Beautiful World Iguazu Falls - BBC Planet Earth HD

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Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984 and a New Seven Wonder of the World in 2011, Iguazu Falls is situated on the border of the southern region of Brazil and the Argentine province of Misiones, and is often revered as the world's most spectacular waterfall. Iguazu Falls spans 2.7km (1.7m) in width, and features 275 individual waterfalls, with heights ranging from 60-82m. The name 'Iguazu' can be loosely translated from the indigenous Guarani language as "big water". Unsurprisingly, former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, reportedly exclaimed "Poor Niagara" upon seeing Iguazu Falls for the first time. Iguazu Falls, with its 275 waterfalls, impressive width/depth, and diverse tropical climate, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular treasures of our natural world.

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amanda currin
went to Iguacu falls. . it is one of the most beautiful places in the world ~!!
Luciano Zanek
Protejan a los animales por favor.
Realmente maravillosas las Cataratas de Iguazú!!!
carlos mita gareca
Que lugar mas hermoso, quiero ir
Val Fritus
isso tudo e obra de um grande DEUS !!!! como DEUS e maravilhoso com nos!!! louvores te damos o grande DEUS!!!!
Alluka Amv's and song's
omg Amazing! ♥️
Bogdan Stan
it s wonderful, seems the most beutiful place on the earth
Ilda Marrocos
Lorena Báez Maldonado
Espectaculares...sin palabras
Jazmin Perez
I've seen the movie The Planet earth at my school once! ^_^
Paulo Seewald
Val Fritus, concordo plenamente contigo!
Iliane Manteze
simplesmente fantástico ... parabéns a equipe ... sou fã dos trabalhos produzidos pela BBC sigo no facebook e twitter ... como Cultura Cascavel meu meio de divulgação e compartilho sempre matérias produzidas pela BBC ...
Maravilloso !!!!!!!!!!!!
where is da voice of David Attenborough it calms me so well
gerrit jonker
hele mooie beelden zeg
or did chuck norris cought up with him
Val Fritus
trabalho magnifico continuem assim fui