Japanese History of Edo period to Meiji Restoration(3/6)

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Japan of Edo period(Bakumatsu). After this age, Meiji Restoration occur in japan. It is expressed by movie The Last Samurai.

Dustin Griffith
Nobunaga Oda was a killer towards Buddhist missionaries and he disliked Buddhism, he killed innocent Buddhist lives of men, women and children. Oda who collaborated with the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic missionaries wanted Japan to accept a new foreign religion from Europe that would bring darkness and a great threatening consequence on Japanese cultural society until 1587 when Christianity would be outlawed and destroyed by 1638. Tokugawa Ieyasu and his children as Shoguns saved Japan from the evil threat of Roman Catholicism which came from the Portuguese Traders who were the bad guys in Japan and the Roman Catholic missionaries both Alienated and Brainwashed Japanese victims to make them evil enough to destroy Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, and to replace them with the evil Roman Catholic Churches. And I say, "FUCK YOU PORTUGUESE TRADERS AND YOUR FUCKING ROMAN CATHOLIC MISSIONARIES WHO WERE EVIL IN JAPAN AND TO THE NEW WORLD AS WELL! GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING ROMAN CATHOLIC PORTUGUESE TRADERS AND YOUR EVIL JESUITS!"
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could this be any more general?  
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I'm a 38 year old man Semi Tractor Trailer driver, back in the 90's I was a Shooto fighter which is now called Mixed Martial Arts, it was not big in the US back then and wanted to fight overseas, at the time I was 19 and very sharp, what can I say. Hard pressed to fight, I studied and practiced everyday and could speak on a childs level. Dude or whatever you are, I have no reason for lies and confident enough in myself not to "SPOUT" insulting remarks from the safety of a keyboard, Understand?
Hahaha you stupid faggot, you "learned Japanese" in 6 weeks? Not a single person on this planet in history has learnt Japanese in less than 6 months. Why don't you learn to not spout bullshit on the internet?
Sonie K7
Its an ancient Buddhist symbol. Search with the word "Swastika" It has more than thousand years of history. Nazi was the history of 20th century.
That's a very good question. I don't know the answer, but I do know that Europe and the Near East have had a lot of practice in communicating with other cultures.
I sure did notice the sign which looks like swastica toward the end of this movie. It is, actually, Buddhist cross, which is derived from Indus civilixation. In the Age of Civil Wars, most Japanese believed in Buddhism. Some warlords adopted Buddhist cross for flags used in battles. Christianity only began to take root in Western Japan at the time of the Battle of Nagashino owing to its similarity in faith to a popular sect of Buddhism many people believed in in those days.
Anyone noticed the Nazi sign?
Sorry, but I dont like IEYASU. I m a fan of NOBUNAGA.
Azuki Island
there is a interesting story about isolated language. Kyosuke Kindaichi was the pioneer of study of Ainu language in Hokkaido. when he went Hokkaido, nobody in scholars in Tokyo know how to say "what is this?" in Ainu language. therefore, at first he show villager of Ainu to weird drawing -i don't know what he draw, maybe troll- and learned how to say "what" in Ainu language. i presume the Europeans did same thing.
While the Chinese translator is a very possible explanation, consider the same issue when Europeans met Native North-Americans - no secondary language translator would have been available then. In this case of isolated languages, the only option is to begin with very physical communication accompanied by related words, this allows the base of language to be built. Some people can build fluency from this base. It takes an incredible amount of time this way, but it is entirely possible
Ευάγγελος Παπακώστας
Both had met China before meeting each other and both had people hwo spoke chinese. That is one explanation
How did the Europeans communicate with the Aztecs and the Mayans? It is called survival,they managed to learn to survive by learning. It is the basic human instinct or die.
there was probably chinese translators that worked for the japanese, europeans or both.
You can communicate with a dog can't you? How do you think communication with the native American Indians begun? or the Indigenous Australians? It starts with body language, bowing is a common sign of "I come in peace"; then it moves onto pointing and listening carefully to each others words. Much how a child learns to speak English.
El Loyster
Just like a baby would learn english.
I think one of Perry's translator was john manjiro who was japanese young fisherman and had drifted by storm and saved by American whale ship and taken away to America. he was educated in US school for many years. and he became billingul. and after go back to japan, he became a translator and adviser of tokugawa govermnet
Learning to the level of 10-11, whilst impressive isn't learning the language. You said you learnt Japanese in 6 weeks. What you meant was you learned basic speaking in 6 weeks. That's a completly different statement. And much more believable.
