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Download "Ganghis Kahn" and the OLD BOY JON album here: /> Video by: Brood Baby VFX by: David Wright-Spaner www.broodbaby.net www.davidws.com Steadicam: Ray Chin Beat produced by: Duke Westlake

dumbfoundead parker old boy jon brood baby music video dfd ganghis khan

Real Dreamers Change The World
Wth? It's 2016 and I'm just finding this? People don't know what they should and shouldn't hype. Smh.
Korean Jesus transformed in the Mongolian overlord Genghis Khan? This rapper so dope he crossin races
If people werent biased towards asians he would've blown up already .
Malik C-C
I don't care how old this is. I'm glad I could find good music
"Shitty flows go where the outhouse is" lol a buckshot to all the crappy rappers in mainstream. lol
Just saying, as a black guy.. this is one of my favorite rappers. Along with tonedeff. We really gotta expand our horizons, these dudes killing and they aren't black.
Scrubber Duckie
Literally when the beat hit at the beginning and he started off so intense it blew me back a bit I was like deeyum son
arthur Wulf
Why is this guy waking up in all his videos Lol
Steven Swan
This video- starts rapping right out of his sleep Cell phone- starts rapping right out of his sleep Brb-starts rapping right out of his sleep Cool and calm- starts rapping right out of his sleep
Jay Brinkman
I hate that you changed your name bro, I went to see you in ann arbor. You walked past the whole line of people waiting to get in and hardly anyone knew about you, it was mostly a watsky crowd. Any way I was that guy that kinda ran up and gave you props and offered to blaze the blunt with you when you where going to get some food before the show. You said for sure but during your show you told a little tale about getting pulled over and disowning the trees in the car (like disowning a "hommie") and not blazing anymore. I had my hopes up for that and it didn't happen so I was slightly upset, then I kinda noticed most every one there was for watsky. I felt bad and I bought a CD and a shirt to show support, trying to hand money to DFD but was directed to his beautiful sister. I dont know why but the few watsky groupies (5-6) seem to got to you as you didn't notice me after our first run in. You put on a great show but you should have treated your real fans better.
Lawrence Lui
Crazy that a new MV is made for a year-old song. That's forever in the hip hop world.
Bryan Herrera
I love that he uses references from high school english books we heard about from spark notes LOL
Nomuna Batbayar
I'm Mongolian and I approve lol
Benjamin Molina Ramirez
This so lit my water just evaporated
Scooter Mcgavin
Lmao I had my AP world teacher play this
i am Genghis Khan too. Cuz i am from MONGOLIA
Too dope, deserves way more views.
Tomy Tran
A new music vid for an old song lol. Dope song but I never see any music on YouTube from DFD anymore.
Jr Ryder
Dumbfoundead is a Beast.. Genghis Khan
Best song to blast in a car
Zolboot Ganbold
Did you mean Genghis Khan?
WGM Killa
My house is on fire now, thanks Parker.
I can't get this song out of my head. It has been days and I just walk around rapping it
Forgot Dumb was so nice...
too doooope
Tony Fulford
Can we get a vid for "Damnit Duke"?? I think the world is ready now!! #Swimteam
money stretched like dahlsim
Bump bump
Why is his name parker? whyd he change it? sounds weird doesn't suit him sounds more white boy name..
speed it up to 1.25 and it is better
Sema Kurt
5th January 2016 . Still listening this Asian shit .. And it is dope :D Lets gooooooooooooo :D
I remember hearing this at the Watsky concert in April and I still love it so much omg
Tam Pham
Dope video edits on this piece, another great song. Some people didn't like Old Boy Jon because of the different style of songs, but DFD (well now Parker) is doing what he enjoys. Respect to his musical style
Peter Hau
i love this man so so much xx
greta Lumbanraja
Most fave DFD's album <3 Still don't get it why he's so underrated
Daphnee Nazon
The fact that you had the 25 jug of juice from my childhood just made me catch my life and then some lmfao
Jayvee Entertainment
Im loving this track!!!
