The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)

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Buy at iTunes: New album on sale now! /> The 2nd Single from The Lonely Island's upcoming 2nd album! Featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters! The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone As seen on Saturday Night Live (SNL Digital Short) Twitter: @thelonelyisland

three fly fellas one bodacious betty and john waters

Mom's Spaghetti
Actual godly beat
Sadik Khan
Watching in 2018 😂🤘
Abigail Eldritch
Don't Read My Profile Picture
Someone will find this comment one day.
Daniella Sullivan
This is still my favorite thing that Nicki Minaj has done.
Arch Fiend
The kid at the foot of the bed had me dead!
I'm one hell of a Sebastian Mecalis Knock Off.
I love it when they get all theses super respected celebrities to do some of the weirdest awsomeest songs
Why are people so surprised that Nicki did this she's actually a pretty genuine and funny person lmao
2 Blonde Swans
great to see a woman included in this
Survivor 2 Gr
John Carter
2018 any one listening?
Hi my name is
That's why I love Nicki she can be a total bad bitch, pretty girly Gurl or something like that😂😍Queen!
nicki minaj + creepin = YANDERE SIMULATOR
OPDiamond Gamer
I came here from Reaction Time
Omnic Games
I'd let Nicki creep on me.
“When the judge is a hottie and you can’t control your body” 😂😂
RE- yad
2018 😎😎😎?
Mario Lavirot
Andrew Schaed
1:18 straight fire.
Brian Courtney
put it at 2x speed and it makes it way better
Pao Wanis
This song ruin my queen :))) She wears uniform, being pervert, and funny... BTW she's still gorgeous
A7X will be foREVer
How can Nicki kill a parody dance?
Glenn Jaro
Nicki? This is really cool. Hahaha why Nicki?! Why? You're so cute.
ItzJammyZz J
[John Waters] Hi, I'm John Waters, and this is... The Creep. [Lonely Island] When you're out in the club and you see a fly girl Do the Creep (hah) Do the Creep (hah) And if you wanna make friends at the ATM Do the Creep (hoo) Do the Creep (hah) [Andy Samberg] Well, we got a new dance so get up on your feet It's real easy to do, and it's called 'The Creep' Let your hands flap around like a Marionette Pop your knees up and down, sh-sh-shaking your neck [Akiva Schaffer] Now pull your waistband up like you expectin' a flood And slick your hair down flat like it was covered in mud Trim up your pencil mustache and pop them peepers Put this in your speakers; you a certified creeper. [Lonely Island] When you see a country peach, laying out at the beach Do the Creep (hah) Do the Creep (hah) And when a fine PYT walks in front of your tree Do the Creep (hoo) Do the Creep (hah) [Andy Samberg] I was six years old when I started creepin' My parents took it to their room and I started peepin' You can't imagine their surprise when they lifted their heads And saw my little ass creepin' at the foot of the bed [Akiva Schaffer] Yeah they knew I was a creep, since the day I was born Poppin' out my momma like some kettle corn Yeah the doctor caught my head and he started freakin' 'Cause I came out clean - and I came out creepin'! [Lonely Island] Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, Nicki Nicki! [Nicki Minaj] When I was a girl, I creeped in the boys' locker room Hide deep inside - it was my little creep stalker room As they disrobed, I was oogling and oggling Little did they know, that for me, they were modeling And I would laugh, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha. And they would dance, la-la-la-la-la-la-la, la. So pop-pop-pop your peepers, and tweak out your sneakers Don't sleep, come on get your Creep on with me! [Lonely Island] Go on, get to sweatin' off a bride at her wedding Do the Creep (hah) And do the Creep (hah) [Nicki Minaj] And when you sneak into a wake, and you see a beefcake Do the Creep (hoo) And do the Creep (hah) [Lonely Island] And when the judge is a hottie and you can't control your body Do the Creep (hah) Do the Creep (hah) [Nicki Minaj] So, get your knees flexin', and your arms T-rexin', [All] And Creep (hoo) Do the Creep! (hah) [John Waters] And don't forget to smile!
Ratty RatStuff
For the first time In history, Nikki looks fly af and her voice doesn't give you ear aids
Guess what I danced on my prom...
Haylie Caz
"and i would laugh ha ha ha ha." (weirdest part)
