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Meet Echo. He's just gonna relax for a bit. Here's how to play him in Rainbow Six Siege.

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instructions unclear, yokai caught in skybox
3:30 Weapons 6:15 Loadouts
How to play Echo: 1 - Use weeboo drone entire game and acquire last friendly standing status. 2 - Die because of permanent suppressor. 3 - Forever wonder if the shotgun would be the better pick but always hesitate and re-pick the SMG last second.
I Putu Raka
3:36 kapkan 360s xD
Please do Jäger or Ash next Thank You Btw Your vids are great
*Hear's the opening tune of a familiar song* *Realises the video is only 3 seconds in* *Instantly likes video* You sir have a good taste of music. For those wondering the song the video starts off with is Aku - The Final Bow
xXBeastModeXx _
Gregor your my fav YouTube notice me and I give you ten bucks ;)
James Sawley
The Japanese operator's weapons are just better SAS guns, the supernova is a better Mossberg 590, the bearing 9 is a better smg11 and the mp5sd is a better mp5k.
Midnight Gaming
Also you can use the shotgun to create holes in the bottom of walls so you can use that rather than doors and create more drone escapes like do others can see tip
Sapphire beast
go hibana next and then work your water back to the first dlc operators and then go by group with the non dlc
Koolkan1 Boolkan
Red crow is the season of fidget spinners
Joshua Collins
how come the two ctus with the best pistols also have secondary smgs
Meme Man
Do our dank lord and savior Tachanky Kang next
Chief Jeice
i love echo
Joel Robinson
Just me who thinks Echo should be 2 speed 2 armour instead of 3 armour?
Tristqn Ejdjeh
with the power of 4 fidget spinner and 100 proof liquor
im new to the game and i just saved enough for a 25k renown op , should i get echo? or jackal ?
Joshua Collins
mp5sd does the same damage as the mp5 plus is suppressed so i think that is pretty notable
It was on my birthday, and echo is my favorite.
John Spade
I remember my first match playing Echo. It was on Border, and I was placed on a team of noobs. I chose the MP5SD, and hid in that little room next to the one room with all the blueprints that's under construction. The enemy team rushed the window in that room, and I sprayed the MP5 right at the window. I got a double headshot, and I got another enemy for a triple headshot feed. I finished the match with a 4k with help from the Yokai. I don't know how to end this comment, but that game was a really good experience.
Dill W
Hey man I love this video, you bring kind of a funny side to informational video😂😂 but I do, and always have, LOVED echo, I lobe the loadouts, one I found to be quite useful is the supernova with the reflex, and laser, as well as the bearing 9 with red dot and compensater. Echo is also VERY useful with Mira by his side also. Great video and I love someone on YouTube actually likes echo that plays siege😂😂😂 keep up the good work mate!!👍👍👍
Morgan Pierce
Do caveria next
banana bread
do buck
Nebbel Nebblers
music at the start is Final Blow - Aku btw recognized that shit immediately
TBH I love the supernovas ironsights
Lazy Boy975
Ehh well this is awkward...
I pretty sure at this point shotguns in siege is more risky then raw sex
I literally only bought echo for acog on defense
Downside dn
only thing you should have mentioned... was that you could hit your teammates with the pulse and incapacitate them too... i didnt know that happened and shot at a friendly and caused his death
Pls make more daddi
Lance Steele
Notice how red crow dlc both gadgets have at least one part that looks like a fidget spinner
Khánhduy Bùi
100th like!!!
Jax Scott
Fuk me plz
Typical Panda
olli c
Do you have to get a headshot with his drone to stun the enemy??
Hunter Cox
How much amp on the drone ?
First love you Gregor
Mmm, real nice.
Quick question... Does echos stun stack?
Krazy_ Gay_Boi_
Plz do Smoke next
10 minute ad revenue
Arctic Fl
Saah dudes
The Yokai is a Nintendo Switch
Jesus Christ on a bike!
