Cole
Thats cool and all. But can he play smoke on the water?
Adrián García Torres
Guerras Santas - Megamuerte
Fabrizio Caneo
Como le puedo dar like 2 veces?
Connor Quintana
Well that was the best orgasm of my life
Aye Lmao
The funny thing is Holy Wars actually has a part with spanish guitar
The most impressive thing I've ever seen on a guitar
Léo Oliveira
Técnica infernal!!
And I'm sitting here playing drone metal on my SG
Pablo Otero
playing holy wars without a pick is amazing, I ve never believe this could be posible. 
icehurt wizzard
Des pa ci to
Sinister Stef
Damn, i read this as Halo Wars Never mind :/
Fender maine
Why do I even play guitar still...?
Ben Woods? More like Benito dos Vodos Veloso
Gabriel Konstantinovich
wowww is awesome, you have tremendous talent. you could do a tutorial slowly showing the scale to do what you do in the second 0:54 please
The fastest fingers in the wolrd
Mert 4
he just played for 0:55 that part
Holy crap🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Unbelievable. Marty Freidman himself would be in awe of this.
Joel Peralez
Excellent, THATS how you pay guitar, ha....proper guitar for those who actually understand the instrument! Great playing haha
Curzed Videos
Someone get this man a bass guitar!!
Irish Collins
This dude is beyond almost every guitarist out there! Please keep doing your thing!
Hanu Sukul
If Dave sees this he will surely fire kiko and make him the lead guitarist
john kelly
Just when you think you've seen it all... Brilliant
Mateus Rodrigues
Big Foot
.....excuse me while I try to clean my keyboard with a rag.
The GreyJedi2112
pure badassery
maurico tapia
man i want so much play acousticly like you. i only play electric guitar with a pic. i whis have that hand tecnic that you has.
Destroys all guitarists throughout all time.
Ado Podrinje
I wonder how Dave Mustaine thinks about this performance ?or anyone from Megadeth?
Luis Felipe Salas
Eargasm 😫😫💦💦
Ondrej Hrdy Guitar
Holy Shit! That ting went skrapp pap pap pap pap pa!
Fernando Ufret
Edu Ibáñez Gámez
Chris Nickle
WTF?!? how's this man not famous?!? I was excited to see if he could play it on an acoustic assuming he had to use a pic and if he succeeded I'd be excited but this is ridiculously amazing.
Zabdy Pizarro
haters will say the video is edited.
Dam electricfying
tickle me and I'll kill you
I wonder if Marty Freeman seen this I think he would like it
High On Summer
This is why we need a wall
Phillip Riggins
Great job, thanks for posting this video.
Roberto Nome
Awesome cover
Vincenzo Failla
Wow fast and furious
SS 70
i actually headbanged along :D
Jeremy Roberts
250 people skipped music appreciation class. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT PEOPLE??
La polla...
yousif ace
Prashant Nepal
Damn this is god level! so good fun to watch and listen. Dead 😖😖😖and this must be how heaven must sound like 😇😇😇
R.I.P. Rodrigo y Gabriela.
Joe Smith
Question, what is causing the tapping in the background? Is there a drum or is he tapping his foot or what because I can't see his hands making the percussive sound I'm hearing.
Dylan Craig
. . . . . but can he play Breadline . . . . ?
Chong Li
god dayum nigga!
This guy has a lucky girlfriend.
Mark Eastman
Ben Woods that was amazing.
R. Vered
I will personally sterilize the two people who disliked this!
Benjamin Lara
Wow 0:54 - 1:11 that was amazing
Rock Music
perfect perfect
Anubhav chauhan
I just signed a contract to kill 180 people!
Edimar Dutra
Oh God ! The best of two worlds
Argentina Libertaria
Paco De Lucia meets Thrash Metal
Miguel Bleile
Exelente cover!! Me encanto!!😍
*gutural olé*
This guy is an amazing player, but holy wars sounds shit acoustic
Aaron Stone
next do Spanish fly
Sanen Longkumer
While I struggle with picks.
BKLYN Kreizer
ole españa cabrones de ahi salio ese arte
The finger movement looks so unreal, great job!
How to rekt Mustain in under 3 mins Brutally, might I add
Skyler Chase
Timothy Brave
*throws guitar out window* WELL SHIT
Александр Калугин
Супер, отличная техника. Лайк
Michal Bernát
Oh my God! Your right hand and fingers are amazing!
What’s wrong, couldn’t handle the Marty Friedman solo?? 😂
Ryad Achaïbou
That bend around 1:40 was brutal
Nikola Simonovski
This is better then porn xD