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"One More Light" music video directed by Joe Hahn & Mark Fiore. "It has been incredibly emotional to work on this, and especially to watch it. I feel that by doing it, we not only faced some of our biggest fears, but it enabled us to use our talents to bring some light to people that need it. As we move forward to the Hollywood Bowl show and beyond, I think about the people that connect with the band, outside and inside our circle. This video is a gesture of good will to the people that want that connection." - JOE HAHN "One More Light was written with the intention of sending love to those who lost someone. We now find ourselves on the receiving end. In memorial events, art, videos, and images, fans all over the world have gravitated towards this song as their declaration of love and support for the band and the memory of our dear friend, Chester. We are so very grateful and can’t wait to see you again." - MIKE SHINODA Visit Download/Stream the new album 'One More Light' -

Shadow Streak
Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, we do.
hey chester, we’re still trying to get better. you’re always in our hearts.
Midget Cat
Everyone cared when your light went out Chester
Chester Bennington
Who crying while listen the music? 😭😭😭😭
Rosco TV
I remember when I first listened to linkin park , I was 7 years old . And now I'm 14 and I still listen to your music. 2 years ago , I went to Naxos in Greece for vacation and saw on the TV something about linkin park , but I was too tired to pay attention . The next morning when I woke up we opened the TV and saw about linkin park again , only to find out that Chester died. I was shocked. The musician that I was listening to for so many years died . I couldn't stop thinking about it....and I still can't....
K. G.
Legends NEVER die ! ❤❤❤
happy valentine’s day, Chester...
Your music helped me so often. I think it saved my life. It's so sad that we couldn't save yours, Chester. I'm still crying when I think about this day.. Rest in Peace, Legend.
julija _
Still cant get over it. Sitting on my bed and crying like a baby. 21-02-2019 . Forever in our hearts Chester. Forever.
rushikesh shukla
He sang like an angel Screamed like a demon Died as a legend.
Patrick Ramsay
Believe it or not, this is the perfect song for his unfortunate passing. We will miss you, Chester...
Valerio Castrovilli
I think I did 1 million of the views of this video...crying a lot
Drink Me
I couldn’t imagine the pain he went throughout this entire life.
in memory of chester bennington (20/03/1976 - 20/07/2017 ) 💔🙏 - Brazil
Sílvio Quintana
LYRICS/LETRAShould've stayed, were there signs I ignored? Can I help you not to hurt anymore? We saw brilliance when the world was asleep There are things that we can have, but can't keepIf they say Who cares if one more light goes out? In the sky of a million stars It flickers, flickers Who cares when someone's time runs out? If a moment is all we are Or quicker, quicker Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do The reminders pull the floor from your feet In the kitchen, one more chair than you need, oh And you're angry, and you should be, it's not fair Just 'cause you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't thereIf they say Who cares if one more light goes out? In the sky of a million stars It flickers, flickers Who cares when someone's time runs out? If a moment is all we are Or quicker, quicker Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do(I do)Who cares if one more light goes out? In the sky of a million stars It flickers, flickers Who cares when someone's time runs out? If a moment is all we are Or quicker, quicker Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I doWell, I do
Emily P
...we all do, chester rest in peace❤️
Jaden Shorrock
I buried my dog named Elvis to this song on August,18,2018 a lady hit and killed him i always cry when i hear this song Edit: today is 6 months Elvis is in puppy heaven ❤🐕
DeadlyVoic e
Depression, silent killer :/ Edit:Thank you guys for that many likes, I wish you all a nice day ❤
El Sueno
2019 but Chester still lives in my heart.😍😭
Arron P.
And ur angry and u should's not fair.. like he was predicting the future of his life... This song is a masterpiece. he must of been depressed beyond to want to end his life .that's the hard thing.. shows money and fame don't help. And mental health is no joke... I could cry everytime I watch this vid
Mrittika Roy
the dislike buttons should go to hell. curse you! we miss you god!
DemonClos Ac
i love Chester descansa en paz::
jacob t
i really wish i got into Linkin Park before Chester died
Jenna Wilcox
Don’t care how many times I listen to this song I always cry my heart out. RIP Chester
Riaan Venter
If only we knew what was going on in his life... Yes I'm saying it now.. I've never had the courage to comment on anything
Otávio Brandão
who's listening this amazing song in 2019? liked here now , thank you
Ofelya Torosyan
Chester why???😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💔💔💔💔
Rainer Werner
Hi Chester crying so hard😭😪😫😓😔 R. I. P. Chester😔😔😔😪😫😥😭😭😭 I love you so much
Riccardo Abdine
R.I.P You were a huge part of my childhood. ❤❤❤
Lou Jeffrey
Cant listen to this with out tears. Hope you got the peace you so desperately searched for. R.I.P Chester.😌😫😓😢😭
kushagra agrawal
Who cares if one more light goes out.... We all do 🌹
It still hurts
maggie shelton
Wish you could have known how much you were loved. Wish life had treated you better. ....Wish, wish, wish you were still here with us. Love you Chester.
