Korea vs Japan War 1592 | Part 3 | Battle of Hansan Island

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More Information. I made these videos with a great respect for those heroes. I studied East Asian history at Cornell, and when I found about this war there were not many books about this subject so I learned how to read Korean and Japanese. It took a lot of time but it was worth it. I collected these clips from 5 different historical documentary dramas from S.Korea, Japan, China. I mined only historical facts and put more information I know, like what's really happened in the real battles, I had to read the real battle reports and had to put more maps and tactics, so It took over 8 months to make these videos. There were no English subtitles so I had to translate everything myself. It took a lot of time and I also had to work so I couldn't sleep more than 4 hours a day. But it was fun. Hope you guys enjoy it. - With a great respect, Matthew. References The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Record, 朱印狀. The Annals of the Ming Dynasty of China Jingbirok the Book of Corrections from prime minister Ryu Seong-ryong. War Diary of Admiral Yi Sun Shin. Names of the documentary dramas and others sources in this episode. 불멸의 이순신 KBS (2003) 징비록 KBS (2015) 임진왜란 1592 KBS & Chinese CCTV (2016) 軍師官兵衛 NHK (2014) 江〜姫たちの戦国 NHK (2011) And a clip from "The Admiral : Roaring Currents (2014)" All credit goes to these broadcast companies.

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Matthew Carrick
More detailed information about this episode. *1) Kuki Yoshitaka went back to Japan with this "Big Arrow" **8:13** and kept it as a family treasure.* This is the picture of the big arrow aka "Daejangoonjun" which has been held by Kuki Yoshitaka's family. It has handed down from generation to generation as a family treasure. http://kookbang.dema.mil.kr/newspaper/news/20040113/6-2.jpg Kuki Yoshitaka had the biggest battleship Japanese ever made until the 16th century. It's called "Nihonmaru". But it was destroyed by admiral Yi in the battle of Angolpo, and this is the weapon Koreans used against Nihonmaru. Kuki was so shocked by these big arrows, he ordered his men to carry these things even while they were fleeing. *2) The reason why historians think the battle of Hansan Island is so important.* Because this battle sounded the death knell of the war. It screwed Japan's war plan in every possible way. Japan's strategy was all about the speed. They thought if they launch a surprise attack (like Pearl Harbor), and march as fast as they can, Koreans won't be able to assemble their army and their capital will be left defenseless and once they capture the capital the war will be over. That's what they thought. Japanese knew that Korea at that moment didn't have proper army in south due to the long peace period they had for 200 years, Japan's aim was to catch Koreans off guard and it worked at the beginning of the war. But to achieve this goal, Japan had to sacrifice certain things like these. 1) Japanese army couldn't carry much food because they had to move as fast as possible. 2) So Japanese navy had to deliver the food and supplies for them. 3) Which means if Japanese navy fail this transport mission, the whole operation will be doomed. And Bam, Korean navy started their operations and they simply annihilated the Japanese navy in 2 months. Japan's plans went up in smoke. Everything began to fall apart from that moment. The battle of Hansan Island and the battle of Angolpo put an end to the Japanese navy and it sounded the death knell of the war. After these battles, Japanese fleets had to stay in Busan and even Busan was not a safe place to hide. Admiral Yi decided to strike Busan in October 1592 and that's in the episode 4. Japanese army tried to transport the food by land but Korean righteous armies started to attack the supply lines, the transport mission failed miserably. They preyed upon the defenseless villages but the villagers burned their crops and ran off to the mountains. As a result, they had to march to the north without being resupplied and after they captured Pyeongyang, they had to stop the whole operation. Also there was another reason why they couldn't move forward. Over 20,000 of Korean army of the north finally moved south and laid siege to Pyeongyang in September 1592. They continued the siege until the next year and when their ally arrived in 1593, they took Pyeongyang back. *3) The reason why Japanese navy had a devastating time in Korea.* In the 16th century, Korea had the best navy in East Asia. China had huge ships in the early 15th century but they had to reduce their navy due to the cost of maintenance. Meanwhile in Korea, their navy budget had gone up since they were dealing with Japanese pirates. In 1555, The first ship of Panoksun class was launched. Unlike Japan or China, Koreans designed this ship as a "pure" battleship. Which means Chinese battleships like Shachuan(沙船) & Haochuan(號船) or Japanese Sekibune & Atakebune, they were not "pure" battleships, they were also built as cargo ships. They had to do double duty. But Panoksun was different. Koreans designed this ship as a pure, strong warship, they only exist for the battles. These Panoksuns were made of very thick pinewood, didn't use any iron nails, had multiple decks, carried 24~50 naval cannons. It was clearly the best battleship in East Asia. Not to mention the turtle ships. Turtle ship was basically a Panoksun with a roof. Japanese main battleship "Sekibune" was much smaller than Panoksun. And they were made of very thin, low density timber. This brought a huge difference in battles. Japanese ships could't carry naval cannons because the ships were too weak to endure the recoil. Only Atakebune (Japanese flagship) could endure the recoil but it was still way weaker than Korean ships so they only carried 2~4 cannons maximum. Also, they got easily destroyed by Korean cannons due to the thin, low density timber. More importantly, up to this point, Japanese naval tactic was still all about boarding, basically a land battle on the sea. Meanwhile, Koreans have been using all kinds of naval cannons since 1380. Koreans started to use naval cannons in the battle of Jinpo in 1380 and it's the first recorded Asian naval battle using artillery. Hundreds of Japanese ships got destroyed by admiral Choi Museon and not a single ship could return to Japan. That's why using artillery was still a new naval warfare to Japanese in 1592 because not a single Japanese ship could return to Japan in 1380 to tell them what's happened. *4) General Yoo Sungin was above general Kim Simin in rank.* Yoo Sungin was 2 years younger than Kim Simin but he was the vice commander of Gyeongsang province which means he was above Kim in rank and many historians think it's one of the reasons why Kim couldn't open the gate for general Yoo because Kim was worried that if he let him in, it would cause confusion to the command structure in the castle. If you remember how important it is to have a unified command structure in the battles, it was a reasonable decision but still, it's just an assumption and nobody knows what he was really thinking about. I'll write more about it later.
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여러분 잋지마시고 좋 요 튼 꼭 러 세 아 버 을 눌 주 요.
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