Natalie Portman Rap

Natalie Portman's SNL rap

Natalie Portman Rap SNL

This song makes me want to date Natalie Portman !
Omg dude i wish nbc didnt block this vid. I loved this lonely isle song. Made Natalie Portland looh like a bamf.
Hitokiri Battousai
The other side of Jane Foster lol
... Still have this memorized. Whoops.
This is the best badass rap since dan aykroyd and tom hanks effort in 87 with city of crime .FRANKIE O'NEILL SMALES.SMALES TV UK-HOST
Natalie b bangin.
Seasonal Perishables
It sounds so good on 1.5
K Rollins
I love natile
mark mcghee
Sith Padme lol
Tania González
Alguien sabe dónde encuentro el vídeo original
Rida Nazir
Joshua Wilkinson
wow, you're my kind of gay
Blade Zero
WTF is THIS !????!!!?  O_O
Jervin Marco
so funny
Ricky Zhou
Shes a really small dainty woman. So it really ironic to see her all gangsta rapping....