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This is an ASMR video intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes. In this video the viewer will be checked into a luxury resort and offered all sorts of options to go along with their stay. This video is soft spoken and has typing, a little tapping, and some fabric sounds. *PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES FOR 3D SOUND! ~My Patreon: /> ~Donations: /> ~My instagram: />~My twitter: />~My Facebook: /> *Curious to see the first ASMR video ever made? Here is the lovely lady who is the founder of ASMR, she uploaded the first ASMR video ever created in 2009: /> ~for letters and such: Jessica P.O. box 1324 Haines City, FL 33845-1324 Makeup worn: face: lancome tient idol utlra foundation, nars radiant creamy concealer under eyes, wet n wild heather silk blush eyes: anastasia blond brow pencil, urban decay naked 3 palette, rimmel liquid liner, maybelline lash sensational mascara lips: mac whirl lip liner, bite beauty opal lip gloss perfume: Dior hypnotic poison *All footage used is my own copyright or royalty free for use.

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Mikala Hodge
Came for the ASMR, stayed for the economy package descriptions 😂😂😂😂
Rhosgobel Rabbit ASMR
Hi everyone:) I'm actually in the process of changing my whole set up (camera, lighting, microphones,noise reduction, just a general quality overhaul) so I appreciate your patience while I get this all finished. I won't have my binaural mics set up for another week or two but this is the first video I have done using my new camera. It became very obvious to me that this camera clearly does not require as much lighting as my other camera lol. I realize this video is way too bright and I will correct the lighting situation before my next video and very shortly the audio should be improved as well. I appreciate your patience while I make a million mistakes and adjustments with my new equipment XD It's a work in progress but I promise the next video won't be so bright!
Danny Docile
The economy options by far seem like the most fun. I bet the fancy hotel doesn't have bars on the windows, what happens if someone tries to scale the building? Economy wins again, checkmate wealthy people.
ASMR Power Of Sound
Very relaxing!
Bill Scurry
I gave this place a great review on TripAdvisor.
I am so ready for vacation this year. I need to get the hell out of the house, LOL. Great video!
Carl B
Trying to get my head around the idea of your "general quality overhaul", and wondering how you can improve on the perfection you've been consistently delivering ever since I began watching you! :-)
Love Today ASMR
Heavenly!!! 😊 thank you lovely
Mocking Moniker
Luxury Hotel: $20,000, night First Class Airplane Ticket: $1800, seat Top notch food: $300, plate The most gorgeous smile from ASMR's most gorgeous woman: priceless. There are somethings money can't buy, for everything else, there's Master Card. Accepted everywhere you see the Master Card logo.
Dr. Froggle
I used to work at a country club. Prepared food for many very rich people. Wine was the most common dinner drink sold. My boss would fill all the expensive wine bottles with boxed wine. Do you know how many people ever complained or questioned anything? None. Ever. Out of the likely hundreds of thousands of people served over multiple decades. Zero people. Zero. A couple things. The first being that people can't tell the difference between a dollar glass of wine and a thirty dollar glass. The second is that there's nothing at all wrong with boxed wine.
Samuel Duran
I absolutely love your "receptionist" type roleplays, your voice is so velvety smooth I'd buy anything you'd ever present me. Plus this one has a comical twist I didn't expect, basically a perfect video! Thank you so much!
Josh S
Brandy room? Can I have the Sarah room instead? Thank you folks, I'll be here till 10. please tip your waitress's
ashlee duncan
Love how funny your "economical" packages are! Keep it up!
She reminds me of the actress from The IT Crowd.
Lemme get that Economy Package...#Boujee
Rachel T
I'm getting so tired seeing ads for that horror chat app?? There is this image of bleeding eyes that pops up and it freaks me out every time 😭 Luckily the video is super relaxing and calms me right down 💕 (I'm using the iOS Youtube app so I don't have Adblock btw)
Car Audio Inc
I know there's a huge debate on whether or not ASMR is sexual. "Why don't you watch guy asmrtists if it's not." Good point, but I find females are easier for me to relax to. For me it's comes more natural to be vulnerable and feel safer around females. I am a straight male though, so perhaps there is a mental sexual component but I assure you I'm not sitting here wacking off. I wasn't hugged enough as a child so there's that too.