My soul hurts watching this.
I know, I am not the first or the last person that say this. But it's so important for me to say .. Linkin Park is my childhood and youth. I have never been their fan, they were too popular for me, but I knew most of their songs. I sincerely grieved for the death of Chester, and now, after the release of the song from the Mark Morton new album and watching many of live performances, I realized all the bitterness of loss. Many talented, amazing people passed away and I was sad, but nobody's death has been so painful for me yet. It's really touching to see how Chester interacts with the public, how he sings, how much feelings and energy he puts into that. I just can't imagine how it was to hear and see it in live, if it is perceived so through the computer monitor. I still can't accept his death, I can't realize that everything .. It is over. I'm not a fan, but ... We all really miss him. I believe that he was an incredible person and he lived a difficult, dramatic, but wonderful life. I wish that all this didn't happen, but history didn't know ifs. I can't stop crying while listening to music and watching videos with him .. Or without him. It kills me, and I think each of us.
WolfQueen 281
You should of stayed Chester... 😭😭😭😭😭😭
It's really hard to listen to this album.
Jonathan Calderon
28k dislikes 😐🤔 . why? If you disliked this, can you tell me why? (please) .because. this is wonderful 😣
gimme subs tOpoThEMorNiNgToYa
This gives me a heavy heart R.I.P Chester
My best friend committed suicide in August 2018 and this song speaks to me in honor of him. Love you, Seth ❤️
Techs and Games
who can dislike this... omg..
RockStar 25
I still can’t believe you’re dead Chester😔😭💔 R.I.P. Chester 😭💔💔
georgia koutsotoliou
I lost three people i love and this song makes me look at the sky and say this is a song .... For you guys
Dan Bull
Beautiful song by a beautiful man. I AM NOT CRYING
ezequiel benitez
this music brings back many memories rip chester bennington we will always take you in our hearts <3
Erik Knudsen-mörk
If you are reading this then have a good day.
Alex_Skrage :D
Althoug i personally did not know him but after his death he remained in my soul forever.
Kiwi Vanchester
💔❣️ still crying 😢 2019
Active YouTube Viewer
*First 30 seconds* **Already starts crying more than Niagara Falls**
‘’Who cares if one more light goes out?’’ Well, I do. 💔
Someone in 2019?
Arron P.
Gees I guess you know the song when u sing it in ur head and know exactly where u r in the video....RIP chester.... linkin park has the best fans . It's sad that any footage of this song of chester singing it live is before July 20th 2017. 2 months to get footage.. brilliant video, very sad... we all could of helped you....I think in that moment he forgot how much the entire world loved him and his music...
sergio gonzalez gonzalez
For the holly god, this video touch all my feelings. Symply amazing, long live to Chester, forever in our hearts. And all my respect to all Linkin Park members.
Travis Robertson
*Damn, these feels while watching this... Listening to their music since I was in pre-school, seeing them perform live, using their incredible lyrics as an outlet when I was feeling low.... Chester and his unique style and incredible voice will never be forgotten. Much love to the band, keep up the great work and keep moving forward!* #1 Trending!!!
Brian Williams
I can’t believe he’s really gone...
Goinne Woods
Don’t worry, Chester. The lives you saved, the people you gave a voice to....we’re still here. Still fighting. And we’ll keep fighting, in your name, and in the names of everyone who couldn’t fight any more. Thank you, and rest well.
indo raptor
I remember when I use to listen to Linkin Park all day and I have such a depressing memory of when Chester died. My aunt must of known I liked them cause she came in my room and said "the lead singer in Linkin Park died". I said "nah he didn't" I didn't believe until I saw the news and then I was really sad
richard davis
I am so sad to think, I have known Linkin Park and chester after his death... I 'm sorry man, RIP... I want go back in the past... to learn more about you ...
Ali Al
Trying not to cry but this goosebumps are just too mug
Abid Hasan
chester is alive in our heart.......he will always stay in our heart....
