Great Day

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Great Day is available as part of Turtleneck & Chain /> Originally aired on SNL May 15, 2010.

saturday night live andy samberg alec baldwin tom petty akiva schaffer jorma taccone

he has some powdered donut on his face from breakfast still
That's a lot to take in in 2 minutes, but hey I guess that's what cocaine is all about.
This video was a great video OR WAS IT
could be my favorite Andy Samberg clip.
1:58 Literally everyone except Andy is doing that move wrong. It's supposed to be one arm at a time!
Jack Hallman
Is anyone here in 2018
Perfectly Imperfect
Peter Griffin
Dont do drugs kids...
Julie Edgar
"Hey mailman Fred! any letters from my ex wife or kids?! Nope! Fantastic! hahahhahahhahahahhaHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA IM SO DEPRESSED
Andy Samberg on cocaine is just Jim Carrey
Kieran Saul
Oh man, I've never listened to lonely island before and only knew Andy Samberg through Brooklyn Nine Nine, but they're really good!
Tyler Eberhardt
This is amazing how have I never seen this in the 3 years it's been out
Man 0 all Js
Ooh what a day! WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!!
This should be called "the university student song"
Ry Bohm
This is definitely the funniest LonelyIsland video out there, hands down. It's so underrated
lol in the final scene right before he spits, you can see theres already water on the ground from a previous take- but it's gone again when he actually spits !
R.I.P Tom Petty
Aaron Fraser
Can we talk about the backup dancer trying hard to do her shit with a baby carrier strapped to her chest?
Jakk Frost
So my friend used to do coke, he says the video got it exactly right.
Dylan Fitzgerald
Bill Hader 10/10
Red Gemini
"Hey there mail man Fred any letters from my my ex wife for the kids!" "Nope" "FANTASTIC NEWS! HAHAHAHAHAHA" XD one of the BEST lines
Why isn't this song on Spotify?
James Bracco
literally the best part is at the end, you can see the spit on the ground before he spits it. just adds to the charm
2:05 spit on the ground 2:13 he spits on a dry ground We are in the matrix!
Canal Papaco Pistoleiro
*♫ BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN ♪* Oh, wait, wrong song
Brent Meske
Is this a sequel to 'Like a Boss'? Feels like it is.
beach goon
Brandon Rogers theme song
The Rivers Editor
oh i understand why elon musk thinks we live in the matrix now.
Purple Hamburger7
wtf did i just watch
Hazel Bonfield
Wow, there's an unsettling sense throughout this.
is this the second part to like a boss
David Levin
RIP Tom Petty
Aidan Steinbauer
Rip Tom petty- you were our homie
ADHD in a nutshell.
jeffthekiller andsmiledog
I love that he's involved in stuff like this and Brooklyn nine nine and yet he voiced the protagonist in Storks and just he's my favorite person
Fa la la la blah bla bla blah I should spend more time with MyY KiDZZzzS
Meat Rubber
Turn on captions....your welcome
La Potato
the new jojo opening looks greato
Richard Looker
Rest in peace Tom Petty
The Trump won theme song!
10/10, better than "Can't Feel My Face".
Rickandmorty 77
Come on that was three days ago OR WAS IT
BlastGold Gaming
Who watch this vidéo in 2017
RIP Tom Petty :(
Alls Well
Tom :(
Harrison Smith
Man, that doctor is really having a party in the back at 1:51
I didn't know Donald Trump made a music video!
Ivan Palomo
(1:56) I can't breathe, I'm laughing so much 😂
Aidan Voon
RIP Tom Petty
melissa thomas
Kenny Cook
Now, I really miss Tom Petty.
This is absolutely, the best song. I remember being sad when this wasn't on Youtube! So I messaged them and asked them to publish it and BAM! 'Tis was up! Best days of my LIFEEEE!
And my wife and boss and kids and parents will saaay we were wrong about you dennis
Yoshikage Kira's version of great days?
normal tuesday night for Shia Labeouf
Bob Chesel
Who ever made this is a genius
Sketch it's
aww man Tom petty
gives me south park vibes
6K people aren't having a great day
rip tom petty
Gabriel Fasching
RIP Tom Petty
Chris Bower
Rip Tom Petty what a Rock Legend
Nicholas Vergara Cousins
Is this A JoJo Reference?
KemushiChan ロレッタ
I'll never be ready for 01:22
GlAd G00Se
When I was little and I saw this I thought the white stuff was milk
Ben Yeakel
Tim Lundqvist
Tom petty died today
Artemis Hawke
Tom... RIP
Bruh RIP Tom Petty
Mr. Cuddles :3
put the video on 0.5 and enjoy
No comment is a comment
RIP Petty Tom.
Justin G
RIP Tom Petty
Pajama Lama
well thats enough internet for today
RIP Tom Petty
Andrew Girard
I don't know why but when I heard Tom Petty died this was the first thing I thought of. :(
R.I.P. Tom Petty
MatRix PupPy 303
4 years and I only just find it? What have I been doing...
Old school Gamer
1:39 R.I.P tom petty
A Kobayashi
R.I.P. Tom Petty
The Lazer Printer Guy
Rip Tom Petty
Stone Cold Hooligani
Came back for tom petty
Monkey Abroad
Wow it's apparent that this humorous young man drinks way to much Coca-cola
Dillon Bricot
RIP Tom Petty
Michael Regalia
RIP Tom Petty
Justin Sivilla
R.I.P Tom Petty.
Space BN
RIP Tom Petty ):
Lev Sagan
His voice reminds me of Jim Carrey here!
RIP Tom Petty
Capn Evan
Don't do red pills kids.
Squilliam Fancyson
Had to rewatch due to the whole Tom Petty thing
Will Anderson
RIP Tom Petty
King Toasty
New JoJo op is great. Live action Kira looks great.
Just found out Tom Petty passed away. Rest in Peace
Definitely Catherine
I think I know where that pep came from.
Plexi Guitar Hero
R.I.P. Tom Petty
He is like Jake Paul if Jake Paul had his life together.
Black Panther The King Of Wakanda
"Much of the ocean is left unexplored" " How the hell did I get on this tree" Andy spitting the real truth here.
So this is what happened when peralta went undercover...
Dev Ramachandran
Rip Tom petty