Paris Opera Ballet's 11 Prima Ballerinas (Etoiles) 2018

Here, in alphabetical order, are The Paris Opera Ballet's 11 prima ballerinas or Etoiles as listed on their site in May 2018. This video is meant as a tribute to, not a comparison of these great dancers. The ballerinas are: • Eleonora Abbagnato • Amandine Albisson • Léonore Baulac • Valentine Colasante • Émilie Cozette • Dorothée Gilbert • Marie-Agnès Gillot • Laura Hecquet • Myriam Ould-Braham • Ludmila Pagliero • Alice Renavand Thanks to the uploaders of these videos. The originals can be found here: /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />

Elizabeth J. Carlisle
Thank you so much TheBunduBallerina for all of your videos. The time you must spend on these must be immense and I so appreciate all the effort you put into them. I especially love these compilation videos of dancers from the same companies.
Anna Arendelle
Les étoiles françaises sont parmi les meilleurs♥️
Marie-Agnès Gillot just retired in march (from Paris Opera, she's still dancing on other projects), but the website is not updated yet. That being said, I really like this kind of videos !
Cynthia Fletcher
Thank you for this compilation of such elegant dancers with beautiful arms and feet. The costumes are also beautiful. Of course, they are French. C❤❤
Tanya Peschel
Marcelle Lecocq
vapeitup vapeitup
Thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you
Лариса Лукина
Sadiel leon torres
WAOOO Amandine Albisson is extraordinary! I love her Giselle variation OMG..So perfect.
s Peteydog
The second dancer was the best in my opinion. Some of the dancers, as many as 3-4 were really tripping over their feet, foutes and turns. Primas are supposed to be the best. Graceful we’re all though. 👍🏻
Myriam Ould-Braham is so delicate and sweet. And the dancers Ludmila Pagliero and Alice Renavand are really excellent.
just me!
Thank you!!! Delighted to see this 😊. Loving the company specific compilations. Best wishes.
Christelle Grandclement
Sae Eun Park isn't an étoile ?
Pete Totaro
Sensational! After all, Paris is the land of ❤️ Love! You Can Never miss! They are all sooo Beautiful! Now, I have to take one of My energy Drinks, so I can get back up from the floor! Congratulations to all of The ballerinas!
The other dancers are also excellent. Thanks!
Ramona Martinez