Friends: The Movie (2019 Trailer)

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The long awaited trailer for the even longer awaited Friends Movie. Coming 2019 Starring Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. This is a fan trailer. It was created using footage from various programs including Cougar Town, Episodes, Jimmy Kimmel, The Ellen Show, Web Therapy amongst others. Please check out some of my other fan trailers including Jurassic Park - Jurassic World Trailer Mean Girls - The Reunion Toy Story 4- Last Play Scream 5 featuring Oprah #trailer #2019trailers #movietrailer

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Kacie Joy
GUYS FRIENDS NEVER ENDED it was just on a break...
Who is here in 2019 ???
Simona Jandova
This proves how EPIC was this show, when FAKE trailer has more views than real trailers.
*Friends never ended, it was on a break*
Nikhil Sapkale
Posted this video in 2014 and now in 2018this movie is gonna air
Millie Gornsl
it’s 2019 I guess we need the movie right.... :) ?
sarah byrne
I think people think this is real.
Kacie Joy
GUYS FRIENDS NEVER ENDED it was just on a break...
Lija Thomas
Pheobe is still the same.
Alexandra N
If it ever happens as a movie plz have Cole Sprouse 😀
Chloe Animations The Tord Fangirl :D
Sadly this is a FAN trailer.
Friends:the one with the movie Never ended cos WE WERE ON A BREAK!
John Wilkinson
Courtney Cox had one of the most beautiful faces in history. And she had to mess it up. How fucked up is that?
Ivana Benešová
no, just no. I really don't think that people who want a friends reunion are really thinking it through. friends ended, and that okay. there's not gonna be a reunion cause it would ruin everything, I mean, friends were these young and crazy people, now they look and sound different and I don't think people would really like it. friends are meant to live young forever, and that is why it's good how it ended - they started their lives with their families and whole adulty thing, but everything that was before is meant to make us smile anytime we want to ❤ a reunion wouldn't be as good as people imagine it, even actors are saying that. so please, think about it and make your peace, cause that's just how it's supposed to be 😌
schylar collins
i’ll pray for people who think this is legit
Abdo Essa
Every year. Just change the title
Is this real
Amber Gorissen
I wish this was real
Katie KittyCat
Everyone keeps saying “Courtney Cox is ugly now” but no she isn’t she’s still gorgeous and beautiful just like how she always was
Chitra Jhuriya
For one moment.. You gave me hope .. C'mon what do you want? Me to cry?
Finn wolfhard’s bae
It’s 2019.....i am waiting.
I know it's fake, but legit I thought this was genuine until I saw the Jimmy Kimmel skit
Sreedevi R
Last smelly cat 💞
Elle Valentinø
i don't like that they've separated Monica & Chandler and Ross & Rachel ;// thank god this trailer isn't an actual movie 😁
Draco the angry blonde kitten Malfoy
Sammy G
I wish this was real
Chandler Bing
if there's ever an reunion movie, i want opening scene to be, emma watching videos of her 1st birthday on tv and trying to reunite the estranged friends!!!
It's 2019 already,where is new Season??!
Movie 2019 publicado em 2014, esse gringos iventam cada coisa. Mas foi muito bom ver essa turma.
1:30 oh
V S Public School
They all look a lot different in 2018. But love F.R.I.E.N.D.S 😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😗😗😗😗❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞
Henry Llajaruna
Friends: The One with the Movie
Hikee Angel
Este trailer me apareceu hoje? 2019! E foi feito 2014 ? Putz veio de jegue
2018... 😂😂
Shivansh gupta
Friends: the one with the movie!
silverado punked
You changed the title to 2019
Noah Howes
Have you noticed how the year in the title of this video keeps being updated to the present year to get more views.
Austin Reise
Starring Steven Tyler as Monica Geller.
SHK_ Turner
how you doing hahahahha
Mallory Janco
No me lo esperaba y ustedes?😄
Edgar Romero
Que tráiler más aburrido, es enserio? Friends se merece una mejor producción 😭
RoyaLeAdriana MV
I feel sad though cause we need to move on but there is no show that is even close to being better than friends!
