KISS " ABC Fridays '82 " Complete - The Oath / A World Without Heroes / I

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Friday night comedy show which ran for two seasons on ABC television . Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, ACE Frehley and Eric Carr .

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Walter Mirren
Can we all agree that The Elder was actually a great album after all these decades? If nothing else, it led into Creatures of the Night - one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever recorded.,R.I.P.Eric. Sorry naysayers, this is a fucking good record.
i love this album, and this is a great performance
Eric Carr was undeniably the best drummer Kiss ever had! He had the most unbelievably awesome drumming coordination and incredibly huge drumsets!! I love how in the song "The Oath" he just relentlessly attacks his drums with an unleashed fury!! Rest In Peace Eric Carr! You were the best drummer Kiss ever had! ~Dutch
Best vocals by Gene Simmons...ever!
Wow, they really sound terrific here, almost too good but this is obviously live. In fact all these ABC Fridays music segments sound awesome, I think they have the best live TV sound I've ever heard, can't complain about the camera work either.
Steve Steele
I saw this on the night it was broadcast. I was with my high school friends just hanging out with the TV on in the background. It was a fluke we caught this. We had been huge KISS fans up to Love Gun, but grew out of them after that. But we just happened to see this and were awed by how heavy the music was. I didn't buy The Elder but we did go see the Creatures tour in Dallas, which was LOUD! And yes, there were preachers outside (always wondered if that was a KISS attention stunt).
Creature Of the night
The Elder was a good record in my opinion. My God I love Eric Carr! The man was a beast on drums!
Seriously UNDERRATED Album.
Charlie Vieyra
I was 11, my Dad knew I liked Kiss, he told me they will appear later that night on the Fridays show, so I went to sleep and he woke me up just in time to see Kiss play live. Some weeks later we went to Tower Records and bought me their new Music From The Elder LP
When you think about it, it's sort of amazing that KISS, born and bred in NYC, never appeared on SNL during their late 1970's heyday. 
Jeff Railey
Wow! I'm a big KISS fan. I've seen them 3 times in concert: Hot In The Shade (RIP Eric Carr) in 1990, Revenge in 1992, and Reunion Tour (original line up with Paul, Gene, Peter, and Ace) in 1997. Most honestly, The Elder is extremely under-rated! KISS went into a different musical direction. It's a concept album. The Oath (opening track) is even by today's standards, heavy metal. The Elder shows everyone that KISS have always been great, very influential, diverse, and creative musicians. KISS ROCKS!
cd mc
one of the more mysterious times of KISS. Can't help but, to respect it
Donny Gouvaia
Wonder who is playin keyz in world w/,out heros? Ace freaking shines here...30 years old. I never understood the dumbing down aspect...the elder blows away asylum crazy crazy crap and hot n the shame.....bow down to elder kiss
Brian Fitzpatrick
I'm a long time KISS fan, but I find it hilarious that Paul and Gene were able to convince people that Ace and Peter were merely "characters". Imagine the absurdity of AC/DC replacing Angus with someone else because "after all, he's just a character in a schoolboy uniform". No one would ever accept that (no matter who owned the rights). I saw KISS in 2011, and I enjoyed the show, but anyone comparing what they do now to the vitality, energy, and creativity of the original lineup is either not being honest with themselves, or truly delusional. Just keeping it real... 
The oath is one of my favorite KISS songs.
Mica Halligan
Oh and Eric Carr... Best drummer.
this drummer s at the wrong gig, you can tell carr turned kiss into a metal band, paul and gene couldnt keep up with his playing, only ace could
Wow.....boy were they on fire !!! THE OATH is fantastic.
Connor Bowles
I dont understand, why did the band hate this album, i for one love it
Ha, I remember watching the original broadcast. Man, I'm old.
Ulli Michel
The best line-up of Kiss ever!
WytheMan 74
I'm sure, when Kiss came out and got mega huge in the 1970s, what is this, don't want them in our town or city and parents locking up their daughters lol....
Abe Froman
Was this performed at The Blue Oyster?
James Moster
Paul's star is horrendous
Mike Brown
Is Paul wearing his grandma's necklace? And is that real hair on Gene? I'm not used to seeing him without that Brillo pad wig he wears.
