Kungfu Vs Boxing Fight (Ip Man 3 showing in Filmhouse Cinemas)

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In your opinion, which fighting style won this fight... Boxing or Kung Fu? #IpMan3 showing in Filmhouse cinemas

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Guys, its not a debate about who will win in real life. They both respect each other, and are great friends. I admire both of them and think it will be a toin coss, but for Mike's Fans. You guys have to realize Donnie Yen is not just an actor, he is a Wushu World Champ, Brazilian Jiujitsu Purple Belt, Judo Black Belt, Taekwondon 6th Degree Black Belt, and there was an incident where 8 drunk guys tried to attack his girlfriend but was beatup by him. I think the most important evidence comes from the filming of this movie itself, where Donnie accidentally broke Tyson's finger because Tyson was punching too fast and went out of hand, and Donnie used his elbows to block! You guys can google the news, its true, and Donnie said it was a great idea and incorporate that scene into the movie! Tyson then stated in interviews that Donnie will beat him in a real fight, but Donnie played down the entire incident and say Tyson is the world's baddest man. They have mad respect for each other and it is a Coin Toss!
Andy Zhang
Either the opponents in Ip Man get progressively stronger, or Ip man gets progressively weaker, cuz it seems that Ip man is taking harder beatings every movie, and more and more frequently too. I remember back in the first movie he only took a total of 2 hits in the entire movie, both of which are dealt by the final villain.
So suddenly everyone here is martial art expert.
Everyones arguing over who would really win in that fight, I just wanna know why the hell that kid was riding a bike in an abandoned warehouse!
0:03 if Mike Tyson approached me like that in a fight, I would just play dead
shit if Mike came at me like that I'd just drop to the ground and play dead
after 0:33 it was all a dream inside his head.
yoo jeoo
surprised he didn't bite his ear off😂😂😂😂
Joshua J. Friend
Ip Man (2008) Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster Ip Man 3: Attack on Tyson!!
Fei Long vs Balrog
Just A Guy
it's confirmed. in IP man 4 it will be Donnie yen vs isis
Dumping Mygun
Tyson would destroy him. It's the reason why they have a weight class in fighting. Tyson has to much mass on him.
jungle master red
ok mike may be a good fighter and may look intimidating, but as soon as he starts talking I laugh my ass off.
Joshua J. Friend
Gotta love Tyson's peek-a-boo stance and dynamite punch. Remember that his style is impetuous, his defense is impregnable!
Cheffy Johnson
ip man is dope but if that punch landed he was dead.
Thành Lã
2:31 Look at these elbow blocks, it seems that any Wing Chung user at master IP's level can deactivate all of the boxing's strongest strike
Nick Craig
I still hold to my opinion that no martial style is better than the other. It's true some are better in different areas, but ultimately it comes down to the fighters themselves and their skill level. I vote that ultimately Donnie Yen achieved the goal of the fight which was to last three minutes against Mike Tyson. Tyson showed in that fight the power and effectiveness of the more straightforward boxing, and Donnie proved once again the versatility and adaptability of eastern martial arts. That's my opinion.
that guy
Is it just me, or is Mike Tyson fighting a whole hell of a lot more aggressively than he did in his actual fights?
Arthur Tazo
Mike would easy beat IP Man at basketball but IP Man would make a much better Network Engineer.
Mehmet Güzel
If Mike would have been at his twentiees , Ip man had been a dead man in minutes after such a fight ....
Dauda András
he should just bite his ear off!
10 punches + 10 kicks from Ip Man is equivalent to 1 jab from Iron Mike Tyson
Razak Kamar
fast vs stronger.