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LOL Why is it so hard for you to accept? I never said I was an expert, more like elementary level.... 5th grade. It was called Reitaku University - R.I.C.E. Reitaku Institute for Continuing Education. About 15 years ago in the US... Wash-DC
With flashcards you can learn Hiragana and Katakana is 2 days, but I am a unversity student in Japanese. You can't learn, even to speak Japanese in 6 weeks. It's a lie. I don't believe any of you.
I know the book, and have owned the book. Still not true.
He means he learned the vocal language (and perhaps Hiragana and Katanana). To say that he also learned to read and write Japanese kanji is, of course, impossible in six weeks, but many Japanese taught curriculum's don't recommend learning to read and write as part of overall Japanese study, so it's omitted from most "busy people" study material. As a tourist to Japan, you will not necessarily need to learn to read and write kanji, so lessons omit this.
Apple Cultists!
The Portuguese can understand any language. True story. Go to Portugal and see for yourself.
the same way Europeans (namely Spanish) and Aztecs( currently known as mexicans today)
I've just started watching it. I'm afraid I reach for my gun when I here an American voice giving us histories, but this is a silly reaction and I am very pleased, as a lifelong student of orienatl art, to have this video available. I'll give my opinion , for what it's worth when I've seen the series. There's f----- all on British TV at the moment - everything is turned into a game show or 'reality' TV (cos it's cheaper then making an academic series)
@Khronnus @ihateyoujerkoff, I think ihateyoujerkoff got the Tokugawa and Mejii mixed up. For sure Japan tried to isolate itself during Tokugawa times hence Dejima etc etc. But of course Perry came in 1853 (during Meiji era) and forced them to open trade.
@ihateyoujerkoff That's so wrong I can't even begin to say. And that opinion is from someone studying Japanese as my degree.
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@Khronnus Yeah, the book is called Japanese for busy people, it's a blue, medium sized book... I love it.
@3636jae There is no way. Not one way that you learned Japanese in 6 week. That's is an absolute lie.
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@UnitedKorean It only takes a few weeks to learn another language. I learned Japanese in only 6 weeks, but with no one to talk to. The only downside to learning it so fast is that you can forget it fast as well. Kind of like craming for an exam instead of taking time to really study. I typed in history of Japan, Not history of samurai... What gives?
Setsu Ishida
Ieyasu apearance in Samurai Warriors 2 was a Small Fat Man -_-
@VictoriaKrueger1428 Very sloowwwwly with a lot of pantomime and pointing,I wager. LOL.
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@ccheng21 that's what makes the world so different. Pagans had suicide rituals, along with the Mayans. Sacrifices were often made to the gods, but I don't think Christians had to make sacrifices... so it was different. Pagans were also polytheistic while Christians were only monotheistic.
@VictoriaKrueger1428 the Europeans learned Japanese. ^^
@VictoriaKrueger1428 Europeans were forced to learn Japanese and Japanese English.
@WoWFREAK1336 which is the easiest? I would like to learn.
Chode Meister
@VictoriaKrueger1428 trial and error and a lot of pointing lol
elisa honda
WoWFREAK1336 are you sure about taking you a month to perfect japanese 3 writing system? you're kidding aren'T you ? unless you're chinese that could write kanji ,you can easily learn the hiragana and katakana. I'm 19 when i came here (japan) and living here for 22 years, i'm teaching japanese to non japanese children,and still cannot perfect kanji .Either typical japanese can not write a perfect kanji. my english sucks;;
Skeptical Chris
how a culture can develop a ritual for suicide is beyond me....Shame is never permanent and if you're alive you can redeem yourself, if dead you can never do so.
@VictoriaKrueger1428 Hi, according to part two of this series some missionaries became fluent in japanese and became known as interpreters. Hope this helps :)
@VictoriaKrueger1428 They've done exactly that through anthropology study with many peoples of very different cultures and language for a very long time. And continue to do so, for example, the Pirahã people of the Brazilian Amazon. They are known to have the most simplistic language we know of to date. They don't use numbers in the way we do, and can whistle their entire language. With missionaries, people able to translate, and learn the language by simply living with them for years.
@WoWFREAK1336 Did you teach yourself? If not what resources did you use?
well i guess the missionaries were used as translators since they just stayed there
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