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What is up guys!? For this video we decided to head over to an abandoned airport in Berlin called Templehof! So for a bit of history, Tempelhof was designated as an airport on 8 October 1923, whilst it was originally built in the early 1900s. The Nazi government began a massive reconstruction in the mid-1930s, giving it the status of being one of the top 20 largest buildings in the world. Tempelhof Airport closed all operations on 30 October 2008. It is now largely derelict, but some parts are used to house refugees, and the field is used for recreation. Obviously in this video, I went to explore the parts that are no longer in use... Anyway guys, hope you enjoy! Sorry the video is late, also apologies for the poor filming. We had to get in via a tour, so didn't have much time in the building. UPDATE: Youtube having some problems and has messed up the audio! You can skip about 2 minutes in and it is fine, issue should be sorted in the next few hours. Sorry! Subscribe to Matt here: /> Social Media links: Twitter: Insta: />Facebook: /> Music: March by Alexander Lewis: Walk in by L.E.N Beats: Note: Urban exploring can be dangerous, and if permission is not given, it can be illegal. We don't not promote any of these activities. Related searches: Exploring abandoned airport Abandoned planes Abandoned airport Derelict Urban exploring Huge abandoned airport Incredible abandoned buildings Amazing abandoned airport Templehof airport ABANDONED 747 AIRPLANES AND AIRPORT!!! Inside The Airport Abandoned Since 1974

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Kay Hill
I see Berlin themperholf Germany airport years 1940s-2008 this airport can handle over 800,000 passagers. At first it was used as a war airport only could handle 10,000 miltaryians at a time.it will take 60 seconds for it to land. In the 50s it was not a war airport anymore due from no wars ever happening. Laws and rights were made for no more wars in the earth.in 1980 it extend a little bit with a basketball crout,more rooms.it closed in 2008 due from the lack of tavrelers. So they had to open a new themperholf/international airport. It was completed in 2009 and could handle 1,000,000 people inside. Now the empty airport is used for tours to see a empty closed airport.😌
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Amazing video Bongo, I've always wanted to explore an abandoned airport, that would be awesome
To stop any further confusions, the (found plane) in the title refers to the one at 11:33, not the first one we see. Also... I know its a tour! I mentioned it at the beginning of the video. There is no way of possibly sneaking into this building, a tour is the only way in.
Escape The Wild
Reminds of that airport level in left 4 dead
upalevel productions
Cool explore dude 😎👍
Rob Olson
Um, this "abandoned" airport is Templehof in Berlin. Very much alive and being re-developed. The "found" plane is on display and is easily accessible from the park on the other side. Everywhere you went was on the official tour. Nice "drama" though.
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arménio Miranda
Great video.
Tony Ronald
why not reopen the airport for use in sending immigrants back home, no duty free, no food facilities, nothing they can steal or break, no one to become targets for their anger and violence.
Guy L.
Funny how you blur your face but not your comrades.
Daniel McAlinden
How does this man have 7k subs??? Should have 1 mill by now
Found your channel from "how to make nightscape intro" or something like that😂. Really glad I found your channel because even thought your still only a fairly small channel the amount of effort you put into all your videos is truly inspiring. Keep up the great quality content and I'm sure you'll be huge one day 😊.
Walter Perry
Tempelhof Zentral Flughafen , West Berlin Germany, now Berlin FRG, I was stationed there for 8 years with the USAF. The first plane is the Candy Bomber, its not lost, just parked under the roof to protect it. I think its now a muslim camp.
Doug Scott
If you were on a tour, why blur your face? If not on a tour why the rush? The background (music?) noise sucked, your accent is difficult to understand. When you talked, every time I got the volume up to where i could hear you, the background trash came back on and about drowned you out. With as many videos as I expect you've done I would think they would be better than this.
Tianrun Jiang
I just wondered that if it was abandoned, then why lights are still on
Anthon de Vries
this is not exploring, you guy's just took a tour or something.
CollidingPlanets Exploring
Nice one Bongo amazing place :>)
typical of modern German stupidity - close down what is arguably the most historic airport in Europe if not the world and let it rot. This was the airport that defeated the Berlin blockade that was instituted by the Soviets after WWII.
Great video keep it up
David Reisman
Cool video, but please invest in a gimbal...the camera motion made me nauseous.
Junaid Ahmed
that is very nice video . can you tell me more about this airport ? where is this located ? why this airport not in use now ? finally thanks
love the title on this one, found plane in airport would never have guessed lol. Sick video man!
*walks into a high school basketball court* This place is absolutely mental!
Wow Wow
I flew a charter flight in there back in 1989. I remember that gymnasium, and there was also a bowling alley in the same building. The US Airforce ran this part of the building which, included snack bars and various offices.
all mighty
why pixelate your face, you got something to hide or you're a crim who's done bad shit and is still wanted, if you have nothing to hide don't pixelate your image, won't viewing anymore of your vid's this is the first and last time, 16 seconds I won't get back
George Wightman
That's a lot of land going to waste
The Tangy Cheese Monsters
Really cool place man ☺
Ginny Mac
Another good one lads, thanks. P.S. How on earth did you manage to slip away from a German organised tour?!