Paul singing The Oath i live great and excellent rhythm guitar, Elder is a brilliant album completely misunderstood by critics and fans unfortunately. I personally do not understand how you can enjoy the contrary, the whole album Love Gun, there are three great things I Stole Your Love, Shock Me and Love Gun, and it is not all that extra sound amateurishly recorded album. The Elder is a gem, musically mature album.
ka hafa
Eric was such a great drummer except Paul and Gene had the handcuffs on his playing after Creatures of the Night!!! You got to love Ace's extended solo!!!
Michael Little
I remember watching this when it aired. Its amazing how much better these songs sound LIVE as opposed to the album. I actually like them. Tons more energy. And anybody that says Paul Stanley can't play guitar is an idiot. He's nailin' that solo on A World Without Heroes!!!
Kiss the Oath...Power metal song before power metal come to be :)
Patrick Simmons
What kind of helmet is Gene wearing...oh never mind...
Johnny Blade
Wow thats scary....
Paul M.
Isis,Ebola,the crumbing economy-there are many serious issues facing us in these perilous modern times. An issue that has somehow evaded the spotlight and until now and has not been seriously scrutinized or evaluated  is the purple headband worn by Paul in this video.  Another astonishing feature is the George Washington wig worn by Gene! Controversy  recently erupted when it was suggested at a forum in Davos that it is not a wig at all,but rather Gene's real hair which Gene-in a patriotic gesture par excellence' had modeled on the famous founding father's hairdo. I stand by the original assertion  that it is indeed a wig. There is a certain fullness that was required to get the patriotic scaffolding and Genes real hair didn't quite have the chops for the job.  .Going back to the headband,it has been suggested by several experts that the purple headband was a 'reactionary clothing choice'... that Paul dismissed his purple jester suit(seen on the 1978 Dynasty tour) for a more streamlined statement. The purple headband WAS a more original choice,yet retained the essence of royalty and grandeur of the earlier suit. Another troubling fact is that the jester suit was appropriated by many other hard rock musicians at this point (Dio,Ozzy,to name a couple). This brings up another puzzling phenomenon in popular music. Jester suits have been seen at many controversial moments in rock/pop history. I will address this at a later date. There is no easy answer folks,these are important questions that need to be mulled over in a national forum,
My God, they couldn't have chosen a more difficult song to play. Ultra tough vocal lines, ultra tricky harmonies... I'm seeing a band work and sweat here. Finally they were at their most human, that's part of what makes the Elder a crappy but special record to me. They're in a bad patch, but their major weapon shines through : the songwriting. There are excellent songs on that album. "I" is fantastic, "A World w/o heroes" is a classic, the Oath is ambitious and ballsy... Love this album.
Rick Rozz
(R.I.P.) "Eric Carr"
Johnny Johnson
After Ace and Peter left the band. Eric and Bruce kept the ship from sinking. Eric played the shit out of the drums!!
Donny Gouvaia
They sound brilliant
ace was definitely rebelling here for the last time by shredding a little more than what he was told .....never the less its history in the making
The Oath was one of the best songs they ever wrote n my opinion
Eric Carr was a bad ass on the drums
Laguna G
It was one of the exceptions made Frehley 82's, Ace is the best, he's the boss, he is the master!
Ace Alice
Sounds like 70's Kiss in way, I can dig it...... only cuz of Ace and Eric of course.
Craig Maguire
This sounds great live!
The Mötley Cook
Watch this over & over!
Easy Reef
Paul Stanley can do anything musically. Sit back and learn.
wow, Gene sings really good
F. Easy
What´s a world without Kiss???????????????????????
Javi Borruel
As we say in Spain..... TEMAZOS!!!! ^^ . The Elder is a strange album but i love it!!!
No I can't agree. I agree with Ace, The Elder is ridicolous, totally wrong for Kiss, and here you can easily feel why. Paul can't even sing this stuff, and the brilliant Ace can't shine on this material. It's pretentious and uninteresting crap. Kiss were not Genesis, ... they were a three chord band. I was already a fan of the band when it came out (saw Kiss in 1980 Unmasked tour when I was 11!!!) , ... and I really didn't know what to do with it. In retrospect it's incredible how weak was Kiss production from Dynasty on ... I preferred very much what happened later, from Creatures of the night on ... Lick it up, and all the albums tha came after. Still they managed to survive, ... because the original idea was soooo strong and in the end they had a voice of their own as a band. But The Elder, ... Jeeeeeee ... garbage to say the least!
