Robin Of Sherwood - The Last Arrow (Dramatic Reading)

An audio adaptation of the immortal TV episode "The Greatest Enemy" by Richard Carpenter. Read by Edward Kelsey, Jo Manning-Wilson, Christopher Scott, John Leeson and David Gooderson. Multiple Sound Distributors Ltd., 1986 Uploaded via original audio cassette for wider enjoyment. Nothing's forgotten. Synopsis The Sheriff, threatened by King John with the loss of office should he fail to finally dispose of Robin Hood, sets up a successful ambush. Only Robin, Marion and Much escape. Pursued by hounds and men at arms they are flushed out of Sherwood to make an armed stand on a rocky outcrop. Their arrows wreak havoc amidst the heavy forces besetting them yet there can be little hope. Is this the end of Robin Hood? Software Specifics: Ubuntu 16.04, Audacity, Kdenlive.

Joe Fairbairn
I had this cassette when I was a kid, such happy memories 👍🏻👍🏻 thank you for sharing it