Is raw 1995

Classic Sonic
I'm Surprised That Undertaker Still Put His Opponents In Bodybags Especially In 1994
Younes Maroc
This undertaeker can break roman reigns and lesnar
Big mike 6689
I love this era of wrestling man !!! This is when I started watching wrestling as a child this era !! Right into the attitude era !
Mr Channel
i Love The undertaker
Masood Khalid
زكرتني بالايام اول يا اندرتيكر
Brandon McDermott
That smoke affect is cool
Taqadus Hussain
02:12 lol what was that
Masood Khalid
love the old days
Raghuvaran rc
wwe the best wresler in the would the undertaker
Hh508188610 Fgg
وصباحك ياعسل
Raghuvaran rc
yes i love old mathes
Danny Boy
2:31 chokeslamtoss?
Rocky B
The jobber era
Calvin Ray
The man from the DARK side The UNDERTAKER
Shane S
Heel Lawler! lol
Ryuseiken Kyokushin
Vince was still sitting there commenting
Ez3 Vedro
the man and lady all mysterious freaky and scary looking
Andrew Flood
great mark william calaway aka undertaker in action on monday night raw in 1995 !!!!
Rob Gallagher
wow vince is just too much and i mean that negatively
Robert Salazar
This match was on fly away home when he was watching tv
bobby singh bisht
Against the legend the phenom the deadman the Mighty Undertakerrr every fighter seems little child this is the fone example of this. Rest In Peace. Respect
I was 7 years old 😳😳😳
Pennie Tarentino
Ahmad Sulaiman
what happen in 2.13 😐
Hh508188610 Fgg
ههههههه ههههههه 😂
Danny Devito90
Anyone else find the feet convo a bit odd?
Amit Kumar
My favourite old under tekar
Arvind Vishwakarma
The Undertaker my favorite star
imanur khan
Meesha noor
My love undertakar
WWE- Batın Yılmaz
Vallaha Kral Bu Adam Ama En Iyisi John Cena
Handy thehandle
That guy's trunks are so big they look like a diaper
Joey Roller
This incarnation of the Undertaker was frightfully strong and agile for his time. He was arguably the one of the few wrestlers that were tolerable to watch during the dumpster fire of a year in the WWF that was 1995, when their ass was getting kicked by WCW which had signed Hulk Hogan the previous year.
Abdul Sajid
vick gold
Sulaman Mustafa
Abdul Sajid
Shabeena khan
รวมคลิปหลอน เวอร์ชั้นไทย
1999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999995!!!! Undertaker 23 July 1995
Abhilash.k K
Alan Lee
The old days when all wrestlers had long hair and you couldn't see them telling each other their spots...Not sure why wrestlers want to cut their hair nowadays.  Makes everything worse.
Jason Huntley
his matches were boring
Jason Huntley
this undertaker sucked
lio icxc
Disrespectful ass jobber bragging at the beginning of the match. No wonder Undertaker stomped his ass in that bodybag.