42 Things You Missed In Split (2016)

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There are loads of clues about Split's connection to Unbreakable hidden throughout the movie -- did you notice any of them? ► Subscribe: (Don't forget to turn on deathbell notifications!) 👕 CZsWorld Merch Store: /> In just one week, the long awaited return of David Dunn and Elijah Price hits theaters, and to prepare for it, I'm doing a Things You Missed marathon including everything you might have missed in the Eastrail 177 trilogy. Last week, I covered 63 Things You Missed In Unbreakable, so this week I'll be going over some of the the things you might have missed in it's surprise sequel, Split. Split is actually loaded with clues about it's shocking twist ending, but you're unlikely to notice them without knowing to look for them. That's where I come in. I just need your credit card number and the digits on the back. That last part was a joke. In this video I'll be digging out all the easter eggs and connections to Unbreakable including structural similarities, similar shot compositions, references to superheroes and even a scene that is almost line for line a remake of an iconic scene from Unbreakable. I'll also go over how the color symbolism in Split fits in with the entire series, talk about homages to director M Night Shyamalan's hero, Alfred Hitchcock, and point out some secret messages put into the film by crew members. Finally, I'll analyse the film and talk about how the secret of the location was set up and analyse the behaviour of some of the characters and identities of The Horde, such as Kevin, Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, Barry... and Norma? Etcetera. #Unbreakable #SplitMovie #GlassMovie -About Glass- M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of two of his standout originals—2000’s Unbreakable, from Touchstone, and 2016’s Split, from Universal—in one explosive, all-new comic-book thriller: Glass. From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. Joining from Split are James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast. Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men. Joining the all-star cast are Unbreakable’s Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Woodard, who reprise their roles as Dunn’s son and Price’s mother, as well as Golden Globe Award winner Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story series). This riveting culmination of his worldwide blockbusters is produced by Shyamalan and Blumhouse Production’s Jason Blum, who also produced the writer/director’s previous two films for Universal. They produce again with Ashwin Rajan and Marc Bienstock, and Steven Schneider and Kevin Frakes, who executive produce. Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum also serve as executive producers. A Blinding Edge Pictures and Blumhouse production, Glass will be released by Universal Pictures in North America on January 18, 2019, and by Buena Vista International abroad. Eastrail 177 Things You Missed Videos 🔀 Playlist: />📺 Unbreakable: />📺 Glass Trailer: /> Music 🎵 CZsWorld Intro - OST Maker (© 2018 CZsWorld) 🎵 Suspensify - Blimp66 (CC BY 3.0) 🎵 First Day To Nowhere - kablejee (CC BY 3.0) 🎵 Danger Around the Corner - Darren Curtis (CC BY 3.0) 🎵 Monster Area - jedimetal (CC BY 3.0) ► Subscribe: />👕 CZsWorld Merch Store: /> CZsWorld is a horror film channel by writer-director Zac Morris. New horror videos every week. Remember to turn on deathbell notifications so you don't miss a video! Follow CZsWorld on Social Media ► Visit CZs Homepage: ► Twitter: />► Instagram: />► Facebook: />► Google+: /> This video is not sponsored.

NEW VIDEO. The trilogy is complete -- here's how the Things You Missed in GLASS bring the series full circle. 🔍 https://youtu.be/NKpuVKSC6iY
I have red socks.
Chris Anthony
The creepiest part is when the girl's uncle makes her play like an animal and take her clothes off. That's how pedophiles are in real life. It's not usually a stranger in a van offering you candy, or a split personality psychopath kidnapping you; it's more likely going to be someone close to your family getting you to do stuff that scars you forever, yet it seems kind of innocent when it first happens.
Couch Time
M Night trying to be like Stan Lee with his cameos
Damn it took 16 years after Unbreakable to make Split, was M Night waiting for McAvoy to be born so he could Cast him 😆
radical dreamer
I don't think it was just luck that her advice to the girl worked. I think it was two things: 1. The germaphobe personality had been complaining about cleanliness. 2. She probably uses/used this tactic when her uncle attacks her.