3:36 *come lazy Japanese man I show you the dance of Russia*
Do twitch please :)
Anna M
subbed and liked, these are great
smg gam3r
with the power of four fidget spinners lol XD
Dragon Fury
Four fidget spinners? Have 18 HAHAHA!! (hibana) Japanese ops really like fidget spinners don't they?
hovering fidget spinner
"You'll see me using the irons because I really like the Heckler and *Colt* iron sights...". Lol Colt? It's Koch. And I love how youtubers really over use the buzz word "Meta". Anywho...I just don't like that you can't mark enemies with his drone. But I laugh at all the people constantly reloading after firing just a few shots. It's Siege guys, not Halo. You can kill with a couple of bullets (one for the head). Why go into a reload animation when shooting at just one guy?? Chances are he's not alone and your dumb ass is dumping 25+ rounds for that extra 3-4 while they take you out. Why reload several times when you can just do it once?It's a bad CoD habit. Stupid.
Mads Hagen
love this kind of content
Cori Trottman
Sorry but you aren't good at memes. Reading a script word for word kinda takes the fun out of it too
Good job greg on the 10 min mark
dickbutt the dankest
posting a comment
Intro song?
Do Doc Next Plz.
Dennis Krasniqi
This Soundtrack, i have never seen someone using it, its lit Aku Chill
King Zucc
Really had to two shot that shield op in the face.
Im ThaGod
I ordered R6S today. I really want to buy Echo for my defender is that a good idea?
Not a Can
You forgot to use his best voice line "Remember folks, efficiency is clever laziness"
Argon Bromine
7:35 operation health
Just a suggestion, if you're going to put your videos into sections you might want to put the timestamps of each section in the description of your videos.
Echo's loadout is a bit similar to smokes, with the shotgun and smg pistol
Samuel Jackson
What is the song in the beginning
“ Carries 3 doses of 100 proof liquor” GET THOSE NUMBERS UP!!
Daniel Gandara
The mp5 is a German weapon
Daniyel Cheah
Your intro is my study music xD
A Random Troll In The Comments
To play echo, I just sit behind a counter in the objective with the yokai in the objective the whole time and when you see somebody, shoot them with the yokai and then with the bearing 9. I song die unless they have grenades, but everyone I meet sucks with them so I don't care. Anyways, there's usually a jager on my team.
Marc Stark
Great video ! But can someone give me the name of the song at the beginning?
Ceffoo From American Consumables
how to ad rev 101 (10:01)
Please Sledge or Thatcher next I need all the help I can get. Great content by the way👍
Stoked on this - just decided to pick up Siege because my new roomate has it. I came across your every operator video and it was super helpful. Extended videos about each operator are even better! Thanks man keep up the great content! +sub
Do valkyrie
Wait.... Echo is a three armor??? WHERE IS ALL THE ARMOR
Danat Zeppeli
I play echo for rather short time, but I enjoy him the most from all defensive operators.The one thing I noticed is that hiding Yokai near ceiling fan is pretty good, and allows getting few more shots without need to change position. Planks and pipes also worked well for me, but I'm pretty low, so it's maybe just this. AnywayBest operator 10/10 lazy 4 life
Nice setup to the video. Dig the style.
I just got Legendary Rekt for Echo, it sucks. ( It's a Camo btw )
dale bors
Can you do navy seals next
Garen Dillon
What's dpm?
Jack Molotov
"No ones gonna go into an objective when they can't shoot properly!" Montangue: hold my beer
Alexander Chrystall
Um where the hell is fuze 😡 no subscription till fuze!!! For real tho please make fuze one 👍
Agar Solo
my first game with echo i got an ace lol.
Zan José
about time lol
the intro is so good
Echo is my Fav Op too! Just got the game yesterday, but damn he’s fun!
Michael Talley
can we get a Kapkan guide next?
Falcon 13
So he’s Smoke... but Asian.
The Impotent Show
Lol the "suh dude" got me XD
UltraSmasher Gaming
Hue hue huehueheueh
Tonto Skimmins
More please
Twinkle Toes
give us the BeeooTEHs thrower next
Thicc Knife
The reason why he can’t be called by dokkabei is his wrist mounted electriconic
Henry Hoff
Thanks man I've always wanted to use echo but my friends said I shouldn't cause I suck but I've been trying so this will help a lot I think
keve sörös
2:09 to drunkify enemies :DDDDD
James Miolli
As soon as you said "like trapqueen", I subscribed.
Russian Metalhead
I read ladyBoy! You scared me
Marc Ortega
Man this song just made me went back to my freshman year in highschool