Mal 398
Felipe Orozco
Like si no entendiste ni madres xd
Maycon Hilario
Tem br aqui?
Sonam Blossom
One way or another u can always go back to the 1st episod from the last episod ...♡♡♡♡
Teta Arijana Gomez
I'm just finished watching friends and I'm so sad tried to be exited excited for something to come but this is so fake whyyyyyyy!!!!!! I was hoping they would do something like how full house is doing fuller house.
Оооо круто! Бллллляяяяя😀😀😀
I don't know why I found this on my home but I felt in love with this, a real film would be wonderful
Ahhh I’m here in 2019 still not here !
Hug -A- Bull
Jennifer Aniston doesn't age...
Olivia Fox
Charlotte Jump
I think if you do this sort of thing you should put in the title that it’s fake or it was just for fun or just something that doesn’t make the watcher annoyed. I know you wouldn’t get as much views but who cares? Unless you like to boast about that sort of thing. I wish this was real as well because I love friends and that’s is why I tapped onto this video but I wish I hadn’t now
Jesse M
If ONLY! I mean, ya, it'd probably be bad, but who cares? It would be interesting to see. JUST AN OPINION PEOPLE!
Pacman 7001
people NO its over i'm sory its not gone come back Courtney Cox sad it
cat intensifies
Lol it seems like a lot of people actually think this is real
Wholio's TOONS
2019 movie. *A movie. If it's fanmade, make it at least look like a 2019 movie.*
NoahBones 12
None of this shit makes sense though......
Avril Lavigne Fans
Wish it would be true
Felipe Giglio
2019 anyone?
Shivansh gupta
Smelly, smelly, smelly, smelly!
subhan tanveer
It's 2018!!!!!
Magenta-Chan Playz
Well then. I’m ready.
So many mixed feelings about this... I was so happy to see there's a Friends movie coming out, very disappointed with the trailer halfway through, realized it was fake by the end and was relieved. Now I've realized that a Friends movie probably wouldn't be so great after all.
Dragon Ball, Z y GT
It is a fake, isn't it?
Zarah Coope
I love friends
Linus Grande ivarsen
I’m waiting
Ash Jawadi
30 mil views on a fake trailer... got nothing but respect for that!
Isa Palm
I’m watching this in 2019
e m m a
Oliwia Singh
Deep fake
Mónica Vargas
Me encanta ojala y sea cierto que van a pasar la película 😍
All fake my friends
Rupakar Dhruv
Fake video
alex hay
it’s 2019 where’s this at????
Sheikha Alshammari
Even if it is fake I love it ❤️💗💖😍🥰😘
Estan muy viejos
Melati Oktaviane
o.m.g it's 2019 where is new Season?
Nolabean Dexter
Is this real
İt is unbelievable. We are in 2019 and 'friends' is going to back.
Rick Jones
Phebe is the only one who got right back into character.
Ronald 1984
N123 u
The other trailer by smash gave me more feels. Didnt like this one
Darian Shimizu
2019 trailer but posted 4 years ago ... what is this ?
Abigail Martin
I wish this was real
Mais que sisters
irène az
Alors la 😍😍😍
Gacha Hamster
Iva Gajin
Leonardo Chávez
Everyone looks different, but Lisa Kudrow... OMG she doesn't age
Alyson Redfield
que fakezão da porra
Studd Sean
Phoebe is soooo cute...😍😍
Fernanda Salvatore
Quando vai sair aqui no Brasil?
Emily Edwards
I wish
Amal Musse
Lisa Kudrow is just the same as back then and she looks gorgeous. But wtf happend to Courtney Cox.
Noe Cases
Estaría bien la peli, pero no sería lo mismo sin la actriz que doblaba a Mónica.... D.E.P.
Лёля Л
Господи!!!!!неужели?это ж предел мечтаний-хочу чтоб друзья не заканчивались никогда!!!!!!!)))))))