Dominique James
"We are glorious. We will no longer be afraid. Only through pain, can you achieve your greatness. The impure, the untouched, the unburned, the unslain. Those that have not been torn, have no value in themselves! They are asleep! The broken are the more evolved!" Am I the only one who thought "The Beast" had a valid point?
This is such a great movie etcetera
And about Casey going back to her uncle, i think that it's not so much that she doesn't want to go back with her uncle, but that scene in the cab, her look is more like "now he's going to pay" (i thought she might kill him! Turns out, as we learn in glass, that she just sent him to jail!) - This is important because it is the thing that makes the link between her and Kevin, when Kevin sees that she is broken inside, it's kinda like a revelation to her also, a new found force and power, and this is why she goes to see Kevin at the facility in glass, she understands why he lost his mind and she is thankful for that encounter in a way, as she probably would have kept enduring her abusive uncle if she had not encountered Kevin! There is also something that i found very deep while subtle in the way the 3 girls react in the first scene in which they're captives! Casey is particularly smart, while the 2 other girls are portrayed as "normal people". Casey gives advices, is the one who they should listen to, she should be a leader, but they instead react like "nvm, she's a weirdo" and reject her from their little group! Totally fits with the final conclusion of glass, normal people will never tolerate anyone special! Seems like bright movie director Shyamalan is silently screaming that to us all along; so i'm not so surprised that glass feels so depressing in the end, the trilogy's message is as awful as ... realistic!
Rachael Ward
I CAN NOT WAIT for "Everything you missed in GLASS".... It's gonna be soooooo cool!!!! 🤘👍😝
Brittany 182
Women are normally told to pee on themselves if they’re about to be sexually assaulted to hopefully deter the attacker.
Pan With The Plan
I hope she exposes her uncle. When he said “I’m your uncle!” She should have replied “no, you’re just an animal.”
Amanda Welch
After you mentioned that the beast was released on the train because his dad may have been on the train with david when it derailed, it had me wondering if david figures it out and uses the knowledge of Elijah causing the derailment to get the beast to turn on Elijah in glass. 🤔
Hefizba Beula
i hoooooooped that her uncle get murder
Tony M
Split has an amazing soundtrack, beautiful cinematography, great acting especially McAvoy and amazing director from M.Night Shymalan. Definetly worth a watch. Glad you did this on Glass. 9.3/10
Qarnayn _
My personal subtle favorite is that David Dunn (Bruce Willis) shows up at the end in a diner. What is the theme of the diner he is eating in? Doesn't it oddly enough look like the dining trailer of a train? I don't know if anyone here has ridden an AMTRACK in the Northeast but they have that design. In fact, this while movie has train imagery.
Alyanna Faith
Bruhhh this movie is the best Thanks CZ this is gonna make me question life
Sherlynn Tan
5:21 I just ate a hotdog lol
George Dawson
It occurs to me; do all of the horde have their own separate rooms? Makes you wonder what each of them look like
the bloodfang clan
He's comin for you he's Comin for all of you, I have blue socks too
Can’t wait till I watch glass I love split, unbreakable, etcetera See what I did there!! No...ok
prashant didule
Lets take a moment and think what a genius is M.knight
Briana Smith
Assuming we both survive I don’t know if I will make it to the next one I hope I do but depression is not on my side right now and I feel like this isn’t worth it anymore.. I wanna see the new movie coming out next week I just hope I am here to see it being alone and having no one to talk to or to communicate with is really killing me right now I hope things get better soon pray I make it to the next one but on another note thanks for being the highlight of my day and coming out with another video it really helped me a lot thank you Cz world thank you so much 😊
sifat shams
I am literally shitting my pants over these early reviews of Glass. For the past 2 years I've totally been assuming that it would be amazing. I'm praying that it'll at least be good enough for me to love, even if no one else does. Fingers crossed.
Claudia K
You're awesome. No matter how often I have watched a movie, you always find things I overlooked. I remember that while watching Split for the first time, I found it odd that the psychologist was talking about superpowers, but I did not really get it was a sequel until the final scene.