Flughafen Tempelhof in Berlin. One of the remaining great airports pre-WW2. Hitler intended it as a showpiece as visitors entered the ‘Reichhauptstadt Berlin’ for the first time. It is an imposing piece of Third Reich architecture. When seen from above, the building takes on the form of a giant eagle-it’s wings outstretched!....Oh...and BTW...there are still some National Socialist era symbols to be found in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland today if one knows where to look! The eagle’s head on display outside the terminal building used to sit above the main terminal entrance resplendent with a full body clutching a swastika and wreath in its claws...then we could talk about the Allied occupation and all the history there too...
M N Momen
It's shutdown in 2008 likely 10 Years still the clock is running, I'm more astounding and astonished there is no dust at all in 10 Years lying idle, homecoming, if it's in India Bangladesh Pakistan so must be it full of tons of Dirty or Most bizarre bazaar.
Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta
How is the lights on if it's abandoned?
Desiree Brackin
Someone didn't want this to work...we must ask why, and what other plans do they have for it
All this airport needs is a TSA counter to generate a crowd
Why does it have a bunker and gym lol thats sweet
jimmy Faust Jr
Cool vid :) keep it up
Exploring With Boss
man thats awesome
Leo leo
So he is basically on a day tour to an abandoned airport that is not totally abandoned,
Eoin Enright
Is this in Berlin because I was there
A Espinoza
Just wondering why you hiding your face when your talking?
wow nice dc 4
I'm your biggest fan
You block your face but, not your friend
Carina Becker
omg if you don't want us to see your face then just don't film it. goodbye i don't wanne watch someone who does not know how it works
Angela Hagerman
the early 1900's???...U don't know your history...
The facade is an example of Nazi Architecture...
Horrible music you used
Genuinely insane? why? Because its big? Whats insane about that?
Oliver Fredly
Ryan h
No gloves?
Gavin Au
That is the cleanest abandoned place!!ooks like they could reopen right away if they wanted to. Lol
Alex Gill
Cool place
Inside a abandoned airport that still has all it's lights on hmmm.
snowgolem609 aviation and more!
Where is this?
Jimmy Faust Jr
Awesome vid :)
Nate J
What the hell is the point of even having. A front facing part of the video if you’re gonna blur your face out
Terry G
I don't understand why is he even bothering to flim his face if he's just going to blur it out
ŤǾмMע Ĝм
no entiendo ni madres de ingles pero esta chido
cls judah
How many midroll adds do you need
Nicolas Liebig
anyone can get a guided tour of the place my man
this was the airport used for airlift in 1961 wasn't it? or were there more ?
dennis bastian
Drop the background noise
Ghvj Bgh
Swair that's in forza
Rafi Fernanda
those place were under control by US Air Force
Neil Liversidge
Before doing videos do some homework
SHOW YO FACE, face reveal on 10k!
Ardian Ditto
Where are you from?
Jamie Wood
Bull it's really clean for a disused airport really clean
Dude if you show your face on camera and blur it on YouTube don't show your face
Google User
Why would you film your face if you pixel it off?
Graham Crichton
Was so excited to see this and then after watching was disappointed. It was a tour and not an explore. You went where you were allowed to go and still managed to get great shots of locked doors and the ground... And why the pixelated face? Are interpol after you?! ;) some fine click bait though...
Matthew Kaai
Let me guess, the airport from forza motorsport.
Comrade Kersh
you know this place is a park
Lee Byron gene Cantara
ok were is that place bro, for me if they'd reopen it it would be the most coolest airport but if they'd abandoned it how can go to an another country is there another airport thre
Speed Fit
you disabled the preview feature. so i disliked the video.
Indian tech support _
There are tours in Berlin Tempelhof, for some reason, I don’t like the vid based on the title
Gandalf Fladnag
Ma scusate! Aeroporto abbandonato con luci accese??? Mi sa di cazzata!
Yes bongo
George Wolfe
I lived there for 2.7 years. In the USAF. This was the second largest building in the world, behind the Pentagon. HUGE place. The area he is in is just a tiny fraction of the complex!
Bryan Garcia-Rios
fly an airplane pls
steven simbolon
It's on germany?
Muchsin Mansyur
Omg, that was huge airport.... Like it bro....
Haemish Hollings
I want to know the light are on. and I could hear voices.
Marco Leonardo
They used that air port in the box office film atomic blonde recently
Joro Georgiev Georgiev
Latoya Moss
I just googled it and it says it is under construction so meaning they plan to open it back up
Avión Charlie _
That’s just incredible!!
Germans know how to make stainless steel, that's for sure!
Keith Johnson
Wished I'd explored the place abit more than I did when I stayed in officers quarters in 1977 back when the USAF had part of the facility.
Matty Reid
why is there a youtuber who will not show his face
The beat is dank
Bubba Clinton
The C-54/DC-4 looked great!
Saita Saitai
Very impressive... just like a ghost town.
when your on the "inside" you are able to unlock the lock :p
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bantersaurus rex
good explore bro
Mikael Aakervik
Who is the people at 3:43?
ted johnson
Absolutely the worst video I've ever seen. Even "The Blair Witch Project" was better than this.