Robin's Death

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A Scene from Robin of Sherwood (1985)

Lee Coulson
Perhaps' only the ending of Blake's 7 matched this for sheer emotional intensity and power-damn those Brits made some good telly in the 80s!
Nothing's forgotten - nothing's ever forgotten. This gutted me 31 years ago just as much as the wiping out of Blake's Seven five years earlier. Definitely a subliminal message that you don't mess with the establishment and expect to win. Tyranny triumphs every time and this is why the world is a screwed up basket case with the majority living as slaves while the ruling classes laugh at us for our inaction.
Trü deau
In a way ... it inspired my life. One of the best "male" scenes ever.
Szymon Bober
Why didnt he shot the sherif First?
Hold me!
Erastani Lopez
Me hizo llorar hace más de 20 años y hoy también me hizo llorar... Buaaaaa
Kim Pelders
nooo i cried so much when i saw this as a child. was such a big fan 😍
pietje bel
He did not die, they missed him. (no he died, i hate this moment but still i love it)
Prime Time
i remember i was shocked as a kid
Famebright Studio
Only a Cuchulainn movie or tve show could match this.
Wow. he's hot.
Иришка Кузнецова
Помню как мы бежали на утрений повтор этой серии и не могли поверить, что РГ погиб.... Наши маленькие сердца застыли тогда от горя........
Adam Welton
There stands the last descendant of Godwinson's Thegns on a hill as his Cynn did at Senlac, dying to keep Englalande from the hands of the vile Normann. Now look where we are, and where we might have been but for the last stand on that fateful day.
gregory kupicz
Retro Fan
I remember seeing this the first time when I found this program in 2011. I'm a man and I'll say, it touched me.(Yes a man can shed a tear haah ) I have the 1st season on dvd, wanting the 2nd set now and eventually all on bluray.