Amy Rosebrock
I can read quite a bit of the notes the doctor has on the two files, but some words I cannot and I'll just put ? for them. Top file I cannot read the very top it's too blurry but starting with the second paragraph Patricia has now informed the group of the ? beast Patricia is the mother figure She is a caretaker and can ? ? ? A designer of fashion She is well educated and formidable. Her call collaborator is Dennis as they are ? deep in an interesting pact He is dreadful and Tough and she is centered. The two have established to the power delivering. ( I couldn't see the last lines) Next page again I couldn't read the very top. starting with second paragraph Analyzing of abuse reignited ? What is current beast successor. What if vulnerability is the reason they need a caretaker Personality is such ? come to encompass the primal ? of the beast Patricia's persona has a singular purpose or desire. Protecting Kevin. Patricia believes in ????? (Also couldn't read the bottom
cosmo fate
I think the hord is a hero and a villian because some of his personalities are good and some are bad
Ryan Likes You
Lets break the Glass
Jack Mars
As a response to your question "when did you know it was a sequel?" I knew it was a sequel to Unbreakable at the point where the Dr. starts explaining how The Beast's powers work...how he can cling to walls, etc. That whole speech was just straight out of a comic book movie and got me thinking about Unbreakable...and I basically spent the rest of the movie waiting for Bruce Willis to show up and save the day. I was actually surprised when the end credits started and we hadn't seen him, but once I realized it was an actual after credit sequence I knew he would be in it.
Same thing happened as what happened last video you made *7 COMMENTS* I love these videos but in some of your videos what is the evil opposite you that I call ZC who is he and why are they here. WE NEED ANSWERS Edit:you ate a hotdog YEAH I SAW THAT
Nothing about the hints that Casey might have mind control powers?
Young ACE
You might be pregnant now
Nicole Vincent
I didn't understand the bit with Bruce Willis until the trailer to that new film came out and i watched it again
Edmund Sikorski
Remember when Mr. Glass talks about the Coalition of Evil in Unbreakable trying to figure out all of the Superhero's weaknesses? Possibly connected to the Clover Society? Or much of a stretch?
mo arroz
Btw i stopped at 1:22 at colors but doesn't the color "yellow" mean purity? It was frequently used in the film the village as so. I believe the blind girl used that color cloak. The red was the feared one. He likes to interconnect stuff
Kazually Kunfuzed
Very well done. Just rewatched Split and it's unbelievable the clues to the zoo are everywhere
Another cool factoid. The radio that Hedwig hands Casey is a Motorola MT-500. Same model radio used in the movie Ghostbusters.
Miss Priss
Honestly, I had absolutely no clue this was a sequel until Bruce Willis appeared at the very end. The only hint I got was while the horde was removing the bullet fragments, the music started to play and I thought it was odd that they would use the same music as they did in Unbreakable.
Shawn McDonald
The biggest clue dr staple is a fraud was the extra precautions taken to secure David. His cell was reinforced. He was chained to the floor with a steel plate. She knew they were real and that was the first clue.
Okay I'm pretty sure the 4 and the T are a bit of a stretch if you ask me. Those two things could be ANYTHING that relates to a 4 or a T. Left 4 Dead. Trask Industries from X-Men. See what I mean?
Edward J Ford
I think Casey was a patient of Dr Fletcher. Dr. Fletcher talks about a female patient with multiple personalities and later Casey never sees Dr Fletchers face after she died.
You know, most videos like this are very far-fetched. But everything you described about Unbreakable and Split has incredible merit to it. Also, knowing M.Night for who he his and all his twists in all his movies, im actually convinced its all true from your descriptions. Great job, dude!
George Glass
"Well, the letter T in this Taxi cab service is also a reference to the Teen Titans logo" LMAO No it isn't. And then he says "The pieces are all coming together". Pieces to what? Nothing was explained in reference to Teen Titans after that that comment. But it is related to Fantastic Four because that was a stretch.