Jack Caramanna
What a great Kiss lineup. Too bad it was so short lived. And, correct me if i'm wrong, but Ace looks like even he is having a great time. Awesome performance!
The Elder
James Moster
i play football. so i know that this is the definition on helmet hair
Best Kiss lineup ever. Ace with Eric Carr.
the elder is one of my fave albums by kiss
Sean Patterson
Gene is way scarier with the helmet hair...
Paul looks like a drag queen and Gene looks like an mixture between an elder lady and the demon xD Eric❤ and Ace☺ look OK :)
Robert Talia
i didn't know Paul used Hamer Destroyers around this time
Carl Stawicki
5:15 It doesn't look like Ace has any strings on his guitar.
Transitional Kiss. Sort of in between the classic era and the era of aqua-net and make-up coming off.
Arizona Rails
I dont need to get wasted it only holds me down - TRUE,TRUE,TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!
The Oath sounds pretty Metal to me, so why do people say they never played Metal?
holy shit i cant get over how HD this is. How the hell do you reformat footage from '82 into HD? this kicks ass Ace, Gene, Paul, & Eric Carr. I remember watching this on tv when i was 10. Thanx for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marc livingood
world without heroes is a great song
The Diabetic Drummer
The oath is such an underrated song, it's always been one of my favorites. Also who the hell did Paul's star & were they drunk?
Robin Brock
I remember seeing this when it aired...but I must have tuned in late so I missed seeing The Oath. So cool to see it now. Great performance by Gene on WWOH. I always forget what a freaking killer drummer Eric was. Thanks for posting this.
hey paul. my mother has that same neckless.
I love the camerawork for these performances, different angles that don't look like complete shit
KISS army general
I'm one of those fans that likes every album by kiss.
LadyeCatte C.
Love you always, guys. Even you Gene.. you putz.
Probably Ace's last live performance!
J' ai l' album vinyl et c' est la première fois que je l' entend en "live", et je ne m' en lasse pas ! KISS for ever !
I read somewhere in a poll that the Elder was one of Rock Music's Best Album. I agree. Better than Led Zeppelin 4.
Music From The Elder is not a KISS album. It is a (very drug affected) Bob Ezrin album with some of the members of KISS performing some of the parts. Not a great album, but an interesting album worth repeated listening.
chris karp
Horrendous Vocals. That falsesetto by Paul is terrible!!!!
This was a rockin' performance. One of the better one's they did on TV.
I always liked Ace's costume during this period
Tommy Bennett
why did eric carr not use a high hat?
Matt K.
Oh yeah Gene believes in MONEY, I understand lol
Michael Kelly
This song rocks, live!!
81MUNSTER The Vinyl Chicano
Songs From The Elder Rules! I think the album rocks. They did something new at the time and I give them props for that .I was a year old in 82 lol. RIP Eric the FOX Carr. 
moises ugalde
some body tell me why they never play alive music from the elder songs actually? (my english is bad)
dirtyalrock the best gammer
this consert was good
Beautiful song (World Without Heroes)
Greg Mastin
Criminally underrated era.
Jo Lawless
Молодцы, красивые поцелуй 😘 вам!!!
Timothy Frank
i could see this being covered being metal 
Mike Myers
Actually I think this is great, for a live rendition of a "commercial failure" that was overall a concept album which really required much more than what these four guys could easily accomplish on stage by themselves- in that light, this performance friggin incredible!!! Paul HAD to act the scene, the music required fantastical imagery. Say what you will about KISS, they were exceptional showmen and I still love their music even 30 years on! (im 41) They were my childhood heroes...still are really.
The Oath is the best song on the elder....hands down!
Chuck Talley
I took alot of flack for loving this album when it first came out bc die hard kiss fans of te 70s said this wasn't kiss.. but I love this album if anything it shows that kiss was willing to take a chance on something different.
Michelle Martini
omg the 80's hurt them
Ken Johnson
Ace's playing was painful to listen to.
Naptown Tex
if this isn't proof that the elder smoked unmasked and dynasty, i don't know what is.
Paul and Gene's boots look like ladies boots.
It's still a good album, not the best from kiss by far, but you  can't expect a band to  make the same album time and time again.
Alex Claudio
Music from the Elder- great album
Pelzon P
Awesome drumming And singing Eric!
Leo Olivier
I love kiss, but this era was a total crap. So did the album The elder.
Rolf Egil Bolle
Wonderful music.