Omar Antezana
We have to start by realizing Tyson weight was around 230-240 pounds while Ip man is no more than a 150lbs soaking wet. The weight difference  along with Tyson already having a lot of punching power would put Ip man at a severe disadvantage. If Tyson put other giant Heavy Weights to sleep with one punch WITH gloves imagine what one punch would do to a 150lb man with no boxing gloves to decrease some of the power?(yes boxing gloves slighyly decrease power)  Ip man would might literally be put into a coma. That body shot alone at 0:30 would seriously injure ip man. As for those saying that ip man could block punches with elbows, its its not that easy, Pro boxer had a hard time moving their head out of the way of Tysons fast punches and you think Ip man has the time to perfectly catch Tysons punches on his elbow? You must realize IF they did fight Ip man WILL get hit at least a few times and the question is how many punches would ip man be able to absorb, not many I can tell you that. Meanwhile Tyson would be able to absorb many of Ip mans shots one because Tyson has the mental and physical toughness ans 2 because of the weight difference
Thomas Kehr
It doesn't matter what style. I wouldn't fight Mike Tyson or Donnie Yen.
its skill vs strength...never underestimate either. Thats why Bruce Lee believed in both. (not the boxing doesn't take skill).
tre huntley
I like lp man but if that bell wouldn't have rung tyson wouldve knocked his head off 😂😂 and lp man took 3 hits from tyson and you see the damage any longer and lp man wouldve lost good fight nonetheless
Kurumi Tokisaki
i was afraid he was gonna bite IP Man ear there.
Lucas Mašić
bruce lee would win with one finger
Diana Mon
Best fight for maker of windows :D
ill shoot ya
i think if mike tyson fought with a shaolin kung fu master mike would be dead cuz the monk are expert in hitting the sensitive part of the body
The fight would have ended at 0:32
Donnie Yen vs Brock Lesnar.I wish in Ip Man 4.
Green Swamp Onion
It's nice to see Tyson fight again. This proves that he still got it.
Jay Sugoi
I hate watching this because I love Tyson and Donnie Yen
Darth Xodius
Not to sound odd but Mike Tyson felt really out of place in this movie/setting especially with the little Chinese girl but I guess a fight is a fight lol
the only way not to be beaten by Tyson is to dodge his punches, and be careful do not ever try to block his punch
Should of been Bruce Lee VS Mike Tyson~
Tyson is wearing a remarkably modern shirt with a very modern tattoo there.
İsmail Yıldızlı
Türk Yokmu Lan ?
Wolvihua Gaming
2:59 mannequin challenge??? XD
Squid Vicious
jesus christ. i would rather be hit by a big rig going 60 then get punched by mike tyson.
Trakouri Jackson
Donnie Yen actually broke Tyson's finger in this fight and he didn't even know it.... Tyson actually kept going
Vulnerable Growth
Donnie weighs about 165 and Mike weighs about 240. Even a poorly blocked punch could lead to Donnie's loss. This would easily be Mike's win. There is a reason weight classes exist.
Would Mike Tyson actually be this good in real life?
Ip man blocked Mike's punches with his elbows then Mike figured out what he was doing, used a punch to lift his elbow and landed that punch to the stomach... BRILLIANT!?!
Great fight scene, don't know why people cant just enjoy it and not argue. Great movie.
i wouldnt let tyson punch me even if he had bean bag chairs as gloves
Petr Sacristao
tyson is realy bad actor :D
Kofi Babone
WTF did I just watch?? LMFAO
Jason Meza
Why Mike didn't bite his ears off?!?!?
Chee Kiat Teo
Would Wing chun actually be able to beat boxing? Serious question.
best damn fight scene ive ever seen
Toph Beifong
Let's play that last scene out. Ip Man gives Tyson sore balls for a day but Iron Mike right hook will surely put him into a coma... I think we have a clear winner here haha.
That shot to the ribs and chin at 0:33 would have ended that fight in reality. Coming from Iron Mike, probably would have killed the guy at worst ior given him the mother of all concussions at best.
satyen dodiya
the amezing fight I have never seen before in my life..love the wing chin..