Pretty cool. I thought this would be a clickbait video that's pointing out obvious things, but it really has a new perspective. Ps: i got an ad for Glass while watching this 😅
Kawaii Beat
I just subbed liked and hit dat bell
Michael McDermott
I caught the "like they have powers" line when I first watched Split. It made me think of Unbreakable at the time, but I didn't think that Split was directly related to Unbreakable after that scene. I just thought maybe it was thrown in to get people talking about the fan theory of a Shyamalan shared universe that had made the rounds a few years before. When Dunn showed up on screen at the end, I immediately thought I should have known that of course it wasn't just fan-bating. Split was Shyamalan's best film in years, and when he's on top of his game, there's nothing that's put in the film just to get a reaction. There's always a point. I felt dumb as hell.
What The F Blog
9:40... THANK YOU!!!! Ive watched several vids to see other ppls takes on these movies and YOU are the only one that sats her scars are from abuse!!! Other channels want to say they are self harm scars and THEY AREN'T!!! So.. THANK YOU!!!
Scott K
You remind me of Todd from Wedding Crashers.
Big Chris 2
They say this one has a suprise ending- Mr Glass's mama.
luna cavi
3:50 boyyyyyy u cannot do this!!! I am watching this video at 2 am in the morning...u scared the shit out of me
Robert Melvin
The funniest thing about Split was the number of people who got up and left or were about to leave just before the end credit scene at the diner slowly began to appear. It wasn't until the diner scene that I was then forced to rethink the whole movie and purchase the Blu-Ray to see what else I had missed.
The Mad Cat
The second I heard that soundtrack from Unbreakable in the movie I flipped out
Karina Nova
One of those email names is Lisa Liberati - James' girlfriend in real life, now that's cool!
Meredith Richardson
I love all m. Night shamalan's movies.
Scorpio Queen Evy
Thank you yet again CZ!
very interesting video, but this dude needs to shave his chin pubes. looks ratty af.
Meagan Woolstrum
Cool shirt
Well done!
criss pacheco
Big cameo 7:10
Dru Owen
I noticed the similarities between Joseph and Casey's gun scenes first time. That is what connected it for me. It was SO satisfying Such subtle hints throughout to enjoy on the followup viewings!
the bloodfang clan
But wait look the green door with the orange headphone guy and the walkie talkie says I'll give you back your orange headphones
A name A name
I messed the movie so
hugo rubén Ruiz
What do you think about the critics of rotten tomatoes? Critics of Glass.
Raymond Campuzano
I’m soooo mf excited for glass
Gregg Cremin
This guy is an out and out mincer surely
Dimitri Tribble
malcolm adderley
True Story: Shaggy's little brother stole that shirt from the grave of Nuclear Man from the classic movie Superman 4 with Christopher Reeves!
boobbob 00
" I just ate a hot dog " lmao
Jude Rboy
i really love this movie soo much
Jill Davis
While the movie was entertaining it was a huge setback for people living with DID. The idea that one of the alters is a monster/kidnapper/killer makes the stigma that much more blurred for real people with this result of trauma. The explanation from the doctor was great but for the mental health world that's as far as it goes. Would be a benefit if entertainment could also include accurate representation as well as entertainment. Let's work to reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues.
Barrett Vernon
Lauren Hutton
Fantastic 4 yet there's only 3... Does that mean there's going to be a fourth?
Sweetie With a beanie
I know this is annoying but, first
Supertadeo Plays
I’m waiting for glass
Jasmine Ware
Dope Legend of Zelda shirt!!!
Collin Machine
Is no one going to comment about the figure behind him at 0:49?
Great video! Hey, is there anything you have to do to not have copy right problems when uploading movie scenes to your YT account?
Therapeutic 1
This was awesome, Man! Kudos! I Watched Psycho and Split back to back and notice one thing; the bathroom in Psycho is similar to the bathroom in Split, extremely clean and Norman Bates is a germaphobe. The credits, both beginning and end of Split are exactly like the beginning credits of Psycho. Down to the "splits" through the word "Split" are exactly the way it is from Psycho. I told people I believed the two were related but no one got it.
