Kids Who CRIED Over Christmas Presents

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Kids react when opening Christmas presents and being disappointed, some even cry. Have you ever cried over an xmas or birthday gift? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! CHEAPEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!

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ayyyy double upload but did you watch both videos today?
asapquez 6572
My ears got hats
big bad wolf b
Our parents spent 5000 dollars on our Christmas presents
Ellie Davidson
Alina G.
It’s 2018 so I mean, I’d be happy with $50 dollars, but if it were two years before, man I would’ve been one of the happiest kids out there in the wilderness.
Weronika Wojciechowska
If I had $50 my mind would explode with happiness and say thank you 5000 times
I need that hat
mayushi ienaga sama
Wow. .. they even get presents. We don't get presents from our parents not even on special occasions. They are so lucky and they are complaining
Zo3a .h27
Dude i got a *google samsung* that was created in 2010, I got it in 2018. It wasnt bad tho. I'd rather have it instead of an iphone. *AND I DIDNT FREAKING CRY OVER IT!*
Angelina Wei
I once got a calculator for Christmas and I loved it (since I was like 10 years old)
Lps Cimarron
You could buy breyer horses with 50 dollars!😀
phoebe Daniel
My friend made $72:00 from a lemonade stand and she is only 7
mochi mochi
i dont get gifts anymore because i tell them that giving me money for my food the whole school year is a gift already 😂😂 because every month i get around 50 riyals (10 riyals every other day.) and if school has 5 months before christmas then i get 250 riyals. id be the happiest already 😂
Stacy istolazy1235
Ya she got a iPhone 3 and I wanted it but I got a iPhone 6...bruh
Last Christmas my parents were like “we have something for you” i saw it it was a freaking plate box i opened it to see if they’re actual plates inside but it was a iPhone X YAY P.S. My grandma got me a flipping Barbie and I’m 16
Aoibhe Emilia
Gaming Wolf
I would have liked the soap
Tiff N
I would love to have the I phone 4 when the 8 is out
Gems Mary
I think every kid should be greatly for what they got and I’m nine years old and I have an iPhone six and if I got an iPhone three then that would be amazing for me so yeah be great full please
F.C.L studios
50 bucks iz g00d 4 ur soul.
Jakob Mayert
Once my mom gave me a ps3 and it was just a box. Later they gave me the ps3.
Itz Space Girl
what i got Imac Google pixel 2 slime supplies piece of broken leather
If I got that 50 dollars I would buy v-bucks lol 😂
Liam TG
Max a ps4 is 400 bucks not 70,000
He could.have bought gta5
The Herd Life
It's just good manners to act like bad presents are good!
Uploaded 1 day before my birthday
Odaliz lopez
People should be grateful for what they have (for X-mas) I don't get anything but at least I have my family and friends and love. Also love ur videos
Kaitlyn J loves roblox, minecraft and music
I would apreciate £50 because I could buy candy!🍫🍪
Trendy Taylor
Is it just me or after watching ssniperwolf do you talk like her....
Dogs rule People drool
That kid should be grateful for an iPhone 3 when the 4 cam out! I got a 5 when the ten came out, and some people don’t have a phone at all!
The last guys dad just sounds like sand from undertale 😂
Gallexyy AJ
I got a phone but first I got the case and I thought it was a joke and I opened the phone I was O MAI GAWD
Maryam_ _Memo4life
I would of been so happy if I got food for Christmas cuz I love food!
star frog
I would defenetly smack my kid if i had one if he raged abow geting 50 dollers
Jayne Ferguson
THE SECOND VIDEO WITH THE KID THROWING THE TANTRUM BECAUSE HE GOT $50 IM DYING 😂😂😂😂😂 Edit: HE ALREADY HAD A PS4??!!! Another Edit: He does look like Freddie from iCarly 😂😂😂
star frog
Ive got to age were i can contane my self
Heather Fox
I realy tride to
Heather Fox
I got a nerf gun wen im 11
Jaydyn Martin
I have never got a response
shooting star
Best Christmas phrase of 2017 "I feel bad because I hate it" Ps I feel bad for her though
Heather Fox
Aliya Patel
I once got chocolate coal...IT WAS DELICIOUS
Laurenzside fan
Easy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💔❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Normal 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Hard 👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👨👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦👦
Bryan Reyes
I once got socks i didn't even like them but i pretended i did
Lazor Whale
I'm just hoping for a phone and I'm 14
Kayy Mac
he asked for money he got money for his computer
Naidelyn Roblero
I'd be grateful for everything
Unicorn master Castro
My worst gift is socks
Mercedes Magana
I had a wonderful childhood until my stupid brother told me that the tooth fairy isn't real and santa is not real and nobody spoiled his fricken childhood
You turned out alright i think Lia 😉
dayyyyyuuuuummmm i would have been happy w/ 50 bucks those kids are sooo spoiled
Candy Moon
Me On My Birthday My Mom :What Do You Want For Breakfast Pancakes bacon- Me: Cereal
Bryce Hamby
I have 777 dollars
Olivia Celano
Santa is real😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😡
ɴɪᴄᴋ ɪs 2ɴᴅ
*Ay* *Two videos in one day again :D*
Doge Playz
I think max was having a seizure on his bed...
