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Assassin's Creed all missions list: ✠ Memory Block 1 00:00:03 - Masyaf ✠ Memory Block 2 00:29:25 - Tamir ✠ Memory Block 3 01:04:10 - Garnier de Naplouse 01:26:48 - Talal ✠ Memory Block 4 01:46:37 - Abu'l Nuqoud 02:11:16 - William de Montferrat 02:33:22 - Majd Addin ✠ Memory Block 5 02:54:56 - Jubair al Hakim 03:20:50 - Sibrand ✠ Memory Block 6 03:38:25 - Robert de Sable 04:02:30 - Arsuf ✠ Memory Block 7 04:24:37 - Final combat with Masyaf Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Release date: NA November 13, 2007 .............................................................................. G+: />My Facebook:

Forgot how ahead of its time this game was back in 2007 in terms of graphics and details amazing .
Ivan R
summer 2009... I decided to give this game a try and was totally blown by the whole premise of DNA memories, gameplay and gorgeously designed cities of Damascus, Jerusalem and Acre full of detail and atmosphere... Been fan ever since and later played every game until AC4... Kinda saddens me when I see what has become of the series, tho. Odyssey has a beautiful map but the second I saw big massive fights and a flaming sword (at least I thought what it was), I was instantly dissapointed.
Bailz 493
Anyone 2019 now
Louis Saludo
when i first played this game when i was demoted im like "since ive been demoted can i get my finger back?"
Ismael Cruz
Dont treat this game bad its the first assassin creed they made
3:00:51 that close call :D
Saul The gamer
Like if watching in 2018
I guess the next one will be Assassin's Creed 2?:)
bill cypher
the first assassin was way better than the first witcher the last assassin can never be close to the third witcher quite an irony, right?
Dave Aston
assasins creed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
caprice lps
Am i the only one here that is in 2018
Masoud Kh
Still the best assassin games series i had ever played
Ahmad Hassan
unpopular opinion this was the best assassins creed game for its story and the more realistic gameplay
Hayden G3
When you're replaying AC so you can do the Ezio Collection, and the game disc becomes "unreadable" at 4:20:11
Ryan Melton
theres on action in this game but its still fun to play
Sonic Boy 101
It's AC1. Before this comment there are 111 comments.
Ayaan Asif
Graphics are like brotherhood
alex browning
U never really cherish the cut scenes until its gone lol
can we reach 2k subscribers pls no vids
assasins creed brotherhood Connect
Shashi Kumar Singh
All assassin creed is great
OMT Games
it's 2018 and i still really love this game
Saptomita Roy Choudhury
Good gameplay
Hardcore nostalgia-gasm.
Ziad Hassanien
bro ... i have the same game but can you tell me where is this place in 1:55:00 >>?
Darth Vader
Assassin's creed Is One of my favourite game But i find this game a little bit scary
1000 Subscribers with no videos.
AHHH Altair such a smart assassin
Rahij Anshal
Josh Blair
Best ac.
fadxi saylici
i like this veryr well
Samuel Evans
like it and it is a little vilance
Harry D Connor
AC 1 and AC 2 series still the best AC games
huynh nguyen
this game talk so fcking much, i have to wait for them talking so long.
Lauraine Fils
Ima get this game on steam
Wild Wolf
Whats name on that game and how to get it and how much?😍🇳🇴😎
Gg man
"All MIssions".... dude, it's more "Minimum Missions" to finish the game...
Manatsh Pradhan
mindblowing game
Lord MaDaRa
U may complete this game but brother u play like novice...this game play in general and Master all attack skill..last but not the list... THNX to share ur experience..
Burrito Jack
Might as well start here lol
Delimaho Sesame
it s all false historical events
Anthony Hutchison
Aun Salamat
William gaming1618
Have a good graphic
Rodolpho ferreira gaimer
KawaiiNemo kun
You are really Best man..
Jad Abboud
Nice game
dexja 7
...wery intresting viu...
Diptesh Halder
How do I download it for??
just agamer
Mia Payne
2019/01/03 😁
Woah he got a 30. Second sleep wow 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴
chan yuki
Danyka Danil
which software do you use for game recording in smaller size?
Soham Manna
Hey buddy Gamers name, can you plzzzzz tell me how you got the english language? Mine is Russian, and I don't understand a damn thing! Plzzzz help!
I love you man! You're the best of the best!
Sheikh Shuvo
Mia Payne
عزت خليل ابراهيم
Annalee Palmer
4 hours it took me 1 hour
Tamomeister 12345
how did you download this game? I can't find it anywhere
S.C.P. dokumentumok
For ME its still BETTER than origins!!
His american accent sounds so stupid
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