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Gustavo Santaolalla - Babel soundtrack Iguazu notes: As incidental music for the movie Babel and the first season of Deadwood, Gustavo Santaolalla's Iguazu evokes images, for me at least, of desolate landscapes and the hard faces of the 19th century American west. The landscapes in this video include the Painted Desert and the Badlands. The faces in order: Reverend Smith (murdered in Deadwood for preaching), a Comanche warchief, James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, Wild Bill (again), Wild Bill's grave, Seth Bullock, Sitting Bull, anonymous hanged man, Calamity Jane, Jesse James, dead Jesse James, Geronimo, Buffalo Bill Cody, George Armstrong Custer, reunion of Custer's Crow scouts, Billy the Kid. Enjoy...

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Sergio Cornejo González
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Carlos Alberto Cuenca Q.
20 dislike! Oh my God, what happened with there persons?
Riga T.
If a Cormac McCarthy book had to have a theme, this would be it.
Jake Maringoni
Probably my favorite piece of music ever
The One Freeman
Shits going down in Deadwood.
bilal rauf
I heard this music in THE INSIDER ( Al pacino & Russel Crowe) when doc wigand decides to give his testimony in court - the movie was released in - 1999
This was in the masterpiece called INSIDER
Linda Nolan
I love all of his theme music - Deadwood, 21 Grams, Motorcycle Diaries, Babel, etc.
Benjamin Cardoza
It's also in the pilot episode of '24' and in Michael Mann's film 'The Insider.' Suffice to say that Gustavo Santaolalla's work is very highly praised, especially in the film industry.
Daniel Corredor
It is not flamenco guitar is a Roncoco from the Andes in South America and part of Andean music nothing to do with North America or Europe
Stoned Gamer J
"What happened here?" "Somebody shot Wild Bill Hickock.."
bryan sans
songs still gives me chills
Jahreinden gelenler?
Mike Kohary
25 people have black hearts and no soul. This piece is masterful.
jahrein lütfen :(
Marceau padrino
"Yo me llamo Ernesto Che Guevara."
24h serie episode1 Mason phone and Jack shoot him with a gun anesthetic
Mudder Fukker
Amazing how many great movies and shows have used this piece, and how much it can evoke with that simple 3 note melody from the section that's always used.
Urubus Dog
J'ai écouté ce titre devant les chutes d'Iguazu pendant des heures en boucle lors d'un voyage en Argentine. L'émotion ressentie devant la beauté brute et sauvage du site couplée à ce morceau m'a amené vers des rivages enchantés. :)
Karen Eng
Neat song and video! Thanks for sending mindfulmusic78!
diego virgilio
make me cry.... :(
Cameron Lowes
love to see a collaboration between him and Ry Cooder
"and gerrard, oh it must be a penalty!"
I've listened this one on James Bond Quantumo of Solace too and one episode of the tv show 24.
interesting view into the past. It would be a crazy time to be alive back then.
The charango sounds very good
AAA 123
FINALLY FOUND IT..............
The song; Iguazu from Santaolalla, is a original song from the Santaolalla album; "Ronroco" (1998) and used in various films and series; 24, The Insider, Babel, Deadwood, is great song !!
It is in Babel, and Deadwood too.
Chiquito Kan
It also sounds in "The Insider" by Michael Mann
SpartA - Σπάρτη
Beautiful in everyway, perfect listening for this Easter holiday and reflecting on God giving his only son to this world in Jesus, who was crucified and was risen again...
Binary Man
I have literally been looking for this song for MONTHS!!! I keep hearing is being used in documentaries and had a feeling it must be used in as a film score. This has made my week!!!!
Someone shot wild bill hickock...
breathe life in...
Beautiful tune, although Iguazu in Argentina is the complete opposite of the images in this video! Lush jungle with waterfalls that make Iguazu Falls one of the Wonders of the World.....
Steven Holloway
Take that god damn you!
@ur2hotgurl that's why i love youtube dude
"Amores Perros" is probably the best of Iñárritu's 'Death Trilogy'. But Babel has "Rinko Kikuchi"! :)
The info bar lists all the names. The first is the Reverend Smith from Deadwood. Sorry there's no Al Swearengen; no picture exists that I know of.
Soda Eterno
this is for collateral of michael mann director movie
I came here from a video about the Twilight Zone movie deaths. This song is rather chilling to me now.
Kissy DM
pretty good. this is not from babel, it's from the insider, but it's santaollala. he's hugde
Gustavo Mad
Nosotros fuimos, somos y seremos los mejores de América mejor que los yankis ignorantes que no sirven para nada. Tenemos una larga historia que no se compara con el resto de A Latina. VIVA ARGENTINA
Gustavo Mad
si los chilenos tienen un comple DE INFERIORIDAD ASÍ DE GRNADE. son una manga de resentidos, no toleran nuestro éxito. y eso que le dimos la libertad a ese pueblo de salvajes. Nos deben SU independencia. tranquilamente hoy podrían ser una pcia más, pero para que queremos esos fracasados bueno para nadas. chilenos: vuelvan a sus chozas
Gustavo Mad
no creo que el patio de Europa se compare con la perla de Latinoamérica. A demás hay muchos gallegos....
was also in the movie The Insider
Listen to Last OF Us main theme. it is a videogame and the theme is from Gustavo Santaola. it is similar to this and similary awesome and emotionally powerfull
Dave Cobretti
For me it resembles a new start, or beginning a journey. Scarred but always pushing forward as the song progresses.
