Glee - The Winner Takes It All

Glee Cast The Winner Takes It All 6x13: "Dreams Come True"

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Water Proof
sue actually has a really pretty voice!!
ABBA and Glee? I think I died and went to heaven...
Tiffany Coffey
It was funny when he reached out his hand and she just looked at him. 😂
Jill Campbell
Jane lynch is Awesome , I miss GLEE
Braden Mills
Honestly, Jane Lynch could be a pretty good Donna Sheridan.
India Smith
Sue and Will finally became friends
I want this song to be played at my funeral.
Dan Trigona
Who left the onions out...😭😭😭
Gladys Olvera
a great comedy actress with such a great voice. Jane Lynch is more than the bomb.
Santana Lopez
Linda a versão de Glee, Sue e Will cantando juntos ♡
Sean Vo
This is a very good cover
Josefin Eriksson
Pengo Schwortz
Was an ad really necessary for this? It's not even your song
Nicolas Paramelle
Cette version est fantastique, aussi bonne que l'originale, et pourtant difficile à égaler !
This song makes me feel something can not explain
I prefer the original
Leonardo Javier Vázquez
Well, the only decent cover I've ever heard from Glee, actually.