5:20 actually my therapist once told me that doctors write so messy because parents for example are allowed to ask for the notes they take while a session. So the therapist, is not allowed to talk to them about it but if they ask for the notes he has to give it to them. Well and that's the reason... so even if someone wants the notes, they would hardly be able to understand whats written there haha
hugo rubén Ruiz
Me suscribo. Saludos de Argentina
Mitchy Pasta
2019 and I still haven't seen split but here I am
Nisha burk
I realized it was a sequel at the end 😭🤣
I can partly read the doctor's notes, but it doesn't seem to contain anything like a clue or link to unbreakable - on the left, you got stuff about denis, on the right, you can clearly read, pretty much as a title (top right) that "denis / patricia = caretakers of the group", The text starts with something like "reliving the abuse reignited..." I'll try to spend some more time on it as i find it very fun to try and make sense of it, even if it looks like it was pretty much random sentences written fast to just look as doctor notes...
Lusi Sinichi
BTW I managed to transcribe some of the notes from that clip. They're a little disjointed, but sadly not overly interesting lol (done some transcribing in my time lol) Concerned about how to confront the group about the ???? – beast Patricia is a mother figure – she is a caretaker and an ??? She is very elegant and formidable (?) Her collaboration w. Dennis ??? interesting ??? He is ??? tough – she cultured motivational (?) fantasy Dennis + Patricia – caretaker of group ??? reignited - ??? WHAT IS CURRENT ??? eat – stressor ??? to they feel they ??? a caretaker … persona has a particular purpose or … protecting kevin
Jamel Smith
I when u said that it made me think. If the horde and Mr glass both have a disorder inside of a disorder David had to also. Mayb his superpower is really some type of disorder and his disorder inside of his disorder is his fear of water.
1:15: Correction - you say that there are 24 titles, one for every personality in The Horde. Technically, that's not correct. There is a set of titles for each of Kevin's alters, but not every alter is part of The Horde. "The Horde" properly only relates to the personalities aligned with The Beast. At this point, the only confirmed members are The Beast himself, Patricia, Dennis, and Hedwig. Other identities repeatedly refer to The Horde in the third person plural, indicating that they are not members of this cabal. To be fair, the reporter misuses the term at the end.
Devil Jin
I can't wait to see Glass and CZsWorld bro you should get some sleep
Gay Alien
Jakub Sobek
Realy good video
Fletcher's colleague is not the only person who indicates that some people may have super powers. Fletcher herself, in her lecture to the symposium drops a few major hints to this effect when discussing the physiological differences between alters, and she also describes the Beast's ability to crawl on walls.
Candra Tan
Good review, and I laugh at the end of this video, because suddenly I remember Stefon SNL. LoL~
Bray Dizzle
Split is not a equal, it is the origin of the horde
I watched split last night and unbreakable
IA. BassFishing
Damn I watched them both for the first time a couple weeks apart and still didn’t make the connection of the gun pointing scenes. Bravo! Can’t wait to see Glass!
Ecoloca Sharlett
The main reason I don’t like this movie, is because of the stigma it grows against people with D.I.D. Aka Split Personality Disorder. The movie has triggered many people with D.I.D and has caused them many problems with people who believe that they will have an alter who is a killer. It is very harmful to them and can really affect all sides.
Shweta kothari
Oh my goodness! How many times have you watched these movies. Big fan, You are!
BIS Management
Mr. Glass was brilliant. The fact that I love all the characters especially Casey, her acting was cool. Meanwhile, the controversial ending summed it up. So, I would say this movie did well on making it the best thriller movie in a decade.
Katie Matkowski
You did an AMAZING job on this!!!!! As someone who is a huge fan myself, I actually learned a lot! I never thought I'd be able to find the song that Hedwig dances to or the unique symbols, plus the gun to the uncle and Dunn flashbacks. That was brand new to me and much enjoyed learning about. 10/10 on your analysis I greatly enjoyed. :)