Rocket Stove Manufacturers HATE Him! Local Kid Improves Cob Rocket Stove With This One Weird Trick

Now THAT is a clickbait title! The rain stopped at long last and I got out and did some recording. I figured it was high time to fire up the cob rocket stove my 9-year-old son improved. This cob stove really works great now. The draw through the higher chimney makes a world of difference, as you'll see. Got to get those ratios correct so the flow of air causes better combustion. I'm impressed. Building a cob rocket stove is so easy a kid can do it.

John Smith
I love the purposeful clickbait title, very funny.
*I'm dumber for watching this. Thanks a bunch.*
You could light it from the top and you would have a tlud stove. Normally on the feed you would have a piece of metal on bottom that would hold up the sticks being fed in and let air come in underneath. an old tin can would do that trick, but looks like you got the hang of it.
Christopher Palme
Haha! Love the vid title!!
I think I'm going to copper coat an old military boot now and make it into a stove.
"Hickory smoke clothing" so good you almost want to eat them.
Carolyn Mihelcic
Beautiful I've made two stoves out of Cob I Love Playing in the MUD.......
GreenShortz DIY
I waited for the rap...not disappointed. Booyah! Playa!
SURVIVING Julie Silversmyth
Make the top edge like a castle and it will allow air flow at the top... it works better, I swear. A tall chimney is essential. Coat the outside with cement over carpenter's fabric or chicken wire. And then cover it with something heavy when you aren't using. This is how I made mine rainproof. You probably missed that video...
welp that's how our ancestors made their stoves and cooked foods.... yup the stainless one is for durability and portability I wreckin?
Jeff Sandling
Coming soon to youtube you near you! The tale of a bird with a destiny to help us survive!..."Chicken In The Pot"
William best
I like the way the Rooster stood watch, "go ahead Dave, light it!" When I was nine I figured out how to load the Tom Cat into the mailbox, just before the mailman came (RFD) Gosh, wasn't he surprised.
Tony Walker
Your son is the greatest man that ever lived!!! i'll wouldn't mess with him.
nice rap i enjoyed that
At least I didn't have to click through 87 pages of adds to view the video. The title had me worried
Kenneth Kustren
mmmmmm..... excuse me... but.... a real rocket mass heater has near zero output of emissions .... except for carbon dioxide and steam.
A.M. Rooted in Buffalo
great video and awesome rap in the end lol
Got me on the thumbnail. nice job for a 9 year old though.
Jeff Sandling
He's on the right track...add about 12 more inches, it should stop smoking then. Great job, great Dad! Subscribed!
William Burdon
it's a Dakota Fire hole above ground.
What is the big deal. Ancient Chinese have been doing this kind of stove for 6,000 years. Nothing new under the Sun.
Nine! nine! I would have been satisfied with an age of 12-25. Kids. I keep on underestimating them.
Kathryn Kenyon
Great vid...wish you had highlighter the vid with inserts from and/or with your son. Glad to see a dad being a dad and encouraging his young son to do interesting things that improve his mind and his self esteem. AWESOME GUYS! As an avid camper it's nice to see something I can throw together in an emergency. :-)
Yeah, worked great...after the big, honkin' chimney plug burned out!
It's the Caveman's version of a Blast Furnace  !! .....simples -  :-)
higher chimney - better draft? REALLY???? well another 5 minutes lost.....
Where do you put the pizza in at?
Mike Doyle
Light the top too
Scott Weinberg
What was the "weird trick"? And what Rocket Stove Manufacturers would hate what you showed? I don't get the title...
and i must say what a great dad to let him lean on his own good on ya dad
Bienvenido Ties
Do you have a video that shows you how this was made? How well does this cook, does it turn everything black?
Amy Johnson
Was that the single chick I heard in the background?
Dara Martin
Ultra cool!
You failed and your child understands draft... thumbs don for the title
Divergent Droid
So.. Er.. What was the Actual trick?
Justin Bozeman
Oh my God something that small if you're going to fill it with fuel you light it from the top and then you have a smokeless fire that burns pure
Aleks Aleksandrovich
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Divergent Droid
20 seconds in and all I can say is.. Please donate to this channel because that guy NEEDS lessons on How to grow a proper mustache and possibly lessons on symmetrics.
Gabriel Gundulf
finally some rapping!! haha no explosions though :- / although since it had firex2 im content! haha!
Edward Versluys
how long does the heat last on average?
Install Gentoo
Where's the place? South East Asia?
What country do you live in? im in the philipines
Wishbone 1
clickbait title sell out....👎
Edward Versluys
right i have found some better designs . This is one of the poorest. An adobe oven would be the better option. Clay holds ore heat for longer.
A little dirt never hurt
Love the adjustments to the stove, burns well. You have a very talented kiddo. The closing music is gold, pure gold :)
Rhisiart Gwilym
That's not a rocket stove. It just looks vaguely like one. It's a cargo-cult copy. Nor is it burning like a real rocket in the clip you show here. If your son's the expert, he needs to learn more. Try here (contains 30+ years of experience of developing clean, efficient woodstoves, both in the test lab and in field-testing with end-user cooks in poor countries): In case you're wondering, I've been building and using genuine rocket stoves since 1995, having first learnt the elements of the design from the originators. Sorry to be so discouraging, but YouTube is awash with things that people call rocket stoves, without bothering to find out what the basic principles of these excellent stoves really are. Study the Aprovecho material at the link! And good luck with making the real thing. At least you're trying, so keep going. It's worth the effort. I write this whilst sitting warm by my rocket variant which heats my place right through a freezing Winter time on two buckets of wood per 24 hours. Cooks food briskly too... :)
Pero Vaper
wots ur relation to mclovin
Ace Carter
Rocket stove manufacturers hate him? Really?
Graeme Peters
The problem wasn't the stove. It was the numpty who stuffed the chimney with garden rubbish!
hard yakka
Natives world wide made stoves like that. Nuffin new there.
Slade Herb
theyve been making the stoves out of mud forever in africa. congrats for catching up.