One year and a bit later, i still cry with the videoclip
Queen Vee
*the man who saved many from the dark gave into it himself. I refuse to believe it still*
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This lyrics is so beautiful! We love you Chester and we will never forget you!
Rits Nay
I still can't believe he's gone here I'm still trying to forget and forgive he was legend and will be always... One death leads to other.... 😔😭😭😭😭
tan ja
Ich muss immer noch weinen... das ist doch alles nicht fair... chester da wo du jetzt bist singen die Sterne für dich ♡ i love you
Patrick Trevino
Every time I came back to this video it’s always puts life in perspective. Thank god we’ve the pleasure of hearing one of the most rememberable artists to touch the mic. 🎤 🙏🏼😇
Garrett Brando
I kept telling myself I wasn't going to watch this, but now I'm sitting here watching and tearing up anyway... 😢
thx butnothx
You were something we had, but couldn't keep. 😔😞😥
La mejor banda , el mejor cantante , la mejor musica . Gracias por todo ...
drissa Ouattara
Margaux Colarusso
Listening that song still hurts ... We love you Chester !
Vilen Everett
Incredible how one person can save so many people. Legends die young. Thank you for everything! ♩♩♩♩♩Thank you Linkin Park . . .
Scrubs R/C
1:28, i can point to exactly where i am in the crowd, glory days. you will always be missed
Dexter Dsouza
Everytime I hear and look at this video it brings tears to my eyes.
Rust _010
He sang like an angel Screamed like a demon Died as a legend
Rahma momo
Still hear it in this moment 2019 💔😔
Forever missed. Loved the times we had with you.
You were my salvation... Thank you for all.
luu phu
Hey chester we miss you !
He tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter 😫😫😫😭😭😭 so long Chester Bennington we will miss you
Arpit Singh
Only Chester Bennington
Rest in Peace Chester. Thank you for being more than 20 years by our side.
Aishwarya Roy
Can anything be more beautiful? I'm fighting depression for more than 4 years now. But Chester leaving my side made me stand, and I don't know why, I'm still standing. I love you. I always will. ~
lizzy greenleaf
I have depression this is the only band that gets me in fact i have not sung in the talent show sense I was in 5th grade but this year I sang Crawling. It was hard but I thought in my head do it for Chester. I did part of me wants to do it again!! I sure do care if one more light goes out!!
Rodrigo Cruz Castro
2019 aún duele
Legends Never die 💛
Everytime i listen to this gem of a song i can't help but to get teary eyed. Being a fan of Linkin Park since i was in middle school, and now being 25, Chesters' passing really did hurt. He sang about his pain, his sadness in many of his songs but listening to them now it has a whole new meaning to them, despite understanding and knowing of his struggles (Depression) and having to deal with it myself, and it's still a battle i struggle with. Songs like Iridescent really did save me in my teenage years. Chester you were not weak, you were hurting, the battle got to overwhelming and you made the choice to lessen the pain, but thank you for not only helping me, but literally millions of others in the world who too suffer from Mental Health issues. You're a legend, you always will be. Your songs, their meanings - the depth, the message, it will never be forgotten, nor will you. Your impact on many people's lives will remain solidified within our hearts. Thank You once again Chester, Linkin Park. I hope you found your light, your glimmer, you deserve it all.
josue rc
Damn, how the band didn't notice that the man was depressed and on the verge of suicide? I have listened three of their last songs and every one has a depressant lyric, and describe an internal fight, I mean, if you know that someone is in that situation just help him, and take care of him, even if you can avoid his death, that situations are never easy, but i think that the band as "his friends" could have done more to help him
Deven Valenzuela
Why the hell does this video have dislikes.!!
Таня Доленко
Aquarius Shah
Have peace now Chester
That one light was you, buddy.You had millions of fans around the world.All of them loved you, and they still do.It's heartbreaking to think of that, we are not going to hear your voice again😢
Giovanni Li Causi
I love you Chester..
Fatema Tabassum
It's like he predicted it all and this song was for him 😔
Carlos Ventura
After Chester's death nothing is the same, life feels different, but everytime I hear his voice feels like he is still alive. I loved going to their shows, Linkin Park is and will be my favorite band until the day I die.
super clash
Galera do Brasil ?
American Enigma _
"I tried so hard and got so far , but in the end it doesn't even matter " RIP CHESTER , my childhood was linkin park - the first band I loved , U will be in our hearts forever brother ✌️✌️
Star Destroyer
Every July 20th, i will play Linkin Park 24 hours straight to honor Chester Bennington, and carry the music with me everywhere i go and sometimes sing to it.