Davey Schley Jr.
dopppee dfd, not calling you parker sorry bruh
Paul Nguyen
I miss the old DFD, songs like "Are we there yet" and those little 30 second rap vids he used to do.. :(
Roel badayos
Hologram Ghosts
I'm emo and enjoy this
Kep Deep
Great song, i like the GANGHIS KHAN aspect of it as i have lyrics with GANGHIS KHAN qoute as part of the chorus
Na Hyun Kim
I need that bathrobe and those slippers. YAAS
Draco Arzaty
Now I know where Cole Bennett got his style of videos from gotta give credit to brood baby
Jenny L
You weird..... but that's why I like you~
Korean Abdul Jabar.
Camino Gang mannéeeeee
Nush Ra
hella dank
Roel badayos
eminemish flow?
wow ganghis KON doe phew
twoja stara
2:36 Wtf that hole in the wall looks like Poland.
nice flow nice beat damn the feeling is good
Tugsuu Gsg
The name is Chinggis not Genghis Or GANGHIS.
This video is sick, but it was even better live!
Tselmeg Chinuukhei
Im mongolian. Genghis Khan
2018 ❤
Fucking zipperhead
Christopher Helling
Please do a track with Danny Brown!!!
Good song. I like
Daphnee Nazon
YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I literally stopped studying when I saw that this was out and I don't regret it! I sang this song so damn much after your show that I swear my friends were going to kick my ass but as I say... CARLE DIEM lmfao! *twerks in excitement *
How does this only have 1.5m views!???
0:49 soul khan's last line against QP?
Franco McMahon
Damn first song I ever heard from DFD back when Kinda Neat had him listed as Parker. Btw I recommend checkin out Kinda Neat. They also got Wax and Herbal T, and a FIRE Hot Sugar vid.
Samuel Medina
So now he's going by Parker? I don't get it.
Mmp Kao
OOOHHH!! Thats why your voice and face where so familiar in all the other doumbfounded vids! Haha gangis khan
wow at 1:57 pic of old mongolian capital
HK Studios
Why aren't you mainstream, dude...
If he stay off that Damm weed he'd stop waking up and shit in all his vídeos lol his flow is dope tho . But I swear every song got something to do with smoking
Love you rocking the Redwings
Sarkadi Edem
420th comment!
I don't get along with Koreans but he got talent and his style / music is fire. #Respect.
Genghis Khan is one of my heroes. He slaughtered more Muslims than anybody else in history.
Alex Galicia
What happened dumb? This is not you. Forgot to eat your Rapper-O's?
Naveed Akhtar
Coo track, it's actually spelled Genghis Khan though, so you can spell it without gang.
Chris M
Asian Eminem.
2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Orgil B Onolt
Wait parker, you're not Mongolian are you?
Tacheon Bola
Why did you change your name to Parker,did you get tired of people calling you dumb?
Klien Kirigaya
4 years later and I’m still listening to this song 😂😂 I love dumbfounded man 😂
When I first heard this a few years ago your name was Parker. So is it currently dumbfounded and previously Parker or vice versa. Big fan although this has confused me for a while. Thx
Víctor Plà
I'm imagining going through editing at 1:11 of the song and thinking: "If only that dog would have fucking barked at the right time for that "Woof" of the hook"
Ricky L
One of the dopest song ive ever heard, DFD got the flow , the beat, the words. damn
Nicci Bonita
one of my favorite dfd songs but it's broke and won't play
Tantu Beats
Detroit represent!!!!! Red wings jersey lol
Savanah Mitchell
Hip Hop isnt dead, it's living in K-town
chong khan xiong
Parker is Mong korean. He now living in the united state. Genghis khan is the greatest ruler king of the face mother earth. The right for ruler of God yershool.!!!!!!! Go job. I like it.
Representing the korean flag💯💯 i dont see many korean rappers do that
EL Quisy
Who is the girl with the blue hair? She looks like the girl off of Resident Advisors that they think was squatting, but I can't tell, can anyone confirm this with proof? Having an argument with someone about it.
Someone show me where I can get that litass Redwings shirt???
Gee T
god this flow, the lyrics, god... why isn't he bigger in america? cause he asian >->
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