baby ferret
Every one wanted a iPhone in 2017 but I want a Google pixel and I got one! And it's great✨🙂
Mini Letz Plays
I’m good with just something at least they give you something like be grateful
Lupita Roman
I could of use the soup for slime
Fluffy Joe
What I want for Christmas is getting love by sssniperwolf
Crazy Deva Wolf
That kid who was crying over getting $50 looks like I've seen him before. Same with the girl that got a IPhone
Pinkbutterfly ruby
I don't have eh thing for Christmas and the next day is my Birthday and no present 🙁🙁😟😟:(
Violeta Rico
I got socks and 3 chocolates............. But some people get nothing so I suck it up
FaZe Thunder
I got a iPhone 5sc for Christmas and the new iPhone 7 was out and it really didn't matter because it's a phone the only thing I needed the phone was for calling and texting
Bunny Irie
dont hit read more You failed
Fancycat345 CVS
Watch max reacting to this vid
Anthony Bechtel
I would have smacked all of them so harh.I wish My parents got me a ps4 and I phone i would have Never asked for.anything ever again
Gamer Ninja
I never got a bad present
I only I got from Christmas is broccoli so I stay on a diet lol.
Antonia Reyes
If I got an Iphone 3, I would just accept it like BOI ITS JUST A PHONE so just deal with it.
Smartt Kide
Who else never gets anything for Christmas or their birthday
Gavin Lawrence
I was extremely grateful when my parents gave me my phone and I didn’t complain it wasn’t the newest iPhone or anything I took my iPhone and after 4 months my 6 year old sister was very mad and she broke it but luckily I had insurance on my phone and I got a new phone for free. And it’s extremely sad when people complain when they get something really cool while some people get nothing, I’m very grateful for everything and everyone that is apart of my life
Felicia Ramirez
why couldn't of I got a psfo actually i alreeady have one got me so good i started craking up
Anonymous YouTuber
I didn't even get anything for Christmas...but I am still happy
game addiction
My pedant always give me p.j’s every year and I love it because I appreciate whatever I can get + I got a super early Christmas gift a brand new truck!! My parents are the best they always get us tasty coal choclet
lps galaxy gamer
heeeeey max can i hav ur 50$ plz all u r spoiled ur moms and dads should take it all ur gifts away like if u agree
50 dollars for one kid and one gets a ps4 a ps4 is 299$ thats rude
Ariana Avery Akther
I want that water bottle
asapquez 6572
All I got for Christmas was schools supplies, like wtf
Ariana Avery Akther
I feel bad cos I hate it 😂
Awesome Anime Girl x3
I dont care what phone i got at least it works
Vmins Bitch
Welp I wanted a teacup pomeranian but i got a iphone X instead :)
Kristelle Kakavouri
I am laughing so much😂😂😂☀️
Creative Coco
*grass fed lemonade*
I only get 50$ for Christmas every year and a little gift and I'm totally great full!
I got a hat that doesn’t even fit me and my parents said it was for my stuffed animal not for me I was around 4 when I got it so I didn’t know the difference between a hat for me or stuffed animals.
Jaelyn Palmer
Girl: it’s a three! Me: I kinda understand Lia/SSSniper Wolf: this was when the 4 came out Me: BRUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!
You look nice Lia! Love the look!
Nats Asmr
I had the iPhone 5 when the iphone 10 came out
Galaxy Pup
I never got a bad Christmas present ever in my life
Lone Wolf
Why the flip are these kids so spoiled these years like give me a penny and I'll be happy! But they're like MOM I WANTED THE IPHONE NOT 100 DOLLARS Bro they are so ungrateful just wait until their parents kick them out, I'll be laughing
Unicorn Slayer
I would be grateful for these gifts if I got them.
SparkleIce WolfTV
I love your hat 😁🐱💖
Braiden Price
The little boy was just eating his rice cake and the girl starts bawling
Max Odell
Ahhhh my name is Max....
Davion Tolliver
All my gives are awesome😁
The Conjuring Universe
My partners got me good presents for being good the worst is either a quad or IPod Nano but I’m still grateful I also have I phone SE and I’m not complained and iPad