Great Day

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Great Day is available as part of Turtleneck & Chain /> Originally aired on SNL May 15, 2010.

saturday night live andy samberg alec baldwin tom petty akiva schaffer jorma taccone

Jack Hallman
Is anyone here in 2018
Jesus Christ
Yeah, but how DID he get in that tree?
Fa la la la blah bla bla blah I should spend more time with MyY KiDZZzzS
It’s RubyRobin
Is this what jake done while undercover for the mafia
he has some powdered donut on his face from breakfast still
This should be called "the university student song"
Kieran Saul
Oh man, I've never listened to lonely island before and only knew Andy Samberg through Brooklyn Nine Nine, but they're really good!
lol in the final scene right before he spits, you can see theres already water on the ground from a previous take- but it's gone again when he actually spits !
R.I.P Tom Petty
Gannon Gibbons
the 7000 dislikes didn't have a great day
Todor Shishmanov
"Great Day" [Andy Samberg:] I don't know why but today seems like it's gonna be a great day! There's something in the air that makes me feel like things are gonna go my way The birds are chirping tweedly-deet, the sun is shining bright! There's a skip in my step, a pip in my pep [Snort] and I don't know why! Hey there mailman friend, any letters from my ex-wife or the kids? [Bobby Moynihan:] No Fantastic news, HaHaHaHa! Wonderful day makes me feel so happy that my face is numb! My heart is racing along barapa pampam! So many places and people to meet, now that I've lost my job! They say "Young man, the world's your oyster" Hey! Hey get the fuck off me! No! Fuck no! [Sniffle] Just give me second. [Snort] I don't know why but today seems like it's gonna be a great day! Lalala blah blah blah blah I should spend more time with my kids! It's carpe diem, gotta seize the day, I'm gonna move to Spain and run with the bulls And my wife and boss and kids and parents will say "We were wrong about you Dennis" [Jorma Taccone:] Hey Dennis! That's my name! [Jorma Taccone:] Are you really gonna run with the bulls? Why would I do that? [Jorma Taccone:] Cause you said you were gonna! Come on man, that was like three days ago - or was it? Something today makes me feel fine and fancy-free Much of the ocean is still unexplored, how did I get up in this tree? Now I'm over here, now I'm over there Now I'm under this dude, now I'm back in the tree Now I'm hanging out backstage with my very best friends: Alec Baldwin and Tom Petty! [Alec Baldwin:] Get the fuck out of here! What? [Tom Petty:] Now. Tom! Why would they diss me? I thought they were my homies! [Snort] Any problem is solvable, we can feed the hungry and cure disease But all of that would be a huge waste of time because we live in the matrix. [Grunts] [Nasim Pedrad:] What is wrong with him? [Grunts] [Bill Hader:] He's on drugs. [Nasim Pedrad:] Oh. [Spits]
Fedra Cenatiempo
This song is a drug
Andy Samberg on cocaine is just Jim Carrey
Aidan Steinbauer
Rip Tom petty- you were our homie
Jaden Flett
He sounds like Markiplier if you don’t watch the video Edit - Someone has already said it 1 year ago.. whoops. Just what came into mind before i read the comments.
Judge C2
It took my until the guy who said “he’s on drugs” to realize he was on drugs. I assumed the cocaine(or whatever he was snorting) was from a white powdered donut he accidentally snorted the powder off and he was on a sugar high.
This is the man who plays jake peralta from brooklyn nine nine and i honestly think that there is no one better for the role
Monkey Abroad
Wow it's apparent that this humorous young man drinks way to much Coca-cola
David Levin
RIP Tom Petty
He's doing to much cocaine, like a boss!
Tim Lundqvist
Tom petty died today
This makes me want to do drugs
Ry Bohm
This is definitely the funniest LonelyIsland video out there, hands down. It's so underrated
Masterxl MVs
I bet Tom Petty's greatest regret in life is dissing Dennis in this video. Don't worry, Tom. Given the way things were going, Dennis is probably dead too.  Now you can make amends!
