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Edward and Connie Summer (Richard Gere, Diane Lane) have the perfect life: a happy marriage, an eight year old son, and a beautiful house in the suburbs. But when Connie's chance encounter with a handsome stranger (Olivier Martinez) erupts into a full-blown affair, desire becomes obsession, and the true price of betrayal takes a shattering toll.

Sparky Plugg
Diane Lane's acting is incredible in this film.  She shows an entirely other side.
Danny Reyna
woman who have a adoring husband, children and security will never be happy. vows don't mean squat anymore.
your eyes are amazing you know that, you should never shut them, not even at night. sickest line ever!!!
Maria Jimenez
This is the best movie I ever see!!! 💓💘
Nice to see after 14 year's since this film's release, people are still talking about it. It has a life. Kinda like the effect Fatal Attraction (same director) did to everyone 29 year's ago.
Angelina Jolie
Did you know? That this character. Was offered to Nicole Kidman. But take it down. Because she is gulity.
ismail khan
One of my favourite movie this one, excellent movie wise, meaningful.
One of the reasons that I don't sleep with married women is that if I ever get shot in the back of the head with a shotgun I don't want it to be because I deserve it.  Another reason is that sleeping with a married woman is like wearing another man's underwear.  It just isn't done.
Marian Tea
I can't understand her motivation in this film. She has a good hardworking devoted solid husband, yet she goes off with some worthless lying git because of what??
Be happy for this moment this moment is your life, is the phrase I should put on my mother's headstone since she loved this movie.
The movie was good, didn’t like the ending but overall good movie.
Elizabeth Colegrove
It just shows you Don't have to be unnecessarily unhappy to cheat.. .
Sergio contreras
ive been a pimp for many years now
حنونة !
ي ويل قلبي ي يومة هالوسيم بيجنن
She is so natural yet so sexy and beautiful
Mike Pitts
Zeer eez no meztakes. Zer eez wat yoo do, and wat yoo don do.
gail conroy
i love this movie
Emily Radina
Ele me lembra Ben Barnes
ehm ehm
Diane Wears Watch On Left Hand,It’s Nice We Love Her
Felicia Sanders
That song sounds like the theme song to the tv show "cold case". 
gulhan Gunal
A few years after me
gulhan Gunal
A few years after me
Giuseppe Simone
Fuking diane i love
حنونة !
ليش ما تعرضون الفيلم كامل ليش اللي موجود مقاطع فقط
Afternoon Delight
I love this movie👍👍👍
Ahmad احمد الشويلي
شنو اسم الفلم
kartal jj
this hoe ain't loyal
Mohamed Ramadan
محمد تيسير ملحم
Anna Trachana
What song is at the finale of this trailer?
Anton Tumasov
This movie is certainly interesting and very emotional! I was really impressed by this masterpiece. At the same time there are a couple of questions that are difficult to answer for me: 1) When Edward visited the Frenchman, he was seen by an old man (at the entrance) and by another man (at the exit). How it was possible, that the police could not establish the fact of Edward's stay in the house? It is clear that Edward made every effort to destroy all evidence, but he was not a professional killer – he definitely had to leave some accidental evidence. 2) Why did the police fail to ascertain the fact of Connie's staying in the Frenchman's house? They loved each other in the flat repeatedly, regularly indulged in all sorts of love joys. Something exactly had to remain: a fingerprint, hair, any other piece of "biological material" or anything of personal hygiene. I'm not talking about the fact that someone from strangers living nearby, could see how Connie came to the Frenchman. In addition, some behavior motives of the main characters are not very clear: 1) Why did Edward go to the Frenchman? What did he want from him? He obviously did not intend to kill him. He also did not plan to fight with him, either. Did he want to “read him a morale" that it is not really good to sleep with married women? If so, what's the point? By the way, the Frenchman is not guilty of anything at all. Edward's wife went to him by her own will. She returned regularly, she wanted him. Yes, the Frenchman is an egoist, he received what he wanted and knew that the woman was suffering and most likely knew that it would not be a happy end for her, but he did not rape her, he didn’t beat or humiliate her. All that they had was by mutual consent: the natural passion and forbidden freedom in its full manifestation. 2) Why did the Frenchman let Edward went into his apartment? He could principally refuse to talk with him. What for were all those "spiritual" dialogues that eventually turned into a fatal outcome for the Frenchman? What did the Frenchman count on when he asked Edward to drink vodka? 3) Why did Edward's wife bring the Frenchman a souvenir ball, which she received as a gift from her husband? What’s the point? She were able to present him a rare book, a scarf, a picture - anything, but from herself, and not a souvenir ball from the house of her family. This moment remained completely incomprehensible for me. And, of course, it's not very clear how Edward and Connie are going to live on? It is possible to suppose that he forgave her, as well as she explained what happened by “minute weakness” and lack of male attention. It is possible to suppose that they realized that they cannot live without each other. Let it be so. But Edward killed a man! He finished him. If Edward were a brutal male without any sorrow feelings, and Connie were a "wild Amazon," then I could believe that they would eventually forget an incident that happened in the state of affect. But Edward and Connie are two sensual natures: he and she are people of high culture and decency. The Frenchman's death will pursue them for whole life. My opinion: there cannot be a happy end for this story. He or she will abuse alcohol, or will try to shoot themselves, or there will be constant tears, nerves and terrible experiences from what happened, which, in the end, will lead to a psychiatric hospital. Sorry for such long comment, but this movie really impressed me much!
Ben Smith
uncle Jun was the PI
صفاء صفاء صفاء صفاء
مين يعرف فين الكه لفلم كامل
I love this background music.
Maka Jean
بهزاد ماهور
Jeffrey Collier
God forgive us inever had a faithful woman all cheated.
Ferid Nesirov
bir qadinin serefsizdiyinden behs eden film
الشمري الشمري
جميل ومشوق هل فلم احب هيك افلام
انا نونه
بليز اسم الفليم
Em Love
Remember to eat her out every morning so she won't cheat lol
Juan Serra Suau
Unfalhteful que ganas tengo verla en español soy fan de diana lein
Daniel Enrriquez
tengoproblemasconlosvideos semeparansinalbur quepuedoaser
Great movie but I prefer the alternative ending in the dvd
Omer Celik
Bizdeki versiyonu:Mustafa hakkında herşey
Mr Camoron
Rushing by most is the song
Krizpe Cream
the first time i saw this i was like 9/10. i didnt really understand til now just how powerful this film is, right or wrong, still powerful.
Darrin Lee
what are the songs?
ماهر العتابي
جميل جدآ💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
The wrong music! Original is from Jan. A.P. Kazmarek.
Muhammad Adil
Simple and common story in Europe but the presentation is terrific.
naser naser
Iwnte thes felm is comblett
Krizpe Cream
what song is at the beginning of this trailer????
dina su
Dwi Mardyanto
صالح ابوبدر
اسراء شاكر
بليز ممكن رابط الفلم كامل ومترجم
Abigail Giannouli
Very very good movie!👍
Abd al Alkados