Jerome Lee
我覺得整部最精彩的就在這段! :D
Without standard action hero super-durability, Mike Tyson wins at 0.33
Edax Sachorwzky
I wouldn't want to get punched by other one! PERIOD!😵👊🏼
rota m8
I'm surprised mike didn't chew his ear off yet
Pedo Bear
Good Ip Man didn't lose an ear.
Oguz bey
Tayson power niceee
It's ip man vs Mike Tyson, not the styles themselves. Stop trying to heat up a debate as stupid as Superman vs Goku
Jester J
now thats quality movie picture. I would love to see Tyson in more fighting movies
Noobie Outtie
hey guys, its a movie, its not mike really fighting donnie, they just show how the real Ip Man and Frank fighting each other
Shell Lee
Tyson would have every bone in his body broken if it was a real fight.
I ask myself if Boxing (only boxing) would be effective in a real fight against an MMA Fighter
Goodness, Tyson and Donnie Yen....amazing fight scene. Can't wait for the movie!
Noxa nebulous
Bruce lee would win he was incredible.
Panther Black
if this were a real fight Tyson would've easily won this fight no need to explain why he's still considered a boxing legend in the boxing world
Lord Gamer
kung fu wins
Just A Guy
So in this movie Tyson is stronger than twister? But the guy is old
ravi kiran
dont know why but i always see a boy or a girl riding a three-wheeler cycle all in harmony in midst of the fight .. thug life maybe
boxing is strongest‼️
Ronald Weasley
Mike tyson fist strength ip man fist speed
Realistically it would have been done at 0:32
Ronicko Keith
that was freaking awesome
Immortal Iron Fist
Mike Tyson should have been the last opponent in thia movie.
Mike tyson is legit the tank boss
x x
Martial arts is where its all at If that was Bruce Lee though......
Julian Derczynski
Damn they both have really good moves.
James Salas
Theses two professional fighters have unique combat style in there own way that's what made this interesting. And yes it's a movie but still.
Dennis Ochego
Slamin Salmon 1024
the fight would have ended if he hit that uppercut
We all know who would be sleeping at 0:32 :D
Benji Huynh
Anyone know if Donnie Yen's got a chin? I'm just curious cuz I'm not sure in real life how many people could take a left hook from Iron Mike to the jaw and I'm just thinking about what this fight would actually be like. That said, this fight would be over the second mike was off his feet, his sport just doesn't give him enough experience to get out of that situation, and the fight is also probably over the second Ip eats a clean one to the face since tyson is well known for dropping mother fuckers.
Kevin Wu
The only honourable fight through out th whole series
Imper ium
Kungfu and Boxing. Such different fighting styles. But of equal power and identity
jake rose
can i say is funny how tyson walks? even is useful in combat
As much as I love chinese martial arts, the whole size doesn't matter thing is bullshit, when you're in close quarters facing someone that can knock you out in one blow, you need to be extremely skilled and never make a mistake. Not saying it can't be done, but the odds are definitely bigger for the stronger individual
Baron Wang
I'd rather fight Donnie Yen rather than Mike Tyson, because that African - American bulldozer for a boxer surely has the punching power of a big rig
Easily the most tense fight scene I've seen in the last decade.
i like this ip man fight, made all kung fu fanboys to think twice when they challenge a fully trained boxer.. most kung fu fanboys think if they know kung fu, they are invincible and they can beat anybody who doesn't know how to kick.. this blew everyone's world..
Alien vs Predator
yannick willems
i must say if the bel didnt ring mike would have knock him out haha
KaMau Mau
Those goddamn body shots would've stopped the fight early.
Brain Vs muscle.....Brain always win. America is about big muscle and weight , Asians are about Brain and speed efficiency discipline and tolerance.
Ip Man vs Harambe
Dawid Młynarz
i respect kung fu, but i think, that boxing wins in practice, beacuse when you kick your opponent, he can grab your leg and knock down you really, fight in the street requires reflex and flair, without these features you won't win none fight sorry for my english, but i'm from Poland
Eren Er
twister nothing when to compare with tyson ...