Mr. P
the insider
What instrument is this? I have a guitar, acoustic steel, acoustic nylon, acoustic 12 string, bass, and banjo and I don't think it is any of those..
I feel highly melancholic when listening this. You stop, listen and think of all the things that happened to you. Now, and in the past. The mistakes you made, the good times. And slowly you expand to the futility of it all, how meaningless life actually is in the grand scheme of things.
Ariel Magide
esta música se escucho en dos capítulos del unitario argentino mujeres asesinas
Asteroid Miner
Good God that was melodramatic.
Manel jcc
Same here. Since if i've seen the movie that i search for this music. Such a magic sound...
I play Chess with this Song
Savonnerie York
It shouldn't be weird. It's a sad sounding tune. It opens up with a mysterious feel, with a mostly neutral and simple chord progression, but the texture of which makes it feel mysterious. Then it shifts into a somewhat sad progression. It's not immensely sad, but the textures and styles of playing definitely enhance that. I used to have a better grasp on my musical terminology, but if you study musical composition, even as an amateur, it would make more sense to you.
marian cer
Este tema lo ponían mucho en Mujeres asesinas...
Matt D
awesome simple.
No guitar flamenco,a greeting
Fantastic video, really! Good job, thanks for posting, 5 stars.
diego virgilio
I feel the same like you. I agree all your words. The guitar is a little instrument call Charango. Almost all folck musicians here in Argentina plays this. :)
santaolalla, wow,what a great magnifecent musician,he knows how to deliver...loss of words, simply beautiful
Don't worry dude, if is your language it's ok. Just, I 've never read or seen greek language... it's the first time i think so. But, it's curious because my first language it's spanish... haha... youtube is like "Babel"... take care bro. Orgullasemente de Mexico, Yo soy. in fact, pretty good madenning Movie. Desesperante, me gusta la trilogia de Inarritu, hay que esperar las siguientes propuestas... have a wonderful day fravian23.
Hahaha... ok, if you said that..., however i like the Iñarritus's trilogy... maddening.
sombody understood fravian23... i have no idea..., well..., is an opinion, i think so...
This song was also used in "The Insider", a Michael Mann movie starring Russell Crowe as a chemist loses his family, job and income by standing up to big tobacco as whistleblower to 60 minutes. It's a very sad, melancholy film, so for me the song is as much about loss, contemplation and personal reflection as it is about anything specific, such as the 19th century American west. Although it could also be about death. Not the actual but virtual "death" of his family in the "The Insider", the actual death of Wild Bill James Butler Hickok in Deadwood, the death of the American West and rebirth into something new....these are some great images in the video thank that Red Rocks Arizona at 1:35?
skyler theresrot
swearingin was real though so was bullock
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME VIDEO!!! THANK-YOU Mindfulmusic for SHARING!!! LOVE, Joe, Lynn, & grandmafottz.
I thought it had a more dramatic feel to it in THE INSIDER with russell crowe
@ur2hotgurl Hate is good, keeps the world spinning. You know what i hate? Well, let me tell ya,........
@halfcolombian72 and the DEADWOOD DVD
Wyatt Nite
Cactus at the end looks like it's giving us the finger
François G.
Yes, that's it ! "Revelations" in french.
François G.
Yep. I just see "The next 3 days", one more amazing ost for Russel Crowe ! :)
François G.
Soundtrack of Babel and ... another movie but I can't remember. Help me please !
A little over-zealous.
Jimm Griffin
peace from mississippi.
Jimm Griffin
@darkmachete ..china owns wal-mart..
@assphinktersaiswhat So when you hear of it you think about.... life?
Charango from Perú
Johan Savelkoul
Heard this in the performance Romeo and Juliet in the Circus @ Sziget 2017. What a masterpiece!
Bardzo piękny utwór :)))
The Comanche chief (pictured) is Quanah Parker. Nice flow and imagery for this outstanding composition.
Nothing but noise as taught today to music composition major professors. I'm surprised this didn't have some hammer on railroad track sound. Guess he missed that class.
Felix Ayodele
Great Visuals to Accompany The Story !!!
Who else came here from the movie, 'Mumble?'
Blue Sun Mod
conor hassett
14 dislikes? what the fuck was that about,
Mick Tearlach
I think this is unbelievable, great piece of music
Sirhc Namtih
10η εντολή
It's also in Sally Potter's "Yes"
gonza deleon
the string instrument its called "charango" and it comes from the north of argentina, bolivia and peru.. im argentinian just like santaolalla and we are all proud of his music..
Anung Un Rama Band
@MrIzo56 Tiz a rather depressing way of looking at it but yeah, sure :P
Anung Un Rama Band
When i hear it, i think of Death, Loneliness, and a never ending desert :D
same music in "insider"
David McCaffrey
When I listen to this , It brings me to a place were I'm running away , I wont look back. I am Free.
Michael Koullas
the insider :)....michael mann at his finest form :)
The video and the music are in perfect match. Love it.
João Carvalho
Mourinho brought me here!