EF Bristol, England UK – Info Video

* Take an English language course at EF Bristol /> Study abroad and learn English on a language course with EF International Language Centers in Bristol, England. EF offers language travel, language courses, summer camps, language immersion programs, exchange programs, university preparation abroad and other study abroad programs. Choose from short summer language courses abroad to full academic year or university studies abroad. EF International Language Centre Bristol Custom House, Queen Square Bristol BS1 4JQ United Kingdom (44) 117 930 3500

Lamine Am
Its unbelievable few months ago i was just watching the video of EF BRISTOL and wondering what it would feel to be there, few months after i was there it feels so weird to see this video now knowing that i was there :) 2 months ago thank you EF BRISTOL for all your help and for this fulfilling experience and i can't wait to visit Bristol again :)
Enrique Moraga Ramos
Sterling, but you have to agree with me that some people there use a type of English of their own, don't they? How be? for example.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
I dont know why yall wanna choose Brtistol guys but I choose Bristol because S K I N S ❤️
Kaka Likhari
I love England so much
ed rodriguez
I am thinking in going to Bristol with EF in April 2015! ... Should I go there? can somebody tell me if it is a very good option?!?! 
n m
Wow this actually inspired me to go there, it seems like a city for me because i love art, culture, music, languages, and growing as a person etcetc
Ramon LeBlanc Harts
My great-great-great maternal grandfather George Digges is from Bristol and I'am looking for my relatives the Digges.
Cosmin Nastase 2
So Cool!
Bu Ngun PhokSangArun
that' i have been night....many time.
Sterling D
So many uses of the word "hip". Jesus, I live in bristol it's not that hip!
Jacob White Media
Would I be able to use any of these shots for an educational documentary on CCTV I am currently editing?
Enrique Moraga Ramos
Ed, I spent 3 months in this beautiful 'city and county' and can assure you they were 3 marvellous months for me. But it was long time ago. They say it is de Seville of the United Kingdom for its relations with America, centuries ago.
Hola !! Sin duda las experiencias con EF son increibles, he conocido a gente marsvillosa con la que sigo manteniendo contacto, las clases son super internacionales y el ambiente lo mejor. Cualquier problema te lo resuelven. He viajado con otras compañias y sin duda me quedo con esta. Si teneis alguna pregunta podeis contactar conmigo sin problema☺ Insta: @camii1804 y si hablais conmigo o vais de mi parte tendreis descuento en el curso! Yo también he estado en la misma situación que vosotros asi que estaré de ayudaros:D
Domenico Giannino
Questa Estate non sai cosa fare? Richiedi un catalogo EF proprio qui: http://my.ef.com/Domenico.Giannino Otterrai informazioni per un viaggio studio o addirittura un anno all'estero Negli USA o in Inghilterra e tanti altri mozzafiato luoghi di interesse! Viaggiare amplia gli orizzonti, la mente e il cuore!
Keith Green
If you are on a working holiday with and time to spare\waist I suggest a bus ride from Bristol to Severn Beach, it won't be the destination thats worth worthwhile and may be only the journey. It is said Bristol is 13 miles across. Oh , and its ship shape, ideal, and Bristol fashion to quote some funny local ways of talk.
Cecilia Duro Batalla
Hola!! Soy cecilia y viaje este verano a Los Angeles y mi experiencia fue alucinante. Me encantaría compartirla contigo sin ningún problema y contarte todo lo que hice para que sepas lo que es si quieres ir. Además si vas de mi parte puedes recibir descuentos. ¿Quieres sabes más? Mi instagram es @ceciliadurob también puedes ver fotos sobre mi experiencia ahí. Si viajas espero que lo disfrutéis tanto como yo. Sin palabras de verdad. Ef te da experiencias para recordar.
great you came to wonderful Bristol , next time try the Portland square, st pauls , maybe leafy hart of the cliffe