Final Approach VR Gameplay - WORST TRAFFIC CONTROLLER (HTC Vive)

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Final Approach VR gameplay on the Vive! I become an air traffic controller for the day in a series of increasingly difficult locations! Series Playlist: />► Check out my store: ◄ ♥ Subscribe: ♥ Website: />Twitch Channel: />Yogscast Games Store: /> Facebook: />Reddit: />Twitter: @YogscastSjin Our iOS App: /> 25% Yogscast discount on game servers! /> Powered by Chillblast: />Mailbox: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125 Bristol BS2 2DG Business enquiries: [email protected]

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This actually blew my mind. It just looks like a perfect use of the technology's capabilities.
Marko Fithian
The city level makes me think just how awesome this thing would be with a Godzilla simulator.
Sjin did 9/11 confirmed
Roj H
Welcome to Sjin Air, where your destination's always terminal!
Nice motion sickness simulator.
The metro airport has 3 runways.... and sjin keeps making planes land on ones he's already used from the other side XS
PyroShark _
loving this vr series
Czar Hay
and now he's on a no fly listing...
Anon Ymoose
this must be what it was like to be god on 9/11
The Spurloopian Ambassador
Sjin you sadist, holy hell so many ruined families
what editor edited this video... they deserve a raise ;)
Dylan Graham
Sjin took his inspiration from pearl Harbour
Weary Man
Oh dear God the jiggly screen movement! *Urk* I think I'm going to be ill....
victor sels
Did nilsey did the voice of the pilots
The editing was superb in this
Why was there a me 262 there? hahah
Bradley Turmel
the voiceover reminds me of a voice from tonka construction or fire and rescue. lots of memories.
OMG I just realiesed which game would be perfekt for VR... BRING BACK "BLACK & WHITE"!!
Love the edit
Omg the constant you shaking your head around.
Neo Baggins
Just got my shipping info for my vive. I immediately bought $200 worth of games on steam. I have a problem...But it's okay, I can get evicted, lose my car, I can just truck my computer, vive and base station stands down to the community center, sell time in the vive for food, and use it to escape my miserable existence the rest of the time...Naw, I'll be fine, massive tax refund! Thanks, Obama!
Today in "Games that don't need to be VR" : Final Approach
WolfPack DiggyDog24
Full Dive Brain Wave VR (FDBWVR) Is going to be so fricking awesome!
Haven't laughed my ass off at a video in a while. This is perfect - Sjin's hijinks, the editing, the VR...everything.
The editor is amazing
Brass Dragon
PERFECT THREE STARS!!! don't mind all the deaths it is fine XD
Am I the only one who sees the smudge on the right side of the video?
Gabriel Wallace
Whoever edited this deserves millions. Those texts had me in tears.
Michele Del Giudice
what's with the editing? Cool, but unespected.
Ferry van Herk
that edit tho.
Want to see a Civ game in VR :O
Is Barry the editor of this video? The commentary is so spicy
Lol I just had serious déjà vu with the seagulls, remember when they were making planes and hat films just started slaughtering seagulls on gmod?
"Did I do that?" No, your air-horn didn't set fire to the plane. It was the plane that was on fire in the runway. Also, that air-horn is the most annoying thing in video games ever. It's worse than Navi.
Hahaha I like how the luggage was going to Houston and Dallas and had Texas stickers on all of it. I'm wondering if that airport was based on any one in particular as well.
I don't have motion sickness, but VR playthroughs make me feel sick with all of that head nodding. I can't even watch this.
This airport has an inordinate amount of burning vehicles.
This is actually pretty fun. Problem is watching that on the monitor got me feeling disoriented. Funny enough I don't feel that when I am the one behind the headset
Jason Meads
after seeing this im just thinking, bring on all the german sims for the vive! (cant wait to walk around in my fields of wheat in farming sim!!)
6:10 Aww man the possibilities for this game...have already been exhausted in 5 minutes.
The added "pls stop horn........ pls" was great. Who ever you hired as your editor Sjin is top-notch! Keep them forever!
thats a great way to play some VR just wish i had the chance to try and play!
Quite nice video. The disadvantage of recorded VR-gameplay is obviously the link to the head movement. I couldnt watch longer than 2 min...
Nathan Aitken
Remember when this was on dsi??
William S
YAYA i love this Sjin thank you !!
Editor reminds me of the stuff Criken does. Which adds so much to the humor of his videos when those words pop up.
Yo man, if you're not too busy could find me a place to land? My plane is a is little on fire… thanks, don't mean to be a bother
Re Connect
The times when simon was a minecraft genius and lewis knew nothing
Sheld Owned
1:26 "Oh would you look at that, MY FREAKING FINGER"
This video gave me motion sickness x_x Awesome tho. I managed to watch it to the end tho XD
Dukee Dog
German Me 262 at 6:14
All the planes are on fire because they just came back from Yoglabs.
DJ Dan
people died wow sjin I wonder why. it probably wasnt due to the fact that you guided them to their deaths
MLG seagull scaring simulator
VR games just don't work for let's plays. At all haha.
The Duke Of Dorks
Now I need to see a game were you are a Kaiju destroying a city.
Nuclear Panda
Never realised Nilesy was a helicopter pilot!
Samahawk 360
I'm never gonna make it to my FINAL DESTINATION oh yes you will
Jay Ozello
And this is why sjin should never be God
Happy 4/20 everyone! Remeber to make sure you share.
Baeron Bubba
Thank you editor! I also gave a nice thanks to everyone who thanked the editor! Thumbs up for everyone!
Official TheOmegaWolfster
I like the light harded feel of his channel now lol
Elliot Taylor
6:16 ME262?
so that's what god sees when he looks down
umm skin those moustaches are medals
terrorist simulator 2016
Sjin must have edited this on 4/20 o_O
I want my Vive so bad I'm still waiting for it :(
Andii Mc
Eugh, this made my brain hurt, had to turn it off. sorry sjin
jelte jelsema
A fine collection of moustaches indeed
Keyboard Bandit
In this episode, Sjin becomes a terrorist.
Oh man the generator exploded. Guss i should have stuck the top of it with C4
As a pilot Sjin you're horrible
It's like black and white in VR.
Seggins Productions
That homer reference was great
1.40 hope Duncan didn't walk in
connor loben
Play job sim plz
Will Owen
Games are gonna be so awesome.....
Nice... best rip-off of Flight Control I've seen yet!
Handsome Kiddo
The dank text really added to this video! xD
Decatur Ramsey
cant watch this, the motion sickness is to strong -.-''
The Most Red
The editing is pure gold
damn this looks awesome
RageFireDoom Games
10/10 editing
TWP ShieldGuy
Black&white on this platform please
Lucas Hotle
9/11 simulator
Jackson Hawkins
I want to see a VR minecraft
Captain Obvious
editing is pretty funny lol
You move too much, made me nauseous.
Gothedrill Terror
bored of this vr stuff
DJ Goku
21:22 that chopper was so cheesy
Handsome Kiddo
21:48 SJIN DID 9/11
Seagulls forever mate
Congrats to the editor
sjin trying to reenact 9/11 xD
Hunter Jayson
today is 4/20 Yas
lol "you're joking mate"