The Erns
1:54 that teleporting chef tho...
Dev Ramachandran
Rip Tom petty
Caleb Gosse
RIP Tom Petty.
KemushiChan ロレッタ
I'll never be ready for 01:22
Kenny Cook
Now, I really miss Tom Petty.
Andrew Girard
I don't know why but when I heard Tom Petty died this was the first thing I thought of. :(
Stef Debeuf
RIP Tom Petty 😢
RIP Tom petty
Am I The Only Person Who Wants This Turned Into A Feature Length Musical?
Is this not the lawyer guy from B99 who takes Jake hostage?
Laurence Plunkett
Has anyone seen the continuity error, the water droplets had left their mark before he had actually spat out the water. Still gotta love Andy Samberg
Tangram l'Obtus
"The sun is shining bright" meh, something is actually burning...
Eugene Krabs
when you realise Tom Petty just died...
Doctor Soup
0:18 If you look closely, you can see the birds are not real.
Does anyone know that painful feeling when you inhale your cigarette and try to stifle a sudden powerful laugh but it just hurts more when all the smoke just shoots from your nose and mouth and eyeballs? Yeah... Shout out to my peeps making bad life choices.
GMS productions
COCAINE in a Nutshell
Freddy Falzon
Is that the guy from Brooklyn nine-nine???
My add was longer than the video
That's a lot to take in in 2 minutes, but hey I guess that's what cocaine is all about.
Elijah Cedeno
Rest in peace, Tom Petty. =(
Sean Beliveau
RIP Tom Petty :(
Squilliam Fancyson
Had to rewatch due to the whole Tom Petty thing
Aeris Moon
Drugs... that’s the answer to all of this.
Harrison Smith
Man, that doctor is really having a party in the back at 1:51
Jimmathon Smiteth
RIP Tom petty
I'm not the only one who noticed that the vomit stain was on the ground before he vomited, right?
Pancake Tits
i love cocaine
Natalie Ross
Jake Peralta went really deep undercover....
normal tuesday night for Shia Labeouf
Unknown Dude
WOW is that what coke feels like, i better get me some.
Steven Ross
This reminded me of Jeffrey hoistman from Brooklyn 99 also 2:12 is captain Seth dozerman
Theres a Skip in my step and pep in my pep I don't know why
Cliché Originals
Rip Tom Petty
Claire Thomas
"Most of the ocean is still unexplored- how did I get up in this tree?"
Callum Goodson
Andy Samberg on cocaine is my spirit animal
Tom petty is dead sigh
Daniel Cross
10/10, better than "Can't Feel My Face".
Rest in peace Tom Petty
That matrix part killed me😂
Shaunak Lala
This reminds me of Brandon Rogers
Cooper Minihan
Rip tom petty
1:58 Literally everyone except Andy is doing that move wrong. It's supposed to be one arm at a time!
so much more fitting to listen to this with 1.5-2.0 speed lol
big cheez
Rip tom petty
He's on drugs LOL that last line was funny
the wonderer
I found this from a JoJo meme
Lucy Diamond
I've watched this like 50 times this week haha
Anthony Torres
Rest in peace tom
This reminds me of my childhood.
As the old saying goes "Cocaine is hell of a drug"
Junior Dynamo
Cocaine's a hell of a drug.. LOL
This video was a great video OR WAS IT
The comedy three
The guy that says, “he’s on drugs” at the end is CJ from brooklyn 99
Kylie Taylor
That was like 3 days ago OR WAS IT
Professor Beats
Someone had one too many Krispy Kreme doughnuts.....
Martin Liguori
omg...this is absolutely amazing.. i never saw it before.
Richard Looker
Rest in peace Tom Petty
tom petty's not dead guys. he's in a really bad condition, though. hope he survives! edit: nvm
I feel like this just from having caffeine i wonder what would happen with cocaine.. 0.O
Martin Down
Rest in peace Tom Petty, you were an amazingly talented man.
Pajama Lama
well thats enough internet for today
Ochre Perkins
I wanked so hard to this yes daddy
RIP Tom Petty
Modimus Prime
RIP Tom Petty
Christopher Ojukwu
one of the best vedios from them yet
6K people aren't having a great day
David S
RIP Tom Petty
King Kagle
Aww shit, I forgot Tom Petty was in this. :(
His performance is very Jim Carrey.
RIP Tom Petty <3
2:05 spit on the ground 2:13 he spits on a dry ground We are in the matrix!
German Aviation
Is the powder on his face cocaine?
Solid Sarcasm
Poor tom petty