Only thing I didn't like was the keyboard sound.
Gosh if you were a real hotel receptionist I'd be asleep in the lobby before I even got to my room!
how did you not bust out laughing filming this??
I love the way you implement your humour into relaxation. Not gonna lie, I was expecting a male package joke but the massage one was jut priceless!. On top of that, I actually nearly fell asleep because your voice is so soothing. Also the lighting isn't too bad, all things considered. x
Anthony Peppers
Those economy level descriptions are savage af 🙈🙉🙊
Renee Whirty
lady: would you like to hear about the next package? me:no lady: very good, so the next package includes..... me FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Mark Small
Love the video! But as a hotel manager, if I took 33 minutes to check-in a guest he/she would be expecting 10 free nights haha.
Roger Smith of Paradigm City
Welcome to the Hotel California. Such a lovely place, such a lovely face.
DB 00
"you look the type to choose that" - yeah, but I'd still like to discuss the 2% option on my bag of milk...
Erica Almaraz
LOL!! a pack of cigarettes and Wolfe brand chili 😂😂 I'm dead!! Can I also get a few tums? I always get the heart burns after that kind of chili!!
Wagner Ribeiro de Santana
Beautiful video and perfect sound, very relaxing!😴
Bryan Avery
what size is ur bra
I'm getting a hint of passive aggressiveness with the Economy classes.
Still hoping for another suit fitting or gym sign up, but this was excellent!
Shannon Borrero
😂😂😂 economy packages are cracking me up
Spooky Gingersnap
**types at the speed of light with one hand on the keyboard** lol I still love this video
Xander Baker
Is this hotel haunted? I only sleep in haunted hotels
My god the receptionist is a ghost 😳!!! Just appearing like that in the beginning
Glitter Junkie
I swear I have watched this about 200 times. I watched it 4 times just last night. You are up there with Maria & Jellybean as the queens of ASMR in my opinion.
How did she remember what to say
Cece E.
This is the only time checking into a hotel for over 30 minutes would be relaxing 😂
E-Machine Entertainment
Funny thing about this video being that it, on a decidedly less extravagant level granted, is my real life job. My question does my real life version disrupt my sleep but yours enhances it? I can only assume it's your wonderful voice, so great video as always!
Love this video. Very tingly. :) <3
Wiley G
Would you like to hear about our econ... YES YES I WOULD
Take a shot for every time she says “luxurious”
ASMR Warm Puppy
How did you just teleport in there at the start? That's some serious Area 51 tech, right there. Hypothetically, what happens if I steal all the towels? I can't afford the more exclusive options. Will you take payment in internal organs? I can spare you a kidney.
Ashley Baker
the guest that is not that into his taint? lol I know i couldn't have heard that correctly...ha
Shogun_assassin Alice
your voice and humor are always refreshing and welcomed!! I especially love how you pronounce your t, s, and x words in the softest way possible: guaranteed relaxation!💗💗💗💗
Peter Peterle
Your are so sensitive. I love it so much!
Allan Nightingale
OMG this is so tingly lol Your soft spoken/whisper voice is one of the best, if not the best, on YouTube =) Mmmm Mystery wine hehe Now you're talking =D Thanks for the fun tingles!
Raven Rain
Considering you're a rabbit, shouldn't you be the ahem... Bellhop? :P
Samantha L.
the soft spoken/whisper combo here along with the hand movements is literally some of the strongest tingles i've ever gotten. sooo gooood
Chong Chong
You are gorgeous...
Mary Strom
I love this style. Really un rushes and relaxing. Your voice is fantastic! I really like it when you talk, and then move your hands against the table or whatever. Both sounds together slowly and unhurried gives me crazy tingles! Thanks for the the awesome vid!
Wow my name must be long!!!!