Brittany Nice
7 years later and this song/music is still badass
Ty Reeves
I'm upset, the last time I was here the top comment was someone upset because the last time they were here the top comment was I'm a dinosaur and I'm offended by this.
Peralta and Kevin's theme tune
Tony Cannoli
So this is the dance Drake was doing.
Pizza Lisp
I have found my theme song
sniffthecactus duh
Nicki really has a great sense of humour
Edward Armitage
"recommended for you"
Takeya Johnson
Still trynna figure out why Nicki did this
The Game Plan
Wow Nikki was so cute back then Watch her part here Then watch swish swish and see her part SHE CHANGED SO MUCH I like the old Nikki not this never dressed one
Jordan Robles
Who else saw this on Logans channel? 🙋🏽
Cat All
Do their songs remind anyone else of weirdalyankavitch(dont know how to spell it lol)
Alyssa E
Their socks are matching 🤣 how did I never notice that
Kyle Snoddy
John waters saying don't forget to smile at the end was creepier than the rest of the video
Jackaroo 88
This is so catchy
Jessica Garcia
when the judge is a hottie and you can't control your body..hahaha
Brie Jennings
Ahlliya Dixon
You can tell how much fun they were having
The most modest Nicki Minaj video ever
Allie Peden
This is legit an actual good song. And no matter how many times I watch the video, I still laugh. The smile on Nicki’s face when she’s pulled away from the beefcake is everything!
Timothy Williams
The migos need to rap over this over 2018
Jordan Ahamed
nicki's best song
Austin Seymour
...and don't forget to smiiilllee 😁
hadwa seavey
any logangsters??
💗💗💗💗💗 NICKI!!!!
Max uchiha
damn what ?? >_< this is good
Can't wait for spring 2011
Nikki gets all this hate and I don't know why. She's funny, smart, and does weird shit like this. I'd love to see her do more with Lonely Island.
Nicki Minaj in the creep outfit is my sexuality
King Korubi
Well i know what's gonna be my go-to dance move
Shy Ronnie is about a loser The Creep is about a creep Threw it on the ground is about a Douche bag Like a Boss is about a psychopath
Sink Caster
Nicki Minaj looked like a Barbie
kaliya colvin
Wow Nicki is so cute
Princess Tay728
Lazaros Pro
Jayden Christopher
John waters is the BEST
TCG Kyle
When i first watched this video around 2-3 yrs ago, the top comment was "i am a t-rex and i am offended by this", i am disappointed to return and find it is no longer top comment...
ShaSha Bryant
Came poppin out his mama like some kettle corn! That baby came out clean & creepin.
It's DiStefano
Dang nicki minaj was SO SMALL!!!oh my god!!!!
Chance Yoho
Bro this bar is fire “the doctor caught my head and he started freakin. Cause i came out clean and i came out creeping”
Mohammed Jasim
2018 ?
ebony merrick
Nicki soo versatile!
S. Gatsby
This shit is HARD
Trent Arnold
they should've had a pair of pink flamingos in every shot of this, just kinda off to the side some where
Jada Miller
I'm. so .freakin. CONFUSED
Eat Jin And Open your rice
in this music video:nicki reminds me of yuno from mirai NikkiXD
My opinion of Nicki Minaj has gone up slightly
The only time it’s acceptable to listen to Nicki Minaj.
yellow bat
Congrats on 100M view
Shaniya Queen
classic 2017??
unicorn gamer
Mario Lavirot
100 KK 😍😍😍 the best Colab.
Gabbie Nicole
I got to the weird side of YouTube again.😐😂
Connor Hagan
I don't exactly understand why, but this was actually really enjoyable to watch
Kyrpä Jooseppi
Candy cat
dr bastard
why this go so dam hard
the nostalgia!!
creep = creeper ?
Poo Minc
Ahahhahaha so funny
Hella Dank
the baby and the kid were so cute!
Seeker O' Truth
Wow seriously?
Auchie Thomas
Nicki comes on 1:35
AndyBlackislife 5ever
Back when Miki Minach was good *R.I.P*
Jordan Blanchard
Never have I heard a bad song about being a creep! All great songs right here: Radiohead - Creep The Police - I'll Be Watching You The Lonely Island & Nicki Minaj - The Creep
Giuliano 224
Grayson and Ethan loves pizza
Omg I wish this song was played at my dance 😂😂😂😂
kirstie pilgrim
How have I only just found out about this?!?
Nicki Minaj makes me moist. #creep
"since the day I was bowwwn"
Amarpreet Doal
Anyone else here after watching Brooklyn Nine Nine? Lol
Chryztallic Exception
That freeze at 0:35 is actually fucking creepy. *Look at him!*
Nikki is so cool for this
Some black guy
Who still watches this in 2017?