Oh my, the economy package is luxurious indeed. Fine 5 star residence with a bring your own hook-up shed in the backyard. Classic.
Your smile looks exactly like Anastacia's in 50 Shades of Grey, which is both very attractive and massively weirding me out in an ASMR vid xD
Jenna S
It says bed and breakfast in the title on the video itself but she refers it as a hotel and the title say hotel😂love this vid though very relaxing
Karla Samuslki
hi This is still my Fave!!. I want to do one one day Fun Fun!!.
Christine Pratt
you can consider but then you forget
Christine Pratt
people think you are joking and then you go too far where you who are you for anymore be for one
Christine Pratt
who am I for anymore I been so messed up wordless really
Christine Pratt
all these words OMG no don't back wayay
Christine Pratt
but aren't you psychic and begging them for more just goes right
Christine Pratt
then it feels like it's over this blogging thing is really going well here
kylie little XD
I was the 1,000 like 👍🏻👌🏻
Christine Pratt
So Ronery
Visually, the synchronization of key pressing was a bit off. But that’s alright. You probably have long nails you did not want to ruin and break xD.
Wiley G
Presidential suite with the economy romance package please 😅
Lynne Neil
Your subtle humour thrown in with your amazing voice is excellent
SpazKat 1
20:58 omg she is magical she can type with out even touching the key board.😱I'm just kidding this was so funny 😂
Dave Rucci
No one ever seems to pick or even talk about the mid level packages! It's either all or nothing: slums or Trump hotels? Can't I just have mediocre? 😂
Based on the receptionist, I'm gonna assume luxury hotel is a euphemism for sex castle.
Emma Mcdonald
J Hova
Holy smokes, I listened to this video this morning and had low level ASMR going almost all day. Had to watch it again. Thanks for all the time you put into these!
You have the most calming ASMR voice ever.
Courtney Tate
I just wish you wouldn't annunciate your S's so much 😭😭😭 I can't watch it, it drives me insane.....
Official Alecia
Very relaxing
Ben Davies
Hahaha, you have to be VERY frugal to fall for the economic spa package. She said it was very nice.
Ben Davies
I would rather have the milk 🍫 chocolates in the diamond encrusted box with the fold bow but it's just me being posh again.
Great video, but just as a suggestion (and possibly just my opinion), I feel like it'd be better if you typed slower and more realistically. I like being able to here the slow typing sounds and the fast typing kind of seems unrealistic. Again, just a suggestion, as you make great videos
Σοφία Β.
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Olivia Marie
You are so relaxing
FionaM Hasler
15 people massaging my scalp at one time? How big is my head?!
Joey King
Take a shot every time she says "beautiful" haha
The economy ones made me cringe so hard
Gotta love the funnies 😂😂😂. Bars on the window 😂😂
Naturalist ASMR
You have so much variety in your videos. I think you must have something for everyone. This one was just what I was looking for tonight. Thanks!
A. P. Heffel
Great video! Funny and relaxing at the same time. Couldn't help laughing at "Himalayan sea salt"
John Paul
You've never made a video I didn't like
Night Owl
I continue to come back to this video. So many tingles. Please do more videos that are similar in mannerism. Thank you Jessica!
Pilato Theologian
Thank you so much! Your videos have been helping me with my anxiety lately. You are a gorgeous blessing!
Sam Howard
Don't knock the box wine. It can be both delicious and economical.
Gene Savage
I'm going to spend all my vacation time trying to get through all 900 channels! 😂 Thanks for a great video.
Ok, you have to do a high-end luxury car sales lady next time. Rolls Royce, Maserati, Bentley etc.
OffKilter Leather
The economy grade rooms sound like the local No-Tell Motel!! :P
☁️ just a little cloud floating in a sea of comments...
Jaxi Jay
So entertaining, I loved it :D
Andrew Barratt
My brain turned to liquid goo and poured around my skull for an hour listening to this video.
Elias Nikolopoulos
Oh Rhosgobel you have been born for ASMR. Each second of your video causes me tingles. ❤